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Lonely Graves

ASPINALL John - killed by lightning at Hawkes Nest 18 Mar 1896 (see book “And Some Found Graves”)

BAIN Patrick - buried 1901 west of Little Doris Lease at Erlistoun

BAKER H. - buried 1901 near Kings Well Mt Mt Margaret

BROSNAN D.B. - infant buried Erlistoun Cemetery

CLIFFORD Richard died 1 Mar 1916 age 62  36 buried 36 miles NNE Kurnalpi

COLEMAN - perished in bush- location unknown: North Coolgardie Herald 5 Feb 1902

COOPER  -  died 8 May 1900  age 2� days  Buried Haines New Find

DAINTY George - perished in Bush between Morgans & Euro: North Coolgardie Herald 22 Mar 1901: Buried Childe Harold - Mt Margaret Road

DALGOO Annie - buried Mt Margaret

DEBATZ - buried Lake Carey

DUKE John - died at Mulga Queen 28 Apr 1919 buried Duketon Cemetery aged 55

FARLEY William, d 5 Dec 1894 aged 26yrs - buried Slug Gully near Hawkes Nest

GOOLOO Billy - buried Mt Margaret/Mt Morgans

GROZEN - buried Lake Carey

HUNT J. - buried at Hawkes Nest

IRVE R. - see TRUE

JOHNSTON Charles - died of Pneumonia at Euro Mine North Coolgardie Herald 31 Oct 1901

KACHY A. - buried in bush 4 miles from Murrin Murrin

LAMB baby - buried at Rio Tinto Boiler Flat Murrin Murrin

McCARTHY P. - died in bush buried 1900 12 miles SW of Mt Morgans

MOSS  male  buried Crown Land

MURPHY E. - buried at Hawkes Nest (Talga)

MURRAY twin babies - buried 1907 Milkado Lease near Burtville

MURRAY D.J. - buried McKade Mine Burtville

NABBA Barbara - buried Mt Margaret

NASMAN - buried Mt Margaret

NICHOLSON R. - buried Erlistoun Cemetery

O’GRADY John - buried 1911 at Stone Soak, Cosmo Newberry

ORN Neil - 1920 Red Knob Out Station Glenorn Station

PREDERGAST T. - buried at Oaklans Mine Boiler Flat Murrin Murrin

RATHRAY - buried at Mt Shenton

RELSTON C. - buried Wingarra Mire towards Mistake Creek near Erlistoun

ROBERTSON Martha - died 18 May 1905 buried Duketon Cemetery age 37

RUTTER William - buried 9 Jul 1894 at Rutter Soak, Cosmo Newbery Hill 130 kms north east of Laverton: Aged about 40: died of TB:
A pioneer of the Murchison Goldfields, was a member of a prospecting  expedition from Cue when he died

SCHWAMN Rody. - killed by lightening 13 Sept 1904 buried Duketon Cemetery

STEVENSON  George  age 35  buried Bullock Holes (3 miles north) 1-20 March

TAYLOR - baby buried Laverton

TRUE Robert Pickering - died 30 Jul 1906 buried  Whilfords Reward Lease at Gregory Hills: died of a heart complaint:
North Coolgardie Herald 22 Aug 1906: Grave marked as Robert IRVE

TURNER John Salus aged about 55: died 22 miles NE of Pindinnie  & 5 miles south of Cement Creek Mt Margaret: Coolgardie Miner 2 Mar 1896

YOONJIE - Afghan

UNKNOWN - Infant died 1908 buried at the Ida H Gold Mine

UNKNOWN - skeleton found beyond Hopeful Range: Goldfields Courier 22 Sept 1894

UNKNOWN - male body found in bush beyond Peak’s Find: Goldfields Courier 22 Sept 1894

UNKNOWN - male body found near Mt Margaret: Coolgardie Miner 24 Jun 1895

UNKNOWN - 2 males shot dead at Mt Margaret: Coolgardie Miner 6 Sept 1895

UNKNOWN - young male body found 19 miles NW of Laverton & 10 miles from North Pool

UNKNOWN - male body found near Stone Soak 1908

UNKNOWN - graves on Glenorn Station

UNKNOWN - baby died 1911 buried at Ida H. Mine near Laverton

UNKNOWN - body found in mine shaft at Mt Margaret Dec 1898: North Coolgardie Herald 28 Nov 1902

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