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SAMPEY Unnamed Male – died (on or before) 9 Sep 1912, at Sandstone, WA, Cause: Stillborn; Father: William Thomas SAMPEY (Miner); Mother: Caroline Julia TOOMEY; Buried: 9 Sep 1912, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 13/1912 Black Range).

SAMPSON Unnamed Male – died 6 Sep 1910, at Sandstone, WA; Cause: Stillborn; Father: Alexander Gillies SAMPSON (Restaurateur); Mother: Sarah SOLOMON; Buried: 7 Jan 1910, JEWISH, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 12/1911 Black Range).

SASS John – died 14 Jul 1917, at Gum Creek (20 km South of Sandstone), age 81 yrs; Buried: 15 Jul 1917, NON-CONF, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 3/1917 Black Range).

SCHAFER Ernest Herbert – died 25 Mar 1912; at Sandstone, WA, age 52 yrs; Occ: Chemist and practising as a doctor; Father: Jacob William Henry SCHAFER; Mother: Jessie BROWN; Born: Greater London, ENG; Buried: 25 Mar 1912, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 7/1912 Black Range).

SCHERINI Guilis – died 5 Sep 1911, at Black Range Hospital, age 28 yrs, Cause: Died from loss of blood from a stab wound (attacker, Ambragio AMBROSINI); Occ: Miner from Oroya GM; Born: Genoa, Italy; In WA for 8 yrs; Buried: 6 Sep 1911, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 14/1911 Black Range).

SCOTT John – died 21 Oct 1908, at the State Battery, Sandstone, WA; age 42 yrs, Cause: Crushed in a work accident by chimney stack; Occ: Contractor; Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Reg: 21/1908 Black Range; Born: England; Buried: 23 Oct 1908, NON-CONF, at the Sandstone Cemetery.

SHANNON John Noel – died 4 Aug 1915, at Meelah Street, Sandstone, WA, age 2 mths, Cause: Bronchitis, due to impact of measles; Father: John Noel SHANNON (Amalgamator/Millman); Mother: Kathleen Mary DREW; Born: 1915, Sandstone, WA; Buried: 4 Aug 1915, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 8/1915 Black Range).

SIMPSON John Law Downie – died 1 Dec 1909; at Sandstone Hospital, age 42 yrs; Occ: Publican; Father: Thomas SIMPSON; Mother: Jane DOWNIE; Born: 15 Nov 1867, Ballarat, VIC; Married: Jemima "Minnie" NICHOLLS, 22 Dec 1890, South Melbourne, VIC; Children: Claude Downie (1891); Bertram John (1896); Buried 2 Dec 1909, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 19/1909 Black Range).

[Maurice SOLOMON

Maurice SOLOMON - Photo Find a Grave

SOLOMON Maurice – died 17 Oct 1908, at Sandstone Hospital, age 50 yrs,  Bachelor, Cause: Paralytic Stroke; Occ: Book-keeper from Nunngarra (Black Range); Father: Isaac Saul SOLOMON (Clothier); Mother: Frances Amelia SLOMEN; Born: 1858, Sydney, NSW; In WA for 15 yrs; Buried: 18 Oct 1908, JEWISH section, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 20/1908 Black Range).

SONNENSCHEIN Frederick – died 2 Nov 1925, at Maninga Marley, age 59 yrs; Cause: Drowned in a mine; Occ: Miner; Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Married: Rebecca Agnes MATTHEWS nee SUNSHINE, 9 Jul 1891, Launceston, TAS; Children: No Children, six step-children; In WA for 27 yrs; Buried: 4 Nov 1925, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 4/1925 Black Range).

THOMAS Joseph James – died 4 Nov 1947, at the Sandstone Hospital, age 86 yrs, Cause: Heart attack; Occ: Prospector; Father: Joseph Thomas; Mother: Mary Ann MOLLAND; Born: 9 Feb 1861, Castlemaine, VIC; Married: Jane Maria TRESIDDER, 28 Mar 1888, Wallaroo Mine, SA; Children: Eveline (1889), Joseph (1890), Cicely (1893), Olive (1898), Frank (1900), George (1904); In WA for 47 yrs; Buried: 5 Nov 1947, WES, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 1/1947 Black Range).

THOMSON James William – died 6 Jul 1908, at Meelah Street residence, Sandstone, WA, age 44 yrs, Cause: Miner's Complaint (Phthisis); Occ: Minier; Father: John THOMSON; Mother: unknown KERR; Born: 1864, Hamilton, NSW; Married: Maria MILLER, 7 May 1890, Armidale, NSW; Children: Gordon William (1890), Evelyn Elizabeth (1892), Mabel Ada (1894), Harriett Eva (1896); Buried: 7 Jul 1908, NON-CONF, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 14/1908 Black Range).

THORNTON George Joseph – died (on or before) 21 Apr 1912, at Sandstone, WA, age 7 mths Cause: unknown; Father: George Frederick THORNTON (Miner); Mother: Mary Agatha O'SHEA; Born: 1911, Sandstone, WA; Buried: 21 Apr 1912, RC; at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 9/1912 Black Range).

TRENERRY Bertram – died 18 Dec 1911, at the Sandstone Hospital, age 34 yrs, Bachelor, Cause: Burnt by scalding pressured water; Occ: Miner from Youanmi Gold Mine; Father: James TRENERRY; Mother: Eliza Ann BATTEN; Born: 12 Jul 1877, Kapunda, SA; In WA about 11 yrs; Buried: 19 Dec 1911, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 20/1911 Black Range).


Frank TURNEY - Photo Find a Grave

TURNEY  Arthur "Frank" – died 10 Jul 1909, at Black Range Hospital, Nunngarra (12km SSW of Sandstone), WA, age 45 yrs, Bachelor, Cause: Heart Failure; Occ: Store Manager; Father: George TURNEY; Mother: Eliza Rebecca ELKINGTON; Born: 1864, Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG; In WA for abt 7 yrs; Buried: 12 Jul 1909, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 8/1909 Black Range).

UNKNOWN BIDDIP (Aboriginal) – died Sep 1912, at Sandstone, WA; Death not Registered; Buried at the Sandstone Cemetery.

UNKNOWN Dingo (Aboriginal) – died 23 Nov 1918, at the Aboriginal camp near Sandstone, WA, age 58 yrs; Buried: 24 Nov 1918, ABORIGINAL section, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 3/1918 Black Range).

UNKNOWN Jenny A. "Granny" (Aboriginal) – died 30 May 1919, at the Aboriginal camp near Sandstone, WA, age 57 yrs; Buried 31 May 1919, ABORIGINAL section, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 3/1919 Black Range).

UNKNOWN Peter (Aboriginal) – died 11 Sep 1911; at the Sandstone Hospital; Cause: Pneumonia; Buried 13 Sep 1911, ABORIGINAL section, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Death not Registered).

[Samuel URE

Samuel URE - Photo Find a Grave

URE Samuel "Sam" – died 25 Apr 1932, at Old Oroya Gold Mine, age unknown, Cause: Fall of Earth; Occ: Prospector; Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Buried: 1 Oct 1995, NON-CONF, at the Sandstone Cemetery Reg: 84/2000 Perth. Note: Samuel's bones were uncovered and interred in 1995. His death was not registered until the 2000 inquest.

WALLACE Rene (aka Rene NICHOLLS or Rene MELLI) – died 14 Sep 1911, at the Sandstone Hospital, age 28  yrs; Lived on Oroya Street; Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Buried: 15 Sep 1911, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 15/1911 Black Range).

WALSH Patrick George – died 9 Aug 1908, at Nurse Cox's Private Hospital, Sandstone, WA, age 36 yrs, Cause: Pneumonia; Occ: Carpenter, at Black Range Gold Mine; Father: Patrick WALSH (Rope Maker); Mother: Catherine McCARTHY; Born: 1872, Geelong, VIC; Married: Alice Pricilla DENNING, 11 Feb 1903, St Mary's Church, Colac, VIC; Children: Herbert Patrick (1903-1903), John (1904-1904), Eileen Boronica (1905-1985), Christopher (1907-1907); In WA for 5 yrs; Buried: 11 Aug 1908, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 18/1908 Black Range).

WALTERS Laura – died 22 Jul 1915, at Mingah Street, Sandstone, WA, age 34 yrs, Spinster, Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis; Occ: Home Duties; Father: Laurence Albert WALTERS; Mother: Robina Sarah JOYCE; Born: 1880, Panton Hill, VIC; In WA for 8 yrs; Buried: 24 Jul 1915, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 7/1915 Black Range).

Thomas H Walton

Thomas Hustler Walton - Photo Find a Grave

WALTON Thomas Hustler – died 28 Jun 1914, at Black Range Gold Mine, Nunngara (Black Range), WA, age 24 yrs, Bachelor, Cause: Crushed by the descending skip; Occ: Mine Trucker; Father: Robert Hunton WALTON; Mother: Sarah Corner HUSTLER; Born: 1890, Norton, Durham, ENG; In WA for 2 yrs, arrived aboard the ship "Belgic" on 27 Apr 1912 with his brother, John; Buried: 30 Jun 1914, METH, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 7/1914 Black Range).

William Henry WATERS
William Henry WATERS - Photo Find a Grave

WATERS William Henry – died 9 Oct 1910, at the Sandstone racecourse, Sandstone, WA, age 53 yrs, Cause: Heart Failure; Occ: Miner and Teamster; Father: William WATERS; Mother: Elizabeth ADAMS; Born: 8 Jul 1857, Yatta Creek, SA; Married: Frances "Fanny" Harriet WILSON, 9 Apr 1885, Terowie, SA; Children: Elden William (1886), Villitta Jane (1889), Olivia (1891), Frank Roy (1893), William Stanley (1899), Edwin Wilson (1902); In WA for 12 yrs; Buried: 9 Oct 1910, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 12/1910 Black Range).
Mount Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader 12 November 1910, page 2 - The many friends of Mr William Waters in this district will learn with regret of his death which occurred at the Sandstone racecourse at 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning. It appears that Mr Waters took his horse, Hiawatha, onto the course for exercise, and practically died in the saddle, as, after giving the horse some little work, he was seen to fall from its back and was dead when picked up. The deceased was for many years a teamster on the Mt. Magnet-Lawlers road in the early days but latterly has resided at Sandstone. An inquest was held, and a post-mortem examination showed the cause of death to be heart disease. The funeral took place on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, and was largely attended, the remains being interred in the Sandstone cemetery.

WATSON John Robert – died 9 Dec 1914, at the Sandstone Hospital, Cause: Stillborn; Father: John Robert WATSON; Mother: Minerva Marie SPADIER (Miner); Buried: 9 Dec 1914, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 12/1914 Black Range).

WEEKS Roy Charles – died (on or before) 8 Oct 1911, at Hack Street residence, Sandstone, WA, age 14 mths; Father: Leonard Arthur WEEKS (Restaurateur); Mother: Enrica Anna BAUM; Born: Aug 1910, Sandstone, WA; Buried: 8 Oct 1911, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 16/1911 Black Range).

WEST Ernest – died 24 Oct 1927, at the Sandstone Hospital, age 45-50 yrs, Cause: Cardiac Failure due to exposure and exhaustion; Occ: Labourer; Father: unknown; Mother: unknown; Buried: 24 Oct 1927, NON-CONF, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 2/1927 Black Range). Note: He is also recorded as Ernest WEBB.

WILLIAMS Myrtle Emily May – died 6 Aug 1915, at Black Range Hospital, Nunngarra (12km SSW of Sandstone), WA, age 8 yrs, Cause: Injuries from an exploding detonator; Father: George Edward WILLIAMS (Miner); Mother: Matilda ADOLPH; Born: 22 Aug 1907, Nunngarra (Black Range), WA; Buried: 7 Aug 1915, ANG, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 9/1915 Black Range).

WOINAR John – died 17 Oct 1912, age 3 days; Father: Anthony WOINAR (Storekeeper); Mother: Annie BOHANNA; Born: 14 Oct 1912, Sandstone, WA; Buried: 18 Oct 1912, RC, at the Sandstone Cemetery (Reg: 15/1912 Black Range).

[Sandstone Cemetery Sign Board
Sandstone Cemetery Sign Board - Photo Find a Grave

DID YOU KNOW??? - The town was the inspiration for the mining town in Randolph Stow's novel Tourmaline which Stow described as "rust-red roofs, the skeletal obelisks of headless windmills ... It is not a ghost town. It simply lies in a coma. This may never end."

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