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Mulline 1904 Electoral Roll

Western Australia

ALBERT Charles James- Riverina-Miner
ALLISON William- Mulline-Miner
ANDERSON Charles- Mulline-Miner
ANDERSON Fred Reginald- Mulline-Engine driver
ANDERSON Harry Westrop- Mulline-Blacksmith
ANDERSON Olive Louisa Maud- Mulline-Married
ANNETT Anna- Cooladdie G.M., Mulline-Married
ANNETT Emanuel James- Mulline-Miner
ASHTON Charles- Ularring street, Milline-Miner
ATHY Simon- Riverina-Miner
BARCLAY Charles John Thomas- Riverina-Miner
BARRETT James- Mulline-Miner
BASSETT James Walter- Mulline-Journalist
BASSETT James Guest- Wilson's hotel. Mulline-Miner
BEER Albert Edward- Riverina-Bootmaker
BEER Alfred- Mulline-Miner
BENNETT George-Mulline-Miner
BENNETT William James- Mulline road-Miner
BENSTEAD William- Mulline-Foreman pressman
BISHOP Sidney Arthur- Mulline-Grocer
BOAD Mimred- Mulline-Housekeeper
BOMM John- Mulline-Miner
BOND Arthur James- Mulline-Miner
BOND Mary Beatrice- Mulline-Married
BOULT Jane- Mulline-Home duties
BOULT Reuben- Mulline-Miner
BOUNDY Arthur John Malcolm- Mulline-Horse driver
BOUNDY Ethel Louisa- Wilson's hotel, Mulline-Waitress
BRADY Thomas- Mulline, Ularring-Engine driver
BRASH Alfred-Mulline-Carter
BRASH Seyne Mabel -Mulline-Married
BRICE William Clifford- Mulline-Miner
BROOKS John Thomas- Mulline-Miner
BROWN John Thomas- Mulline-Miner
BROWN Lionel Edward- Mulline-Carter
BRUCE Thomas Langlois- Mulline-Battery feeder
BURCH Henry -Mulline-Groom
BURROWES Margaret Mary- Mulline-Home duties
BURROWES Samuel George- Mulline-Clerk
BURSCH Henry- Mulline-Groom
BUTLER Margaret Eliza- Mulline road-Married
BUTLER William John- Mulline-road-Engine driver
BUXTON Joseph- Mulline-Miner
CAIRE Honora-Mulline-Housekeeper
CALDWELL Charles- Mulline-Miner
CALDWELL John- Mulline-Miner
CALDWELL William -Riverina-Miner
CALDWELL William George-M-Riverina-Miner
CAMPBELL Albert Ernest- Mulline-Miner
CARMAN William Lawrence- Mulline-Miner
CARNE Charlotte- Mulline road-Widow
CARNE Herbert Arthur- Mulline road-Workman
CHAMBERS Charles- Mulline, Ularring-Carter
CHAMBERS Frederick -Mulline-Carter
CLARK Searwood -Mulline-Labourer
COLETT William Rayner- Mulline-Bank clerk
COLLIER Richard- Mulline-Miner
COLLINGS William - Mulline-Miner
COLLINS William Henry- Mulline-Blacksmith
CONNAUGHTON Denis Thomas -Mulline-Miner
COYNE Tom- Mulline-Miner
CRAIG Thomas- Mulline-Miner
CRITCHFIELD Joseph- Government battery, Mulline-Metallurgist
CROTAY Charles- Riverina-Miner
CROTAZ Charles James- Mulline-Labourer
CUMNOCK John- Mulline-Miner
CUNNINGHAM Thomas- Mulline-Miner
CURRIE John- Mulline-Miner
DAVIDSON Frederick- Ularring street, Mulline-Carter
DINNEIM Patrick- Mulline road-Miner
DON Charles Brown- Mulline-Miner
DONOVAN James Francis- Mulline-Miner
DORE John Edward- Mulline-Hotel keeper
DORE Thomas- Mulline-Miner
DOYLE Alfred-Mulline road-Driver
DUFFY Joseph- Mulline-Baker
DUFFY Michael- Mulline-Prospector
DUNKEL George- Victoria hotel, Warring st, Mulline-Plumber
DUNNE William- Mulline-Bricklayer
DUNSTAN Anna- Mulline road-Married
DUNSTAN Edward- Mulline road-Carpenter
DUNSTAN Maria Josephine- -Mulline road-Married
DWYER John Joseph- Riverina-Miner
DWYER Michael- Mulline-Miner
EDWARDS Clare- Mulline-Married
EDWARDS J.- Mulline-Miner
EDWARDS James Duncan- Mulline-Miner
EDWARDS Thomas- Mulline-Miner
EDWARDS Thomas Earl- Mulline-Engine driver
EGAN John - Mulline-Miner
EGGELING Annie Margaret- Ularring street, Mulline-Married
EGGELING H.C.T. -Ularring street, Mulline-Miner
ELLIOTT Edward- Mulline-Miner
ERIKSON Charles- Mulline-Miner
EY William- Government battery, Mulline-Civil servant
FIELD Charles- Riverina-Horse driver
FINKELSTEIN Bungeman- Mulline-Miner
FINKELSTEIN Clara- Mulline-Housewife
FINKELSTEIN Henry- Mulline-Greengrocer
FLATT William- Riverina-Miner
FOOTE Albert- Mulline-Battery feeder
FORBES William- Victoria hotel, Marring st, Mulline-Miner
FORK Albert- Mulline-Miner
FORK Henry Hubert- Mulline-Miner
FORT Henry- Gladys mine, Mulline-Miner
FORTE William James- Mulline-Miner
FRANCIS Charles- Higgins street, Mulline-Engine driver
FRAWLEY John- Mulline-Miner
FREEMAN Edith- Mulline-Spinster
FREEMAN Evelyn Mary- Riverina-Home duties
FREEMAN John Sheeles-  Riverina-Publican
GARD Albert-  Mulline-Miner
GARD Edward-  Mulline-Miner
GARD Thomas H.-  Mulline-Miner
GILES Maud-  Mulline-Waitress
GORDON Robert-  Mulline road-Miner -Blacksmith
GRAHAM Ellison M.-  Mulline-Miner
GRAHAM James -  Riverina-Assayer
GRAHAM Robert T.-  Marring street, Mulline-Groom
GRIEVES Charles  C.-  Mulline-Batery assistant
GRIEVES Madeline Valborg-  Mulline-Home duties
GRIFFITHS Arthur Edward-  Riverina-Miner
GRIFFITHS Eleanor Annie-  Mulline-Married
GRIFFITHS Joseph Robert-  Riverina-Miner
GRIFFITHS Robert -  Mulline-Miner
GRIFFITHS Rowland James-  Mulline-Miner
GRIFFITHS Selina Annie-  Mulline-Married
GRIFFITHS Selina Annie-  Mulline-Home duties
GRIFFITHS Thomas- Mulline-Miner
GRIFFITHS William Thomas-  Mulline-Mine manager
GRIFFITHS William A.- Riverina-Miner
GRIFFITHS William James-  Mulline-Miner
GUMMOW William-  Riverina-Miner
GUNNING Joseph Philip-  Mulline-Blacksmith
HALLO Benjamin-  Mulline-Hairdresser
HANCOCK Robert James-  Mulline-Horse driver
HARRIS James John-  Mulline S.-Miner
HALLS  Benjamin-  Riverina-Miner
HARTWOOL Betsy-  Mulline-Home duties
HARVEY Richard- Mulline-Miner
HARWOOD J.-  Mulline-Miner
HERMON Albertha Eva-  Mulline-Home duties
HERMON Frederick-  Mulline-Mine manager
HIGGS Edwin-  Mulline S.-Miner
HIGGS  William-  Revenna-Labourer
HILL David G.-  Mulline-Miner
HOCKING John Henry-  Mulline road
HOGAN Thomas- Victoria hotel, Mulline-Photographer
HOLT John D.-  Mulline-Miner
HOOD Matilda-  Riverina-Married
HOOD Thomas-  Riverina-Miner
HORN Anthony -  Victoria hotel, Mulline-Butcher
HOWLEY Edward-  Mulline-Miner
HOWLETT Clara Elliner Mabel-  Gippsland hotel,Mulline road-Married
HOWLETT George Bennet Percy-  Gippsland hotel,Mulline road-Hotelkeeper
HOYLE Thomas-  Mulline-Mine manager
HUENART Augusta-  Mulline-Married
HUENART William-  Mulline-Carpenter
HUGHES George-  Mulline-Miner
HYDE Robert-  Mulline-Mine manager
HYNES Terence-  Mulline-Miner
IVES Alfred-  Mulline-Miner
IVES Florence Eugenie- Mulline-Married
JACKSON Madeline-  Wilson's Hotel, Mulline-Barmaid
JAMES Thomas Fuller-  Mulline-Secretary
JEAMES James Henry-  Mulline-Miner
JEANES Henry-  Mulline-Miner
JENNINGS Charles-  Mulline-Baker
JESSON Florence Maggie-  Mulline-Home Duties
JESSON Sidney- Mulline-Amalgamator
JOHNSON Martin-  Mulline-Miner
JOICE John-  Mulline-Miner
JONES Robert-  Mulline-Miner
KEATING Jeremiah-  Mulline-Miner
KETTERER Alfred William  -Mulline-Battery assistant
KING Adam-  Mulline-Miner
KIRBY Frank-  Fielding street, Mulline-Cordial Maker
KNEESE A.M.-  Mulline-Miner
KNEESE Johann A.T.-  Mulline-Miner
KNOX Ann-  Mulline road-Married
LESWELL Robert-  Mulline-Miner
LINANE John Charles-  Mulline road-Miner
LITTLE William-  Mulline road-Miner
LONG John-  Mulline -Blacksmith
LOWDEN Henry Mulline-Blacksmith
MAHONY William -  Mulline-Miner
MALONE James-  Mulline-Labourer
MALONEY Henry-  Mulline-Miner
MATHEWS Jennie-  Mulline-Barmaid

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