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Coolgardie Directory 1899

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1899 Family.Business Other Names Occupation Comments Street Location Building
607 Meredith Charles R     Shaw (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
830 Merton H (Mrs) Restaurant 1898: M (Mrs); 1899: H (Mrs) Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1500 Meyer Charles Meyer & Cawthray   Toorak Toorak  
313 Miles James     Forrest (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
134 Millar Roy Photographer   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
836 Millars' Karri & Jarrah Forests Limited   Timber merchants & saw millers   Woodward (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
1501 Miller Edward     Wittenoom Toorak  
241 Miller George     Black Flag Road (rhs) Forest to King  
1123 Miller George A.J.       East Montana  
937 Miller Henry     Lindsay East Coolgardie  
688 Miller J. Dunsmure Acting mgr WA Goldfields Water Supply Co Limited   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Dixie Chambers
1124 Miller Walter       East Montana  
765 Mills Alexander Mining engineer   Sylvester (rhs) Jobson to Moran  
1349 Mills M (Mrs)     Bellingham Montana  
665 Milne John W     Shaw (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
86 Mining Registrar's Office     1899-H.W.Quodling, registrar Bayley (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
85 Mining Survey Office     1899-H.S. King,inspector Bayley (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1584 Mitchell George Joiner   Lindsay Toorak  
3 Moher & Smith   Butchers   Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
1240 Moir George F Commission agent   Saumarez East Toorak  
147 Moline G.H.P. Architect 1898-Also Hannan Street Kalgoorlie Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Victoria Buildings
823 Monger & Co Limited J.H. Timber, iron & produce stores   Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
73 Mongers West Australian Stores Limited   Merchants & importers 1899-Chief colonial office, William Street, Fremantle:also at Kalgoorlie Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1125 Mooney Thomas       East Montana  
938 Moore Ellen (Miss)       East Coolgardie  
365 Moore John     Hunt (rhs) Forrest to King  
1241 Moore John E     Hunt East Toorak  
1502 Moore John H Sharebroker   Toorak Toorak  
793 Moore Percy H Condenser   Sylvester (lhs) Jobson to boundary  
487 Moore William G     Lindsay (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1126 Moore William H Storekeeper     East Montana  
1642 Moran Agnes (Mrs)     Gnarlbine West Montana  
939 Morgan Oliver       East Coolgardie  
483 Morgans Alfred E Mining engineer 1898:M.L.C.; 1899:M.L.A. Lindsay (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
298 Morgans Morgans P Hewer & Morgans   Forrest (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
940 Moriarty Timothy       East Coolgardie  
1127 Morris Hugh Greengrocer     East Montana  
662 Mott & Co H.C. Printers Branch office Shaw (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
1128 Moulton Charles       East Montana  
1129 Moulton John       East Montana  
742 Moyle Samuel Watts & Moyle   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
726 Muir Henry     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers-first floor
1585 Muller Louis     Lyon West Coolgardie  
1503 Munro James W     Saumarez Toorak  
557 Munro John     Macdonald (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1242 Muntz Edwin P Surveyor   off Richardson East Toorak  
10 Murphy Frank Draper   Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
1504 Murray Hugh     Riley Toorak  
1130 Murray James C       East Montana  
729 Murray John     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers-first floor
529 Murray Robert G     Lindsay (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
785 Mutual Stores Co   Direct importers of all merchandise 1898:Alexander Matheson, manager. Bayley & Sylvester streets, also at Kalgoorlie Sylvester (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
68 Mutual Stores Co.     1898-Alex Matheson, manager;1899-? Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
839 Mutual Stores Co.'s Bulk Yard & Factory       Woodward (rhs) Jobson to boundary  
1131 Myers Mary (Miss)       East Montana  
1132 Myslas Joseph H Bailiff     East Montana  
1133 Nairn John       East Montana  
1134 Nathan Hyam Veterinary surgeon & stock inspector     East Montana  
131 National Bank of Australasia Limited     1898-E.R. Wreford, manager;1899-E.H. Wreford, manager Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Coolgardie Chambers - ground
941 Nelms Reuben       East Coolgardie  
1586 Nelson Charles     Lyon West Coolgardie  
639 Nelson Edward     Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
565 Nelson William H     Macdonald Moran to Jobson  
1135 Nesbitt William       East Montana  
588 Neshio F Japanese laundry   Shaw (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1243 Neuman John Store   Matheson East Toorak  
307 New Austral Co Lim     A.E. Thomas, manager Forrest (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy New Austral Chambers
210 New Home Sewing Machine Depot     1898-A.K.Whitchurch, manager;1899-ditto Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
29 New Zealand Insurance Co   T.Stodart & Co, agents   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1643 Newsham Alfred H     Londonderry West Montana  
1136 Newsham Richard       East Montana  
1587 Newstead Charles     Sylvester Toorak  
1137 Newton Louisa (Miss)       East Montana  
452 Nicholas Frank G T     King (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
817 Nicholas William Mining & consulting engineer, F.G.S. 1899: Nicholas (William) Mining Engineers Limited, William Nicholas FGS managing director Woodward (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Nicholas Chambers
24 Nicholls Henry Fruiterer   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
942 Nicholls John       East Coolgardie  
438 Nicholson David     King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy King Street Chambers
1644 Nisbet John Timber merchant   Piesse West Montana  
1350 Nisbet John     Piesse Montana  
670 North William Mattress maker   Sylvester (rhs) Renou to Ford  
348 Northam Milling & Mining Co. Lim.   Assayers & metallurgists Bewick Morling & Co managers Hunt (rhs) Woodward to Bayley Continental Chambers
701 Northcott Cecil E Consulting & mining engineer   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers - ground
764 Northcott John   1898:Caledonian Aerated Water Co Sylvester (rhs) Jobson to Moran  
260 Nuttall John Mining agent & attorney   Ford (rhs) Woodward to Bayley Westralian Chambers
1588 Nyhan James     Woodward West Coolgardie  
1351 O'Brien Edward Store   Taylor Montana  
804 O'Connor Mary (Mrs) Boarding house keeper   Woodward (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1352 O'Connor Peter J     Piesse Montana  
1353 O'Farrell Jeremiah     Piesse Montana  
1138 Ogden Sydney E       East Montana  
495 Ogle & Co Percy J Mining engineers, mine managers & attorneys Hallett Winmill, res. rep. Lindsay (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
269 O'Halloran James     Ford (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
943 O'Halloran Patrick       East Coolgardie  
666 Okarney & Co   Tobacconists   Sylvester (rhs) Renou to Ford  
258 O'Leary Jeremiah (Mrs)     Black Flag Road (lhs)    
944 O'Neil Thomas       East Coolgardie  
1139 Opie William T       East Montana  
620 Oram George N Secretary, Coolgardie Club   Shaw (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
945 O'Reilly John       East Coolgardie  
75 Orient Steam Navigation Co Lim       Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1589 O'Rourke Patrick     Lyon Toorak  
946 Orr Hugh       East Coolgardie  
947 Orr James E       East Coolgardie  
948 Osborne Thomas       East Coolgardie  
339 Osuki & Co   Tobacconists   Forrest (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
740 O'Toole Thomas Grocer   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1140 O'Toole Thomas       East Montana  
1244 Ottaway Alfred E     Toorak East Toorak  
949 Oulevay Valentine       East Coolgardie  
1141 Owen J (Mrs) Nurse     East Montana  
605 Oyasu & Co   Refreshment rooms   Shaw (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
328 Pace Edward R Journalist   Forrest (lhs) Renou to Ford  
1505 Packard Reginald       Toorak  
1354 Page Alfred E     Taylor Montana  
950 Page H (Miss) Laundry     East Coolgardie  
1645 Pages Manuel     Londonderry West Montana  
341 Paltridge Henry Mine manager   Forrest (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
1142 Parker Fred       East Montana  
325 Parker Henry     Forrest (lhs) Renou to Ford  
256 Parkinson John     Black Flag Road (lhs) From King  
1245 Parsons Richard     Matheson East Toorak  
1590 Paterson A.M.     Lyon Toorak  
951 Patrick Robert       East Coolgardie  
478 Pattison & Lloyd   Laundry   Lefroy (lhs) Forrest to King  
1506 Patton A.W. Legal manager   Saumarez Toorak  
1143 Patton Charles M       East Montana  
218 Paul Frederick Bootmaker   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
952 Paull John W       East Coolgardie  
51 Paynter Henry N Bookseller & stationer   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
843 Paynter John Inspector per way   Woodward (lhs)    
32 Pearl Joseph Watchmaker   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
953 Pearse Robert       East Coolgardie  
1144 Pearson Barbara (Mrs)       East Montana  
216 Pearson George B Hairdresser   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1646 Peart Richard Secretary, Government Hospital   Londonderry West Montana  
511 Peate E.T.   1899-manager, F & T Mahomet Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
476 Peck Hyman Bootmaker   Lefroy (lhs) Forrest to King  
1647 Peel George     Londonderry West Montana  
18 Pellew Jos (Joseph) H Clothier   Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
954 Pemo William       East Coolgardie  
1355 Penglase Joseph T Mine manager 1898: Penjlace; 1899: Penglase Wilkie Montana  
1247 Penny E.H. (Mrs) Store   Hunt East Toorak  
1246 Penny Edward H     Hunt East Toorak  
720 Pennyquick John     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers - first
1145 Perlstein Caspar J Music teacher     East Montana  
225 Perth Ice & Refrigerating Co. Lim     1898-T.H. Harrison, local manager;1899-W.R.MacKenzie,manager; Sylvester (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
518 Pestell John M     Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1356 Phelan William     Wilkie Montana  
753 Phillips Frederick G     Sylvester (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1146 Phillips John       East Montana  
672 Phillips & Fennell   Bakers   Sylvester (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1591 Phulps William     Woodward Toorak  
955 Pickering John       East Coolgardie  
1147 Pickle John       East Montana  
781 Pioneer Aerated Water Co     1898:Zabel & Heidepriem, proprietors Sylvester (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
50 Pitchford Robert G Hairdresser 1898-Prichford,Richard G Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1248 Plant David     Lefroy East Toorak  
528 Plumber Alfred W     Lindsay (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
105 Plush M (Mrs) Confectioner   Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford  
83 Police Station     1898-John McKenna, inspector police;1899-C.N.C. Newland, inspector Bayley (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1148 Pollard John       East Montana  
166 Pomeroy Charles Caretaker   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Venture Buildings - ground
261 Pooley Edward     Ford (rhs) Woodward to Bayley  
956 Pope John Wood & coal dealer     East Coolgardie  
1149 Popham Charles Contractor     East Montana  
1507 Porter Alfred J Builder & contractor   Wittenoom Toorak  
1508 Porter Charles     Toorak Toorak  
243 Porter Henry Red Bluff Hotel   Black Flag Road (rhs)   Red Bluff Hotel
471 Post & Tel. Assoc. Reading Rooms     W H Williams, sec Lefroy (lhs) Woodward to Bayley Matheson's Buildings
1150 Potter Frederick Storekeeper     East Montana  
444 Potter Paul     King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy King Street Chambers
1357 Powell George     Piesse Montana  
735 Presbyterian Church       Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
230 Preston Alfred     Bayley (lhs) Moran to Lyons  
1358 Prevell John A     Piesse Montana  
824 Price E. Graham Legal manager   Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1648 Price William H Manager, Ford R F & Co   OPR West Montana  
491 Pritchard-Morgan & Co W Mining & consulting engineers   Lindsay (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
217 Provan P.J. Saddler   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
593 Provis Richard Mining & consulting engineer A.M.I.C.E.   Shaw (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
821 Pudsey Gerard Assayer   Woodward (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Nicholas Chambers
957 Pugh Mary (Miss) Storekeeper     East Coolgardie  
1649 Queen John H     Londonderry West Montana  
1249 Quine William Glasson & Co   Matheson East Toorak  
1650 Quodling Henry W     Off Londonderry West Montana  
1359 Rachter Alec     Gordon Montana  
1509 Rae Stanley G     Marmion Toorak  
582 Rahman Abdul     Shaw (rhs) Renou to Ford  
807 Rail William Coach builder   Woodward (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
784 Randell & Co F.E. General importers, produce merchants, forwarding agents 1898:Also at Fremantle, Kalgoorlie, Norseman & Menzies; 1899:Head office Sylvester (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
9 Rassmussen Hans Medical herbalist   Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
306 Raymond R.M. Mining engineer   Forrest (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy New Austral Chambers
525 Rayner Emelia (Mrs)     Lindsay (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
475 Rayner Robert G     Lefroy (lhs) Lindsay to Forrest  
34 Rayner William Mining engineer 1898-Wayner & Co, mechanical & construction engineers Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Bayley Chambers
380 Read Alfred Cabinet maker, builder, undertaker   Hunt (lhs) Sylvester to Lindsay  
338 Read H. Laurence Legal manager 1899- spelt H. Lawrence Forrest (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
738 Rebbeck W.H. Manufacturer's agent   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1250 Rebbeck W.H.     Samuarez East Toorak  
1151 Reed William       East Montana  
766 Regan J (Mrs) Costumiere   Sylvester (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
767 Regan James     Sylvester (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
89 Regan M (Mrs) Dining rooms   Bayley (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1152 Regan Michael       East Montana  
386 Reid Robert L Reid & Rowe   Hunt (lhs) King to Macdonald  
508 Reid & Rowe   Contractors & timber merchants Also at Broad Arrow Lindsay (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
1153 Reigh George       East Montana  
539 Rennick Charles Accountant and legal manager 1898-spelling Rennock Lindsay (lhs) Jobson to boundary  
538 Rennick William G   1898-spelling Rennock Lindsay (lhs) Jobson to boundary  
634 Renou William     Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
78 Resident Magistrates Department     1898-Ernest von Bibra, clerk of courts; C.F. Hiley, asst clerk of courts;1899-Ernest von Bibra,clerk of courts;J.H. Myslis,bailiff: Bayley (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
111 Rettig Alex Watchmaker   Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford  
137 Reuter's Telegram Co Limited     1898-E.H. Millar, local manager;1899-Edward A Johnston, agent Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Hunter Chambers-ground
1510 Rex Ernest R     Clifton Toorak  
958 Richards Charles       East Coolgardie  
1251 Richards Daniel     Off Richardson East Toorak  
959 Richards Frederick       East Coolgardie  
266 Richardson Alfred     Ford (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
960 Richardson John       East Coolgardie  
661 Richardson William     Shaw (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
35 Richardson & Co John Carriers   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Bayley Chambers
188 Rickards F.T. Ellors Accountant   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Hinde's Chambers
1252 Riddles Frederick Per. way dept.   Toorak East Toorak  
1361 Ridge Thomas E     Gordon Montana  
1154 Ridgeway Alfred       East Montana  
1155 Ridgeway Amelia (Mrs)       East Montana  
554 Ridgway Thomas T Dyke & Ridgeway 1898-spelling Ridgeway Macdonald Lefroy to Moran  
437 Ridsdale Herbert     King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy King Street Chambers
1360 Riebe Herman     Piesse Montana  
427 Rieck John W I     King (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
1511 Rigg John     Saumarez Toorak  
59 Ring & Besford   Share brokers   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Stock Exchange Buildings-ground
1253 Ripley Thomas     Hunt East Toorak  
1156 Roberson Kate (Mrs) Dressmaker     East Montana  
654 Roberts Charles H L     Shaw (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
510 Roberts Peter     Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Batesford House
961 Roberts Thomas       East Coolgardie  
962 Roberts William       East Coolgardie  
323 Robertson John     Forrest (lhs) Renou to Ford  
544 Robertson William     Macdonald (lhs) Renou to Hunt  
964 Robins J (Mrs) Storekeeper     East Coolgardie  
963 Robins Jabez   1898: Robbins; 1899: Robins   East Coolgardie  
126 Robinson Edward Mine manager   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Coolgardie Chambers - ground
135 Robinson George Florist & nurseryman   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
1254 Robinson George Robinson & Luce   Matheson East Toorak  
1512 Robinson James     Old Police Reserve Toorak  
509 Robinson Martha (Mrs) Boarding house   Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
116 Robinson R Grand Bar Hotel ?formerly Prince of Wales (Fein) 1898 Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford Grand Bar Hotel
1157 Robinson Robert       East Montana  
394 Robinson & Higgins   Bottlers   King (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
780 Robinson & Luce   Plumbers   Sylvester (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
422 Rodda Alfred   (p.r) King (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
680 Rodda Alfred A Merchant's agent   Sylvester (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1255 Rodda Fred     Matheson East Toorak  
1362 Rodda W.M. (Mrs)     Piesse Montana  
819 Rodger Robert L     Woodward (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Nicholas Chambers
280 Rohde John Tentmaker   Ford (lhs) Bayley to Sylvester  
289 Rohde John Tentmaker   Ford (lhs) Sylvester to Lindsay  
1158 Rolf John       East Montana  
274 Roman Catholic Church       Ford (lhs) Woodward to Bayley  
1363 Roose Frank D Mining engineer Captain Wilkie Montana  
965 Rose Louis       East Coolgardie  
1159 Rosenthal Charles       East Montana  
644 Ross J     Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy (off Shaw St)  
1514 Ross James Ross & Co   Richardson Toorak  
1160 Ross James K Contractor     East Montana  
1515 Ross John T     Richardson Toorak  
1651 Ross William M     Londonderry West Montana  
1513 Ross & Co John T Carriers   Richardson Toorak  
324 Rosser Henry     Forrest (lhs) Renou to Ford  
1592 Rossiter Thomas     Forrest West Coolgardie  
285 Roth Mary (Miss) Dressmaker   Ford (lhs) Bayley to Sylvester  
1161 Rothan Albert       East Montana  
1162 Rothan Susan (Mrs) Tobacconist     East Montana  
693 Rowe Daniel Mining engineer   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers-ground
441 Rowe Daniel     King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy King Street Chambers
1364 Rowe Robert S     Gordon Montana  
1256 Rowe Samuel Reid & Rowe   Matheson East Toorak Leytonville
1365 Rowe William J     Piese Montana  
1516 Rudwich C.H.     Riley Toorak  
543 Rule Charles     Macdonald (lhs) Renou to Hunt  
727 Rule H     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers-first floor
368 Rule Joseph Builder & contractor   Hunt (rhs) King to Macdonald  
402 Rule William R Rule & Son   King (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
966 Rusha Richard A Manager, Lady Bountiful Mine     East Coolgardie  
1163 Ryan John       East Montana  
1366 Ryan Thomas S     Taylor Montana  
232 Sabelberg Joseph     Bayley (lhs) Moran to Lyons  
233 Sakuria C     Bayley (lhs) Moran to Lyons  
1164 Salter Edward       East Montana  
675 Salvation Army Barracks       Sylvester (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
967 Sampson Rebecca (Mrs)   1898: Samson; 1899: Sampson   East Coolgardie  
53 Sandstein Michael Share broker   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Stock Exchange Buildings-ground
1165 Satchell William       East Montana  
1367 Saunders F.W.T. Waterworks dept   Wilkie, off Montana  
563 Savage Arthur W     Macdonald Lefroy to Moran  
140 Savage & Smith   Share brokers   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Hunter Chambers - ground
1652 Sayers Thomas W     OPR West Montana  
1593 Scahill Bernard J   1898: Schill; 1899: Scahill Lindsay West Coolgardie  
968 Schultz John       East Coolgardie  
1257 Scott Charles W Mining engineer   Richardson East Toorak  
107 Scott Eliza (Miss) Confectioner   Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford  
1368 Scott George Builder & contractor   Gordon Montana  
1517 Scott James Builder & contractor   Toorak Toorak  
1166 Scott Joseph       East Montana  
969 Scott Mary (Miss)       East Coolgardie  
11 Scott & Co V House, land & estate agents 1898-Benjamin Lee Manager;1899-? Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
1369 Scott-Murray Arthur F     Bellingham Montana  
1370 Scott-Murray E (Mrs)     Bellingham Montana  
1518 Scouler Robert M     Smith Toorak  
1653 Scrymgour John     Londonderry West Montana  
585 Seabrook Alfred     Shaw (rhs) Renou to Ford  
1654 Sear Edward A     Londonderry West Montana  
970 Sears James C       East Coolgardie  
1371 Seaton Alexander G     Taylor Montana  
596 Seed William P Medical practitioner   Shaw (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
47 Seerman Demetrius Fruiterer   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
759 Seermas Demetrius     Sylvester (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1372 Sejourne Francis     Gordon Montana  
42 Seyler George Restaurant   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1594 Seymour Alexander S     Forrest West Coolgardie  
1167 Shaddock Alexander       East Montana  
101 Shannahan Patrick Coolgardie Hotel   Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford Coolgardie Hotel
1168 Shannawez John       East Montana  
631 Sharland Edward C Bellingham & Sharland (p.r) Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
153 Sharp P (Mrs) Oyster saloon   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
496 Sharp & Co W. Goodenough Assayers & Metallurgists   Lindsay (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
667 Shaw Matab Storekeeper   Sylvester (rhs) Renou to Ford  
387 Sheirlaw William S Sheirlaw & Co   Jobson (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
122 Sheirlaw & Co   Tailors & outfitters   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
1258 Shellam William F Accountant W.A. Bank   Hunt East Toorak  
618 Sherlaw William Builder & contractor   Shaw (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
1519 Shierlaw J. Lennox Mining engineer   Riley Toorak  
1259 Shinkfield William     Samuarez East Toorak  
1260 Shirley John     Toorak East Toorak  
838 Shortt E.H.     Woodward (rhs) Jobson to boundary  
739 Sibley James A Dentist   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
612 Sidler Louis     Shaw (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
971 Sidler William A Carpenter     East Coolgardie  
247 Sigg Andrew H     Black Flag Road (rhs)    
149 Silbert & Sharp   Fruiterers   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
973 Silverthorne John Silverthorne & Adair     East Coolgardie  
972 Silverthorne & Adair   Wood merchants     East Coolgardie  
637 Simmons Sidney     Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1521 Simon Henrietta (Miss) Simon & Stange   Richardson Toorak  
1520 Simon & Stange Misses Storekeepers   Richardson Toorak  
376 Simpson M (Miss) Refreshment rooms   Hunt (lhs) Sylvester to Lindsay  
626 Sinclair Lockyer W.G.   (p.r) Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Corona
203 Sinclair W.J. Lockyer Barrister & solicitor 1898- shown as Lockyer W.J. Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Atlas Chambers - first
191 Singer's Mnaufacturing Co   Sewing machine depot 1899-J.R. Conduit, local agent Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Hinde's Chambers
818 Sloane James K   1898: James R; 1899: James K Woodward (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Nicholas Chambers
551 Sloss Joseph Contractor   Macdonald (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
469 Sloss Moses     Lefroy (rhs) Shaw to boundary  
472 Sloss Othel Sanitary contractor   Lefroy (lhs) Woodward to Bayley Matheson's Buildings
470 Sloss Othel     Lefroy (rhs) Shaw to boundary  
974 Smallwood Henry       East Coolgardie  
568 Smalpage Francis G   1898-Smallpage (note spelling change); Macdonald (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
129 Smalpage & Co Frank Auctioneers 1898-Smallpage (note spelling change); Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Coolgardie Chambers-first
48 Smalpage & Co Frank Share brokers 1899-Coolgardie "Rapid Call" exchange share brokers Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1373 Smith Charles     Gordon Montana  
975 Smith Edward H       East Coolgardie  
1522 Smith Ernest C     Smith Toorak  
358 Smith H.Percy Mining agent   Hunt (rhs) Bayley to Sylvester Chancery Buildings
430 Smith J. Laybourne   (p.r) King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
679 Smith James Storekeeper   Sylvester (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
1523 Smith James M     Richardson Toorak  
1261 Smith John     Off Richardson East Toorak  
646 Smith Percy D Moher and Smith   Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy (off Shaw St)  
1524 Smith Thomas     Jobson Toorak  
213 Smith Villeneuve Francis Barrister,solicitor & commissioner for affidavits W.A.   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
23 Smith J. Laybourne   Chemist & dentist 1898-Herbert V Mummery, manager, 1899-? Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
976 Smythe Hugh       East Coolgardie  
502 Smythe Kate (Miss)     Lindsay (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1655 Snodgrass Rosa (Miss) Matron, Coolgardie Government Hospital   Londonderry West Montana  
977 Solomon E       East Coolgardie  
33 Sommer Herman H Bookseller   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Bayley Chambers
259 Sommer Michael   1899-Listed as Somers Black Flag Road (lhs) From King  
76 Sommers Charles Victoria Hotel   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Victoria Hotel
1525 Sorensen Anders P     Wittenoom Toorak  
1526 Sorensen Rosalie (Mrs) Restaurant   Wittenoom Toorak  
315 Sorrell Ursula (Mrs) Storekeeper   Forrest (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
978 Sowerby William       East Coolgardie  
1527 Spadier Stephen Builder & contractor   Moran Toorak  
1655 Sparrow Henry     Londonderry West Montana  
154 Speering & Munro   Tailors   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
1374 Spence John Surveyor   Piesse Montana  
1375 Spicer Edward     Wilkie Montana  
504 Spiers George     Lindsay (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
110 Spinks David Commission agent 1898- surname spelt Spink Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford  
467 St Andrew's School     Miss H T Gill, principal Lefroy (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
466 St Andrew's Social Club       Lefroy (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
806 St Mary's Catholic Young Men's Social Club       Woodward (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
801 St Mary's Church & School   Roman Catholic   Woodward (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
805 St Mary's Convent School       Woodward (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
434 Stables William     King (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy King Street Chambers
159 Stacey C.T. Engineer, construction & mechanical   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Venture Buildings-ground
1262 Stade Herrman     Richardson East Toorak  
238 Stainsbury Ernest     Black Flag Road (rhs)    
828 Stancombe Jane (Mrs) Restaurant   Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1528 Stange Augusta (Miss) Simon & Stange 1898: Strange; 1899: Stange Richardson Toorak  
1169 Stanton Samuel       East Montana  
354 Stanwix Harry Mechanical engineer   Hunt (rhs) Woodward to Bayley Melbourne Chambers
1529 Stanwix Henry   (p.r) Richardson Toorak  
317 Stapleton Elizabeth (Mrs) Storekeeper   Forrest (rhs) Moran to Jobson  
361 Starkey G.T. Government auctioneer   Hunt (rhs) Bayley to Sylvester Chancery Buildings
1530 Starkey G.T.     Richardson Toorak  
841 Starkey & Bristow   Weighbridge proprietors   Woodward (lhs)    
1595 Starr Thomas A Produce merchant   Lyon West Coolgardie  
1656 Steadman Charles     OPR West Montana  
786 Steer James Plumber   Sylvester (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
192 Stein & Co B Booksellers, stationers & importers of fancy goods 1898-Also at Kalgoorlie Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Hinde's Chambers
831 Stenson P Restaurant   Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
215 Stephens J.T. Fancy goods depot   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1171 Stevens Frank A.C.       East Montana  
1377 Stevenson Archibald     Piesse Montana  
1531 Stewart C.R. Cumbrae Financial & business agent & legal manager   Toorak Toorak  
1170 Stewart Caleb       East Montana  
407 Stewart James A Contractor   King (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
321 Stewart John     Forrest (lhs) Renou to Ford  
403 Stewart Thomas D     King (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
468 Stobbart William     Lefroy (rhs) Lindsay to Shaw  
263 Stobbart W Ironmonger & livery stable proprietor   Ford (rhs) Bayley to Sylvester  
174 Stock Exchange Building & Tivoli Syndicate Lim     1898-Arthur D. Bennett, sec;1899-ditto Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Tivoli Buildings
56 Stock Exchange of Coolgardie     1898-G.H. Cook (Chairman), R.B. Pell (vice-chairman), Alfred T. Chandler (secretary);1899-? Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Stock Exchange Buildings
67 Stock Exchange of Coolgardie Call Room       Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt Stock Exchange Buildings - first
979 Stockley William Stockley & Pettitt     East Coolgardie  
176 Stockley & Pettett   Fruiterers &c   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt  
453 Stodart Thomas Stodart, Duffy & Co   King (lhs) Lefroy to Moran Glenloth
27 Stodart & Co T Land, mining, financial & insurance agents, auctioneers and stock agents 1898-Stodart, Duffy & Co;1899-Also at Matheson's Buildings,Kalgoorlie Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
657 Stokes John     Shaw (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
707 Stokes & Co C.E. Mining & Financial agents   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers - first floor
314 Stope Edward     Forrest (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
1596 Stortenbeker Henry Greengrocer   Lindsay Toorak  
1263 Stothers George     Samuarez East Toorak  
1532 Strachan James     Riley Toorak  
1533 Strachan John     Riley Toorak  
163 Strelitz Brothers   Nobel's Hamburg Dynamite Co Lim agent   Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Venture Buildings-ground
1172 Strickfuss Henry C       East Montana  
1264 Strickland Charles G     Hunt East Toorak  
43 Strickland E.E. Tailor   Bayley (rhs) Ford to Hunt  
579 Stuart Arthur H   (p.r) Renou (lhs) Forrest to Macdonald  
1173 Stuart Jack       East Montana  
1376 Stubbings Walter     Gordon Montana  
516 Stubbs J. Hamilton Manager, Westralian Electric Lighting & Supply Co Limited B.A. Oxon Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Moran  
458 Sughan & Tasker   Wood dealers   King (lhs) Moran to Jobson  
534 Sullivan Eliza (Mrs)     Lindsay (lhs) Jobson to Lyons  
1597 Sullivan John     Bayley Toorak  
473 Summerhayes & Ford   Architects & surveyors   Lefroy (lhs) Lindsay to Forrest Matheson's Buildings
564 Sutcliffe Joseph     Macdonald Moran to Jobson  
1657 Sutcliffe Matilda (Miss)     Gill West Montana  
1 Sutcliffe Brothers   Merchants 1898-Henry Atkins, Manager;1899-D.M. Hanna, Manager Bayley (rhs) Renou to Ford  
826 Swan Syndicate Lim.     E. Graham Price, manager Woodward (rhs) Lefroy to Moran  
312 Swanston Charles Medical Practitioner 1898-J.P., L.R.C.P. & S. Edin;formerly Government medical officer for the district of Mudgee NSW and surgeon to Mudgee Hospital & Gaol; late surgeon to the Permanent Military Force of NSW & acting medical officer Benevolent Asylum & Mat Forrest (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
1265 Swayne Richard     Matheson East Toorak  
1174 Sykes Thomas       East Montana  
1266 Sylvester John     Toorak East Toorak  
980 Symmons Richard       East Coolgardie  
512 Tancred John Laundry   Lindsay (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
815 Tangyes Limited     Bennie, Teare & Co, representatives Woodward (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Tangyes Building
1535 Tanner Archibald D.E.     Clifton Toorak  
1658 Tarling Philips F     Londonderry West Montana  
981 Tate John       East Coolgardie  
714 Taylor Arthur     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers - first
636 Taylor Bond     Shaw (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy  
731 Taylor Harry     Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers - first
1175 Taylor James S       East Montana  
1534 Taylor Tom H.P.     Richardson Toorak  
697 Telfer John Legal manager   Sylvester (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy Beaconsfield Chambers-ground
162 Temple Court Limited     1899-W.G.Townley, sec; Bayley (lhs) Ford to Hunt Venture Buildings-ground
1267 Terry George H     Richardson East Toorak  
1176 Tester William H Storekeeper     East Montana  
1177 Teviotdale Thomas       East Montana  
383 Thomas A. Ernest     Hunt (lhs) Shaw to Forrest  
305 Thomas A.E. Mining engineer   Forrest (rhs) Hunt to Lefroy New Austral Chambers
190 Thomas D.S. Berkley Accountant & agent   Bayley (lhs) Hunt to Lefroy Hinde's Chambers
1268 Thomas D.S. Berkley     Saumarez East Toorak  
795 Thomas James G Mining agent   Sylvester (lhs) Jobson to bounday  
982 Thomas John       East Coolgardie  
1178 Thomas Richard J       East Montana  
1179 Thomas William V       East Montana  
254 Thompson Charles     Black Flag Road (lhs)    
1536 Thompson E (Mrs)     Riley Toorak  
1378 Thompson Evan     Gordon Montana  
1379 Thompson George     Piesse Montana  
560 Thompson James     Macdonald (lhs) Lefroy to Moran  
109 Thompson L (Mrs) Dairy produce   Bayley (lhs) Renou to Ford  
1537 Thompson Robert     Saumarez Toorak  


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