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Yilgarn Lonely Graves
Western Australia

See book More Lonely Graves by Yvonne & Kevin Coate for more details on some of these deaths

BAILEY baby lived 3-4hrs 25 Sept 1896 - buried on railway line Koorarawalyee- east of Southern Cross
BEADLES Easton died 1888 -buried on Yilgarn Goldfields by side of Lake Deborah, near Pump Well
BLUM Thomas age 32yrs died 30 Dec 1895 - buried at Caterton, 16mls south east of Southern Cross
DAVIDSON George Warburton died 20 Jun 1932 -buried at Holleton – Yilgarn death cert 4/32
DAVIDSON Thomas William age 63yrs died 28 May 1895 - Suicide –   buried at Duladgin 10mls North of Yellowdine 
ELSBURY Thomas age 63yrs died 10 Jun 1893 - buried at Hopes Hill
FITZGERALD unnamed  -buried in a mounted grave beside the road from Duladgin,at Deadman's Soak 60mls north east of Southern Cross
FRANK –female stillborn 1 Sept 1916 -buried on Prospecting Lease No. 779 by her father Joseph Henry Frank Southern Cross – Yilgarn death cert 4/16
JOHNSON/JOHNSTON Billy died 8 Mar 1905 - buried 4mls NNE of Pidgeon Rocks
LAHIFF Alfred age 28yrs died 27 Jul 1895 - buried at Boorabbin
LEAVY/LEVY Barney age 48yrs died Oct 1912 - buried at Marda – Yilgarn death cert 16/12
LOOMEY Arthur lived 5 weeks died 30 Jun 1889 - buried at Golden Valley -  Son of John Stewart Loomey
MORGAN stillborn female 25 Apr 1924 -buried in bush Parker's Range Road – Yilgarn death cert 6/24
NESTOR Austin age 75 Years died 1893 -buried Southern Cross area, tin plate & knife on grave
O'GRADY Henry age 28yrs died 22 Dec 1894 -buried about 4mls -  from Cockatoo Rocks/ Strawberry Rocks
PATTERSON Martin age 73yrs died 18 Dec 1933 -buried 12mls from Deadmans Soak –  East Coolg death cert 12/34
ROBINSON - buried at Duladgin, Deadman's Soak.60mls- north east Southern Cross
SARGOOD Richard age 36yrs died 26 Sept 1894 -buried at Yellowdine Lake
SCULLY Thomas age 26 d. 22 Mar 1895 - buried 60mls (96.5kms) south east of Mt Jackson 
SEVER Mr - buried near Marvel Loch Road in Yilgarn
SHEA Timothy died 1888 - buried at side of Lake Deborah  Yilgarn Goldfields
SIVYER Henry Joseph age 60yrs died 12 Feb 1899 -buried 8mls south of Southern Cross in bush on left side of Parkers Range Road
SLATER  - ?Len Pearse may have found this grave
THOMAS –age 45yrs died 6 Oct 1893 - buried at Blackbourne Gold Mine in the Yilgarn
WATERS Thomas died 18 Mar 1895 -buried at Hopes Hill
WILLIAMS Jenkin age 45yrs died March 1895 -buried 20 miles from Boorabbin

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