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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


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Leonora Cemetery Continued

SQUIRES Mabel Josephine, d 24 Apr 1906, Leonora Hospital, Married woman 25yrs, Cause:- Placenta Previa, Haemorrhage, Father:- Thomas DOWELL (Labourer) Mother:- Caroline SALTER, Married to Frederick Sydney SQUIRES at age 18yrs in Geraldton WA, Children:- George Frederick 6yrs, Doris Louise Grace 4 yrs, Isabella Ann 2 yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.

STEPHENSON Ellen, d 8 Jun 1906, Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, 17yrs, Cause:- Gastro, Peritonitis, Heart Failure, Father:- William John STEPHENSON (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth BARROW, born Tighs Hill, Newcastle NSW, 11 yrs in NSW, 6 yrs in WA, buried Leonora Cemetery

STRATFORD Leslie, d 23 Apr 1904, Leonora Hospital, 42 yrs, Occ:- Carrier, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, buried Leonora Cemetery.


SULLIVAN D-1.JPG (33176 bytes)

SULLIVAN-Donald Alexander- age 51 d. 22 Sep 19551-Leonora-Pt Pirie-Anglican Section

SULLIVAN - Edward 02/07/1896 age 36yrs AKA Doo-Doh Prospector. (Buried 2 miles North of Leonora)


SULLIVAN-Robert M-04/09/1953-Mt Margaret 14/1953-77-Leonora-Brisbane-Ang

SUTHERLAND-James-08/06/1950-Mt Margaret 6/1950-76-Leonora-Vic-Pres

SYLVANDER-Adolph G-19/04/1928-Mt Margaret 3/1928-65-Leonora-Sweden-Ang

TAGLIAFERRI Albert age 42 b. Italy bur 29 May 1941 RC -Mt Marg death cert 16/41

TAGLIAFERRI A-1.JPG (34152 bytes)

TAGLIAFERRI-Alexandro-29/08/1924-Mt Margaret 21/1924-25-Leonora-Italy-RC

TAGLIAFERRIA N-1.JPG (24992 bytes)

TAGLIAFERRI-Domenica (Nina)-24/08/1950-Mt Margaret 12/1950-62-Leonora-Italy-RC

TAGLIAFERRI G-1.JPG (22605 bytes)

TAGLIAFERRI-Giovanni-14/11/1936-Mt Margaret 25/1936-29-Leonora-Italy-RC,

TAGLIAFERRI-P-17/09/1960--2 days-Gwalia-Leonora-RC

TAGLIAFERRI-Stefano-07/10/1952-Mt Margaret 17/1952-58-Leonora-Gwalia-RC

TAIT-Alice-23/05/1938-Mt Margaret 15/1938-81---H/S

TAIT A-1.JPG (19933 bytes)

TAIT-John-09/07/1939-Mt Margaret 16/1939-81-Leonora-Ballarat-Meth,

TAIT W-1.JPG (17069 bytes)

TAIT William H age 61 bur 20 Mar 1942 Methodist -Mt Marg death cert 4/42


TAPROWSKY Thomas Frederick Joseph age 19yrs died 8th May 1912, died on tram returning from work at the Sons of Gwalia mine. Father:- Walter Taprowsky Mother Elizabeth McGuiness born Cannington W Australia

TARCHINI-Lorenzo-15/09/1937-Mt Margaret 20/1937-63-Leonora-Italy-RC

TAVANI-1.JPG (15698 bytes)

TAVANI Pietro d. 16 Jan 1942

TAYLOR                A J          RC           age 83   born Fremantle WA        bur 16/09/2004


TAYLOR Alma Gwendoline            RC           age 91   born Kunnonopin WA    bur 31/10/2013

TAYLOR-Biggy-04/01/1976--60-Mt Margaret-Unknown-Native

TAYLOR-Ellen K-05/10/1928-Mt Margaret 19/1928-Still Born-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

TAYLOR-Ernest J-25/11/1918-Mt Margaret 35/1918-18-Malcolm-Rend-Meth

TAYLOR-Francis A-19/07/1930-Mt Margaret 16/1930-4mths-Leonora-Leonora-Meth

TAYLOR-George H-15/07/1930-Mt Margaret 14/1930-68-Leonora-Scotland-Ang


TAYLOR-Henry-10/10/1947-Mt Margaret 21/1947-97-Leonora-NSW-Pres,  Story:- http://bit.ly/1KMAync

TAYLOR John W age 58 bur 28 May 1942 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 13/42

TAYLOR L-1.JPG (39952 bytes)

TAYLOR-Lucy Melena-22/04/1953-Mt Margaret 4/1953-55-Leonora-SA-Ang,

TAYLOR                Michael     Rc       age 90   born Bushland Yarri Station         bur 16/06/1995

TAYLOR-Theresa A-08/01/1929-Mt Margaret 2/1929-57-Leonora-Sydney-RC

TAYLOR-Thomas W-02/03/1930-Mt Margaret 6/1930-68-Leonora-Ballarat-Meth

TEDGE-Jean E-05/08/1921-Mt Margaret 12/1921-10mths-Leonora-Gwalia-Ang

TEEDE-Kenneth G-20/03/1922-Mt Margaret 5/1922-7 weeks-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-RC

THEOBALD-William-18/10/1945-Mt Margaret 20/1945-68-Leonora-Unknown-Meth



THOMAS-James-02/08/1926-Mt Margaret 11/1926-69-Leonora-England-Ang


THOMAS              Phyllis   Meth     age 80   born Skull Creek Laverton WA    bur 30/06/2012


THOMPSON       Ruhi Moana        Meth     age 49   born Invercargal New Zealand    bur 5/03/2004

THOMPSON-Thomas B-25/01/1950-Mt Margaret 1/1950-75-Leonora-Scotland-Pres

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