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Cemeteries > Darlot Cemetery

Also known as Lake Darlot
260Kms North East of Leonora
GPS: Latitude and Longitude 27o55 00    -     1210 17 57e

All Photographs courtesy - Paul Tonkin 

ALFORD Alfred d. 28 Nov 1895 age abt 45, from Yorkshire England. Cause:- Sudden Death. (Cannot locate any death registration).

BEAL William James, d 25 Nov 1901, 39 yrs, Ballangarry Hotel, Cause:- Kidney Disease, Woodarra, Occ:- Publican,– Father:- John Stephen BEAL (Miner), Mother:-  Anne SANDERS, born Kooringa South Aust, In SA 33yrs, In WA 6yrs, not married, death registered by his brother Charles BEAL-  East Murchison 21/1901

CRUMP Walter, d 28 Aug 1900 at the Auragon Mine, Lake Darlot, Infant 13 hrs, Father:- George William CRUMP (Leaseholder) Mother:- Alice May CRUMP, Cause:- Convulsions, born Lake Darlot, 1406/1900

EDWARDS William, d 10 Apr 1936, Melrose Station, Lake Darlot, 68yrs, Occ:- Prospector and Old Age Pensioner,  Cause:- Tuberculosis and Asthma attack. Born Moonta S Aust,– East Murchison death cert 15/1936 (Last Burial)

FARRELL Hilda Florence, d 29 Nov 1900, Murchison GM, Lawlers, Infant 2mths, Cause:- Whooping Cough, Father:-  Hugh Kernohan Mcniece FARRELL (Contractor) Mother:- Isabella DONALDSON, born Cottesloe, WA, East Murchison 7/1900

LAMBERT Edward William d. 8 Aug 1899, Ballangarry Lease, Lake Darlot, 30yrs, Cause:- Accidentally drowned after falling down the main shaft of the Ballangary Lease, Father:- William LAMBERT (Caretaker) Mother:- Margaret James GEOGHEGAN, born Wexford IRELAND, 6 yrs in VIC 7 yrs in WA, Single -, buried Darlot Cemetery - East Murchison death cert 7/1899

MACKEY John Francis d. 20 Feb 1906, Infant 9mths, Cause:- Dysentry and teething, Father:- Lewis MACKEY (Miner) Mother:- Annie GLEESON, born Perth WA, buried Darlot Cemetery  – East Murchison death cert 9/1906

McGRATH James d 14 May 1914 , 48 yrs, State Battery, Lake Darlot, Occ:- Caretaker, State Battery, Lake Darlot, Cause:- Suicide, cyanide self-administered, Verdict of Coroner, born Ireland, 28yrs in WA, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 4/1914


METZKE Mabel Florence d 2 Nov 1919, Lake Darlot, 36yrs, Cause:- Sudden death by verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Surname NUTT (Labourer), born Bendigo VIC, in VIC 21yrs, In WA 15yrs, married to Alfred METZKE in Perth WA at age 25yrs, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 3/1919

METZKE Margaret Anne d 21 Jun 1908, 42yrs, Married woman, Cause:- Tubercular Pleurisy, Father:- Alexander MILREY (Miner) Mother:- Margaret MCINTYRE, born Casterfield VIC, In VIC 37yrs, In WA 5yrs, Married to John METZKE in Alexandria VIC at age 24yrs, buried Darlot Cemetery -East Murchison death cert 10/1908

PATTERSON Percy d 21 Dec 1908, Zaybar Mine, Lake Darlot, Occ:- Miner/Prospector, 36yrs, Cause:- Died from natural causes by order of the Coroner, buried Darlot Cemetery, East Murchison death cert 18/1908

PETERSON Neil d. 21 Nov 1916, 67yrs, Occ:- Dryblower, Cause:- Natural Causes, Order of the Coroner, Father:- Olans LUNDSTROM, Mother:- Anna ANDERSON, born Trelleborg, SWEDEN, not married, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 9/1916

WARREN Gordon Campbell, d 29 Feb 1916, Child 6yrs, Cause Tetanus, Father:- Aubrey Albert WARREN (Station Owner) Mother Isabel TELFER, born Perth WA, buried Darlot Cemetery – East Murchison death cert 2/1916

WARREN Joseph,  d 2 Mar 1916,  45yrs, Occ:- Station Owner, Cause:- Foul air in shaft while being lowered to do repairs, no blame attached to anyone, verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Joseph WARREN (Stonemason) Mother:- Mary HYDE, born Geraldton WA, 45yrs in WA, Married twice:- 1st to Maggie HORTON in Melbourne VIC, 2nd to Eglantine CAMPBELL in Menzies WA at age 33yrs, Children all of 2nd marriage:- John 9yrs, May 7 yrs, Olive 6yrs, Alexander 5 yrs, Roy 1 yr, Stanley 3 weeks, deceased 2 females, Death certified by his brother Aubrey WARREN, buried Darlot Cemetery - East Murchison death cert 3/1916

WESTBROOK William Henry d about 4 Nov 1906 at Lake Darlot, 63yrs, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Want of nourishment and old age, - East Murchison death cert 3/1907

First Cemetery:-  burials re interred in the new cemetery
From Horsemans Gully by Forsyth Mining in 1995

BARKER W, d 29 May 1895, 25yrs

BEATTIE Charles, d 4 Jun 1895, 29yrs  


BISHOP George d 27 Jul 1895,

CARSON Samuel, d 14 May 1895, 45yrs

ELVER Robert d 27 Jul 1895, From Qld 31yrs

HENDERSON Daniel, d 24 Mar 1895, 50yrs

HILDER James, 2 May 1895, 28yrs from NSW, Father has the Mittagong Hotel 50miles from Sydney

WILLIAMS Hugh, d 31 May 1895, 59yrs


Unnamed male found in bush near Darlot


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