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Mount Morgans Cemetery  Reserve 7391  Western Australia

ELLIS Sarah Jane,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 28 May 1907, Section A 50, Age 26, , Occ Nurse, Father: Thomas BOOTH,  Mother: Annie BAKER, Born 1880 Horsham VIC, Died Kalgoorlie WA, Cause Typhoid/Pneumonia. Reg 88/1907 East Coolgardie.

ELLIS Sarah Mount Morgans Mercury 29 May 1907, page 3

EMDE Julius, Buried 22 Jun 1925, Section C 44, Age 67, , Occ Prospector, Cause, Pneumonia Verdict of the Coroner, Born Germany, in WA 20 yrs.
Reg 8/1925 Mt Margaret.

EPIS  Marco, Mt Morgans Cemetery, d 23 Nov 1929, at Mt Morgans, Age 42, Occ Charcoal Burner, Cause, accidentally killed when run over by a dray, Born Italy, In WA 7yrs. Reg 20/1929 Mt Margaret.

FARRELL Thomas, d 29 Aug 1901, 42yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Occ: Butcher, Cause: Syncope Morbis Cordis, Father: Edward FARRELL (Labourer), Mother: Helen RYAN, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Sydney NSW, In WA 6yrs, Married to Helen/Ellen GANNON in Coolgardie WA at age 40yrs, Children: Edward Thomas 14mths, Reg 32/1901 Mt Margaret.

FAWCETT Charles Velinder , at Lime Kilns, 12 miles from Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, d 16 Oct 1905, Buried 19 Oct 1905, Section A 61, Age  57,
Occ Painter, Cause, Lost in the bush, Exposure and Exhaustion, Verdict of the Coroner,  Born Yorkshire England, In WA 15yrs, Married in Yorkshire England, name of wife unknown, 2 daughters in England names unknown. Ref- North Coolgardie Herald 21 Oct 1905, Reg 48/1905 Mt Margaret.

FLANDERS Annie , at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Dec 1908, Section B 29, Age abt 66-67, Occ Widow, Cause, Pneumonia, Father: Cornelius COGHLAN, Mother: Annie COGLAN, Born: Cork, Ireland, In NSW 40yrs, In WA 11yrs, Married to Peer FLANDERS in Newcastle NSW at age abt 19yrs, Children: Robert Peer 46yrs, Alfred Ernest Albert 40yrs, Emma 38yrs, Peer 36yrs, William Peer and Archibald Walter 33yrs (Twins), Mary Jane 30yrs, Arthur Percy 26yrs, Deceased 1 male and 3 females, Registered by son, Alfred E Flanders, Reg 63/1908 Mt Margaret.

FLANDER Anne Kalgoorlie Miner Thursday 17 December 1908, page 2

FLEMING Benjamin , Mt Morgans Cemetery, at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Buried 13 Dec 1905, Section B 4,  Age 7 months, Born 1905 at Mt Morgans WA,  Mother: Hannah Fleming. Cause, Acute Colitis, Registered by mother, Reg 55/1905 Mt Margaret.

FOSTER Thomas, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Jun 1902 Section A 33, Age 46, Occ Miner, Born England, Cause Pneumonia, Died in the Mt Morgans Hospital, Born England, in NSW 25yrs, In WA 6 yrs, Married to Sarah Eliza CASTLEDINE in Fairfield NSW at age 33yrs, Children: Horace Marshall 11yrs, George Andrew Harold 9 yrs, Ref -North Coolgardie Herald 27 Jun 1902. Reg 39/1902 Mt Margaret.

FREW William Thomas, d 20 Mar 1909, at Ring St, Mt Morgans, Age 10mths, Cause, Pneumonia, Father: Charles Henry FREW (Miner), Mother: Mary WAKE, Born Perth WA, Registered by father, Reg 9/1909 Mt Margaret.

GENDALL Elizabeth, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Jan 1908, Section C 19, Age 62,  Father: Samuel WILLIAMS (Miner), Mother: Unknown, Born 1846 in Maroo, Cornwall, England, In WA 10yrs, Married to Thomas GENDALL in Masafi Parish, Cornwall, England at age 26yrs, Children: John Thomas 33yrs, Mary Ann 29yrs, Samuel Henry 24yrs, Fanny 20yrs, deceased 1 female,  Cause, Acute Entero Colitis, Morbis Cordis, Registered by John GENDALL (Son), Reg 7/1908 Mt Margaret.

GENDALL Elizabeth Kalgoorlie Miner  1 February 1908, page 9

GERKE Frederick, at Nurse Meredith’s House, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 26 Nov 1905, Section A 57, Age 5 days, Father: Frederick William GERKE (Dairyman), Mother: Meta Louisa DUFFY, Born 20 Nov 1905 at Mt Morgans WA, Cause, Traumatic Meningitis, Anthemia, Reg 53/1905 Mt Margaret.

GIBSON unnamed female, at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 4 Sept 1909, Section B 34, Born 2 Nov 1909, Cause, Stillborn,  Family from Euro. Father: John GIBSON (Miner), Mother: Catherine FENNEY, Registered by father, Reg 32/1909 Mt Margaret.

GLEGG James Hartley , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 1 Nov 1904 Section A 45, Age 74, Occ Engineer, from Yundamindera, Cause, Cardiac Failure,  Born 29 Mar 1829 at Stirlingshire Scotland,  Married in Melbourne VIC, to Georgiana DUCKETT in 1869, Father: Charles GLEGG, Mother: Margaret HARTLEY,
Ref- North Coolgardie Herald 5 Nov 1904. Reg 41/1904 Mt Margaret.

GREEN Patrick Richard, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 17 Jul 1903, Section A 30,  Age 42, Occ Prospector/Miner, Born 1861 at Pyalong VIC, 31 yrs in VIC, 11 yrs in WA, Father: Thomas GREEN (Carrier),  Mother: Mary FANNING, Cause Cardia Failure, Typhoid Pneumonia, Died at the Mt Morgans Hospital.
Reg 41/1903 Mt Margaret.

GRIFFITHS James, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 11 Feb1924, Section A 88, Age 84, Occ Prospector, Cause, Dysentery and Senile Decay, Father: James GRIFFITHS, Mother: Mary Jane EDMONDS, Born Wales, In WA about 25yrs, Married twice, name of first wife not known, Second time in Glenorchy New Zealand at age 48yrs to Mary Anne TENANT, Children not known. Reg 5/1924 Mt Margaret.

GRIFFITHS Mary Ann, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 May 1914, Section A 90, Age 52, Reg 20/1914 Mt Margaret.

GROGAN Felix, d 13 Apr 1899, 25yrs, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Occ: Miner, Cause: Accidentally, in the explosion of dynamite, also killed were Patrick DOHERTY and Michael HIGGINS. Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Orange NSW      In NSW 23yrs, In WA 2yrs, Reg 9/1899 Mt Margaret.

GROHBRUGGE Johan Friedrich ‘John Frederick’, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Buried 8 Nov 1907, Section C 8, Age 51, Occ Miner, Father: Herman Friedrich GROHBRUGGE (Miner), Mother: Ellen MINOGUE,  Born 1859 in Bendigo, Victoria, In VIC 45yrs, In WA 6yrs, Married to Lydia Marian DAVIES in Bendigo VIC at age 25yrs, Children: Frederick 24yrs, Clarice Violet 21yrs, Cause, Miners Complaint, Emphysema. Reg 62/1907 Mt Margaret.

HABERLEY Henry Christopher,  at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Sept 1906, Section C 12, Age 53, Father: Gottlieb HABERLEY (Carpenter), Mother: Christina Frederika ?, Occ Carpenter, Born 1853 in Hohenlohe, Wortenburg, Germany, In NSW 40yrs, In WA 10yrs, Married to Julia Mary PARKINSON in Bulli NSW at age 24yrs, Children: George Henry 28yrs, Frederick William 26yrs, Ethel Adeline 25yrs, Eveline Maud 24yrs, Mabel Louisa 22yrs, Amelia Beatrice 20yrs, Eloise May 19yrs, Hilda Gertrude 17yrs. Cause Spinal Paralysis. Reg 48/1906 Mt Margaret.


Henry Christopher HABERLEY

HANCOCK unnamed male, d 1 May 1902, Stillborn, at Phoenix St, Mt Morgans, Father: David HANCOCK (Miner), Mother: Mary MORGAN, Registered by Father, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Reg 29/1902 Mt Margaret.

HARDY Robert George, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 May 1902, Section A 3, Age 36, Occ, Contractor, Died in accident, Syncope following amputation of leg from compound fracture, Born 1867 in Melbourne VIC, In NSW 17yrs, In WA 8 yrs, Father:  Frank HARDY (Contractor), Mother:  Mary Theresa CUNNINGHAM. Married in 1892 to Phyllis Margaret SKIMMING in South Melbourne VIC, Children- Harold  9yrs, Doris 3 yrs, 1 female deceased.
Reg 32/1902 Mt Margaret.

Robert George HARDY

HARRIS Thomas, at Lily Lease, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 18 Aug 1909, Section A 73, Age abt 48, Occ Blacksmith, Born London, England,In WA 12yrs, Cause -Burned to death when his camp caught fire. Fathers Occ Blacksmith, Name unknown, Reg 28/1909 Mt Margaret.

HARRIS unnamed female,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Nov 1902, Died in Princess St, Mt Morgans, Father: Charles HARRIS (Miner), Mother: Ada WHITE, Cause Stillborn/Premature Birth, Registered by father. Reg 74/1902 Mt Margaret.

HASSELL Francis Reuben ‘Frank’ , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Mar 1917, Section C 50, Age 70, Occ Prospector, Father: John HASSELL, Mother: ElleBOUCHER, Born 1849 in  Albany WA, From Linden, Cause Apoplexy, Died at the Mt Morgans Hospital. Reg 8/1917 Mt Margaret.

David Henderson

HENDERSON David, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Dec 1902, Section A 28, Age 15 months, Born 1901 in Fremantle WA, Father: William HENDERSON (Blacksmith) , Mother: Elizabeth  GORDON, brother to John F Henderson, Registered by father. Reg 12/1903 Mt Margaret. 

HERLEY Michael, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Apr 1920, Section B 47, Age 55, Lived at  Euclayptus, Died from shock/burns after the blanket he was wrapped in caught fire, lived for four days, Born Ireland. Reg 12/1920 Mt Margaret.

HIGGINS Michael John, d 13 Apr 1899, 22yrs, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Occ: Miner,                 Accidental, by explosion of dynamite, Also killed were Patrick DOHERTY and Felix GROGAN,     Father: James HIGGINS (Farmer), Mother: Honora MURPHY, Registered by Patrick Higgins (Brother), Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: George Town SA,  In SA 19yrs, In WA 3yrs, Reg 6/1898 Mt Margaret.

HIGGINS Thomas , at camp on GM lease, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 19 Jul 1906, Section B 11, Age 40, Occ Prospector/Miner, Born: Woods Pond, VIC, In VIC 20yrs, In WA 10yrs, Cause,  Found dead from cyanide poisoning with no evidence to show how the poison has been administered. Verdict of the Coroner,  Reg 41/1906 Mt Margaret.

HILL Frederick,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 6 Nov 1903, Section F 3, Age 45, Occ Miner, Cause, Broken neck from falling 200ft down the main shaft of the Australia United GM whilst removing timber and into 200ft of water.  Verdict of the Coroner.   Had been in WA for 8yrs.  Ref - North Coolgardie Herald 6 Nov 1903,  Reg 44/1903 Mt Margaret.

HODGINS Alfred, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 31 Jul 1924, Section C 42, Age 47, Single, Occ Hotel Keeper from Murrin Murrin, Cause, Pneumonia and Heart Failure at the Mt Morgans Hospital,  Father: William HODGINS (Miner), Mother: not known, Born QLD, In QLD for 19yrs, In WA for 28yrs,

Reg 18/1924 Mt Margaret.

HOGAN Thomas,  at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 4 Oct 1906, Section B13, Age 66, Occ Prospector, Cause, Accidentally fell from a train between Mount Morgan and Hawks Nest, Verdict of Coroner, Born Tipperary Ireland, in Qld and VIC some years, In WA 10yrs,  
Reg 65/1906 Mt Margaret.

HUGHES Owen, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 May 1904, Section C 1, Age 34, Occ Miner, Born 1867 in Wales, Cause, Overcome by dynamite fumes at the Turn of the Tide Gold Mining Lease.  Ref -North Coolgardie Herald 11 May 1904, Reg 27/1904 Mt Margaret.

HURST Phillip Ambrose, d 17 Mar 1900, 55yrs, at Mount Morgans, Occ: Engine Driver, Cause: Accidentally falling into a flywheel of the Mt Morgans Mine Engine, Father: Ambrose HURST,
Mother: Sophia GRAHAM, Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Hobart, Tasmania, Married to Sarah JOHNSTON in Victoria at age 25yrs, 9 children names not known, Reg 19/1900 Mt Margaret.

Arthur Henry JACKSON

JACKSON Arthur Henry, d 13 Mar 1901, 33yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Occ: Draper, Cause: Syncope Hypermedia Mania,  Father: William Leech JACKSON (Store Keeper), Mother: Mary Anne DIXON, Registered by wife, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Cape Town South Africa, In NZ 17yrs, in NSW 6yrs, In WA 3yrs, Married to Alice GRACE in St James, Forrest Lodge, Sydney NSW at age 28yrs, Children: Ethel 10yrs, Alice 4yrs, 1 male dec, Reg 19/1901 Mt Margaret.

JENKIN William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 30 Aug 1925, Section C 21, Age 68, Single, Occ Prospector, Cause, Bronchitis, Born near Maryborough VIC, In WA 25 to 30yrs. Reg 10/1925 Mt Margaret.

Bertram JONAS - photo

JONAS Bertram,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 Oct 1907, Section B 14, Age 35, Occ Hairdresser from Mt Morgans & Laverton, Father: Isaac JONAS (Hotel Keeper), Mother: Esther CORTISSO,  Born 2 Feb 1872 Ballarat VIC, In VIC 23yrs, In WA 12yrs, Married to Elizabeth MOHR in Kalgoorlie WA at age 27yrs, Children: Esther May 8yrs, Cause, Died at the Mount Morgan Hospital after a long and painful illness from Brain Paralysis caused by a brain tumour. Registered by Brother in Law, R MOHR, Reg 52/1907 Mt Margaret.

JONES William Nicholas,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 6 Aug 1921, Died at camp on Korong Station, Section  A 87, Occ Butcher, Age 59yrs, Father: Henry Tucker JONES, Mother: Eliza Jane STONE, Born 1861 in Paramatta NSW, IN NSW 30yrs, In WA 29yrs, Cause, accident,  found near his horse and cart with severe abdominal injuries, Verdict of the Coroner, Death certified by his brother H A W Jones.

KELLY James Thomas, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 14 Nov 1911, Section A 76, Age 54, Occ Town Clerk, Cause, Suicide, Hung himself from the rafters in the Fire Brigade building, Reg 58/1911 Mt Margaret.

KENNEDY Donald,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 27 Aug 1913, Section A 84, Age 48, Occ Prospector from Mt Margaret, Cause Unknown, Died in the Mount Morgan Hospital. Reg 28/1913 Mt Margaret.

KERR James, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 24 May 1908, Section A 71, Age 58, Occ Miner, Cause, Hemiplegia, Father: James KERR (Carrier), Mother: Ellen SULLIVAN, Born North Melbourne VIC, In VIC 51yrs, In WA 7yrs, Married to Jane Ann JACKSON in Ballarat VIC at age 25yrs, Children: Ellen 32yrs, Alice 26yrs, Amy 24yrs, James 22yrs, Ethel 22yrs, Deceased 2 males and 2 females, Registered by J H Kerr (Son), Reg 32/1908 Mt Margaret.

KIRBY Patrick,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Apr 1904, Section B 2, Age 56 Occ  Miner, Born Tipperary Ireland, In WA 10 yrs, In VIC 20yrs, Married in Warnambool VIC, details unknown, Cause, Suicide, drowning, threw himself down Farrells Well. Ref- North Coolgardie Herald 7 Apr 1904.
Reg 14/1904 Mt Margaret.

LADHAMS John Henry Dennis, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Dec 1905, Age 8 mths, Father:- John Henry LADHAMS, Mother:- Violet Bevetta Althea CHAPMAN, Born 1905 in York WA. Reg 7746/1905.

LADNER Beatrice Edith Maud, Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 4 May 1904 Section C 3, Age 5 mths, Cause, Gastro Enteritis, Born Mt Morgans  Buried with Laura Ladner: Born Mt Morgans, Father: William Herbert  LADNER (Miner), Mother: Edith Anne Maud WOOLFITT. Born Mt Morgans, WA.  Registered by father.  Reg 25/1904 Mt Margaret.

LADNER Eileen Maud,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 28 Oct 1902, Section A 26, Age 15 wks, Cause, Gastro Enteric Catarrah, Born Mt Morgans, Father: William Herbert  LADNER (Miner), Mother: Edith Anne Maud WOOLFITT. Born Mt Morgans, WA.  Reg 58/1902 Mt Margaret.

LADNER Laura Ada, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 14 Jan 1907, Section C 3, Age 6 mths,  Buried with Beatrice Ladner, Father: William Herbert  LADNER (Miner), Mother: Edith Anne Maud WOOLFITT. Born Mt Morgans, WA, Cause, Gastro Enteritis, Registered by father, 
Reg 2/1907 Mt Margaret.

LADNER Raymond, d 6 Dec 1901, 10mths, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Father: William Herbert LADNER (Miner), Mother: Edith Annie Maude WOOLFIT, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Strathalbyn South Australia, In WA 2mths, Reg 53/1901 Mt Margaret

LAURIE John ‘Jack’, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 31 May 1903, Section A 46, Age 38,  Cause Dysentry, at Farrels Well, Mt Morgans, Occ Miner, Born 1865,  Nelson, New Zealand, In  New Zealand 35 yrs, In WA 3 yrs, Father: William LAURIE (Contractor) , Mother: Catherine THOMAS, Married to Alice STOTT in Nelson New Zealand in 1894 at age 29yrs, Children: John Lyell 8yrs, Annie 7 yrs, Alice Joy 5 yrs, Allan Stott 3 yrs, 2 males and 1 female deceased,
Ref - North Coolgardie Herald 3 Jun 1903, His wife and four children returned to New Zealand after death. Reg 21/1903 Mt Margaret.

John 'Jack' LAURIE

John 'Jack' LAURIE and son - photo

LEYDON James, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 4 Feb 1913, Section B 38, Age 38, Occ Prospector from Linden, Father: John LEYDON, Mother: Margaret LAFFY, Born in 1873 in Nagambie, VIC, Reg 6/1913  Mt Margaret.


LOCKHART Joan Isabel,  at Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 16 Nov 1907,  Section C 13,  Age 10 ½ months, Father: Adam John LOCKHART (Engineer), Mother: Margaret WALKER, Born Mt Morgans WA, Cause, Inflammation of the Bowel, Acute Gastro Enteritis, 
Reg 63/1907 Mt Margaret.

LOCKHARD Joan Mount Morgans Mercury 20 November 1907, page 2

LOLLIE – Aboriginal woman, date Unknown, Section F 2.

LONG Thomas John, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 12 Nov 1906, Section A 67, Age 44, Occupation Fitter/Labourer, Born 1862 in Lambing Flats NSW, In VIC 36yrs, In WA 8yrs, Father: James LONG, Mother: Fanny Grace LOFFIN, Married to Mary Ann McPHERSON in Bendigo VIC at age 23yrs, Children: Mabel Annie 20yrs, Gladys Muriel 17yrs, Doris Adelaide 14yrs, Deceased 4 males, Cause, Pulmonary Tuberculosis,
Registered by M Long (Daughter) Reg 68/1906 Mt Margaret.

LONG unnamed male, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 19 Aug 1906, Section C 11,  Mother; Mabel Annie LONG, Age 5 hrs, Cause, Foetal Cardiac Condition, Registered by mother,  Reg 45/1906 Mt Margaret.

LORRAIN Robert, Died about the 26th Jul 1921,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Jul 1921,  Section C 47,  Age 72, Father: Andrew LORRAIN, Mother: Isabella Foster?, Occ Pensioner/Prospector from Murrin, Cause, Senile Decay, Born Langholm Scotland, In WA for 20yrs, Married to Mary McLaurin DUFFIE in Footscray VIC at age 42yrs, Children unknown. Reg 14/1921 Mt Margaret.

LORRIGAN Margaret May, at King St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Jun 1910, Section B 35, aged 3 yrs 9 mths, Cause, Acute Tonsillitis, Father: Pierce LORRIGAN (Miner) , Mother: Alice Maud BRANNGAN, Born in 1906 in Mt Morgan WA, Registered by H Brannigan (Uncle),
Reg 29/1910, Mt Margaret.

LUKIES Rhoda Mary Jane, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 25 Oct 1902, Age 34, Father: Phillip Kelynack Andrew SYMONS (Fisherman) , Mother: Elizabeth PASCOE, Born 1868 in Porthlavan, Cornwall, England, In WA 11 months, Married to Joseph LUKIES in Mt Morgans WA at age 34yrs, No children, Cause, Heart Failure. Registered by husband. Reg 59/1902 Mt Margaret.


LUNNON W. - Buried 11 Jun 1920 Section A 96 aged 53

LYNCH Francis, d 5 Aug 1911, Mt Morgans Hospital, Age 55yrs, Single, Occ Fettler, Cause: Shock from injuries from being run over in railway line by two trollies, Verdict of the Coroner, Parents Unknown, Born County Cavan Ireland. Reg 37/1911 Mt Margaret.

Lynch Francis Kalgoorlie Miner  8 August 1911.


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