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MACKENZIE William Sutherland, d 4 Sep 1902, Broad Arrow Hospital, 58ytrs, Occ:- Accountant, Cause:- Cirrhosis of liver and exhaustion of heart, Father:- James Mackenzie (Gentleman) Mother:- Annie SUTHERLAND, Born:- Aberdeen Scotland, 25yrs in VIC, 5 yrs in WA, Single, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MAEDA Taramatsie, d 19 Dec 1897, Broad Arrow Hospital, 27yrs, Occ:- Cook, Cause:- Enteric Fever, Born Kobe Japan, 7 yrs in WA, Married in Japan at age 20yrs, name of wife unknown, Children:- 1 male name unknown, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MALONEY John, d 25 Jan 1899, Paddington, 30yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Burns when his camp burnt down, it is presumed he is buried in the Broad Arrow Cemetery however there is nothing listed under place of burial on his death certificate so he could possibly be buried in the Paddington cemetery.


MANDERVILLE Patrick, d 7 Oct 1896, Broad Arrow, 60yrs, Occ:-Prospector. Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.(First Burial)

MANLEY Jane, d 15 Aug 1908, Broad Arrow, 68yrs, Cause:- Bronchitis, Emphysema, Father:- Richard BROWNING (Stone Mason), Mother Unknown, Born Hampshire England, In VIC 10yrs, in WA 3yrs, Married three times:-  First to John PENNINGTON in Hobart Tasmania, Second to George DRAPER in Tasmania at age 38yrs, third to John MANLEY, Children all from 1st marriage:- John Richard 43yrs, Emily Frances 40yrs, Jane Harriet 38yrs, George Edgar 35yrs, Henry Joseph 34yrs, Elizabeth Martha 31yrs, Informant: Son Henry Pennington, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MANNION Margaret, d 6 Nov 1903, Broad Arrow Hospital, 32yrs, Cause:- Pelvic Cellulitis, Coma, Father:- Cornelius BUTT (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine RYAN, Born:- Lowes, Wakefield SA, In SA 27yrs, In WA 5yrs, Married to John Francis MANNION at 23yrs of age, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MANSON Charles Stewart Ross, d 26 Dec 1899, Broad Arrow Hospital, 23yrs, Occ:- Mine Carpenter, Cause:- Typhoid, Father:- Donald MANSON (Squatter), Born:- New Zealand, in New Zealand 18yrs, In WA 5 yrs, Single, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MATHESTON James Munro, d 11 May 1904 at the Windanya Hotel, Windanya, 57yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Heart failure and chronic disease of kidneys, In WA 50yrs, In Qld & Vic 11yrs, Single,  Born 7 Feb 1847 in Ross Shire, Scotland. Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MCCARTHY John D 'Jack' D, d 12 Feb 1898, Paddington, 30yrs, Occ:-Amalgamator, Cause:- Burns and shock, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

McCONKEY William, d 9 Dec 1898, Broad Arrow, Infant 2yrs, Cause:- Measles, Father:- Robert McCONKEY (Engine Driver) Mother:- Rebecca McGARRY, Born:- Charters Towers QLD, 2yrs in QLD, 14 days in WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

McGOVERN Frank, d 10 Jan 1901, Broad Arrow Hospital, 40yrs, Occ:- Carpenter, Cause:- Suicide by cutting throat, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Michael McGOVERN (Carpenter), Catherine McAULEY, Born County Cavan, Ireland, In NSW 14yrs, In WA, Married to Mary HASLIN in Sydney NSW at age 26yrs, Children:- Mary Josephine 13yrs, Frank Peter Joseph 11yrs, Catherine 7yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MCKILEEN Thomas R, d 11 Jun 1897, at Smithfield, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Suicide by blowing head off with dynamite, Parents not known, Could be married to Agnes ?, Reg Broad Arrow 2/1897, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

McMAHON John , d 26 Nov 1899, Broad Arrow, Cause:- Premature birth, stillborn, Father:- John McMAHON (Miner), Mother:- Christina GRANT, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

McMAHON John Sarra, d 19 Dec 1903, Paddington, Infant 3mths, Cause:- Marasmus, Father:- Thomas McMAHON (Miner) Mother Charlotte Louisa SARRA, Born Paddington WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MEEHAN Martin James, d 13 Apr 1901, Broad Arrow Hospital, 42yrs, Occ:- Fireman, Cause:- Accidental death while removing a house, Father:- William MEEHAN (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine McCLEAN, Born Ireland, 20yrs in VIC, 4 yrs in WA, Married to Mary O’MAHONEY in St Francis Church, Melbourne VIC at age 30yrs, Children:- Catherine 11yrs, William 7yrs, John Thomas 6yrs, Martin Edward 4yrs, Francis Joseph 1 yr, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MILLIGAN David, d 23 Jun 1912, Broad Arrow Hospital, 54yrs, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Parents unknown, Born VIC, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MOORE John Richard, d 1 Jun 1903, Broad Arrow, Infant 3mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Richard Greenslade MOORE (Blacksmith) Mother:- Margaret McINTYRE,  Born Broad Arrow, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

MORGAN Roy, d 19 Feb 1900, Pakeha Lease, Paddington, Infant 8hrs, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- George William MORGAN (Miner) Mother:- Pearl Teresa GEORGE, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

NEWLAND William Abraham, d 26 Aug 1910, Broad Arrow Hospital, 46yrs, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Tuberculosis, Father:- Abraham NEWLAND, (Seaman) Mother Jane Ann PETERS, Born:- 2 Aug 1864 Middlesex England, Single, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

NEWTON Nathaniel Dorham Doolette, d 11 May 1906, 30yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

NICHOLSON William Gordon, d 15 Mar 1900, Broad Arrow, Infant 1 yr, Cause:- Dysentery, Father:- William Darling NICHOLSON (School Teacher) Mother:- Annie KELLY, Born Fremantle WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

NORRIS Amy, d 6 Aug 1905, Infant 5 weeks, Father:- William NORRIS, Mother:- Charles PAISFIELD, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

NORTHEY Isabella, d 25 Dec 1898, Broad Arrow, Infant 4 days, Cause:- Convulsions, Father:- David NORTHEY (Cordial Manufacturer) Mother:- Annie Christina CHAMBERS, Born Broad Arrow, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

NORTHEY Paul James, d 16 Sep 1902, Hill End Lease Broad Arrow, Infant 4mths, Cause:- Influenza and Bronchitis, Father:- David NORTHEY (Contractor) Mother:- Annie Christina CHAMBERS, Born at Broad Arrow WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

OBRIEN Richard, d 29 Jan 1900, Paddington, 29yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Accidentally killed falling down a shaft. Verdict of the Coroner, Father Michael OBRIEN (Labourer) Mother Anne, Born QLD, In QLD 11yrs, In WA 1 ½ yrs, Single, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

ODEA John d 20 May 1897, Broad Arrow Hospital, Miner 21yrs, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- Michael ODEA, Mother:- Maria ODEA, Born Pine Lodge, VIC, Single, In WA 6mths, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery (It appears the death was not registered)

ONEIL Robert, d 17 Oct 1913, Broad Arrow Hospital, 36yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Duodenal Ulcer, Father:- Benjamin ONEIL (Farmer) Mother:- Mary TUCKER, Born:- Seranton, Ireland, In NSW 5yrs, In WA 18yrs, Married to Edith Mary BASKETT in Perth WA at age 30yrs,Children:- Agnes Mildred 3yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

OTOOL Thomas, d 3 Feb 1900, 40yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Inflammation of the brain, In WA more than a year. Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

PABST Maurice Thomas, d 5 May 1899,  Bountiful GM, Black Flag, Infant 19 days, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- Maurice PABST (Engineer), Mother:- Fanny SMITH, Born:- Black Flag, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

PARSONS Ernest William, d 6 May 1907, near Baden Powell Mine, Cane Grass, Broad Arrow, 38yrs, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Unknown, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Henry PARSONS (Retired Teacher), Mother Amelia COAD, Born Sydney NSW, In NSW and QLD 21yrs, In WA 14yrs, Single, Informant Father, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

DEATH OF MR. ERNEST PARONS. Mr. Ernest Parsons, who was well known in Kalgoorlie, was found dead near Scotia Siding, on the Menzies railway. line, Wednesday. The first message received in Kalgoorlie relative to the. matter stated that a man had been lost in the bush, and asked for the services of a black tracker. It was stated that he had wandered away from his camp and had not returned. A tracker left Kalgoorlie, but when he arrived the body of the deceased had been found. It is believed to be a case of poisoning.
The body was taken to Goongarrie, and then to the morgue at Broad Arrow. The deceased arrived in Coolgardie from Southern Cross in the early days to manage the Commercial Bank at the former town. He was also manager of the Commercial Bank at Southern Cross.- Afterwards he came to Kalgoorlie, and was connected for some years,. up to the time of the insurance war, with the South British Company. He was also valuator for the Kalgoorlie Roads Board up to the time of his death. He is said to have been in financial trouble, although his creditors did not press him, and his losses were mainly due to the slump in Boulder Deep Level shares. On giving up the insurance business he went to the Baden Powell mine, and worked his own interest with Mr. Stewart, one of his partners. 'Two or three crushing’s had been made and are understood to have been satisfactory.
One is being put through at the present time. but the result is not known.
Deceased wrote a letter to a Kalgoorlie friend last Thursday, when he stated that he expected 4 oz. to the ton. He had not been in ill health up to the time of his death. Deceased was a brother to the late H. A. Parsons, who carried on a stationery. business in Hannan street. His father lives at Gosford, N.S.W, and a brother is the manager of a branch of the Commercial Bank in Gippsland, Victoria

PENDER Annie, d 28-29 Dec 1899, Paddington Lead, 53yrs, Cause:- Heart failure caused by alcoholic poisoning, Coroners Verdict, Born Ireland, In SA 20yrs, In WA 1 ½ yrs, Married to Peter PENDER in Emerald Hill VIC at age 20yrs, Children:- Peter 37yrs, Mary ?yrs, John 28yrs, Fanny 26yrs, Rose 23yrs, Kitty 21yrs, James 20yrs, Michael 18yrs, Joseph 17yrs, Patrick 13yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

PIPPETT Hazel Mary, d 17 May 1918, McDonald Street, Broad Arrow, Infant 1yr 8mths, Cause:- Pneumonia and Meningitis, Father:- Alfred Stephen PIPPETT (Shopman) Mother:- Anne Elizabeth GIBBONS, Born Broad Arrow WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

PLATT Thomas, d 10 Nov 1896, Broad Arrow Hospital, 60yrs, Cause:- Dysentery, Born Victoria. Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

POLLY aboriginal woman, d about 2 Feb 1929, 2 ½ miles from Broad Arrow,  aged about 50 yrs, Cause:- First thought to be murder which proved untrue., Buried in the Broad Arrow Cemetery. Reg East Coolgardie 25/1929

POWELL George, d 30 May 1906, 69yrs, Married to Lucy POWELL (see below) Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

POWELL Lucy Creer, d 4 Apr 1898, Paddington, Occ:- Dressmaker, 19yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary Phthisis, Father:- George POWELL (Stationer) Mother Lucy COLLINS, Born Port Adelaide SA, In SA 18 1/2yrs, In WA 6 months, Single, Reg BA 9/1898, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery. (see HS for Lucy Powell)

POWELL Lucy, d 24 Jan 1900, Paddington, 49yrs, Cause:- Heart disease, Father:- Henry COLLINS (Painter) Mother:- Francis ANSELL, Born Port Adelaide SA, in SA 47yrs, in WA 2yrs, Married to George POWELL in Port Adelaide SA at age 20yrs, Children:- Edward John 25yrs, Ann Lydia 23yrs, George E 19yrs, Garry Ansell 17yrs, Catherine Eliza 16yrs, Henry Ballantyne 9yrs, Francis Marjorie 6yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

QUISLINI Fortunato d. 1 Feb 1898, Broad Arrow Hospital, age 17, Occ:- Labourer, Causer:- Typhoid fever, Father:- Fortunato QUISLINI,  b. Gaurino, Italy, In WA 10mths– BA death cert 4/1898, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RASMUSSEN Christian Peter, d 28 Nov 1912, Broad Arrow Hospital, 69yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, Father:- ? RASMUSSEN Mother:- Boletta HANSEN, Born:- Aero, Denmark, In Australia 43yrs, in WA 12yrs, Married to Margaret McLEOD in Westport New Zealand at age 42yrs, Children:- Frederick John Alexander 28yrs, Lauritz Peter 26yrs, Edward Christian 23yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RENWICK Hannah Lilian, Hill Street, Broad Arrow, Infant 1 month, Cause:- Congenital Syphilis, Father:- John William RENWICK (Miner) Mother:- Minnie Louisa DWYER, Born:- Kalgoorlie WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

RENWICK John, d 7 Dec 1906, Infant 6mths, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

RHODES Cecil William, d 21 Oct 1897, Broad Arrow, Infant 4 months, Cause:- Bronchitis, Father:- Charles Samuel RHODES, Mother:-  Luisa Adelaide HAWKES, Born Broad Arrow, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

ROBINSON Edward, d 2 Oct 1898, Broad Arrow Hospital, 65yrs, Occ:-Miner, Cause:- Acute Bright’s Disease, Father:- John ROBINSON (Labourer), Mother:- Hannah POLLIT, Born:- Caulfield VIC, in VIC 48yrs, 6 yrs in WA, Married to ? JONES in Creswick VIC at age 23yrs, Children:- Esther 27yrs, Merianda 24yrs, Edward 20yrs, George 18yrs, Adelaide Ada 16yrs, Ellen Catherine 13yrs, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RODDA Edward, d 5 Nov 1904, Broad Arrow Hospital, 46yrs, Occ:- Blacksmith, Cause:- Pleurisy, Father:- John RODDA (Farmer), Mother:- Gertrude SPRY, Born St Ganes Cornwall, England, in WA 26yrs, in WA 9yrs, Married to Kate GARLAND in Truro, Cornwall at age 19yrs, no children. Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RULE Hedley Vicars, d 27 May 1910, Merton Street, Broad Arrow, Infant 11 weeks, Cause:- Heart Failure, Father:- Horace Richard RULE (Accountant) Mother:- Juanita Stella WORCESTER, Born Broad Arrow WA, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RULE Joseph d 13 Mar 1915, Forest St, Broad Arrow, 73yrs, Occ:- Carpenter, Cause:- Senility, Heart Failure, Father:- William RULE (Carpenter) Mother:- Eliza MUNDAY, Born:- Cambourne, In WA 20yrs, Married to Mary Jane BRAY in the City of Mexico at age 20yrs, Children:- William 47yrs, Minnie 45yrs, Charles 43yrs, Joseph 41yrs, Emily May 39yrs, Headley Vickers 37yrs, Horace Richard 32yrs, 1 male deceased, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery.

RULE Mary Jane, d 7 May 1921, married to Joseph RULE (see above)

RULE Margaret Elizabeth, d 3 May 1906, 26yrs, married to Headley Vickers RULE, Buried in Broad Arrow Cemetery

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