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Leonora Cemetery Continued

THOMSETT H-1.JPG (16587 bytes)

THOMSETT-Henry King-04/09/1916-Mt Margaret 22/1916-54-Leonora-Creswick-Ang,

THOMSON-1.JPG (31346 bytes)

THOMSON-James A-03/01/1944-Mt Margaret 2/1944-72-Leonora-Mt Gambier-Pres

THORPE                J M         Meth     age 44   born Leonora WA             bur 13/09/1997


THREDGOOD-L P-30/08/1958--77-Leonora-Unknown-Ang

THUNDLE-Wilfred Robert-19/02/1960--63---H/S

TILBROOK-W H-19/06/1959--56-Leonora-Fremantle-Ang

TILLER-Edith-29/03/1918-Mt Margaret 8/1918-5 days-Leonora-Gwalia-Pres

TIMMS Julie Anne           Pres       age 48                   bur 15/02/2014

TISI-Bortolo-03/11/1925-Mt Margaret 17/1925-54-Leonora-Italy-RC

TOGNALI L-1.JPG (22245 bytes)


TOGNI-Giovanni-27/02/1918-Mt Margaret 5/1918-47-Leonora-Italy-RC,

TOGNI-1.JPG (16509 bytes)

TOGNI-Lucia-23/08/1951-Mt Margaret 11/1951

TOGNI N-1.JPG (11730 bytes)

TOGNI-Mary Ann-(Netta) 17/09/1967--55-Gwalia-Gwalia-RC,

TOGNOLINI-Pietro-06/05/1935-Mt Margaret 11/1935-32-Leonora-Italy-RC

TOMASETTI-Bob-25/08/1930-Mt Margaret 18/1930-47-Leonora-Italy-RC


TOWER-1.JPG (20766 bytes)

TOWER-Albert Freddy-14/02/1918-Mt Margaret 4/1918-15mths-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-Ang,

TOZER-Thomas-23/08/1928-Mt Margaret 12/1928-9days-Leonora-Leonora-RC

TRAVERS-William B-19/06/1917-Mt Margaret 19/1917-57-Leonora-Canada-Ang

TRAVIS-Leopold G-18/08/1937-Mt Margaret 19/1937-63-Leonora-NZ-Ang

TRESSIDER           Marcus Meth     age 9mths                           bur 15/03/2008

TRINCA Guiseppe, d 10 Jan 1906, Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 28yrs, Cause:- Accidental death through explosion of gelignite, Coroners verdict, Mother:- Ellena LUCHINI Born Italy, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Accident –  www.wavmm.com -RC


TRUNDLE-1.JPG (18964 bytes)

TRUNDLE-Winifred  Robert -19/02/1960--63-Leonora-England-Ang

TRUSCOTT - William James - 20.06/2014

TUCKER-Clarke K-24/05/1946-Mt Margaret 9/1946-11mths-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-Ang

TUCKER-Gordon-29/04/1946-Mt Margaret 7/1946-9mths-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-Ang

TUCKER J-1.JPG (22934 bytes)



TURNER-Francis J-26/09/1911-Mt Margaret 50/1911-2-Leonora-Lancefield-Ang

TURNER Thomas Raymond, d 11 Dec 1906, Gwalia, Infant 6mths, Heat Prostration, Father Thomas William TURNER (Miner) Mother:- Beria BENNETT, born Lithgow NSW. Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth

TWYFORD John, d 4 Jan 1910, Victoria Street, Leonora, Occ:- Battery Manager, 46yrs, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- Thomas TWYFORD (Ships Carpenter) Mother:-  Ann KRENLEY, born Daylesford VIC, In QLD 20yrs, IN WA 13yrs, Married to Mary Jane McADMAS at age 22yrs in Charters Towers. Children:- Thomas 22yrs, John 21yrs, James 19yrs, William George 17yrs, Frederick 14yrs, Mary Ann 9yrs, Margaret 7yrs, Charles Henry 2yrs, 1 male deceased. Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

TWYFORD Mary Jane, d 4 Jul 1910, Leonora Hospital, Widow, 42yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- James McADAM (Amalgamator) Mother:- Mary Ann Maiden name unknown, Born:- County Oman, In QLD 18yrs, IN WA 14yrs, Married to John TWYFORD at age 16yrs in Charters Towers Nth QLD, Children:- Thomas 23yrs, John 21yrs, James 19yrs, William George 17yrs, Frederick 15yrs, Mary Ann 9yrs, Margaret 7yrs, Charles Henry 3yrs, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

TYLER John, d 11 Jan 1910, Tower Street, Leonora, Infant 2 days, Cause:- Congenital Heart, Father:- John TYLER (Master Baker) Mother:- Mary MULLIGAN, born Leonora, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

Unnamed Child--29/08/1905---Leonora-Leonora-Meth


VALENTINE C-1.JPG (32511 bytes)

VALENTINE-Charles Calder-28/08/1938-Mt Margaret 23/1938-66-Leonora-Scotland-Pres,

VALKENBURG William Peter, d 6 Sep 1910 Rear of Leonora District Hospital Office, Leonora, Occ:- Secretary of the Leonora Hospital, 55yrs, Cause:- Revolver shot self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane. Verdict of the Coroner, Born Ireland, married but details unknown. Buried Leonora Cemetery-Ang

Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), Wednesday 14 September 1910, page 10

VANEK-Jaromir-15/01/1952-Mt Margaret 3/1952-25-Gwalia-Checoslovakia-RC

VARISCHETTI female stillborn 03/12/1919-Mt Margaret 39/1919-0-Leonora-Leonora-RC

VARISCHETTI J-1.JPG (27919 bytes)


VARISCHETTI Rosie d. 1945 - Mt Marg death cert 3/45

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