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Mount Morgans Cemetery  Reserve 7391  Western Australia

QUARTETTE Arthur Otto, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 5 Sept 1905, Section A 62, Age 32, Occ Prospector/Miner, Father: Hans Hendrich Ludwig QUARTETTE, Mother: Auguste Emilie ROLAND, Born 14 Sep 1871 in Bendigo VIC, Married to Alice Amy COOPER in Mt Morgans WA at age 29yrs, No children, Cause, Acute Pneumonia. Reg 51/905, Mt Margaret.

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Arthur  Otto QUARETTE


RAMSAY Robert, in the Mt Morgans Hospital. Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Aug 1902, Section 32, Age 45, Single, Occ Miner, Father: Christopher RAMSAY, Mother: Mary, Born County Durham, Northumberland, England, In NSW 10yrs, In WA 5 ½ yrs, Cause, Mine accident, Killed in a fall of earth at the North stope No 1 level Westralia Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Verdict of the Coroner, Reg 49/1902 Mt Margaret.

RAMSAY Robert Laverton and Beria Mercury 16 August 1902, page 3

RAMSDEN William Henry, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 21 Jan 1908, Section A 40, Age 40,  Occ Prospector/Secretary, Cause, Typhoid Fever, Father: Issac RAMSDEN (Clerk), Mother: Eliza GULLETT, Born South Melbourne VIC, In VIC 28yrs, In WA 12yrs, Married to Sara LAWSON in Drouin, VIC at age 28yrs, Children: William Henry 11yrs, Deceased 1 male,  Registered by wife, Reg 6/1908 Mt Margaret.

RAPACHOLI / REPACHOLI unnamed male, at Westralia Lease, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 May 1907, Section D 1, Father: Denis RAPACHOLI (Miner), Mother: Hilda Gertrude HABERLEY, Registered by mother, Reg 33/1907  Mt Margaret.

RAWNSLEY Clarice, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Nov 1904, Section A 1, Age 8 mths, Born 1904 Mt Morgans, WA, Father: Alfred Redferne RAWNSLEY (Miner), Mother: Grace READE, Registered by father. Reg 5/1904 Mt Margaret.

REGAN Louisa May,  Mount St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Apr 1904, Section B 3, Age 7 mths,  Born 1903 Mt Morgans, WA, Father: Michael Cornelius REGAN (Engine Driver), Mother: Louisa Mabel Page HAMILTON. Reg 17/1904 Mt Margaret.

REHILL John, d 1 Feb 1909, Mt Morgans Hospital, 70yrs, Occ Prospector, Cause, Apoplexy, Parents Unknown, Reg 6/1909 Mt Margaret.

REHILL John, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Feb 1910, Section B 28, Age 70, Occ Dryblower from Yundamindera, Reg 6/1909 Mt Margaret.

REPACHOLI Phyllis, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM Lease, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 Aug 1910, Section C 9, Age 6 hrs, Cause, Premature Birth, Father: Denis REPACHOLI (Station Hand), Mother: Hilda Gertrude HABERLEY, Registered by father, Reg 45/1910 Mt Margaret.

RICKARD Fanny, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Burial date Unknown, Section A 38.

ROACH John, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Jun 1906, Section B 7, Age 34,Occ Prospector/Miner, Cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic Brights disease, Born, Capetown, South Africa, In WA 33yrs, Registered by F Roach (Brother), Reg 35/1906, Mt Margaret.

ROBINSON James, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 19 Jun 1905, Section A 44, Age 56,Single, Occ Blacksmith/Engine Driver, Born Kadina SA, In VIC & NSW 10yrs, In WA 10yrs. Reg 36/1905 Mt Margaret.

RUDEBERG John Olaf Harold , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Jun 1902, Section A 34, Address, Phoenix Mt Morgans, Age 13 mths, Cause, Gastric Enteric Catarrh, Born South Perth WA,  Father: Johan Wilhelm RUDEBERG, Mother:  Caroline CHRISTENSON. Reg 34/1902 Mt Margaret.

RYAN Mary,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 27 Dec 1903, Section B 1, Age 37, Occ Barmaid,  Born Victoria, Father: Patrick, Mother Bridget, Cause Typhoid. Reg 1492/04 Mt Margaret.

SANDERSON Alfred Edward, at Residence of John Mathew SANDERSON, Queen St, Mt Morgans,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Sept 1906, Section A 65, Age 18days, Father: John Matthew SANDERSON (Cordial Maker), Mother: Anna Elizabeth  KIESWETTER. Registered by father, Reg 46/1906 Mt Margaret.

SEAMAN unnamed female, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 14 Nov 1903, Father: Thomas SEAMAN (Labourer), Mother: Ellen DOWE, Cause, Stillborn. Registered by father.  Reg 4/1904 Mt Margaret.

SHEEHAN William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 Oct 1902, Section F 4, Age 43, Occ Assistant Cook.

SHIELDS Robert James Michael, d 7 Mar 1901, 11mths,at Murrin St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Syncope, Gastric Enteric, Father: Michael SHIELDS (Boarding House Keeper), Mother: Catherine ARNOLD,Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Born: Burbanks, Coolgardie WA, Reg 15/1901 Mt Margaret.


SLYTH  Jessie (twin to Charles) d 23 Oct 1901, 10wks, at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Diarrhoea, Mother: Bella SHAW, Registered by Mother, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Mt Morgans WA, Reg 42/1901 Mt Margaret.

SLYTH Charles ‘Charlie’ (twin to Jessie), d 28 Oct 1901, 10wks, at Watkins St Mt Morgans, Infant               , Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Mother: Bella SHAW, Registered by Mother, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Mt Morgans WA, Reg 44/1901 Mt Margaret.

SMITH James, d 29 Oct 1929, at Eucalyptus Dam, 66 miles south of Laverton, Age 67yrs, Occ Old Age Pensioner, Cause, Heart Failure, Born Burra SA, In WA 40yrs. Reg 17/1929 Mt Margaret.

SMITH John,  at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 Feb 1907, Section A 68, Aged 46, Occ  Mine Owner &  Mayor of Morgans, Father:- Donald SMITH (Farmer), Mother: Christina MCKINNON, Married to Emily McKENNA in Wilcannia NSW at age 21yrs, Children: John Donald 24yrs, Rubina Constance 22yrs, Aileen Christina 21yrs, Leslie Albert Charles 19yrs, Reginald Roy 15yrs, Vivian William 12yrs, Morgan 4yrs, 2 females deceased,  Born Ballarat VIC in 1861, In VIC 15yrs, In WA 14yrs, Reg 8/1907 Mt Margaret.

STANLEY James, d 18 Jul 1920, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 21 Jul 1920, Section C 48, Age 81, Single. Died at his camp at Murrin Murrin, Born England, Spent many years in New Zealand, In WA 20yrs. Reg 25/1920 Mt Margaret, 

STANLEY William, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Jul 1905, Section A 59, Age 29,  Parents unknown, Occ Miner, Born Queenstown, Ireland, Cause, Cerebral Aneurysm. Reg 31/1905 Mt Margaret.

STEEN James, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 16 Apr 1921, Section B 58, Age 59, Single, Occ Miner, Cause, supposed heart failure, Born Golburn NSW, In WA about 30yrs. Reg 8/1921 Mt Margaret,

STOKES Unnamed male, at the Mt Morgans Hospital,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Burial 6 Dec 1922,  Section B 18, Age 2 ½ hrs, Father:  Jessie Richard STOKES (Labourer), Mother: Ethel Mary FAIRCHILD, Cause, Premature Birth, No suspicious circumstances, Verdict of the Coroner and Jury, Reg 3/1923 Mt Margaret.

STUART Bruce Wallace, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Mar 1916, Section C 14, Age 53, Occ Miner, Cause Tetanus, Born Scotland, In WA for 2 yrs. Died at the Mt Morgans Hospital. Reg 8/1916 Mt Margaret.

SUTCLIFFE Fanny, d 11 Apr 1902, 1day,at Mt Morgans, Cause: Syncope, Father: John SUTCLIFFE (Labourer), Mother: Elizabeth SEYMORE, Registered by Mother,  Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Reg 28/1902 Mt Margaret.

THOMAS Vera Louisa, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Nov 1902, Section A 24, Age 11 mths, Born Mt Morgans, Father: Edward Henry THOMAS (Miner), Mother:  Louisa LANE, Cause, Teething, WA, Registered by mother. Reg 76/1902 Mt Margaret.

TINNION William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Jun 1920, Age 53, Occ Storekeeper, Single, Cause, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: J TINNION (Retired Station Master), Born Cumberland England, In WA about 25yrs. Reg 20/1920 Mt Margaret.

TOOKABAH alias Sugar Bag, Mt Morgans Hospital, Buried 17 Sept 1906, Section B 12, Age 20, Occ, Stockman, Cause, Tuberculosis.
Reg 57/1906 Mt Margaret.

WALLACE Charles Richard, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 Mar 1905, Section A 48, Age 15 mths, Cause, Acute Colitis, Heart Failure,  Born Mt Morgans WA,  Father: John Lambell WALLACE (Builder), Mother: Marion ROBINETTE, Reg 11/1905 Mt Margaret.

Wallace Kookynie Press Saturday 1 April 1905, page 1

WALTON George Raymond, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 May 1904, Section A 53,  Age 7 mths,  Born Boulder WA,  Father: George WALTON (Miner), Mother: Emma LOGAN, Reg 26/1904 Mt Margaret.

WILLIAMS James Robert, d 22 Sep 1924, on the Yundamindera Rd, 7 Miles from Murrin, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Sep 1924, Section A 93, Age 64, Occ Prospector from Murrin, Cause, Natural Causes, Heart Failure, Born New Zealand, In WA 30yrs. Reg 23/1924 Mt Margaret.

WILSON Lena Sophia,  Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 May 1905, Section A 22, Age 36, Lived 14 miles along Redcastle Road,  Born Finland, In NSW 2yrs, In WA 11yrs, Father: Andrew ? (Carpenter), Mother: Lena ?, Married to Charles WILSON in Bunker NSW at age 23yrs, Children: Emut Olaf 10yrs, Evald M 8yrs, Edith Sophia 6yrs, Esther Helena 5yrs, Carl Eric 3yrs, Cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Reg 21/1905 Mt Margaret.

WURFETT unnamed, Section B 49 ,

ZALA Remigio, at the Mt Morgans Hospital.  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 Sep 1905, Section RC B 8, Age 23, Single, Father: Remigio ZALA (Farmer) ,Mother: Margaret Mary BRANNIGAN, Born in Stallwell VIC,  Occ mine employee,  Cause, Pneumonia and acute heart failure, Registered by Peter Zala (Brother), Reg 44/1905 Mt Margaret.

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