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Lake Side Pictures
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Lake Side Group-1.jpg (38010 bytes)

Lake Side Group at the unveiling of the Lake Side plaque 5 Oct 1969  left to right C. Brown, Charles Daws, G Bennett MLA & JP C. Barton Jones, Roy Mills, K. O'Brien, Mrs D Bartlett W. Stacey former Lake Side resident

Lake Side Mrs Bartlett-1.jpg (36010 bytes)

Mrs Doris Barlett nee Scougall on 5 Oct 1969 unveiling the plaque and obelisk to commemorate  the Lake Side ghost town.  Mrs Bartlett was born at Lake Side in 1901

Lake Side Scougal House-1.jpg (24075 bytes)

The Scougall Family House at Lake Side a wonderful picture of a hessian house - painted with whitewash to keep the wind and the heat out, which didn't work very well and which probably had an earth floor. The Family with their essential bicycles and faithful horse   Charles & Emma Jane Scougall nee Bray  married in Coolgardie 1899 children William born 1900, Doris born 1901 Helen born 1903, Mary born 1904

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