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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


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Leonora Cemetery Continued

BALDZUZZI G-1.JPG (32955 bytes)

BALDUZZI Guglielmo age 23 b. Italy bur 9 Sept 1932 RC -Mt Marg death cert 15/32 more www.wavmm.com

BALETICH Ante age 80 b. Yugoslavia bur 7 Aug 1984 RC

BALL Eileen A age 9 mths bur 20 May 1921 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 10/21

BANKS G-1.JPG (39334 bytes)

BANKS Thaddi age 95 born Mulga Queen bur Presby section

BANKS Sandy age 77 bur 13 Feb 1989 Meth Section

BANKS Ginnathunda age 89 bur 5 Aug 1989 Methodist born Warburton

BANKS Mavis age 37 bur 16 Jan 1990 Meth Section born Mulga Queen

BANKS age 65 bur 22 Jan 1986 Meth Section b. Warburton Ranges

BANKS Peedong age 49 Presby Section from Warburton

BARKER Mary Mawampi age 81 bur 20 Dec 1984 Methodist Section

BARKER Naomi age 23 bur 20 Nov 1973 from Warburton

BARNES H M age 16 b. Mt Margaret bur 18 Sept 1961 Meth Section

BARNES Linda age 70 b. Laverton bur 29 Jan 1981 Meth

BARNES Marie bur 14 Aug 1981Ang

BARNES Muriel Judith age 52 bur 29 Jun 1990 Methodist Section

BARNES Sarah Elizabeth, d 21 Nov 1905 Tower Street, Leonora, Married woman, 72yrs, Cause:- Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Father:- John WILSON (Framer) Mother:- Sarah, born Belfast Ireland, 30 yrs in NSW, 2 yrs in WA, Married to Phillip BARNES at age 18yrs in Adelaide SA, Children:- Sarah Harriet 52yrs, Phillip Thomas 48yrs, David John 43 yrs, Henry Robert 41 yrs, Alice Ann 33yrs,  deceased 3 male and 2 females.-Mt Marg death cert 8/06

BARNES Snowy age 71 bur 15 Oct 1982 Methodist Section born Laverton

BARNES Snowey age 25 b. Esperance bur 22 Jul 1911 Ang. -Mt Marg death cert 41/11

BARRETT J-1.JPG (25099 bytes)

BARRETT James Henry age 61 bur 15 Jul 1924 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 14/24

BARRY L-1.JPG (14492 bytes)

BARRY Loftus still born

BARTAI Peter, d 20 Jul 1909, Sons of Gwalia GM, Gwalia, Occ:- Miner:- 22yrs, Cause:- Accidentally killed by a fall of earth. Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Albert BARTAI (Farmer) born Italy, In WA for 14 months, Buried Leonora Cemetery.Mt Marg death cert 24/09

BASLEY J-1.JPG (27311 bytes)

BASLEY James, d 11 Apr 1909, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 59yrs, Cause:- Chronic Nephritis, Father:- John BASLEY (Farmer) Mother Mary Ann MILTON, born Kapunda SA, In WA 13 yrs, Married twice, 1st to Fanny CURTIS at Kapunda SA, 2nd to Elizabeth DELBRIDGE at Gwaler SA, Children:- 1st William Arthur George 28yrs, Albert 26yrs, 2nd James, Mary, Ethel, Dora, George, Roy, Jack, buried Leonora Cemetery. -Mt Marg 15/09

BATES Richard J age 73 bur 15 Jun 1945 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 11/45

BATES Christopher age 4mths bur 7 May 1985 Meth

BATES Enid age 22 b Warburton Ranges bur 7 Feb 1980- from Laverton

BATES Unnamed bur 8 Mar 1989 Anglican

BATTAMS Amy age 73 bur 16 Jul 1938 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 19/38

BEAL C-1.JPG (25419 bytes)

BEAL Charles T age 81 bur 17 Apr 1936 Meth – Mt Marg death cert 11/36

BEAMAN Croyden age 57 bur 13 Dec 1986 Meth

BEAMEN David bur 9 May 1970 Methodist Section

BARNES Trovor Brian age 5mths bur 25 Jul 1959 Meth Mt Marg 17/59

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