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Mount Morgans Cemetery  Reserve 7391  Western Australia

MACKENZIE Alexander, d 19 May 1908, Mt Morgans Hospital, Occ Prospector, 50yrs, Cause, Wound of thigh, Septicaemia, Born in NSW, In WA 16yrs,Reg 31/1908 Mt Margaret.

MASON John,  d 31 Oct 1901, 29yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Occ: Cordial Manufacturer, Cause: Pneumonic Influenza, Occ: Civil Servant,      Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Sale VIC, In VIC 25yrs, In WA 4yrs, Reg 45/1901 Mt Margaret.

MCALIECE David, d 13 Dec 1907, Mt Malcolm Hospital, 30yrs, Occ Miner, Broken back caused by fall of earth, died in hospital 2 weeks later, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: David McALIECE (Miner), Mother: Margaret GLADSTONE, Born Hurdle Flat, Mt Beechworth VIC, In VIC 23yrs, In TAS 1yr, In WA 3yrs, Married to Jane WILSON in Melbourne VIC in 1903 at age 26yrs, Children: Olive 3yrs, Margaret 1yr, Registered by Robert McALIECE (Brother),   Reg 68/1907 Mt Margaret.


MCALIECE Margaret, d 29 Dec 1907, Mt Morgans Hospital, Age 1yr 2mths, Father: David McALIECE (Miner) dec, Mother: Jane WILSON, Born Mt Morgans WA, Cause, Tubercular Meningitis, Registered by Joseph Cocking (Uncle), Reg 1/1908 Mt Margaret.

MCDONALD Michael, d 24 Aug 1906, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Mt Morgans, Age 65, Occ Miner, Married to Margaret CONNIHAN in Fremantle WA in 1899, no children, Cause, Fall of earth in the Westralian Mt Morgans Mine, Verdict of the Coroner Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery, Reg 47/1906 Mt Margaret.

Michael McDonald

McDONALD Michael Mount Morgans Mercury  29 August 1906, page 2

MCHARDY William, d 13 Sep 1908, Mt Morgans Hospital, 43yrs, Occ Miner, Cause, Acute Pneumonia, Parents unknown, Born Scotland, In WA 15yrs,
Reg 42/1908 Mt Margaret.

MCLEAN John, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 23 Sep 1903, Phoenix St, Mt Morgans, Age 70, Occ Greengrocer, Cause, asphyxia, rupture of artery, Born Co Down Ireland, Several Years in QLD & WA, Not know if married, supposed to have two sons in QLD, Reg 39/1903 Mt Margaret.

MCLOUGHLIN George, Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Oct 1905. Cause, Pulmonary Calcemonia, Anthemia,  Age 53, Born Canada, In NSW 20yrs, In WA 10yrs, Married to Emma ROGERS in Adelong NSW at age 23yrs, Children: May Margaret 26yrs, Anthony 24yrs, Albert 22yrs, Harold George 19yrs, Ada 13yrs, Rosalie 11yrs, Kenneth 7yrs, Deceased 2 males & 1 female. Registered by wife.  Reg 39/1905 Mt Margaret.

MCMAHON Bridget, d 2 Apr 1902, 37yrs, at Royal Hotel, Mt Morgans, Occ: Married Woman, Cause: Alcoholic poisoning, Father: James FALNNERY (Farmer), Mother: Bridget SULLIVAN, Registered by Husband, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Co Clare Ireland, In NSW 7yrs, In WA 7yrs, Married to Patrick McMAHON in Silverton NSW at age 23 yrs, Children: 4 males and 1 female dec,
Reg 20/1902 Mt Margaret.

MEDLYN Thomas, at Westralia GM, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried  27 Nov 1907, Age 59, Single, Father: Joseph MEDLYN (Farmer), Mother: Mary Ann EVANS, Born Churchtown, Constantine, Cornwall, England, Cause, Mining accident, falling down pass at the Westralia GM, Mt Morgans, Verdict of the Coroner, In New Zealand 3yrs, In NSW 30yrs, In WA 6yrs, Registered by Henry MEDLYN (Brother), Reg 65/1907 Mt Margaret.


MEZGER Alfreda Lilian, at Mt Morgans Hospital,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 3 Aug 1906, Age 7yrs 10mths, Born 1899 in Fitzroy VIC, In VIC 5yrs, In WA 2yrs, Father: Thomas MEZGER (Miner), Mother: Rosa Clara McKENZIE, Cause, Acute Laryngitis, Asphyxia. Reg by Father,  Address Phoenix Place, Mt Morgans, Reg 44/1906 Mt Margaret.

MICKLE Avery David Morgan, d 17 Apr 1901, 7mths, at Murrin St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Syncope, Gastric Enteric, Father: David MICKLE (Hairdresser), Mother: Charlotte Jane AVERY, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Mt Morgans WA, Reg 16/1901 Mt Margaret.


MICKLE David , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 Aug 1912, Section A 40, Age51, Occ Hairdresser, Reg 32/1912 Mt Margaret.

MILLAR Gordon Montgomery, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Sept 1905, Section A 60, Age 31, Occ Miner, Father: Thomas Barclay MILLAR, Mother: Catherine Maria Cox Frances MULREANY, Born 29 Apr 1874 in Herbert River, Queensland, Cause, Died at the Mount Morgan Hospital. He was found to be of unsound mind and was going to be transferred to the Lunatic Asylum but a succession of fits rendered him unconscious and he died shortly afterwards.
Reg 43/1905 Mt Margaret.

MILLER John, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 May 1925, Section A 95, Age 61, Occ Miner, Cause, Heart Failure, Born Bendigo VIC, In VIC 37 yrs, In WA 24yrs.  Reg 4/1925, Mt Margaret.

MOFFATT unnamed female, d 4 Apr 1902, Stillborn, at Phoenix St, Mt Morgans, Stillborn, Father: Thomas MOFFAT (Blacksmith), Mother: Victoria LANE, Registered by Mother, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Reg 27/1902 Mt Margaret.

MORRISON James, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 7 Apr 1912, Section A 82, Age 42, Occ Prospector from Linden, Cause, Killed in road accident, Thrown from a horse while exercising.

MUFFATTI Margaret Teresa, d 23 Oct 1919 at Eluminia, Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Age 7 mths, Cause, Natural Causes, Father: Pietro MUFFATTI (Horse Driver), Mother: Mary Matilda SEGHEZZI, Born Kalgoorlie WA. Reg 33/1919 Mt Margaret.

MUFFATTI Ronald George, d  12 Apr 1928, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Age 6 wks, Cause, Heart Failure, Father Peter Paul MUFFATTI (Engine Driver), Mother: Mary Matilda MAIFRE, Born Boulder WA, Registered by father. Reg 2/1928 Mt Margaret.

MüLLER Claus, Buried 5 Oct 1903, Section A 56, Age23, Occ Railway Contractor Employee/Labourer, Born Hawthorn Victoria : Parents; Carsten MULLER, Mother:  Louisa MERZ, Born 1880 in Hawthorn VIC, In VIC 19 ½ yrs, In WA 3 ½ yrs, Cause, Enteric Fever. Reg 1523/1903 Mt Margaret.

MURDOCK unnamed female, at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 11 May 1907, Section C 10, Father: Walter George MURDOCK (Miner), Mother: Olive Marion WITHERS, Cause, stillborn, Premature birth. Registered by father,  Reg 31/1907 Mt Margaret.

MURRAY Alexander, d 14 February 1900, c65yrs, at Mt Morgans, Occ: Miner, Cause: Heat Apoplexy, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Reg 31/1900 Mt Margaret.

NIOA Daniel, d 30 Jun 1900, 31yrs, at Mt Moragns, Occ: Miner, Cause: Pneumonia, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Landsbrough VIC, Reg 30/1900 Mt Margaret. First Buiral in reserve 4387.

Nioa, Laverton and Beria Mercury 7 July 1900, page 2

NOLAN John Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 Nov 1903, at the Mt Morgans Hospital,  Section A 21, Age 36, Occ Miner, Father: Patrick NOLAN (Teamster) , Mother: Bridget BRYNE, Born 1865 in Brisbane QLD, Married to Cornelia Antoinette BYRNE, Children: Iris Mary Josephine 6 yrs, John Montiligion? 4 yrs, Harold Alysious 2 yrs, In QLD 30yrs, In WA 6 yrs, Cause, Acute Pneumonia. Reg 45/1903 Mt Margaret.

OATES Maria Jane, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 24 Jan 1920, Section A 97, Age 43, Occ Dressmaker, Single, Born Lancashire England, In WA for 8yrs, Cause, Died of typhoid at the Mt Morgans Cemetery. Lived at Linden,  Reg 4/1920 Mt Margaret.


O'BRIEN Daniel, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Mar 1910, Section B 31, Age 23, Prospector from Linden, Cause, Enteric Fever, Born Ireland, In WA 2yrs, Reg 18/1910 Mt Margaret.

O'BRIEN Thomas, at the Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Oct 1915, Section B 36, Age 45, Occ Prospector/Miner, Born South Melbourne VIC. Had been in WA for about 20yrs.  Reg 30/1915 Mt Margaret.

O'CONNELL Henry John, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Feb 1907, Section B 26, Age 29,  Occ, Mine employee. Cause, Blood Poisoning, Cellulitis, Cardiac Failure, Reg 7/1907 Mt Margaret.

ODONOHUE William John, d 8 Oct 1901, 30yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital,  Occ: Miner, Cause: Pneumonia Influenza, Father: James Joseph ODONOHUE (Farmer), Mother: Elizabeth ASPINALL, Registered by Mortimer ODONOHUE (Brother), Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Balmoral VIC, In VIC 25yrs In WA 6yrs, Reg 43/1901 Mt Margaret.

O'LOUGHLIN Patrick, at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, B 30: Cause, Stillborn, Father: William O’LOUGH:IN (Baker), Mother: Margaret MOORE, Registered by father, Reg 21/1909 Mt Margaret.

O'MALLEY John, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Died 4 Dec 1910, Buried 6 Dec 1910, Section B 50, Age 58, Single, Born, Ireland,
In WA 6 mths,  Occ Fettler, Cause, Malignant disease of Pleura, Epithalamia of Tongue, Reg 70/1910 Mt Margaret.

PEARCE William, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Buried 15 Oct 1907, Section A 7, Age 50, Father: Jonas PEARCE (Miner), Mother: Mary Jane ?, Occ Miner, Cause, Epilepsy,  Born: Burra SA, In SA 32yrs, In WA 11yrs, Married to Rosina ‘Rose’ POTTER, Children: Francis 26yrs, Lilian Jane 24yrs, James 19yrs, John 17yrs, Hilda 12yrs, Herbert 9yrs, deceased 2 males, Reg 55/1907 Mt Margaret.

PENNEY Frederick Burton, at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Jan 1908, Section A 20,  aged 13 ½  mths, Father: William PENNY (Carrier), Mother: Amelia BURTON, Born 26 Nov 1906 at Mt Morgans WA, Cause, Broncho Pneumonia, Registered by father, Reg 3/1908 Mt Margaret.

PENNEY unnamed female,  at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 Oct 1910, Section A 81, Cause, Stillborn, Father: William PENNY (Carrier), Mother: Amelia BURTON, Registered by father, Reg 61/1910 Mt Margaret.

PHILLIPS Gertrude Estelle, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 22 Sept 1906, Section A 66, Age 30,  Born, Island of Jersey, In VIC 18yrs, In WA 10yrs, Occ, Barmaid, Father: Adolph PIPIN (Hotel Keeper) Mother: Unknown, Married to William H PHILLIPS in Mt Morgans WA at age 26yrs, Cause, Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Spinal Meningitis, Reg 58/1906 Mt Margaret.

PRITCHARD Thomas, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 16 Jan 1901, Section A 36, Age 49, Occ Charcoal Burner. (Does not appear to be registered).

PROCTOR Mary, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 Apr 1918, Section B 44, Age 33, Married Woman, Father: James REARDON (Printer), Mother: Elizabeth SMITH, Cause, was burned while cooking and died a few days later. Born Bolton Lancashire England, In WA for 3 yrs, Married to John Proctor in Boulder WA at age 31yrs. Died at the Mt Morgans Hospital. Reg 10/1918 Mt Margaret.


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