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Cemeteries > Linden Cemetery

Linden Cemetery
Western Australia

ALBIN Fidal A d. 9 Jul 1923 age 60, Occ:- Miner, In Change house of Devon Gold Mine, Linden,  b. Switzerland –Mt Margaret death cert 12/1923

COULSON John d. 26 Aug 1923 at Linden Hotel age 59 b.Sweden – North Coolgardie death cert 5/1923

HAGSTROM August about 31 May 1915 -8 miles from Linden age 50 North Coolgardie death cert 11/1915

HAYES James d. 21 Nov 1917 age 61 – Mt Margaret death cert 34/1917

MOSS Frederick d. 17 Jul 1916 age 41 b. Germany – North Coolgardie 11/1916

PARRY Sydney, d 22 Feb 1926, Linden,  Occ:- Prospector, 59yrs, Cause:- Heart Failure, born Mooree NSW, In NSW 39yrs, In WA 20yrs, buried Linden Cemetery.– Mt Margaret death cert 2/1926

SCHMIDT Peter d. 22 Mar 1899 age 45 – North Coolgardie death cert 22/1899

WALLISH Martin d. 8 Jan 1911 age 42 – North Coolgardie death cert 4/1911

WILLIAMS Joseph d. 20 Nov 1913 age 49 - North Coolgardie death cert 1/1914

WOODS Robert d. 29 Jul 1923 age 63 – North Coolgardie death cert 1/1923

WALTERS George, d 16 Oct 1924, Linden Hotel, Occ:-Labourer, 51yrs, Natural Causes, born Newcastle NSW, In NSW 30yrs, buried Linden Cemetery. Mt Matgaret 26/1924

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