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Menzies Electoral Roll

Western Australia


Surname Other Names Sex Residence Occupation
DACEY John M Goongarrie Railway ganger
DADDOW Wm. M Goongarrie Carter
DAGG John M Niagara Miner
DALE Dorah F Webb street Housewife
DALE John Bone M Menzies Telegraphist
DALEY Alfred M Menzies Miner
DALEY Patrick M Yarri Miner
D'ALTON Alice F Mulwarrie Domestic duties
D'ALTON Annie Marion F Mulwarrie House duties
D'ALTON Edward Michael M Mulwarrie Police constable
D'ALTON George William M Mulwarrie Miner
DANCE Jane F Yarrie Home duties
DANCE John Edward M Yarrie Caterer
DANIELS Samuel M Menzies Miner
DANIELS Thomas M Menzies Engine driver
DAVEY Catherine F Menzies Housewife
DAVEY Elizabeth F Menzies Housewife
DAVEY Walter M Golden Pole, Davyhurst Miner
DAVIDSON Frederick M Ularring street, Mulline Carter
DAVIDSON James Graham M Edjudina Amalgamator
DAVIDSON John M Edjudina Miner
DAVIES Caroline F Tampa Married
DAVIES Daniel M Goongarrie Miner
DAVIES Emily F Menzies Housewife
DAVIES John Price M Tampa Fettler
DAVIES Robert M Menzies Engine driver
DAVIES William M Yunndaga Miner
DAVIS Alfred M Davyhurst Miner
DAVIS Alfred M Goongarrie Miner
DAVIS Henry M No.2 bore, Menzies - Ida road Groom
DAVIS Henry M Picton Miner
DAVIS John M Champion mine, Kookynie West Miner
DAVIS John M Shenton street Butcher
DAVIS Joseph M Friday Flat Miner
DAVIS Thomas Vaughan M Menzies Railway employee
DAVIS William Henry M 151 - mile camp Railway employee
DAVISON William M Shenton lease Engine driver
DAVOREN John Patrick M Jupiter street Clergyman
DAVOREN Margaret F Walsh street Spinster
DAVOREN Nellie F Walsh street Spinster
DAWES William M Menzies Miner
DAWSON Albert M Menzies Labourer
DAWSON Henry M Menzies Miner
DAWSON James M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DAWSON William M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DAWSON William M Waihi, Davyhurst Clerk
DAY Robert M Mt. Ida Miner
DAYKIN Thomas M Mt. Ida Miner
DE GRACIE Catherine F Mulwarrie Domestic
DEAN William M Woolgar Miner
DEASY John M Comet Vale Labourer
DECKER E. M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DEIGHAN Peter M Menzies Barman
DEJARLAIS E. Jerome M Carnage Miner
DELANEY Edward Walter M Yarrie Miner
DEMAN Lucian M Reid street Cook
DEMPSEY Charles John M Davyhurst Miner
DENCHAR David Carnegie M Davyhurst Miner
DENNENY Annie F Waverley, Siberia Married
DENNENY Jeremiah M Waverley, Siberia Fettler
DENNIS Joseph M Menzies Miner
DENNIS Josiah M Yunndaga Miner
DESAILLY Godfrey Balwin M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DEUCHAR J.G. M Mulwarrie Miner
DEVEREAUX Mary Theresa F Shenton street Waitress
DEWAR Lily F Jowett street Married
DEWAR Samuel Victor M Jowett street Accountant
DIL*ON Mary F Menzies Married
DILLON Jeremiah M Davyhurst Miner
DILLON John M Friday Flat Miner
DILLON John M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DILLON John M Reid street Barman
DILLON John Henry M Edjudina Miner
DILLON Louisa F Davyhurst Married
DILLON Mary F Menzies Married
DILLON Michael J. M Friday Flat Miner
DILWORTH Beatrice F Davyhurst hotel, Davyhurst Cook
DINNEIM Patrick M Mulline road Miner
DIXON Mary F Grand hotel Housemaid
DIXON Thomas M Price street, Callion Horse driver
DOLAN Daniel M Mt. Ida Miner
DOLAN Farrel M Yunndaga Miner
DON Charles Brown M Mulline Miner
DONALDSON Thomas M Menzies Miner
DONALDSON Thomas Walker M Shenton street Manager
DONEY Frederick M Menzies Grocer
DONEY John Tho. M Woolgar S. Miner
DONEY Joseph M Woolgar Miner
DONEY Louisa F Woolgar S. Domestic
DONEY Samuel M Woolgar Wood contractor
DONNELLY Margaret F Tampa Married
DONNELLY Nicholas M Davyhurst Butcher
DONNELLY Thomas M Mersey lease Miner
DONNELLY William M Tampa Fettler
DONOVAN Daniel M Menzies Well borer
DONOVAN Denis M Yerilla Miner
DONOVAN Elizabeth F Kookynie West Married
DONOVAN James F. M Ularring Miner
DONOVAN James Francis M Mulline Miner
DONOVAN Timothy M Kookynie West Miner
DOOLEY Edward M Mahon street Labourer
DORAN Thomas M Tampa Miner
DORE John Edward M Mulline Hotel keeper
DORE Michael M Kookynie West Miner
DORE Thomas M Mulline Miner
DOUGLAS Ann F Menzies Married
DOUGLAS James Rae M Menzies Undertaker
DOUGLAS Stanley Holbrook M Menzies Miner
DOW Christopher M Niagara Miner
DOWLAN Martin M Kintore Publican
DOWNING Alfred Ernest M Ularring Miner
DOWNING Joseph Thomas M Yunndaga Miner
DOWNING Kathleen F Davyhurst Domestic service
DOWNS Patrick M Kookynie West Miner
DOYLE Alfred M Mulline road Driver
DOYLE Ellen F Shenton Extended Lease Domestic
DOYLE J. M Kintore Miner
DOYLE James M Shenton Extended Lease Miner
DOYLE John M Davyhurst Blacksmith
DRAKE John M Ophir G.M., Niagara Miner
DRINKWATER Ella Josephine F Reid street Married
DRINKWATER G.A. M Reid street Artist
DRUMMOND A. M Mt. Ida hotel, William st, Mt. Ida Miner
DUCROW Annie F Mulwarrie Home duties
DUCROW Catherine F Mulwarrie Married
DUCROW Thomas En*s M Speakman's Miner
DUCROW William Thomas M Mulwarrie Miner
DUFF Walter M Golden Pole, Davyhurst Labourer
DUFFY Joseph M Mulline Baker
DUFFY Michael M Mulline Prospector
DUIRS Thomas M Speakman's Miner
DUNCAN Alexander M Yerilla Miner
DUNCAN Henry Murray M Menzies Blacksmith
DUNCAN Isaac F Menzies Miner
DUNCAN Robert M Yerilla Engine driver
DUNCAN Robert James M Niagara Engine driver
DUNCAN Thomas M Niagara Miner
DUNCAN William M Yerilla Miner
DUNKEL George M Victoria hotel, Warring st, Mulline Plumber
DUNLEA John M Mulwarrie Miner
DUNLEAVY Nat. M Champion mine, Kookynie West Miner
DUNN Charles M Mulwarrie Miner
DUNN John M Menzies Miner
DUNN P.R. M Menzies Miner
DUNN Rose F Menzies Cook
DUNNE William M Mulline Bricklayer
DUNPHY Nicholas M Mulwarrie Labourer
DUNSTAN Anna M Mulline road Married
DUNSTAN Charles M Menzies Miner
DUNSTAN Charles Henry M Menzies Miner
DUNSTAN David C. M Davyhurst Miner
DUNSTAN Edward M Mulline road Carpenter
DUNSTAN John M Shenton Extended Miner
DUNSTAN Maria Josephine F Mulline road Married
DUNSTAN Sarah F Shenton Extended Domestic
DUNSTAN William M Menzies Miner
DUNSTAN William M Edjudina Labourer
DUNSTAN William Perry M Webb street Storekeeper
DURBRIDGE Charles T. M Menzies Accountant
DURKIN Patrick M Goongarrie Mine manager
DURSTON Charles Henry M Lady Sherry mine Miner
DWYER John Joseph M Riverina Miner
DWYER Matthew M Niagara Miner
DWYER Michael M Mulline Miner
DWYER Timothy M Waverley, Siberia Miner
DYKE Robert M Davyhurst Brickmaker


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