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Mount Morgans Cemetery   Reserve 7391   Western Australia


AHLE John George Henry, Died 22 Jul 1930, at the Palace Hotel, Mt Morgans, Occ Pensioner, Age 72yrs, Cause, Acute Dysentery and Heart Failure, Father: William AHLE, Mother: Harriet ?, Born Seven Hills South Australia, In Western Australia 45yrs. Reg 15/1930 Mt Margaret.

ALFORD Robert Frederick -Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 74, Buried 22 Jan 1911, Age 32, headstone, Occ Prospector, Father: Thomas Bailey Alford, Mother: Eliza Lydia MacEffer, Born 21 Feb 1905, Ballarat VIC, Cause Typhoid. Reg 4/1911 Mt Margaret.

Robert Frederick ALFORD

ALLEN unnamed male, d Jan 1900, Age 10wks, Child of Mrs J ALLEN, born 1899, buried in first cemetery reserve no 4387.

ARCHIBALD Susan, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section  A 28, Buried 21 Dec 1906, Age 5 months, Buried with Armstrong family, Father: Ivan Frank Adams ARCHIBALD (Mine Manager), Mother: Susan GORDON, Died at Mt Morgan, Cause: Inflammation of bowel. Born 20 Mar 1905, Mt Morgans WA. 
Reg 71/1906 Mt Margaret.

ARMSTRONG Katherine Marjoria, d 20 Nov 1901, 8wks, at Phoenix St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Father: William Henry ARMSTRONG (Accountant), Mother: Katherine Maud CUMMING,  Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery,  Born: Mt Morgans, Reg 52/1901 Mt Margaret.

ARMSTRONG Katherine Maud, d 21 Oct 1901, 29yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Married Woman, Cause: Syncope, Father: Thomas Phillip CUMMING (Grazier) , Mother: Norah,  Registered by Husband, Buried : Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Melbourne VIC,                In VIC 24yrs, In WA 5yrs, Married to William Henry ARMSTRONG in Perth WA at age 28yrs, Children: Katherine 7weeks, 
Reg 51/1901 Mt Margaret.

ARMSTRONG William Henry , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Anglican Section A 17, Buried 15 Nov 1901, Age 33, Occ  Accountant, Born London, England, Cause: Committed suicide by ingesting prussic acid, Married to Katherine Maud CUMMINGS in Perth WA at age 30yrs, 1 female child deceased. Reg No 31/1902 Mt Margaret.

ASHLEY Robert, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 85, Buried 3 Apr 1914, Age 53, Occ Miner, Cause: Committed suicide by ingesting cyanide, Verdict of Coroner. Reg 13/1914 Mt Margaret.

ARMSTRONG Katherine Maud, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 41, Buried  21 Oct 1901, Age  29, Buried with daughter and Susan Archibald, Born 14 Feb 1905, Melbourne VIC, Father: Thomas Phillip CUMMING,  Mother:  Norah surname unknown, Cause: Died shortly after giving birth.
Reg 1425/1901 Mt Margaret.

BAKER Thomas Samuel Martin,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 75, Buried 10 Mar 1909, Age 80,  Had a wayside Inn at Redcastle, Occ Storekeeper,  Cause Died at Morgan's Hospital from  a stroke which he had 2 weeks prior. Father: Anthony BAKER, Born Plymouth England, In Wa 12yrs, Married twice, 1st to Johanna MURRAY in Ballarat VIC at age 28yrs, 2nd to Amiy Hedwig TURK in Redcastle (near Mt Morgans) WA at age 80yrs, Registered by Henry Baker (Son), Reg 8/1909 Mt Margaret.

BARLOW Ivy Mary Grace, At Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section B 9, Buried 16 Jan 1908, aged 13 mths, Cause, Acute Pneumonia, Heart Failure, Father: Arthur BARLOW (Railway Employee) ,Mother: Mary COLE, Born Cottesloe Beach WA, Registered by father, Reg 4/1908 Mt Margaret.

BARLOW James: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section C 49, Buried 27 May 1920, aged 55, headstone, Occ Miner, Cause, accidentally killed in a fall of earth at the Mt Morgans GM, Verdict of the Coroner. Reg 19/1920 Mt Margaret.

BAWDEN Harold George , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 May 1903, Section A 47, Age 6 months, Cause, Gastro Enteritis,  Born 1902 at Midland Junction WA.: Father: George Bowden (Miner),  Mother:  Mary Ann  BLACK, Registered by father. Reg 20/1903 Mt Margaret.

BIDWELL Annie Adelaide, d. 28 Aug 1901, 13 mths, at King St, Mt Morgans, Cause: Convulsions & Teething, Father: Isaac BIDWELL (Miner), Mother: Margaret Helen MILLAR, Born: Mt Morgans, Buried:                 Mt Morgans Cemetery,                Reg 31/1901 Mt Margaret.

BELL William J (Billie), Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 86, Age 8, Buried 2 Aug 1914, Father: William BELL, Mother: Alice Maud YOUNG, Born 3 Mar 1906 Mt Morgans WA, Cause accidentally thrown from a sulky and was run over. Reg 32/1914 Mt Margaret.

BERESFORD Margaret Anne, Mt Morgans Cemetery,Buried 26 Dec 1920, Section A 98,  Aged 41, Father: Edward HOOPER, Mother: Mary BLACKALL, Married to George Stuart dela Poer BERESFORD in Euro WA at age 21yrs, Children: Marjorie Ellen 19yrs, Arthur dela Poer 17yrs, Brian dela Poer 10yrs, Rosemary 3yrs,  Born 1879 in Melbourne VIC, Cause, Acute Encephalitis,  In WA 21yrs. Reg 1/1921 Mt Margaret.


BEYERS Ludwig Hugo (Louis), at Mt Morgans Hospital, Buried 29 May 1910, Section A 77, Age 70, Prospector from Linden, Cause, Apoplexy, Born, Posen Poland, West Prussia in 1835. In NSW abt 50yrs, In WA abt 10yrs, Married to Mary EMMETT in Bathurst NSW in 1868, Children: Sylvia Helena 40yrs, Gertrude Harriet Adelaine 40yrs, Donald Oswald Arthur 38yrs, Theodore Greville 34yrs, Clara 32 yrs, Bellvenah 30yrs, deceased 1 female, Registered by Oswald A BEYERS (Son),   Reg 25/1910 Mt Margaret.

BIDWELL Annie Adelaide - Mt Morgans Cemetery, Secton  A 41, Buried  29 Aug 1901 Aged 13 months, Born 14 Mar 1905 at Mt Morgans, WA, Father: Isaac BIDWELL, Mother: Margarita Helen MILLAR. Cause: Teething and Convulsions. Reg 1405/1901 Mt Margaret.

BIDWELL Elsie - Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Jan 1903, aged 1 day, Born 11 Jan 1903 at Mt Morgans WA.

BIRKIN James Melville, at Mrs Haberley’s, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery Buried 7 Feb 1906, Section A 64, Age 12 days, Born 26 Jan 1906. Father: James Patrick BIRKIN (Engine Driver), Mother: Rosina Eugena QUAITI, Family lived at Pumping Station. Cause,  Colitis,   Registered by father,
Reg 9/1906 Mt Margaret.  

BLAMPEY Henry James, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Buried 22 Jul 1910, Section A 79, Age 29, Single, Occ Barman, Father: Henry ‘Harry’ BLAMPEY (Bricklayer), Mother: Susan Jane REVELL, Born 1881 in Norwood SA. In SA 17yrs, In WA 12yrs, Registered by Thomas BLAMPEY (Brother), Reg 39/1910 Mt Margaret.

BOOTH Clara Florence - Mt Morgans Cemetery ,Buried 2 Jan 1903,  Section A 50,  Age 14,  Born 1888 in Lambton NSW, In NSW 14yrs, In WA 6 mths, Father: Thomas Booth (Miner),  Mother: Annie BAKER - Buried with brother David Booth,  Died of burns, Ref:- North Coolgardie Herald 6 Jan 1903
Reg 13/1903 Mt Margaret.

BOOTH Family Grave.

BOOTH David Stewart, at Watkins St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 17 May 1906, Section A 50, Buried with sister Clara Booth, Age 6 months, Born 19 Mar 1905 at Mt Morgans WA, Father: Thomas Booth (Miner), Mother: Mary Ann BAKER, Cause, Bronchitis,  Registered by father,
Reg  33/1906 Mt Margaret.

BRANNIGAN Ethel May, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Died 15 Nov 1908, Buried 17 Nov 1908, Section A 72, Age 21, Single, Occ Home Duties, Father: William John BRANNIGAN, Mother: Mary MARQUIS, Cause, Exophthalmos, Graves Disease, Born 1887 at Kerang VIC, In VIC 17yrs, In WA 4 yrs, Died in the Mt Morgan's Hospital. Registered by William BRANNIGAN (Father),  Reg 59/1908 Mt Margaret.

BROWN Unknown Section A 58 Burial date Unknown

BROWNE James Patrick, at the Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 13 Aug 1902, Age 28, Single, Born 1874, Meelin, Co Cork, Ireland, In WA 2yrs, Father: Patrick James BROWNE (Farmer), Mother:  Mary FITZGERALD, Cause, Cerebral Embolism, Morbis Cordis, Died Reg 50/1902 Mt Margaret.

BURROWS female unnamed, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried: 30 Oct 1902, Section A 5, Cause, Premature Birth, Father: William BURROWS (Grocer), Mother: Ada Mary ONSLOW, Born 29 Oct 1902 at Mt Morgans WA, Registered by father. Reg 71/1902 Mt Margaret.

BURT Thomas,  d 3 Mar 1900, 42yrs, at Mount Morgans, Occ: Cook, Cause: Phthisis, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery, Married to Caroline H A KRUGER in Sydney NSW at age 34yrs, Reg 18/1900 Mt Margaret.

CALEY William, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 2 Jun 1910, Section B 32, aged 72, Single, Prospector/Contractor from Yundamindera. Cause, Intestinal Haemorrhage, Father: John CALEY, Mother: Mary Ann GLOVER, Born: Marton Yorkshire England, In New Zealand 47yrs, In WA 26yrs, Reg 28/1910 Mt Margaret.

CAMPBELL Alexander, near Redcastle, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 17 Feb 1906, Section C 7, Age 47, Prospector/Miner from Redcastle. Cause, Struck by lightening, Family details unknown, Reg 17/1906 Mt Margaret. 

CAMPBELL William, d 22 Oct 1901, 3mths, at Mt Morgans, Cause: Natural Causes, Father: James Burns CAMPBELL (Miner), Mother: Ellen BAISLEY, Registered by Father, Buried: Mt Morgans Cemetery. Born: Yundamindera WA, Reg 41/1901 Mt Margaret.

CARTER unnamed female, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 27 May 1904, Section C 4, Cause, Prolonged labour, Father: Ernest Francis CARTER (Miner), Mother: Ethel Ida  ELLIOTT, Born 26/05/1904 at Mt Morgans WA. Reg 28/1904 Mt Margaret.

CLABBURN Walter Thomas, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Died about the 16th Feb 1908, Buried 18 Feb 1908, Section F 10, Age 55, Occ Wood Cutter, Father: William Houghton CLABBURN, Mother: Hannah BLYTHE, Born 1851 Norwich England, Miner from Murrin Murrin, Cause: Committed suicide with dynamite, Verdict of the Coroner, Reg 12/1908 Mt Margaret.

CLARK Elsie. Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery,  d 15 Sep 1928, at the Palace Hotel Mt Morgans, Married woman, Age 52yrs, Cause, Strangulated Umbilical Hernia, Exhaustion and Cardiac Failure, Born Bendigo VIC, In VIC 32yrs, In WA 20yrs, Married twice, 1st marriage in Adelaide SA, name unknown, 2nd to George Clark in Kalgoorlie WA. 1 child, Elsie,  age unknown by first marriage.  Reg 21/1928 Mt Margaret.

CLARKE William, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 20 Jun 1908, Section C 22, Age 32, Occ Miner, Cause: Fell down the open cut at the Westralia Mount Morgan GM. Verdict of the Coroner, Parents unknown, Born Fitzroy VIC, Reg 40/1908 Mt Margaret.

COCHRANE Peter, Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery,  d 11 Sep 1933 at Mt Morgans, Age 62, Occ Labourer, Cause, Miners Phthisis, Parents unknown, Believed to be born in Ballarat VIC, In WA 30yrs. Reg 13/1933 Mt Margaret.

COCKS Harold John ‘Jack’,  at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 14 Jun 1904, Section A 52, Age 2yr 4mths,  Born 1902 North Fremantle WA, Father: William Hugh COCKS (Civil Servant), Mother: Elizabeth Ellen GRAHAM. Reg 30/1904 Mt Margaret.

CRUICKSHANK Rose nee BOOTH ashes placed with family, Died 14 Jun 1972, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Section A 50, Age 82, Wife of Archibald Cruikshank.

DAVIES David, at Australia United GM, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 23 Nov 1904, Section C 6,  Age 43, Cause, Gunshot wound self-inflicted while temporarily insane, Verdict of the Coroner. Occ Miner/Prospector, Born 1861 in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, In VIC 8 yrs, In WA 5 yrs, Father: David DAVIES (Gentleman) , Mother: Ann Morgan, Married to Margaret WARREN in Kadina SA at age 22yrs, Children: William Stanley 21yrs, Clarice 18yrs, David 15yrs, Rhoda 11yrs, Vida Warren 8yrs, 2 males deceased. Informant W S Davies (Son),  Reg 43/1904 Mt Margaret.

DAVIES Idris Morgan, at the Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 18 Apr 1904, Section C 2, Female age 12 days, Born 4 Apr 1904 at Mt Morgans WA, Father: David DAVIES (Miner), Mother: Margaret  WARREN. Registered by brother W S Davies,  Reg 15/1904 Mt Margaret.

DAVIES Morgan, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 20 Dec 1907, Section C 18,  Age 64, Single, Occ  Miner, Born Wales, In VIC 12yrs, In NSW 14yrs, In WA 14yrs, Married to Mary DAVIES in Newcastle NSW at age 34yrs, Children: David 28yrs, Noah 26yrs, Katherine 24yrs, William 21yrs, deceased 1 male and 1 female, Buried with William Davies, Cause Acute Bronchial Pneumonia, Emphysema, Reg 72/1907 Mt Margaret. Fathers Occ, Mine Manager, Name of parents unknown, Reg 72/1906 Mt Margaret.

DAVIES William, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Nov 1908, Section C 18, Age 20 years & 6 months, Buried with Father, Morgan Davies, Occ Miner, Father: Morgan DAVIES, Mother: Mary DAVIES,  Cause, Fall of earth at the Westralia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Born 1888 in ,North Bulli, NSW. 7yrs in VIC, 2mths in WA, Reg 61/1908 Mt Margaret.

DAVIS Harriet Mary,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 9 May 1903, Section A 55, Age 30, Father: Joseph HATTON, Mother: Jane STUBBS,  Born 28 Jan 1873 NSW Married to T DAVIS.

Harriett DAVIS

DAVIS Harriet May North Coolgardie Herald 12 may 1903 p2

DEE John, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 15 Jul 1904, Section B 5, Age 44, Born Tipperary, Ireland, In New Zealand for some years, In WA 5 yrs,
Occ Labourer at railway gravel pit, Cause Heart failure, Verdict of the Coroner. Reg 34/1904 Mt Margaret.

DEVINE Douglas Desmond,  Queen St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Apr 1904, Section A 54, Age 5 weeks, Born at Anaconda WA, Father: Douglas DEVINE, Mother: Sarah RODGERS, Born March 1904 in Perth WA. Registered by father, Reg 18/1904 Mt Margaret.

DICKINSON Frederick, Mt Morgans Cemetery, d 14 N, 1930, At the Palace Hotel, Mt Morgans, Age 67, Occ Pensioner, Cause, Myocarditis and Cirrhosis of Liver, Heart Failure, Born Bromley by Bow, England, In WA 40 yrs. Reg 24/1930 Mt Margaret.

DIXON William Thomas, at Margaret St, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 10 Feb 1906, Section A 42, Age 58, Occ Miner, Ref North Coolgardie Herald 14 Feb 1906: leaves a Wife & 4 children, Cause, Miners Complaint, Born Liverpool England. In VIC 34yrs, In WA 7yrs, Father: John Dixon (Farmer), Mother: Dianah JENKINS, Married to Annie HOOD in Stalwall VIC at age 22yrs, Children: William Alfred 36yrs, Elizabeth Emma 34yrs, Martha Jane 32yrs, John Thomas 30yrs, deceased 2 females, Registered by J T Dixon (Son), Reg 13/1906 Mt Margaret.

DOHERTY Patrick J, d 13 Apr 1899, 27yrs, at Westralia Mt Morgans GM,  Occ: Miner, Cause: Accidental by explosion of Dynamite, also killed were Felix GROGAN and Michael HIGGINS, Buried: Mt Morgans, Born: Co Clare IRELAND, In QLD 10mths, 2yrs SA, 5yrs WA, Reg 7/1898 Mt Margaret.

DONOGHUE William, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 29 Oct 1901, Section A 14, aged 30, Mine Employee. (On burial register, but doesn’t appear to be registered with BDM)

DOOLEY Patrick John, at 7 Mile Well, Australia United Rd, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 3 Apr 1909, Section B 33, Age abt 34, Occ Blacksmith, Father: Patrick DOOLEY (Farmer), Mother: Margaret DALY, Born 8 Oct 1872 at Toolijooa, NSW, In NSW abt 12yrs, In WA 13yrs, Cause, Accidentally shot in head while out turkey shooting, Verdict of the Coroner. Reg 12/1909, Mt Margaret.

Patrick Dooley Grave plaque erected by John Maloney 

DOWER  Hector Arthur, d 1 May 1902, 9yrs, at Mt Morgans Hospital, Cause: Pneumonia, Father: John DOWER (Miner), Mother: Ada HANSEN, Registered by Father, Buried Mt Morgans Cemetery, Born: Bendigo VIC, In VIC 5yrs, in WA 4 yrs, Reg 25/1902 Mt Margaret.

DOWER James , at Guest GM, Mt Morgans, Mt Morgans Cemetery, d 21 Oct 1904, Buried 22 Oct 1904, Section A 51, Age 46, Occ Miner, Born 1858 in Bendigo VIC, In VIC and TAS for 41yrs, In WA 5yrs, Father: James DOWER, Mother: Mary BASTION, Cause, Committed suicide by dynamite underground at the Guest GM by blowing his head off, Verdict of the Coroner. - Ref North Coolgardie Herald 22 Oct 1904, Reg 40/1904, Mt Margaret.

DOYLE Alfred, Buried 29 Nov 1919, Section B 48, Age 51, from Linden, Died in the Mount Morgan Hospital from Brights disease. Reg  37/1919 Mt Margaret.

DOYLE John Francis, Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 8 Mar 1903, Section A 2, Age 45, Single, Cause, Alcoholism, Occ, Saddle and Harness Maker, Born 1858 Limerick Ireland,  In VIC 30yrs, In WA 7 yrs, Father: James DOYLE (Labourer) , Mother: Hannah  Molloy, Registered by George DOYLE (Brother).  
Reg  14/1903 Mt Margaret

DUNGEY  unnamed male,  Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 6 Jun 1908, Section B 27, Father: Henry Walter DUNGEY (Battery Manager) born Dunedin New Zaaland, Mother: Bridget Mary STORER (Born Limerick Ireland), Born 6 Jun 1908 at Mt Morgans WA, Cause Stillborn. Reg 37/1908 Mt Margaret. 

DUNN Nebucadnezza , Mt Morgans Cemetery, Buried 4 Apr 1924, Section A 94, Age 64, Prospector from Linden, Died in the Mt Morgan Hospital from Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Pneumonic Infection, Reg 8/1924, Mt Margaret.



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