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Goldfields District Marriage Index

from Uniting Church Records

Containing Marriage records from the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist Churches.

Transcribed by Amanda LOVITT and members of the
Goldfields Family History Centre.

Bride/Groom DOM POM Bride/Groom Occupation POB Residence Father & Fathers Occ. Mother Witness Residence Minister Notes
Bride/Groom DOM POM Bride/Groom Occupation POB Residence Father & Fathers Occ. Mother Witness Residence Minister Notes
YATES Alice Annie     HASTIE Bertram Stephen           YATES M J     No other info on certificate
YATES Carolyn Ann 1967 Jan 28 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church PAGE Gregory William Sp/Trained Nurse Kalgoorlie, WA 142 Piccadilly St Kalgoorlie, WA YATES Victor ROBBINS Edna Eileen Harriet GOLDING Margaret Josephine   PHILLIPSON J R  
YATES Margaret Josephine 1965 Apr 17 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church GOLDING William George Sp/Typiste Kalgoorlie, WA 142 Piccadilly St Kalgoorlie, WA YATES Victor/Deceased ROBBINS Edna Eileen Harriet YATES Carolyn Ann   WILSON J A  
YATES Sandra Lesley 1961 Apr 15 Kalg. St Pauls Presbyterian Church GAUNT Robert Sp/Clerk Kalgoorlie, WA 92 Wittenoom St Kalgoorlie, WA YATES Leslie Thomas/Barman FYFE Dorothy Estelle/Deceased ARMSTRONG Robert Arthur 36 Brighton St North Cottesloe, WA MALEY L G  
YATES Victor Richard 1959 Feb 21 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church HAMILTON Valerie Evelyn Ba/Apprentice Electrician Cottesloe, WA 142 Piccadilly St Kalgoorlie, WA YATES Victor/Fitter and Turner ROBBINS Edna Eileen Harrie READ G 86 Wittenoom St Kalgoorlie, WA BOULTER R  
YEATS Edith Maude Anzac 1941 Jun 26 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church CLARK Francis Gordon Sp/Domestic Kalgoorlie, WA 16 Brown Hill Rd Kalgoorlie, WA YEATS George/ DIXON Stella Jane CLARK D M 16 Brown Hill Rd Kalgoorlie, WA MASON A  
YEATS George 1939 Jul 14 Kalg. Wesley. Manse DIXON Stella Jane Ba/Prospector Myrtleford, VIC 16 Brown Hill Rd Kalgoorlie, WA YEATS George/Deceased Engineer RAYCROFT Mary Annie/Deceased WEBSTER G   HAY W A  
YELLAND Herbert Chamberlain 1933 Jun 10 Boulder. St Georges Presbyterian Church TASSIE Jean May Ba/Farmer Guildford, WA Bruce Rock, WA YELLAND Herbert John/Farmer and Parliamentarian FRANKLIN Rose PARSONS Elsie Boulder, WA DYKE D H  
YOUENS Judith Anne 1956 Sep 15 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church BRYSON Neil Alexander Sp/Shop Assistant Subiaco, WA 66A George St Kalgoorlie, WA YOUENS John Edward/Miner GLASKIN Phyllis Beryl BRYSON H 66A George St Kalgoorlie, WA BOULTER R  
YOUENS Lionel James 1964 Apr 18 Kalg. St Pauls Presbyterian Church ROHAN Alma Lilian Ba/Clerk Perth, WA 66A George St Kalgoorlie, WA YOUENS John Edward GLASKIN Phyllis Beryl DYER Alan Thomas   MALEY L G M  
YOUNG Anne Jane 1935 Oct 26 School Room. Kumarl GUEST Charles Arnold Sp/Domestic Rhymney, UK Norseman, WA YOUNG George/Prospector JONES Blodwen YOUNG George Norseman, WA HAY W A  
YOUNG Charlotte 1902 Jun 11 Kalg. Wesley. Manse TANGEY John Wid/   Boulder, WA YOUNG Richard Rumming/Carpenter KELLY Catherine HARRIS Agnes Armadale, NSW WHEATLEY G E  
YOUNG Elizabeth Anna 1915 Sep 08 Boulder. Presb Manse Moran St Boulder HENDERSON John Albert Barrington Div/Clerk   3 Thurmott St Kalgoorlie, WA SIMPSON William/Accountant SNOWDON Olinda ROSSER G E Cheltenham, VIC PETHERICK S G  
YOUNG Irene 1937 Jul 24 Norseman. Methodist Church GUEST Arthur Ivor Sp/Domestic Rhymney, South Wales Norseman YOUNG George/Cyanide Plant Operator JONES Blodwen GUEST Anne Jane Norseman PRICE W H  
YOUNG John 1948 Mar 20 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church CURTIS Margaret Betsie Ba/Accountant Boulder, WA Kalgoorlie, WA YOUNG John/Motorman GARD Essie Grace HARVEY A S Kalgoorlie, WA FREEMAN W H  
YOUNG John 1917 Jun 14 Kalg. Wesley. Manse GARD Essie Grace Harriett Ba/Motor Man   President St Kalgoorlie, WA YOUNG Thomas/Gardener KYLE Elizabeth GARD Alberta Millen St Boulder, WA WELLESLEY WELLINGTON A  
YOUNG John Oliver 1958 Dec 06 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church DORMAN Gwendoline Fay Ba/Shearer Busselton, WA 19 Thomas St Busselton, WA YOUNG George Harding/School Teacher MCCORMICK Mary Ethelwyne KREPP G 13 Turner St Kalgoorlie, WA BOULTER R  
YOUNG Walter Edward 1930 Feb 22 Boulder. St Georges Presbyterian Church LOWE Ethel May Ba/Machine Miner Menzies, WA Kalgoorlie, WA YOUNG Walter Purcell/Miner MORTON Beatrice Annette YOUNG Verna Lilian Boulder, WA POLE J  
YOUNGER Alice May 1932 May 14 Kalg. Wesley. Manse ROWE Eugene Percy Sp/Domestic     YOUNGER John/Tool Sharpener OSBORNE Lavina ROWE Juanita Maude 20 Chaffers St Boulder, WA ANDREWS J A H  
YULE William John 1947 Aug 30 Kalg. St Andrews Presbyterian Church WASLEY Florence May Ba/Mine Employee Kirkaldy, Scotland Tattersalls Hotel Boulder, WA YULE George/Retired Farmer PENMAN Margaret MILNE George 196 Oroya St Boulder, WA MACLIVER A  
YURJEVICH Anne Joyce 1957 Mar 15 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church TRELOAR Norman Robert Sp/Shop Assistant Wiluna, WA 23 Austral Rd Kalgoorlie, WA YURJEVICH Mirko/Miner PERICH Mila FARRELL Donald Patrick 23 Austral Rd Kalgoorlie, WA BOULTER R  
YURYEVICH Ronald Stanley 1976 Oct 13 Kalg. Wesley St Pauls Church. Methodist ALMAN Linda Valerie Ba/Sales Representative Kalgoorlie, WA 6 Millen St Boulder, WA YURYEVICH Mick PERICH Millie EDWARDS Kevin John   TERO T J  
ZADOW Patricia May 1957 Jun 01 Norseman. Methodist Church LEA Edward John Sp/Typist Norseman Norseman ZADOW Reinhold Conrad/Diesel Driver WOODING Una Albertina ZADOW J M 32 Prinsep St Norseman RANKINE AG  
ZANI Evelyn Joy 1967 Feb 11 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church HUGHES Trevor Sp/Secretary Kalgoorlie, WA 3 Dwyer St Boulder, WA ZANI Anthony Peter APSLEY Ada Agnes HAWKES Josephine Carole   PHILLIPSON J R  
ZANICH Louis Bernard 1961 Jun 08 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church FRASER Roma Marcella Div/Miner Boulder, WA 45 Clancy St Boulder, WA ZANICH Joseph/Deceased Miner ROMANACK Wajyta/Deceased JONES Olive Kathleen 30 Lyons St Cottesloe, WA ANGUS R B  
ZANKER Laurence Carl 1963 Aug 31 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church WARNES Roma Marion Ba/Garage Attendant Kalgoorlie, WA 6 Plumer St Kalgoorlie, WA ZANKER Traugott Martin/Leading Checker HAMPEL Hilda Irene BODENHAM Colin James 5 Boundary St Kalgoorlie, WA WILSON J  
ZANKER Walter 1956 Oct 27 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church MCELHONE Dorothy Patricia Ba/Plumber Pt Augusta, SA 6 Plumer St Kalgoorlie, WA ZANKER Trougett Martin/Fettler HAMPEL Irene MCELHONE J 19 Harvey St Boulder, WA BOULTER R  
ZECCHIN Celeste Leorienzo 1934 Jul 30 Norseman. Methodist Church CURTIS Elsie Frances Theresa Ba/Miner Castello di Godego Italy Norseman ZECCHIN Benianino/Farmer DAMINATO Marina PRINGLE William Sidney Piccadilly, SA BOULTER R  
ZIS Anfelena Amelia 1934 Feb 15 Bruce Rock. Methodist Church MCCRACKAN Huon Rutherford Sp/Home Duties Terapin, WA Erikin, WA ZIS Vincent Peter ARMANASCO Annie ZIS K C Erikin, WA SLATER S  

For privacy reasons, some information has been omitted.
For further information please contact Amanda LOVITT

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