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Kanowna Cemetery

Surname First Names Death Date Age Burial
ADOLPH George Charles Otto 15-Nov-04 41 Kanowna
ADOLPH Minnie   1 day Kanowna
ALCOCK Elizabeth 28-Feb-28 85 Kanowna

Elizabeth and John ALCOCK
ALCOCK John 12-May-07 62 Kanowna
ALCOCK Susan 20-Aug-12 69 Kanowna
ALLEN Henry   47 Kanowna
ANDREWS Anthony 22-Nov-02 59 Kanowna
ASHENHURST Jane 12-Aug-17 94 & half yrs Kanowna
AUSTIN Male     Kanowna
BALDOCK Lawrence Thornton 28-Feb-15 1yr 9mths Kanowna
BALDOCK Thomas William 18-Oct-04 54 Kanowna
BANNER - 27-Jan-03 - Kanowna
BARKLEY William   27 Kanowna
BAUDINETTE William Chaulk 06-Jan-05 49 Kanowna
BENNETTS Jane 16-Mar-11 88 Kanowna
BLAKE William Robert 19-Jul-05 40 Kanowna
BLAKE William Rossiter 29-Aug-06 9 & half yrs Kanowna
BONEHAM Charles Arthur Rivet 1897 27 Kanowna (Registered in Kalgoorlie)
BOURKE - 03-Jan-05 - Kanowna
BOURKE - 16-Dec-05 - Kanowna
BOURKE Anne 04-Jun-09 1hr Kanowna
BOURKE Michael James 31-Aug-13 57 Kanowna
BOWRING Pauline Amy 06-Jun-02 13mths Kanowna
BRADLEY James 28-Jan-02 40 Kanowna
BRANDT Benjamin 09-Sep-04 56 Kanowna
BRODIE David Maxwell 11-Jan-12 - Kanowna
BROWN William   83 Kanowna
BRYANT John Luke 27-Nov-02 39 Kanowna
BURCHNALL Samuel 13-May-03 35 Kanowna
BURNES Patrick   35 Kanowna
CABLE Ellen 24-Oct-10 33 Kanowna
CAHILL Mary 13-Nov-08 1yr 9mths Kanowna
CALLAGHAN Thomas   25 Kanowna
CAMERON Mary 02-Dec-06 25 Kanowna
CARBERRY Elizabeth Mary   35 Kanowna
CAREY John Thomas 08-Mar-15 7 Kanowna
CARLOW William 15-Nov-02 72 Kanowna
CARR Margaret Ann   25 Kanowna
CARROLL Martin 03-Jul-11 53 Kanowna
CATT Henry William   25 Kanowna
CAULFIELD Michael 01-Sep-02 67 Kanowna
CHAMPION Thomas Guthridge   25 Kanowna
CHOMATS Mesayo 02-Sep-00 3 & half mths Kanowna
CHOULES Flora   2yr 9mths Kanowna
CHOULES Frederick William Albert 04-Jan-02 8 Kanowna
CHRISTENSEN Mary Ann   22 Kanowna
CHRISTMAS John James 18-Sep-02 65 Kanowna
CLARK David 22-Jan-01 66 Kanowna
CLARKSON Infant   3.5 yrs Kanowna
COGDELL Albert Edward   4 & half mths Kanowna
COGHLAN John Joseph   19 Kanowna
CORNELISEN - CONNEY Ramus Bede 21-Dec- 1897 12 Kanowna
COLE Jonathan 02-Jul-01 50 Kanowna
COLLINS Jeremiah 31-Aug-00 60 Kanowna
COLLINS Johanna 08-Oct-09 82 Kanowna
COLOMBANI Giovanni 05-Apr-07 60 Kanowna
CONROY Patrick   61 Kanowna
COSTA Guglielmo 19-May-06 29 Kanowna
CRAWLEY Patrick 07-Dec-00 58 Kanowna
CRISP Frances Louisa 21-Aug-05 20 Kanowna
CRISP Marian 30-Apr-08 54 Kanowna
CROMARTY Thomas 04-May-14 75 Kanowna
CROSLEY Ernest Samuel   32 Kanowna
CURREN Neta 27-Feb-02 5mths Kanowna
CURTIS William John 01-Aug-08 60 Kanowna
DALEY John Augustine 08-Sep-09 77 Kanowna
DAVEY Joseph 05-Feb-03 58 Kanowna
DAVIS Isabella 13-Jun-14 55 Kanowna
DAWES Frank 03-Nov-14 60 Kanowna
DAWS William   51 Kanowna
DEAN Walter Henry 11-Nov-06 25 Kanowna
DEBNAM Alice Helena Gertrude 27-Oct-05 31 Kanowna
DEBNAM Alice Vera 05-May-05 1 Kanowna
DODD Jack McThinniey (?) 18-Jan-05 4mths Kanowna

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