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Coolgardie Cemetery F - J


FAAHEN Cecilia 18/11/1913 R/C E12 Married woman
FAAHEN William Michael 10/04/1942 R/C F1 Retired public.
FAGERHIEN Claus 10/07/1914 ANG E3.71 Occ Seaman
FAHEY Mary 04/02/1899 R/C C41 Married woman died of typhiod
FALK Mary 3/12/1894 ANG A83 Married woman
FALLON Francis Ralph 23/06/1955 ANG C3.74  
FALLON Catherine Minnie 2/11/1942 R/C F26 Home duties. Died of a carcinoma.
FALLS William 10/02/1897 R/C C64 Died from typhoid fever and bronchitis
FARNELL (Buried with Catherine R FARNELL)  Emily A 14/07/1902 R/C D4 Interred with Sister
FARNELL Catherine Ruth 21/12/1900 R/C D4  
FARRELL Andrew 16/06/1900 R/C A105  
FARROW Georgina Harriet 26/09/1958 ANG F 56 Silver urn containing ashes interred in husbands grave 2987. Ashes came from Canada. SEE CLARK Thomas Floyd
FAWCETT Margaret 06/12/1897 PRES A129 Married woman died of perionitis
FEARS Harry 09/02/1897 PRES A32 Died of enteric fever
FEARS Edgar Andrew 17/04/1896 PRES A15  
FEARSON William 23/11/1901 PRES A109  
FEELY James 21/03/1914 R/C F96 Occ miner
FENESSEY David 19/05/1897 R/C A67 Died of enteric fever
FENTON John 21/07/1896 ANG B75  
FERGUSON Andrew Ross 18/11/1935 PRES C5 Married. Died of heart failure
FERGUSON Robert Joseph 05/04/1897 WES A92 Died of Gastro enteritus, & Marasmus.
FERGUSON David Moodie 29/05/1901 PRES A97  
FERGUSON John 02/04/1902 PRES B15  
FERRARI Marcial Gascoyne 11/01/1898 GEN A1.53 Died of pneumonia, found dead in [Unnamed] hotel.  Postmortem held natural causes
FIELDER Kenneth 17.3.1981 ANG A3 .87 He was 2nd Engineer at No 8 Pumping stn. Murdered at the Pump Stn.
FIELDS William 12/12/1895 R/C A21  
FINCH John Barnes 17/12/1963 ANG B3.72 Also buried Elizabeth FINCH
FINCH Elizabeth 09/09/1971 ANG B3.72 Interred with husband John B FINCH see Ref No 3051, From Regional Hospital Kalgoorlie.
FINCH Robert William 31/03/1937 ANG F5.83  
FINDLAY Hugh 25/12/1894 WES A15  
FINLAY Hunter 07/09/1906 ANG B2.20 Occ Doctor of Medicine
FINN Rita Mafeking 19/07/1914 ANG C2.10 Home duties
FINN Robert Albert 13/10/1906 ANG C2.10  
FINNERTY Bertha Mary 17/08/1911 ANG F2.18  
FINNON William 14/11/1911 R/C E22 Occ prospecter
FIRTH Samuel 28/07/1897 ANG C67 Died of pneumonia
FISHER Andrew 01/08/1960 METH D19  
FITTS Mary  16/01/1897 ANG C14 Married woman
FITZGERALD John F 07/06/1895 R/C C14  
FITZGERALD John 12/05/1958 ANG B3.33  
FITZGERALD Martin Edward 10/07/2006 General A1  92 Late of the Edward Collick Homes Kalgoorlie
FITZPATRICK Joseph 15/12/1903 WES B32 Enry Fitzpatrick Father as u/t
FITZPATRICK Gertude 12/02/1900 R/C A80 Interred with brother
FITZPATRICK Elizabeth 23/07/1899 R/C B21 Married woman
FITZPATRICK Leonard Edward 02/12/1898 R/C A80 6mths Father: John Mother: Elizabeth WHITE
FLAHERTY Mark 16/03/1899 R/C B14  
FLANAGAN Ivy Ellen 24/03/1898 WES A128  
FLANNIGAN Edith Mary 21/03/1898 R/C C50  
FLEMING Amelia May Ellen 26/10/1916 R/C F79 Married woman
FLEMING Michael 8/02/1911 R/C E67 Occ dryblower
FLEMING John 21/11/1898 R/C A86  
FLEMMING William James 29/10/1913 R/C E14  
FLETCHER Charles Herbert 28/01/1895 ANG A49  
FLETCHER Neil 05/11/1895 PRES A6  
FLETCHER Verna Folland 14/04/1900 ANG E16 10mths, father James, Mother: Elizabeth BLACKMORE
FLETCHER Frederick 2/12/1902 ANG F37  
FLOOD Frederick 23/10/1902 ANG F28  
FLORENCE Thomas 16/06/1942 ANG D4 .77 Heart failure, retired person
FLOWERS Robert 15/02/1895 ANG A47 Painter
FLYNN George 19/08/1908 R/C E94 Occ tobacco worker. In register page 60 shows Grave No E94. on page 61 Duplication of entry showing grave no E97.
FOBISTER Frederick Heury 01/08/1906 WES C25  
FOGARTY John Thomas 6/01/1906 R/C D62 Occ civil servant. Died of typhoid Fever
FOGARTY  James Patrick 20/07/1909 R/C E73  
FOLEY Francis Robert 22/08/1969 R/C H50  
FOLEY Cyril 31/10/1910 ANG D3.25  
FOREMAN Hilda Mary 29/12/1898 PRES A48  
FORGIE Benjamin Howard 20/01/1983 METH G 32 Graizier Mungari Stn. Accidental Death
FORREST Mavis Ellen 15/08/1933 ANG F4.81 Died of pneumonia
FORSATTI Giovanni 19/10/1909 R/C E130 Occ woodcutter. Inquest held. He was wilfully murdered in the cave at the rear of the Grand Bar, at Coolgardie, by Peter Robustelli.
FORSTER Lena 3/03/1896 ANG B42 Single woman. Ttyphoid fever
FORSTER Olive 2/03/1898 ANG D 38  
FOSTER Tim 00/00/1986 not noted Tree 2 His Ashes were originally placed on a mining lease. And later relocated when open cut mining Commenced. Placed under Tree 2. on the 4/02/1990.
FOSTER Ali 27/07/1999 not noted Tree 2 Interred next to husband.  Reg No 3188-A
FOSTER Jeramiah 6/12/1906 S/A A  15 Occ miner
FOSTER Edward 4/03/1899 ANG E5  
FOSTER Mary Catherine 27/06/1908 R/C E125  
FOSTER Cathrine Mary 7/10/1900 R/C B28  
FOSTER Charles Henry 16/10/1899 ANG E 44  
FOTHERINGHAM Douglas 19/01/1897 PRES A30 Died of enteric fever.
FOUREUR Blanche 29/09/1965 R/C Sister of Mercy Grave 72
FOWERAKER Percy Robert 05/02/1896 WES A36 Typhoid fever
FOWLER William Stephen 8/08/1990 ANG A3 .74 Service Pensioner. Late of the Kalgoorlie Nursing Home.
FOWLER Trevor 23/05/1903 ANG F20  
FOX Frederick 10/05/1898 ANG D81 Died of consumption of bowel
FRANCIS Huburt 1/02/1902 ANG B20 Interred with sister
FRANCIS George 17/04/1896 R/C A28  
FRANCIS Unnamed male 06/04/1905 ANG B2.20 Father Frank Mother Clara WRIGHT
FRANCIS Elaine Elizabeth 17/12/1897 ANG B20  
FRANK Albert George 22/11/1991 R/C H. 43 Service Pensioner. He was the last Permanent Resident of the Coolgardie Hospital. Past Member of the Coolgardie RSL.
FRANKLIN Caroline Alice 31/01/1908 ANG C2.34 Married woman.Inquest held.. Excesive drink and kidney disease.
FRANKLIN Cedric 07/08/1930 ANG F4.82 Occ labourer
FRANKLIN James Obrien 7/06/1915 R/C F84 Occ miner
FRANKLIN James Henry 21/07/1907 R/C E108  
FRANKS Paul  19/05/1958 ANG B3.35  
FRASER James Grant 19/06/1898 PRES A113 Died of Dysentry
FRASER William Alex 7/01/1896 ANG A96  
FRASER Alexander 14/10/1902 PRES B25  
FREARS Annastatsia 21/07/1936 R/C F65  
FREEDMAN Frederick 27/03/1957 R/C H8  
FREEDMAN Ethel 20/08/1900 ANG E56 From Burbanks
FREEDMAN Frederick Harry 12/06/1907 WES C45  
FREEDMAN Walter 5/10/1908 ANG E 56  
FRENCH Daisy 23/04/1993 METH G 39 Late of 2 Lady Lock Road Coolgardie
FRENCH William George 05/11/1993 METH G 41 Suicide by Hanging Late 2 Lady Lock road. Coolgardie
FROHLICH Carl 17/06/1938 ANG F5.30 Occ pensioner
FROST Stanley James 24/10/1946 ANG D4.73  
FROYE Frederick 25/02/1896 ANG A102  
FRYER Benjamin Cockshot 18/03/1897 ANG C18 Remains found in Hut. Inquest held. age 50, born England
FULLER Alfred 27/09/1905 ANG B2.10 Occ miner
FULLER Traylon Eliott 22/11/1897 ANG D5 Typhoid fever
GAGAN James 20/11/1895 R/C A22  
GALE Lavinia (Minnie) 15/11/1913 ANG E3.6 Married woman
GALIUS Edward 11/01/1909 R/C E86  
GALLAGHER Domminick 29/01/1937 R/C F13  
GAMMAGE Nathaniel Archibald 15/07/1914 ANG E3.69 Occ green grocer
GAMPER Theodore 11/05/1896 R/C A35  
GANI Osman 03/03/1915 MOH   Died Malcolm Reg Mt Marg 20/1915
Gannaway M A        
GANNAWAY Mary Ann 20/09/1930 METH C121 Buried with motherMarried woman
GANNON Mrs 03/01/1896 R/C C20 Married woman
GARDINER Neil Wellington 4/06/1960 ANG B3.47  
GARDINER Leslie James 1/06/1901 ANG E63 From Horse RocksInquest held.. Death caused by wagon wheel running over his head
GARNER Elsie May 8/12/1899 ANG E12 5mths, Father: Sydney Mother: Annie CAIN
GARNIER Pascal 24/06/1898 R/C C31 Body Exhumed Sept 8th 1900
GARRETT John 23/11/1898 ANG D86  
GARTON Charles 22/01/1895 WES A18 Age 27, cause Typhoid
GARTRELL Avice Athene Violet 4/01/1904 ANG A2.3 Born in Kookyne
GARVEY Patrick 16/06/1895 R/C C15  
GATLEY Frederick C 10/06/1916 METH B97 In Memory of
GATLEY Unnamed male 26/09/1912 WES B97  
GATLEY William Charles 30/06/1903 WES B97 2 days, Father Charles Mother Ellen WILLIAMS
GAYNOR James 5/03/1901 R/C D13 Single man. Run over by a train at Mungarrie
GAYNOR Francis Patrick 2/05/1904 R/C D13  
GAZETTI James 31/12/1909 R/C E69 Occ miner
GAZEY George A 21/08/1914 ANG E3.61 Occ labourer
GEALING Unnamed 1/11/1939 R/C F9  
GEAR Elsie Victoria Maude 07/11/1988 WES F5. 81 Ashes interred with Husband Reg No 2645
GEAR George 17/12/1937 ANG F5.81 Hotel Keeper. Died of Menningitis. Also contains the ashes of Elsie Victoria Maude GEAR wife of deceased placed 7/11/1988 .
GEARY James Arthur 31/05/1900 PRES A112  
GEBBIE Alexander Mclean 25/08/1939 PRES C46  
GELSANEN John 04/04/1897 R/C A55 Died of enteric fever
GEMMELL Jessie liilian Edna 01/06/1904 PRES B36 From Burbanks
GEMMELL Samuel 11/07/1902 R/C D41 Interred with mother
GEMMELL Matilda 15/05/1902 R/C D41  
GENTLE Frank 27/04/1895 GEN A1  .24 Aboriginal
GEORGE Chas Seymour Shayle 6/01/1897 ANG C46 Died of paralysis. Solicitor.
GEORGE Sebastian De Lorne 5/06/1896 ANG B6 Male child
GEPP Gertrude Winnerfred 15/07/1905 ANG B2  4  
GERREY William 10/09/1898 WES A124  
GERRING Beatrice 31/05/1914 ANG E3.56 Occ needle woman
GHERARDIN Herbert Thomas Victor 5/02/1908 ANG C2.36 Inquest held. Was run over by a train near the 351 mile peg between Calooli and Ubrini?.Occlabourer
GIBBONS Jack Eric Albert 28/04/1905 WES C17  
GIBBS Minnetta Jane 16/04/1899 WES B35 Married woman, 34yrs
GIBSON James 25/01/1895 GEN A1.13  
GIBSON Collin Campbell 11/12/1897 ANG D20  
GILBERT Charles 17/09/1942 ANG F5.21 From Widgiemooltha.Occprospector. Died from pleurisy.
GILBERT Unnamed male 6/09/1905 GEN A2.68 Father William John GILBERT
GILES Ernest 15/11/1897 ANG D3 Died from pneumonia
GILES Francis 18/11/1903 ANG A21  
GILES Unnamed 27/11/1899 WES B48  
GILHOOLIE Unnamed male 05/04/1901 ANG E 65 Male child
GILHOOLIE Jane 19/12/1909 ANG E2.3  
GILKES Edgar 20/01/1896 ANG A108  
GILL Emma Jane 29/10/1897 WES A116 Chronic Nephritis dysentry. Nee MILLER
GILL Alfred Charles Osborn (Fred) 08/03/1913 ANG F2.22 Occ prospector
GILL William  14/05/1945 ANG C3.78 Occ prospector
GILLETT Ada Gertrude 31/08/1899 WES B57 Died of consumption. Single woman
GILLETT Raymond John Whyte 24/05/1902 ANG F49 3mths, Father: Percy Mother: Matilda SUTCLIFFE
GILLIESPIE Alexander 24/03/1897 PRES A26  
GILMORE Wifred Frederick 13/02/1975 R/C I108 Lived at Woodward St, Coolgardie
GILMORE Richard 2/04/1918 ANG F3 43 Occ miner. Inquest held. Suicide self inflicted bullet wound.
GILMOUR William Taylot Lynn 15/08/1899 PRES A87  
GIMBLETTE William 02/02/1902 PRES A46 Interred with daughter
GIMBLETTE Majorie 10/09/1897 PRES A46  
GIOVANNI Varchelli 30/03/1899 R/C A100 Italian
GIOVANNI (Italian) 16/04/1898 R/C A85  
GUAREMONI Guissenni 09/03/1897 GEN A2.7 Died as a result of a blasting accident in water shaft
GIRAUD Vincent William 06/01/1897 R/C C70 Died of pereotonitis.Occlabourer
GIRDWOOD John 3/05/1897 ANG C4 Died of enteric fever
GITTOS Charlotte 15/01/1895 ANG A86 Female child
GLANVILLE David Strickland 11/11/1920 ANG F3.61 Occ Caretaker
GLASS William Morrison 09/12/1897 PRES A140 Died suddenly, Inquest held.
GLASS Elizabeth 1/05/1895 ANG A16 Married woman
GLASSON Unnamed Female  13/01/1913 ANG F2.11  
GLEESON Patrick 22/03/1895 R/C C9  
GLEESON Kate 4/12/1897 ANG A16 Buried with daughter Elizabeth Glass u/t Read Died in Kalgoorlie. Was a Married woman.
GLEGHORNE John Walker 25/04/1897 PRES A49 Male child. Died of Marasmus
GLENDIN John 27/07/1896 ANG B51  
GODDARD William Victor 01/12/1904 ANG A2.9 Born at Burbanks
GODDARD William V 27/03/1900 ANG E34  
GODDEN John Henry Julian 1/06/1896 ANG B24  
GODENA William Nicholas "Peter' 17/03/1909 R/C E79

Died from drowning at the Soak Dam, Malcolm, aged 34yrs, Father:- Nicholas GODENA (Miner) Mother Elizabeth WILSON, born Eganstown, VIC, Married to Elsie Maria CARPENTER at age 31yrs in Coolgardie WA, Children:- Charlotte Lena 3yrs, William Carpenter 4 ½ mths

GOLD Charles De Garburgh 28/05/1897 ANG C60 Died from peritonitus. Late Captain of the 65 Regiment
GOLD Elizabeth De Garburgh 1/06/1898 ANG C60 Shot by Kenneth Snodgrass
GOOCH Mary 20/12/1896 GEN A2.9 Died of Injury to brain
GOOD Edward Patrick 24/04/1897 R/C A57 Died of enteric fever.
GOODACRE Unnamed 20/11/1899 WES B65  
GOODACRE Unnamed 22/02/1902 WES A120  
GOODACRE Eric Clarke 22/11/1898 WES A120  
GOODGE Thomas 10/08/1896 GEN A2.18  
GOODSWEN Isaac Underwood 25/09/1912 WES C100 Occ chemist
GOODWIN Arthur Henry Jerome 22/07/1896 ANG B49 age 39
GORDON Albert Ernest 26/06/1969 PRES C65  
GORMAN Arthur George 4/12/1964 ANG F4.22 Buried with mother See Reg No [no number]
GORMAN Thomas 14/06/1914 PRES C30 Occ miner
GOTWELL Alfred Albert 27/10/1898 ANG D61 Married man
GOULD Kieith Albert 20/04/2009   Tree 136 ashes  
GOULDER Samuel 14/03/1915 ANG E3.100 Occ miner. Inquest held. Death caused by an explosion at Turn of the Tide Goldmine Kunnunalling.
GRACE Dorothy Irene 12/06/2008     No records exist to support indentification of the location of the grave number or section.
GRADY Patrick 7/12/1914 R/C F88 Occ dry blower
GRAHAM Mary Catherine 01/07/1926 Ang F3.76  
GRAHAM Stewart 10/07/1935 PRES B61 Buried with Agnes. Died of miners complaint
GRAHAM (see Stewart GRAHAM) Agnes Voor 04/07/1951 PRES B61 Buried with Husband
GRAHAM William Kevin 15/01/1928 ANG F3 76 With mother
GRAHAM baby 06/09/1902 GEN A2.52  
GRAHAM Kenneth Steward  Andrew 02/10/1914 PRES B61  
GRAHAM Mary Barclay 05/11/1908 PRES B61  
GRAHAM James 12/05/1908 PRES B69  
GRAHAM Elizabeth 22/05/1902 PRES B9  
GRAINGER Unnamed 28/06/1901 WES B79 From Burbanks
GRANT Obediah  9/06/1896 ANG B25 45yrs
GRANTHAM (child) 11/07/1906 ANG B2.15  
GRATTE Doris Vera 26/011901 ANG E61  
GRAVES Alfred 20/06/1912 ANG F2.4 Occ miner
GRAVES Albert 7/11/1912 R/C E13 Occ miner
GRAY John 4/04/1895 ANG A71  
GRAY Benjamin 09/07/1897 GEN A1.8 Died of dysentry and consumption
GRAY James Byrce 23/08/1902 ANG F34 Occ miner
GRAY Mary 30/06/1899 R.C B16 Single woman. Died of scarlet fever and heart failure
GRAY Sydney Herron 30/12/1907 R/C E109  
GRAY Unknown 23/10/1903 GEN A2.58  
GRAY Frank 19/09/1896 ANG B56  
GRAY  unnamed male 02/01/1914 R/C E26  
GREAY James 16/01/1897 R/C C65 Died of enteric fever and pneumonia
GRECIAN Bertha Marion 7/09/1910 ANG D3.13 Married woman
GREEN Samuel John Morris 30/10/1954 ANG D4.77  
GREEN Erica 28/05/1943 ANG D4.87 Died of burns & shock. Buried with still born child.
GREEN Frederick Cecil 19/09/1985 METH G22 Late of the Coolgardie hospital.
GREEN Jock 15/9/1984 METH G 25 Late of the Home for Aboriginals Kalgoorlie
GREEN Trevor James 06/08/2009 ANG A3 78 See Register burial No 3173 06/09/89
GREEN Kevin James 06/01/1989 ANG A3  78 Suicide. Occ plant operator. Late of 99 Sylvester St Coolgardie
GREEN Violet May 16/12/1914 ANG E3.99  
GREEN Unnamed 24/01/1941 ANG D4.87  
GREEN Walter James 08/04/1907 ANG C2.6 1 month, Father William Henry Mother: Clara E CRUDACE
GREENALGH Mabel Christina 29/10/1897 ANG C52 Convulsion and exhaustion
GREENHAGH Frank 01/01/1912 ANG E2.22 Occ butcher
GREGORY Alfred 1/03/1896 ANG B3  
GREGSON John Watts 23/10/1906 ANG C2.2  
GRENTHAM Myrtle 21/10/1905 ANG B2.15  
GREPO Jack 6/05/1980 R/C I106 Retired prospector, lived 69 Mc Donald St Coolgardie
GRIDLAND Francis  [Frank] 3/03/1895 ANG A37  
GRIEVE Joseph 24/03/1905 ANG B2.12 Occ woodcutter
GRIFFIN Johanna 19/12/1909 R/C E101  
GRIFFIN George Washington 22/07/1900 PRES A88 36yrs
GRIFFITH Elizabeth 7/10/1924 ANG F3.72 Home Duties
GRIFFITHS Douglas Harry 4/12/1897 ANG C43 Died of croup, age 3
GRIFFITHS Margaret Jane 20/03/1898 ANG D26 Married woman
GRIFFITHS Cordenia 24/08/1908 WES C67 Married woman
GRIFFITHS Alice 10/04/1910 ANG D3.31 Occ household duties
GRIFFITHS Margaret Jane 24/01/1898 ANG D26  
GRIGG Robert 04/12/1905 WES C32  
GROSS Hans 8/01/1969 R/C H53  
GROSVENOR Walter 16/04/1899 PRES A82 Died of typhoid fever
GROUNSELL William 9/11/1895 ANG A65  
GROVE Allan 28/03/1897 PRES A53 Died of Dysentry and convulsions
GROVES William John 1/11/1900 R/C D7 12yrs, Father: Nathaniel Mother: Bella URQUART
GROWSE Hubert William 23/02/1895 ANG A5  
GRUBNAU Rudolf 4/03/1897 ANG C 11  
GRUBNAU Robert 16/07/1896 ANG B81  
GRUNDRY Charles 20/07/1897 WES A109  
GRUNSTON James Brown 30/11/1949 ANG C3.40  
GUILBERT John Alfred 22/04/1896 WES A64 26yrs, Father: John Mother: Elizabeth SARE
GUILFOYLE James 04/07/1907 ANG C2 19  
GULLY John Lacey 16/03/1902 ANG F4.2 Killed by falling down a shaft at DeBeers. From Bullabulling
GUNDOOLY Jimmy 28/02/1949 GEN Unknown Aboriginal male
GUNN Robert 19/02/1896 GEN A2.33  
GUNNING Margret 28/05/1901 ANG E80 Married woman
GUNTHER Theodore 25/05/1896 ANG B31 Died of meningitis
GURRY Sr Mary Josephene (Rose) 21/01/1953 R/C Convent Sect Grave 66
GUST Frederick 8/09/1922 ANG F3.69 Inquest held died by an explosion of gelignite self administered. Suicide in a room at  Rear the Cremorne Hotel
GWYNNE Robert 2/06/1895 ANG A53  
HACKET Frederick 01/09/1960 ANG B3.41 Buried with wife Margaret
HACKET Margaret 15/06/1964 ANG B3.41 buried with husband Frederick in grave  Reg No 3028
HACKET Theodore 09/10/1943 PRES C50 Occ Farmer Died from chornic nephritis
HADDOW Unnamed male 17/12/1912 ANG F2.24  
HADDOW Ellen 17/12/1912 ANG F2 24  
HAFIZ Said 2/11/1896 AFG A5  
HAGEN William 30/09/1946 ANG D4.29  
HAIDER   13/12/1896 AFG A6 Died of pneumonia
HAIG Keith Bernard 06/06/1905 GEN A2.67  
HAIGH William 8/01/1895 ANG A44  
HALBERT Irene May 31/07/1899 ANG D42 Buried with sister
HALBERT Ivy Yatala 21/04/1898 ANG D 42  
HALES Ivy Pearl 23.12.1896 ANG C 34 Ddied of dysentry
HALES Charles 18/09/1907 WES C52 Occ harness maker
HALL Unnamed 19/01/1897 WES A30 Male child
HALL William Charles 31/12/1895 WES A30 Male child
HALL Thomas 07/08/1908 R/C   Note not shown in Cemetery Register. But is recorded in the Death Register, as being Buried in the Coolgardie Cemetery.OccButcher. Ref !908 no 64 M/O Charles Reginald Palmer MD. Mr Hall was a widower.
HALL William Robson 8/01/1932 METH C116 Occ foreman. Died miners disease
HALL John 6/05/1917 ANG F3.3 Occ miner
HALL John 13/03/1897 PRES A34 Single man
HALL Laura Edna 10/07/1897 ANG C  53  
HALL William 28/11/1895 PRES A5  
HALL Unnamed Female 9/02/1905 ANG B2.9  
HALL John James 22/06/1898 WES B16  
HAM Susan 07/08/1899 S/A A  2 Married woman
HAMILTON John Henry 4/01/1897 ANG C31 Fatal Accident. Run over by  Team.
HAMILTON Francis Sandilands 9/05/1897 ANG C48 Remains found in Debris of Kennedy's Hotel Fire
HANCOCK James 27/12/1914 METH C137 Occ miner
HANCOCK Alice 07/11/1897 WES A118 Single woman
HANCOCK Edward 03/03/1901 ANG E73  
HANG Emma 28/10/1898 PRES A124 Married woman. Died of consumption
HANLEY Emma 02/04/1917 ANG F3.1 Not in death register
HANN Chas Arthur 16/06/1950 METH D29  
HANN Percy Charles 25/10/1957 METH D29 Buried with son
HANNAH John Jones 09/08/1909 PRES B85 Occ clerk
HANNETT Christine Betty 07/06/1949 ANG C3.39  
HANNETT John Henry 11/06/1912 ANG F2.5 Occ stockman
HANNING Arthur Anderson 12/07/1909 WES C61 Inquest held. Died of self administered Stychnine
HANSEN Unnamed child 19/02/1911 GEN A77  
HANSEN John 14/01/1897 ANG C 10 Died of dropsy heart disease 
HANSEN-JORGENSEN John Ernest 9/1/1906 METH   Mining accident
HANSEN Robert 7/03/1901 ANG E87  
HARDER Joseph 11/08/1896 GEN A2.27  
HARDWICKE Blanche 29/12/1901 ANG F21 Committed suicide by hanging himself.
HARDWICKE John Browne 16/11/1913 ANG E3.117 Occ librarian
HARDY Gladys 15/09/1896 ANG B52  
HARKEN Arfst Cornelius 25/02/1898 R/C A.  87 age 24
HARKIN Roger 20/11/1907 R/C E.122  
HARLEY Andrew Henry 5/04/1895 ANG A 11  
HARMSTORF Lena 20/12/1898 ANG D53 Abdominal Tumour
HARN Eric William 07/07/1914 ANG E3.57 Occ saleman
HARRIMANN Alberta 15/05/1898 ANG D79 Single woman
HARRINGTON Edwards Aloysius 21/11/1906 R/C D87 Occ printer
HARRIS Jack 13/11/1987 R/C H.49 Aged Aboriginal Home Kalgoorlie
HARRIS Minnie 25/08/1897 JEW B 5 Married woman
HARRIS Timothy 18/12/1896 ANG C32 Occ miner

Photos from Cherie Harris

HARRIS George Philip 17/07/1905 ANG A2.18  
HARRIS Agnes 25/07/1898 R/C A88  
HARRIS Freda Emma 09/07/1899 WES B24  
HARRISON Henry Norman 11/05/1895 ANG A26  
HARRISON Thomas George 16/03/1921 WES C74  
HARRISON not recorded 24/12/1894 WES A51  
HARRISON Elizabeth Anne 09/12/1921 WES A51 Married woman
HARRISON Henry Ralf 23/08/1908 WES C74 Occ merchant
HARRISON Frank 10/01/2008 R/C I. 120 Returned Serviceman. Late of the Montana homes for the aged.
HARRISON Unknown 5/08/1901 R/C A115  
HARRISON John Thomas 15/09/1900 ANG E60  
HARROP Annie 14/05/1896 ANG B28 Married woman
HARROW John 09/11/1914 ANG E3.103 Occ miner
HART Frank 16/02/1900 ANG E26 Died of typhoid fever. From Burbanks
HART George 2/09/1902 R/C D39 Ran over by a train. Resident of Borrabin
HARTMAN Frederick 26/12/1894 GEN A1.52  
HARTY John James 29/11/1936 R/C F67 Died as result of suicide
HARVEY James Hamilton 21/10/1896 PRES A23 Died of pneumonia
HARVEY Henry 17/10/1903 ANG A2  
HASFORTH (Unnamed 23/05/1898 GEN A2.35 Male child
HASSELL Michael 04/02/1899 R/C C43 Died of typhoid. Red Hills
HASSELL William 24/01/1898 R/C A. 95  
HATTIE Alexander 13/03/1895 GEN A1.39  
HAWKINS Robert Spencer 9/06/1897 ANG C47 Died of typhoid & Malarial Fever and Pneumomia
HAWKINS Mary Ann 18/06/1898 R/C A82  
HAWKINS William G 21/08/1896 ANG B55  
HAY James 12/07/1895 ANG A59  
HAYES William Nicholas 4/12/1906 R/C E  103 Coronors report. Complications from accident whilst working on a particular stopeDied at Hospital
HAYES Henry 26/07/1899 WES B29  
HAYS James 2/08/1913 R/C E2 Occ miner
HAZEL James 22/05/1899 WES B28 Fell down a shaft at the Buttlerfly Mine Red Hill
HEAD John 7/11/1896 ANG B16  
HEALEY Connealus 14/11/1899 R/C A97 Died of pleurasy and pneumonia. From Norseman
HEALY Louisa / Dolly 07/08/1897 WES A112 Tombstone surname DUXBURY
HEARN Mary 30/07/1908 R/C E96 Inquest held. Died of injuries received through falling down an abandoned shaft while temporarily insane. In Cemetery Register is the name Henry Not Mary.
HEARN Henry       See Mary HEARN
HEARNE William George Wills 18/04/1955 ANG B3.75  
HEATH Amy 1/04/1898 ANG D40  
HEATHCOTE Unnamed  07/10/1907 PRES B53  
HEATHERINGTON Marjorie 04/08/1900 PRES A75  
HECKEL Thomas 13/02/1899 GEN A1.73 Found dead near Bonnievale, died of thirst.
HEGARTY John  7/01/1915 R/C F89 Occ labourer
HEIN Gustav 4/04/1898 ANG D76  
HEINS Hanna 20/04/1898 WES A79  
HEINZ John 14/03/1905 R/C D68  
HEITMANN Victer Charles 5/02/1912 ANG E2.16 Occ miner
HELLING Charles 28/07/1896 ANG B53  
HEMERSLEY Edward James 7/09/1907 R/C D90  
HEMMINGSON Abel Seth 27/09/1914 ANG E3.105 Occ prospector
HENDER Ellen Mary 22/06/1904 WES C6 Married woman
HENDERSON Alexander 27/02/1936 ANG F5.84 Accidental Death
HENDERSON Thomas Arthur 4/10/1976 ANG A3.91 10 Bayley St, Coolgardie
HENDERSON Unknown 23/12/1903 GEN A2.58 Arthur Henry Henderson. Female
HENDERSON Emily 23/01/1898 ANG D12 Occ nurse
HENDERSON James 17/11/1898 ANG D88  
HENDY Henry 10/03/1902 GEN A2.50 Run over by a train at Bullabulling. Lived at Bullabulling
HENNESSY James 20/12/1916 R/C F81  
HENRY William 25/02/1911 R/C E63 Occ miner
HENRY Thomas R 1/12/1903 R/C A113  
HENTY Ernest George 27/06/1895 ANG A22  
HEPBURN Robert 14/02/1908 ANG C2.35 Inquest held.Killed by a fall of Earth at the Birthday Gift Mine Burbanks
HEPBURN Madge 13/11/1907 GEN A74  
HEPWORTH Frederick Joshua 120/10/1949 ANG C3.33 Occ miner. Killed by falling down a shaft at the Barbara Mine
HERBERT Kathleen E 11/04/1902 WES B91  
HERN Mary Olive 24/03/1901 R/C B24 Buried with father. Died at Burbanks. Born at Londonderry
HERN Edward 20/09/1900 R/C B24  
HERRINGTON Rubina 10/04/1898 GEN A1  71 Married woman. Church of Christ
HERRON Archibald 06/10/1938 ANG F5.28  
HERRON Margaret W 28/01/1901 C/C A1  
HERTZ Rupert 23/07/1909 R/C E82 Occ labourer
HESLOP Edna May 03/07/1910 WES C34  
HESS Catherine Anne 25/09/1905 PRES B38 Married woman
HESS Mary 08/07/1941 PRES C48 Married woman
HETHERINGTON Robert Sommers 27/06/1911 ANG F2.1 Occ miner.
HETHERINGTON John H 24/04/1899 PRES A35  
HEWETTS Unknown 01/05/1899 GEN A1.60  
HEWITT Henry Joel 02/07/1951 ANG C3.22 Buried with Amelia Catherine
HEWITT Amelia Catherine 16/08/1957 ANG C3.22  
HEWITT James Bayley 01/07/1936 ANG C5 Died from a stroke
HEWITT Edwin Geoge 10/03/1909 ANG D2.33 Occ miner
HEWITT William George 24/09/1906 ANG B2.41 Occ miner
HEYEN Unnamed 08/11/1897 GEN A1.59 Male child
HICKS Pluto 1001/1977 METH D12 From Parks St Kalgoorlie
HICKS Amelia Jane 4/04/1925 METH C114  
HICKY Thomas 08/01/1899 R/C C40 Died at Burbanks from heart disease, at Burbanks
HICKY William A 25/11/1898 R/C C39 Died at Burbanks.Occblacksmith
HIGGINS Kevin Arthur Thomas 25/03/1978 ANG B3.59 From 134 Bayley St Coolgardie
HIGGINS Daniel J 9/08/1900 ANG E22  
HILDITCH Harry 12/01/1955 ANG B3.78  
HILDITCH Stanton Dale 29/09/1909 PRES B76  
HILES Thomas 17/04/1897 ANG C23 Died suddenly hemorrhage of the lungs. Single man.
HILL Adolphus Frederick 21/11/1894 R/C A2  
HILL Fay 28/12/1999 R/C H  25 Ashes placed with Dallas Hills Reg No 3206
HILL Horace William 19/05/1903 ANG F38 Died from inhailing Hydro-Cyanic fumes
HILL Herbert Henry 25/04/1902 ANG F38 Died of typhoid fever
HILLAND James 12/02/1899 R/C A98 Died of falling in a lime pit whilst in an epileptic fit. Bonnievale
HILLIAND Patrick 21/12/1898 R/C A90 Died of dysentry
HILLIAR Richard James 27/08/1912 ANG F2.10  
HILLIER George Henry 25/05/1937 ANG F4.26 Died of Heart failure. Buried with wife
HILLIER (baby) 29/03/1907 ANG E53 Certified in writing Annie Mary Hillier mother. U/t James William Hillier
HILLIER Alice Victoria 10/05/1934 ANG F4.26 Married womanDied of Heart Failure.
HILLIER William 10/10/1905 WES C22 Occ sawyer
HILLIER Herodius 03/01/1914 Meth C22 Widow
HILLIER Vera Irene 11/08/1900 ANG E53  
HILLMAN Julian Henry 27/06/1911 ANG D3.8 Occ clerk
HILLMAN Reginald Jasper Henry 5/05/1898 ANG D82  
HILLS Brenton James 31/12/1984 R/C I101 Late of 60 Bayley St Coolgardie
HILLS Dallas John 29/10/1993 R/C   H  25 Result of a Car accident. Occminer. Late 10 Sylvester st Coolgardie also ashes of Fay HILLS
HINCHCLIFFE Rita 05/02/1900 GEN A2.45  
HINDES Julian 14/01/1897 ANG C16 Died of enteric fever
HINDMARSH James 9/08/1907 ANG C2.24 Occ miner
HITCHINGS Emily Sewell 21/05/1910 WES C90 Occ household duties
HOARE Henry 24/03/1905 ANG A2.21 Occ carter
HOBBA Dulcie 3/03/1930 ANG F4.84 Mr Strother Married woman  from Burbanks
HOBBA Julie Ellen 18/04/1913 METH C56  
HOBBA Gladys Frances 22/05/1912 WES C56  
HOBBS Frederick Rowland 15/06/1950 R/C H 65  
HOBBS Eliza  29/08/1943 ANG D4.39 Bronchial pneumonia.OccHome duties
HODGES Charles 12/02/1908 PRES B71  
HODGSON Hannah 19/02/1898 R/C C61 Single woman. Occ nurse
HOESSLER Charlie 24/06/1926 AFG    
HOFFMAN Bridget 9/05/1900 R/C B38 Married woman
HOFFMAN John Geoge Christopher 24/10/1907 WES C58 Miner
HOFFMAN Frederick Willim Henry 3/07/1912 R/C E20 Occ miner
HOGG Alistair Keith 14/06/1934 PRES B95 Buried with Uncle G.Hogg. Died of pneumonia
HOGG George 12/07/1910 PRES B95 Inquest held. Accidently killed at the Battery of Tindals Mine by being caught between the counter shaft and belting.
HOLDING Rolf 3/03/1901 ANG E71 Married man. From Burbanks died by falling down a pit at Burbanks Goldmine
HOLLANDS May 13/09/1940 R/C F7  
HOLMES Richard 24/11/1937 ANG F5.29  
HOLMES Henry 17/02/1903 ANG F27  
HOLMES Mary Chappel Sophia 8/04/1903 R/C A111 6mths
HOLTHAM Horace John 27/03/1896 ANG B17  
HOOPER Josephine Ellen 24/11/1966 ANG A3.99  
HOOPER Frederick 2/10/1945 ANG C3.79 Occ Farm Worker from Carbine
HOPKINS Albert 12/03/1896 ANG B38  
HORAN James David 25/06/1990 R/C H  47 Died in the Leonora hospital. Was a retired truck driver
HORNE Rebecca 19/08/1909 WES C88 Married woman
HORNE David 27/07/1905 PRES B39 Occ miner
HORNE Alexander Thomas 7/01/1910 R/C E79 Police Constable
HORNHARDT Ferdinand 28/06/1911 ANG E2.13 Occ miner
HORSINGTON Elizabeth Anne 29/04/1908 R/C E124 Married woman
HORSINGTON John  5/04/1908 R/C D55  
HORSINGTON Unnamed 21/06/1904 R/C D55  
HORSMAN Thomas 28/04/1906 WES C36  
HORST James Alfred 01/05/1911 ANG E2.31  
HORTON Albert E H 23/04/1896 ANG B32 33yrs
HOSIE Cecil Roy 11/07/1895 GEN A1.31 Male child
HOSKING Thomas Ernest 08/02/1899 WES B22 Died of typhoid fever. Single man from Block 48
HOSKING Alfred James 13/04/1901 WES B71  
HOWARD George 29/01/1904 R/C D48 CoronersInquest held.  rupture of a blood vessel.OccBlacksmith
HOWARD Ruby Hanna 13/01/1915 R/C F86  
HOWE Phyllis 17/06/1903 ANG F53 From Bonnievale
HOWELL Thomas 24/02/1895 R/C C3  
HOWERTH George 10/08/1918 ANG F3  10 Occ farmer and prospector
HOWIE John Davidson 24/11/1902 PRES B4 Age 10, Father John Mother Jane WILSON
HOYER Henry 07/01/1903 ANG F39  
HUDDLESTON Hough 16/05/1934 ANG F4.28 Died of heart failure
HUGHES John Henry 05/07/1984 ANG A3.82 Late of the Coolgardie Nursing Home.
HUGHES John William 27/01/1976 ANG A3.92 Lived at 49 Bayley st Coolgardie
HUGHES James Albert 31/05/1971 ANG A3.103 Occ Water supply employee. From 49 Bayley St Coolgardie
HUGHES James 12/06/1973 ANG A3.107  
HUGHS CATHRINE 19/05/1918 PRES C12 Widow
HULL Edith Elizabeth 19/04/1915 ANG E3.96 Occ dress maker
HULME  Agnes 30/03/1909 R/C E128 Occ domestic
HULME Jean Alexander 07/04/1908 ANG C2.29  
HUMBERSTONE Henry Mathew 21/05/1913 ANG E3.53 Occ contractor
HUNT Thomas 27/11/1898 ANG D59 Died at the Orient Mine
HUNTER Richard 16/06/1895 ANG A54  
HUNTER Alice M 05/05/1899 ANG E8 From Bonnievale
HUNTER Robert Henry 02/09/1919 ANG F3.56 Occ labourer
HUNTER William 26/12/1908 ANG D2.34 Occ miner
HUNTER Charles 16/07/1914 ANG F2.15  
HUNTER Kenneth Albert 27/06/1907 ANG E8  
HUNTER Unnamed 14/05/1906 GEN A26  
HUNTER Evan Wynne 24/05/1905 GEN A2.67  
HURLSTON John 22/06/1896 ANG B74 Male child
HURLSTON Edwin 16/09/1896 GEN A2.17  
HURST Norah 26/10/1898 ANG D64 Died of typhoid fever
HURST Basil James 5/05/1900 ANG E1  
HURTLE Frank 10/05/1900 WES B42  
HUSSEY Richard 04/04/1907 ANG C2.24  
HUSSEY Unknown 18/07/1898 GEN A1  53 Male child
HUTCHENS Margaret May 05/07/1908 WES C48  
HYLTON Clara Campbell 02/08/1938 ANG F5.31  
IDDLES John  06/11/1913 ANG E3.7 Occ clerk
INCE Frederick James 3/11/1901 ANG F17 Committed suicide self inflicted wound in throat
IND John 13/10/1896 ANG B14  
ING William 4/01/1901 ANG E88  
INKSTER Dorothy Mabel 2/08/1911 GEN A1.35  
INMAN William 8/06/1896 ANG B84  
INVERNEZZI Henry Gordon 13/10/1898 GEN A1.67  
IRELAND David 22/08/1908 R/C E95  
IRVINE Charles 7/12/1894 ANG A3  
IRVINE George 1/09/1838 ANG F5.80  
IRVINE Andrew 17/02/1900 PRES A103  
ISHMAIL Shah 2702/1930 AFG   Laverton. Burial Paid for not Buried here
ISLET Juliet 12/08/1948 R/C H118  
IVORY Edward 20/02/1897 R/C C62 Interred with his mother.
IVORY Caroline 19/02/1897 R/C C62 Married woman
JACKSON Mary Jane 05/01/1910 WES C21  
JACKSON Pattie 17/02/1897 ANG C30 Died enteric feverMarried woman
JACKSON William 10/02/1899 WES B31 Died of typhoid fever
JACKSON Elizabeth Jane 30/07/1905 WES C21  
JACKSON Alfred Moreton 28/06/1896 WES A58  
JACKY Jacky 26/10/1896 GEN A2.11 Aboriginal
JACKY Jacky 03/05/1897 GEN A2.2 Died of pneumonia.  Aboriginal
JACOB Samuel Alfred 15/02/1905 ANG A2.17 Occ Clerk of the Courts
JACOBSEN Emil 2/02/1910 ANG D3.11 Occ labourer
JACOBSON Edward Joseph 7/08/1916 ANG F3.44  
JACOBSON Martin Olaf 21/07/1909 Gen A104  
JAMES Thomas Edwin 14/10/1957 METH D25  
JAMES Burton Samuel  24/09/1946 ANG C3.83  
JAMES James 06/10/1910 WES C93 Occ Carrier
JAMES Ethel May 16/05/1898 WES B1 Single woman
JAMES Joseph Thomas 20/02/1898 WES A131  
JAMES Noah 17/03/1896 GEN A2.30  
JAMES Alicia 31/05/1909 ANG D3.1  
JAMES George Frederick 06/09/1901 WES B92  
JAMES Thomas 29/07/1899 ANG E14  
JAMESON Isabella 11/11/1905 PRES B47 Married woman
JAMIESON Daniel Phillip 12/10/1984 METH G24 Aboriginal man
JANE Victor Hugo 07/03/1900 WES B53 Died from blood poisoning
JANE Irene Vera 27/01/1898 ANG D39  
JANE Henry 8/06/1903 ANG F60  
JARICEVITEH Antonio 23/12/1901 R/C A112 Died accidently by falling off the train at the 42 mile. He was from Kurrawang. Born in Austria
JARVIS Leslie Donald 26/08/1920 ANG F3.15  
JARVIS Edward 25/03/1901 WES B36 Accidently drowned in Silverthorns tank
JARVIS Edna May 2/01/1919 ANG E3 46 Died at Mt Eva Coolgardie
JEBB Sydney 19/06/1953 ANG B3.82  
JEBB Dulcie 20/061955 ANG C3.28  
JEBB Francis William 19/03/1940 ANG F5.34  
JENKINS George Austin 8/09/1950 ANG C3.28  
JENKINS Arthur Evan 28/04/1897 PRES A39 Died of entyeric fever
JENKINS Eileen Annie 6/01/1908 ANG C2.20 Occ Domestic duties
JENKINS William 21/08/1898 ANG D71 Skeleton found Borabin? Inquest conducted
JENKINS Daniel 19/04/1896 ANG B4  
JENKINS Aubury 13/06/1911 ANG E2.35  
JENKINS Joseph 20/06/1899 PRES A89  
JENKINS Annie Elizabeth 15/05/1898 WES A122  
JENNIE jennie 19/05/1899 General A1 56 Aboriginal
JENSEN Olaf 22/05/1922 WES A78 Also buried with Keristein JENSEN
JENSEN Kirstein 17/12/1896 WES A78 Headstone=Anna Christine. A Married woman
JESSOP Elizabeth 10/02/1903 ANG F24 Married woman
JILBERT William Joseph Garthney 28/11/1900 WES B43 5myhs, Father:Joseph Mother: Margaret ALLAN
JOHAN Thomas 16/07/1897 ANG C54  
JOHANNSEN John 14/10/1912 ANG F2.26 Occ carpenter
JOHANSON James G 12/11/1899 WES B63  
JOHNS ? 00/01/1894 ANG A1  
JOHNS Anthony William 26/09/1906 ANG B2.36 Inquest held. Accidently Shot by Herbert Farr.Wish to add the following rider, That the gun produced  be destroyed owing to it dangerous nature. From Bullabulling
JOHNSON David 5/01/1896 JEW A 4  
JOHNSON John Michael 12/09/1898 R/C
JOHNSTON Peter 26 3/03/1895 A7 Plumber
JOHNSTONE James 2 days 30/04/1897 A47 Father Duncan
JOICE unnamed child SB 15/04/1910 A70  
JOLL Lucy 36 18/09/1908 D2.21 Occ home duties
JONES Ada E 11 05/04/1895 A2 Meningitis
JONES Alma Clara 2 mths 13/01/1901 B38  
JONES Amellia F 53 03/01/1909 C64 Married woman
JONES Annie 48 17/04/1916 C131 Married woman
JONES Florence Delia 1 yr 25/11/1905 B2.29  
JONES Gladys W 2 3/08/1900 B17 Interred with brother
JONES Herbert 36 8/02/1902 F46  
JONES Herbert Victor 4 mths 15/02/1898 A99  
JONES Howell W 11 mths 20/04/1900 B17  
JONES James 55 17/05/1904 C7  
JONES James  SB 22/10/1897 A . 62  
JONES Mary Elizabeth Pretoria 6 mths 30/03/1903 D40 From Burbanks:- Father Richard T M Mother:- May E CROWLEY
JONES Samuel 28 26/06/1899 E11 Killed by an explosion at Bonnievale
JONES Thomas 46 14/09/1902 F30  
JONES Thomas 60 11/09/1896 B48  
JONES unnamed SB 30/11/1904 A2.59  
JONES unnamed Female child SB 23/02/1910 D3.15  
JONES Winifred 10 wks 08/12/1910 C47  
JORDAN William 46 13/01/1896 A25  
JORDAN William 53 05/11/1896 A73 Died of dysentry
JORDON Patrick 66 08/10/1919 F40 Occ labourer
JORGENSON John Ernest Hansen 28 10/01/1906 C44 Died of a fall of ground at the Vale of Coolgardie Mine Bonnievale.Occminer
JOSEPH  Aboriginal 24 05/08/1906 A27  
JOUGHIN Walter 86 30/09/1958 B3.37  
JOYCE unnamed male SB 9/11/1907 A70  
JOYCE unnamed female SB 9/02/1905 D56 Father:- John P Mother:-Emeline M WHITWORTH
JOYCE unnamed SB 13/08/1911 A.78  


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