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LEGEND: b = Buried, d = Died, Occ = Occupation, Mt Margaret = Mount Margaret, Reg = Registration.
RC = Roman Catholic, ANG = Anglican or Church of England, METH = Methodist/Wesleyan,
PRES = Presbyterian,
WA = Western Australia, NSW = New South Wales, VIC = Victoria, QLD = Queensland, SA = South Australia. TAS = Tasmania, NT = Northern Territory.

Note: The person registering the death is only listed if it was someone other than the police or an undertaker.

Christopher LONG

LONG Christopher — b 12 May 2000, Born: Subiaco WA, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


LONG Mary Ann — 90yrs, d 30 Jun 1949, at Leonora Hospital, Pensioner, Cause: Broncho Pneumonia, Father: MCPHERSON, Mother: MCLEAN, Born: Gawler SA, In SA 45yrs, In WA 45yrs, Married to Thomas John LONG in Kapunda SA in 1865, Child: Dolly 57yrs, Reg Mt Margaret, 12/1949, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Steven J LOWE

LOWE Steven John — 20yrs 10mths, d 23 Jan 1921, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Grazier, Cause: Ruptured appendix, Peritonitis, Father: Thomas LOWE (Contractor), Mother: Isabella BRUCE, Born Coolgardie WA, Reg 3/1921 Mt Margaret, PRES, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

LOWMAN Alfred Gait 35yrs, d 11 May 1908, at Nurse Allan’s Private Hospital, Leonora, Occ: Labourer, Cause: Enteric Fever, Father: Richard LOWMAN, Mother: Elizabeth DEWE, Born Christchurch New Zealand, In NZ for 5yrs, In WA for 11yrs, Married to Margaret KAYE in Boulder WA at age 29yrs, Reg 36/1908 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

LOWTHER Matthew — 59yrs, b 31 Oct 1963, Father: John LOWTHER, Mother: Margaret LOWTHER, Reg 32/1963 Mt Margaret, ANG, Section Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Fortunato LUBA

LUBA Fortunato (Frank) 31yrs, d 17 Oct 1909, at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Gwalia, Occ: Miner, Accidentally killed, Verdict of Coroner, Father: Samuel LUBA (Farmer), Mother: Antula ANTICH, Born Austria, In WA 5yrs, Married to Tommasina KAZEN in Leonora WA at age 29yrs, Reg 37/1909 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.  Mine Death —


LUCAS Percy commonly known as James ELLIS 58yrs, d 24 Aug 1907, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Mill Employee, Cause: Fractured Skull and other injuries received while oiling machinery at the Mill at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Coroner’s order for burial, Married to Francis Mary LUCAS, Eleven children names and ages unknown. Reg 50/1907 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death

LUND Graham — 64yrs, b 23 Jun 2012, Born: Oberon NSW, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

LYALL James Moffat 22yrs, d 2nd Dec 1935, at the Emu GM, Waroonga Lawlers, Occ: Fireman, Cause: Shock and loss of blood from injuries received, Verdict of Coroner, Father: James LYALL, Mother: Ada Elizabeth BOX, Born: Albany WA, Reg East Murchison 36/1935, Buried Leonora Cemetery.  Mine Death –


MACCANN John — 75yrs, d 17 Jun 1960, at Leonora Hospital, War Pensioner, Cause: Coronary Occlusion, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Glasgow Scotland, Reg 10/1960 Mt Margaret, PRES, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

MACDONALD Ronald Laurence — 63yrs, PRES, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

MACICH Lazar — 59yrs, d 3 Sep 1940, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Coronary embolism, post-operative, blood pressure, Father: Mitar MACICH (Labourer), Born: Cattaro, Yugoslavia, In WA 17yrs, Married to Terezi a De Marie in Port Said, Egypt at age 27yrs, Children: Olga 30yrs, Anna 28yrs, Emma 26yrs, deceased 3 females, Reg Mt Margaret 28/1940, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

MACKAY Alan Fraser — 68yrs, b 14 Jun 2008, Born: Leonora WA, PRES, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

MACKAY Nita Avis Hope — 56yrs, d 24 Apr 1958, at residence Gwalia St, Leonora, Cause: Coronary Occlusion, Arteriosclerosis, Father: Frederick Ernest MOORE (Hairdresser), Mother: Mary TAYLOR, Born: Fremantle WA, Married twice: 1st to John SMITHERS, 2nd to Malcolm Louden MACKAY on 8 Dec 1934 in Perth WA, no children, Reg 11/1958 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


MACKEY Annie — 72yrs, d 17 Oct 1944, at Leonora Hospital, Widow, Cause: Carcinoma of bladder, Father: GLEESON, Born: Tipperary, Ireland, In NSW 4yrs, In WA 45yrs, Married to Denis John MACKEY in Perth WA at age 28yrs, Children: Mary Nora 41yrs, Eileen Annie 38yrs, Sheila Agnes 36yrs, 1 male deceased, Reg Mt Margaret 16/1944, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


MACKEY Denis John — 65yrs, d 31 Mar 1937, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Retired Pastoralist & Miner, Cause: Cardiac failure & Hypostatic Pneumonia, Father: John MACKEY (Police Constable), Mother: Bridget CULLEN, Born: Co Wicklow, Ireland, In WA approx. 38yrs, Married to Annie GLEESON in Perth WA at age 28yrs, Children: Molly 34yrs, Annie Eileen 31yrs, Sheila Agnes 29yrs, 1 male deceased, Reg Mt Margaret 11/1937, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

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