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Western Australia.

Established in 1897 when the townsite of Mt Margaret was gazetted.

This is an incomplete index due to the fact no records have been found to date.
The whole district for Mining Leases and for registration of Birth, Deaths and Marriages was called the Mt Margaret District but the place or event could have happened anywhere within the Shire of Laverton. The Mt Margaret Aboriginal Community was established in 1921 and is situated 5kms from the original Mt Margaret Townsite and Cemetery.

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Mount Margaret Cemetery

Location: 28º48‘43S - 122º10`04E

ARMSTRONG Unnamed male, d 3 May 1899, Stillborn, at Australia United GM, Father: Alfred Francis ARMSTRONG (Accountant), Mother: Mavis SCOTT, Registered by Father, Buried Mount Margaret Cemetery, 11/1899 Mt Margaret.

BAILEY Hugh Sidney, d 8 Apr 1899, 35yrs, at Mt Margaret Hospital, Occ: Assayer, Cause: Typhoid Fever, Buried Mt Margaret Cemetery, Reg 5/1899 Mt Margaret.

BENNETT William Ralph, d. 24 Apr 1899, 26yrs, at Mt Margaret Hospital, Occ: Baker, Cause: Typhoid Fever, Buried: Mt Margaret Cemetery, 10mths in WA, Reg 8/1899 Mt Margaret.

ISAACS William, AKA William KING, d 6 Apr 1899, 36yrs, at Mt Margaret, Occ: Miner, Cause: Acute Tuberculosis, Registered by James Cox, Partner of deceased, Buried Mt Margaret Cemetery, Lived in NSW, In WA 5yrs, Reg 4/1899 Mt Margaret.

LENNON John Richard, d 22 Aug 1898, 6mths, at Mount Margaret, Cause: Eutero Colitis, Father: John LENNON (Store Keeper), Mother: Ann Jane RILEY, Registered by Father, Buried: Mt Margaret Cemetery, Born: Ryde NSW, In NSW 3mths in WA 3mths, Reg 14/1898 Mt Margaret.

McDONALD Alexander, Cause: Burns, Kalgoorlie Miner 23 Apr 1896

MULLINS Martin d15 Oct 1898, 46yrs, Occ: Miner Reg 1496/1898,

MUNSHANK William d 4 Jun 1897, 59yrs:  Occ: Miner, Born: Germany, Died of exhaustion, Reg 710/1897.

STIRLING William, d 27 Apr 1897, 67yrs, at Mount Margaret, Occ: Miner, Cause: Bright's Disease & Heart Failure, Buried: Mt Margaret, Reg 5/1898 Mt Margaret.

SUMMERS Margaret, d 4 Mar 1898, 38yrs, at Mt Margaret Hospital, Occ: Cook, Cause: Multiple Neuritis & Cardiac failure, Buried: Mt Margaret Cemetery, Reg 6/1898 Mt Margaret.

TRENTER Alfred Edwin, d 22 Dec 1897, 30yrs, at Royal Hotel, Mt Margaret, Occ: Hotel Keeper, Cause: Multiple Nephritis & Heart failure, Buried: Mt Margaret Cemetery, Born: Naracoorte SA, In SA 26yrs, In WA 4yrs, Reg 1/1898 Mt Margaret.

WADE John d 25 Aug 1942, 13 yrs, Reg 21/1942 Mt Margaret.

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Funeral Ceremony for John Wade.

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