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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


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Leonora Cemetery Continued

MORRIS I-1.JPG (28726 bytes)

MORRIS Isaac, d 8 June 1904, Near Trump Mine, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 42 yrs, Coroners Verdict:- A wheel accidentally passing over him near the Trump GM, Leonora Father:- James MORRIS (Miner) Mother:- Mary BUTLER, born Maryborough, VIC, 29yrs in Vic, 13 yrs in WA -Anglican Section

MORRISON-Doris-13/08/1983--54-Mt Margaret--Meth

MORRISON-Kevin-07/02/1972--2 mths-Laverton-Warburton-Native



MORROW-Francis-25/12/1937-Mt Margaret 4/1938-Still Born-Leonora-Leonora-RC

MORTON John, d 2 Sep 1906, near Wesleyan Church, Gwalia, 54yrs, Cause:- Consumption, Phthisis, born Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth

MOYNAHAN-Arthur-12/03/1910-East Coolgardie death cert 37/1910-48

MOYNAHAN L-1.JPG (25918 bytes)

MOYNAHAN Lucy, d 26 Jun 1903, Mertondale Hotel, Mertondale, Occ:- Married woman, 29yrs, Cause:- Heart disease,  Father:- Daniel JACOBY  (Hotel Keeper) Mother:- Hannah MATHEISONS, born Orrorr, South Australia, 17yrs in SA, 12 yrs in WA, Married to Arthur MOYNAHAN at age 21yrs in Perth WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.Catholic section. -RC

MULLINS-Delia Gertrude-01/01/1900--24-Leonora-Thames NZ-RC

MUNRO-Alfred-17/11/1938-Mt Margaret 33/1938-70-Leonora-?-Meth

MURPHY              Clarrie   Meth     age 50                   bur 1/12/2007

MURPHY E-1.JPG (39158 bytes)

MURPHY              Elsie       Meth     age 60   born Cosmo Newbry WA              bur 3/07/1999

MURPHY-J-04/04/1963--3 weeks-Leonora-Leonora-Native

MURPHY Jack - Presbyterian Section

MURPHY              Morris   Meth     age 26   born Leonora WA             bur 31/03/2006

MURPHY              Reynold               Meth     age 31   born Leonora WA             bur 21/05/2004

MURPHY              Sharon Theresa Meth     age 50                   bur 29/06/2017

MURPHY-Stillborn-30/01/1970--0-Leonora-Leonora-Native, child of Elsie

MURPHY-Unnamed Female-08/09/1971--1hr--Leonora-Native

MURRAY-Vilet Lillian-02/05/1902--5 weeks-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

MURRAY-W M-24/08/1954--5mths-Malcolm-Leonora-RC


MYAROO-Ginnie-30/08/1965--76-Leonora Res-Warburton-Native

MCAPPION M-1.JPG (17673 bytes)

McAPPION-Michael H-28/08/1920-Mt Margaret 28/1920-29-Leonora-Sydney-RC

McCALLUM-John-19/10/1911-Mt Margaret 54/1911-73-Leonora-Scotland-Pres

MCCALLUM Isabella Maud, d 12 Jun 1907, Desdemona GM, Arendelle, 34yrs, Married woman, Cause:- Dose of cyanide while temporarily insane, Order of the Coroner,  Father:- Phillip Charles (Contractor) Mother: Agnes McLEAN, born Kyneton VIC, In Vic 22 yrs, In WA 12 yrs, Married 1st to Edward HOPPER in Yarraville VIC at age 17yrs, 2nd to Alexander McCALLUM in Kalgoorlie, WA at age 30 years, No children. buried Leonora Cemetery. (Death Registered in N Coolg 31/1907)

MACCANN-1.JPG (20914 bytes)




McCARTHUR-Dulcie-17/01/1975--60-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

McCARTY-Issac H-12/07/1930-Mt Margaret 13/1930-78-Leonora-Scotland-Pres

MCCLURE William, d 11 Oct 1910, Leonora Lawlers Road, Occ:- Drover, Age unknown, Cause:- Cardiac Failure, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

MCCONAGHY-1.JPG (17527 bytes)

McCONAGHY-Graham David---28-Leonora-Geelong-Pres

McCOURT-Arthur-14/03/1953-Mt Margaret 2/1953-83-Leonora-Millicent-RC

McDONAGH-Charles-22/03/1916-Mt Margaret 9/1916-57-Leonora-Unknown-Ang

MacDONALD-Ronald Laurence---63-Leonora-Kattaning-Pres

McDONALD-Tommy (Giniga)-13/01/1972--76-Menzies-Mt Margaret-Native

MCDOUGALL Duncan, d 3 Jul 1902, General Hospital, Leonora, Occ – Miner,  Age 43, Burns to leg, Haemorrhage, buried Leonora Cemetery, Wesley Section.-Pres

McELVOGUE-Hugh-14/03/1917-Mt Margaret 6/1917-70-Leonora-Unknown-RC

McGAFFIN-Charles-16/09/1930-Mt Margaret 20/1930-61-Leonora-Albury-Pres

McGAVIN-Elizabeth-15/07/1918-Mt Margaret 16/1918-47-Leonora-Scotland-Pres

McGAVIN-William-24/08/1934-Mt Margaret 25/1934-67-Leonora-Scotland-Pres

MCGILLVRAY W-1.JPG (28343 bytes)

MCGEE Kathleen, d 27 Mar 1903, Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, 8 hours, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- Robert MCGEE (Miner) Mother:- Margaret MCNAMARA, born Sons of Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery.

McGILLIVRAY William John, d 30 Dec 1905, Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ:- Labourer, 39yrs, Cause:- Heat apoplexy, Father:- Alexander McGILLIVRAY (Farmer) Mother:- Mary McRAE, born Branthholms VIC, in Vic for 38yrs in WA 1 yr, Married to Ethel HODGKINSON at age 31yrs in Melbourne VIC. Children:- Alexanda Mary 4yrs. Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Pres

McGRANE William, d 4 Feb 1906, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Mine Employee, 26yrs, Cause:- Enteric Fever, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MCGRATH P-1.JPG (25941 bytes)

MCGRATH Peter John, d 12 May 1907, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Hairdresser, 39yrs, Cause:- Enteric Fever, Father:- Peter MCGRATH (Hotel Keeper), Mother:- Mary Beatrice O’SHAUNNESSY, born Bundarra, NSW, In NSW 33yrs, In WA 6 yrs, Married to Agnes Mary HERBERT at age 27yrs in Walla NSW, Children:- Eric Edward 11yrs, deceased 1 female.-Ang,

McGREGOR-George D-18/03/1935-Mt Margaret 10/1935-62-Leonora-NZ-Pres

McHUGH-Lizzie W-23/05/1940-Mt Margaret 14/1940-76-Leonora-Vic-Ang

McILLREE-Iona E-11/07/1943-Mt Margaret 11/1943-84-Leonora-Bendigo-Ang


MCINTYRE           Florence              ANG      age 52                   bur 21/04/1995

MCINTYRE           Garth Lincoln      ANG      age 15   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 30/06/1995

MCINTYRE           Ian Edward         Ang        age 23   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 21/11/1991

McINTYRE-Lindsay Percy-31/05/1984--47-Mt Margaret-Unknown-Ang

McINTYRE           Lindsay Leslie     ANG      age 38   born Leonora WA             bur 10/10/2003

McINTYRE           Ranji      Meth     age 100+              born Burtville WA            bur 11/12/2004

MCINTYRE           Savahanna Jennifer         ANG      age 16   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 24/03/2006


McINTYRE-Unnamed Baby-21/05/1982-----Ang

McKAY-Amy E-22/03/1914-Mt Margaret 11/1914-10 days-Leonora-Gwalia-Ang


McKENNA-Ernest A-17/04/1944-Mt Margaret 4/1944-66-Leonora-Unknown-Meth

MCKENZIE Annie Gerard, d 4 Jun 1910, Leonora Hospital, Infant 1yr 2 weeks, Cause:- Teething, Father:- Ferdinand MCKENZIE (Labourer) Mother:- Rose SMITHWICK, Buried Leonora Cemetery


MCKENZIE           James Angus      Meth     age 73   born Williamston, VIC    bur 4/01/1992

McKENZIE-L J-19/01/1963--7mths-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-Native

McKIERNAN-John-31/08/1935-Mt Margaret 21/1935-70-Leonora-Qld-RC

MCKITTRICK (Death certificate has MCKINRICK) Hugh, d  13 May 1903, Grand Hotel Leonora, 37 yrs, Occ:- Hotel Manager, Cause:- Bullet wound in chest, self inflicted while in a state of temporary insanity, Verdict of Coroner, born Ireland, Married in Reefton New Zealand, children 2 girls, buried Leonora Cemetery.

McLACHLAN-James-15/03/1923-Mt Margaret 15/1923-56-Leonora-Bendigo-Pres

McLOUGHLIN-Patrick-19/07/1950-Mt Margaret 8/1950-82-Leonora-Unknown-RC

McMAHON Alice Ellen Veronica, d 17 Jan 1904, Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, Infant 10 months, Father: - William Robert McMAHON (Miner), Mother: Kathleen WILLIAMS, born Perth WA, buried Leonora Cemetery. Roman Catholic Section.-RC

McMEEKAN-Arthur G-18/10/1946-Mt Margaret 16/1946-11mths-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

McMEEKEN-David-28/09/1943-Mt Margaret 19/1943-1.5hrs-Leonora-Leonora-RC

McMEEKEN-Mary E-27/02/1951-Mt Margaret 7/1951-7mths-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

McNAMARA-William-29/06/1948-Mt Margaret 14/1948-81-Leonora-Adelaide-RC

McPHERSON-Thomas D-25/01/1917-Mt Margaret 2/1917-1-Leonora-Lawlers-RC

NAGEL-Mary-07/06/1911-Mt Margaret21/1911-65-Leonora-England-RC

NAGY-John E-26/04/1931-Mt Margaret 5/1931-4-Leonora-Leonora-RC

NAGY Philip Thomas, d 12 Apr 1905, Leonora, Infant 9 days, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- William Thomas NAGY (Carpenter) Mother:- Alice Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery.

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