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Coolgardie Cemetery KAH - MOY

KAHN Mira 27/06/1896 AFG A4  
KARTINYERI Franklyn Sydney 31/01/1979 METH D10 From 84 Woodward st Coolgardie
KATIE Alice 23/04/1900 GEN A1.4 Aboriginal
KAY Rose 7/04/1906 R/C D80  
KEANE Henry Joseph H 1/10/1906 R/C D85 Occ caretaker
KEANE John 20/12/1942 R/C F30 Occ miner. Died from cardiac failure and senility.
KEATING Michael Patrick 08/11/1897 R/C A 72  
KEEBLE Josiah William 6/10/1896 ANG B65  
KEEFE Ever Hilda 27/04/1907 ANG C2.8 Died of tuberculosis
KEELY Alice Aileen Southwell 6/11/1900 ANG E78 10mths, Father: Albert, Mother: Maud RICH
KEENAN Patrick 26/02/1895 R/C A10  
KELL Mary Margaret Morcon 09/05/1905 PRES A40 Buried with father
KELL Edith Munroe 09/01/1911 PRES A40 Occ nurse
KELL John 16/09/1898 PRES A40  
KELLEHER Timothy 21/10/1952 R/C H1  
KELLY Mary Ann 26/12/1925 ANG F3.54  
KELLY James 13/07/1936 R/C F62 Died as a result of a cycle accident
KELLY John James Nolan 20/10/1898 R/C A63 Buried with twin sister Mary , age 3mths, Father: John, Mother: Alive NOLAN
KELLY Gertrude Dorothy 11/08/1905 ANG B2.5 Died of Tetanus
KELLY Mary Allice 26/05/1897 R/C A63 Buried with twin brother John,
KELLY John (Jack) 30/07/1982 R/C I 104 Late of 66 Gnarlabine Road Coolgardie
KELLY Frank 08/04/1896 R/C A32 Male child
KELLY Sarah 26/10/1899 ANG E25 Married woman
KELLY Cyril Francis 3/05/1908 R/C E102 Occ clerk
KELLY Harold Charles 24/06/1908 ANG D2.6 School Teacher
KELLY Unnamed Female 29/11/1915 METH B9  
KELLY Catherine Florence 03/06/1897 R/C A63  
KEMP Justice Percival 11/10/1951 ANG C3.38  
KEMP Francis Henry 18/06/1950 ANG C3.37  
KEMP James Hartley 9/06/1965 R/C I117  
KEMP Margaret 05/02/2010 ANG A3. 106 Ashes with Husband Lional James See Register No 3100
KEMP Marion Janet 24/08/1954 ANG C3.38 Buried with husband R.No 2936
KEMP Rachel Mary 27/03/1898 PRES A116 Married woman
KEMP Francis Hutchinson 24/02/1911 ANG E2.32 Occ Engine driver
KEMP Lionel James 28/12/1972 ANG A3.106 Occ labourer from 17 Sylvester St Coolgardie
KEMP Edwin Plew 16/03/1896 WES A62  
KEMP William Beaumont 04/04/1898 PRES A116  
KENNEDY Roy 23/04/2002 ANG A3  93 Ashes interred with mother Reg No 3106
KENNEDY James Lawence 13/06/1908 GEN A64 Inquest self inflicted gunshot woundOccminer
KENNEDY Louise Conradine 10/09/1974 ANG A3.93 Lived  at 14 Lindsay St Coolgardie
KENNEDY Archibald 15/06/1896 PRES A17  
KENNEDY Thomas 31/12/1940 ANG D4.88  
KENNEDY Eveline 03/03/1898 R/C C54  
KENNEDY George 13/03/1899 ANG E33  
KENNY John 7/06/1902 R/C A 122  
KEOGH James 20/05/1896 R/C C34  
KEOUGH Thomas 18/02/1915 R/C F72 Occ miner. Died at the Sanatorium
KERR James William 23/08/1972 PRES C78 From 5 Shaw St Coolgardie
KERREGING Ante 22/09/1959 R/C H12 Aka James Corrigan
KERRISON Cornelius Solomon (see Below) 5/10/1950 GEN    
KESSELL Walter 05/10/1907 WES B2 Accidently drowned in Ladylock dam. Buried with mother. From Northam
KESSELL Sarah Musgrove 02/11/1898 WES B2  
KHAN Akbar 29/08/1917 GEN A17  
KHAN Omar 30/09/1908 AFG A17  
KHAN David 20/10/1909 AFG A24 Occ goat farmer
KIDD William 19/10/1907 WES C59  
KIELY Mary 7/02/1906 R/C D43  
KIELY John 23/06/1902 R/C D43  
KIERATH Mary 26/07/1903 R/C D34 Married woman
KILBRYDE Wiliam 20/08/1909 R/C E83 Occ miner
KILLIEN Mark Lawrence 3/10/1907 R/C E115  
KILMARTIN George 11/01/1901 R/C D9  
KING Enos 28/10/1897 JEW B 6 Debility, age 69
KING Harry  18/03/1940 ANG F5.33 Fell from the balcony of trhe Railway Hotel
KING John 7/05/1895 ANG H17 Found Dead in his tent
KING James Frederick 09/11/1914 ANG E3.97 Occ clerk
KING Albert Ray 01/05/1917 ANG F3.46 Occ jockey
KING Albert 08/08/1943 ANG D4.33 Occ labourer. Died from shock and a fractured pelvis.
KING Unnamed male 1/12/1901 GEN A2  33 Father: Abraham, Mother: Charlotte STONEHAM
KINGSTON John Michael 8/05/1912 R/C E32 Occ clerk
KINGSTON John 17/08/1905 WES C35 Occ Electrical Engineer
KINNEAR Royce 12/09/1900 PRES A142 Kicked by a horse
KIRBY Edward Robert 11/4/1899 ANG E24 Died of typhoid fever
KIRBY Annie 29/10/1897 ANG D9 Married woman
KIRK Elizabeth 06/02/1921 PRES C10 Occ Married woman
KITTELLY Willhelmina 16/01/1905 ANG A2 .15 Married woman
KLEMINCK Felix W 26/06/1897 R/C C55 1yr, Father Felix Mother Harriett MELBOURNE
KLINKER Edward Mortz 29/07/1938 ANG F5.90 Died of heart failure
KNEEBONE William M 23/08/1903 WES B99 Died in a fall of ground in the Westralia East Extension mine Bonnievale on the 24/2/1903
KNEEBONE Elizabeth Anne 07/09/1906 WES C37 Married woman
KNIGHT Dorothy Elizabeth 26/09/1898 R/C C78  
KNOWLES Albert Charles 01/01/1904 ANG A2.7 Died of suicide self inflicted bullet to the brain.OccPost master. From Bonnievale
KNOWLES Edward 19/09/1906 ANG B2.42 Occ miner
KRAMER Jessie Mayie 20/09/1994 R/C I.  122 Interred with C.R.Butler. Reg No 3046.Late of the Little sister nursing home Kalgoorlie.
KRUGER Bernard 29/05/1956 ANG B3.30  
KUHLMAN Sarah Levinia 23/05/1904 ANG F69  
LACEY John 28/12/1898 PRES A37 Died of dysentry
LACEY William Henry 24/06/1896 GEN A2.25  
LAMB Barton Albert 20/06/1946 ANG C3.80 Late Light 2nd AIF
LAMB William L 25/01/1901 ANG E81 Married man
LAMB R F 23/10/1895 ANG A61  
LAMBERT Paul 2/01/1948 R/C H120  
LANCASTER  Agnes 25/07/1897 R/C A73 Died of marasmus and exhaustion
LANCASTER  Doreen May 5/07/1910 ANG E2.8  
LANE Charles R 08/02/1895 GEN A1.10  
LANE Stephen 2/02/1898 ANG D33  
LANGDON Joseph 11/01/1896 WES A35  
LANGE Katherin Lilly 6/01/1904 R/C D50 From Kurrawang wood siding
LANGENBACH Pauline Selma Clara 5/04/1970 ANG E3.1 Came from a womans home at Mount Henry buried with Heinrich LANGENBACH
LANGENBACH Heindrich 07/01/1914 ANG E3.1 Occ greengrocer
LANGHEIN August 29/07/1900 ANG E21  
LAPSLEY Charlotte 01/06/1914 PRES C33  
LARCOMBE Margaret 1/05/1921 R/C F37  
LARKIN Michael James 11/05/1956 R/C H7 From Widgemooltha
LA-ROCHE Emelie 26/02/1897 R/C A49 Single woman
LATHROPE George Thomas 21/02/1961 ANG B3.50 Also memorial to Violet LATHROPE
LATHROPE Robert George 17/06/1923 ANG B3 70 Occ stonemason
LAUGHTON Hannah 19/10/1919 METH C 121 Widow
LAUTH Marie 5/02/1929 R/C F55  
LAVINA Eva Emaline 24/09/1896 PRES A64  
LAW Benjamin 23/02/1900 WES F55 Married manDied as a result of an accident at Central Well Moran St
These two images were taken by Kay Bell in the Warrnambool Cemetery VIC. to commemorate the death of Benjanin Law        
LAWERENCE Henry 16/10/1940 ANG F5.35  
LAWRENCE Louis Colman 11/05/1900 GEN A2.55 Died by Suicide through ingesting poison self administered probably cynide of potassium. Wilkie Street Marritana
LAWRENCE Andrew 16/03/1924 R/C F45 Occ miner  Died at Kunnunalling
LAWSON Alfred Joshua 26/10/1964 METH D18  
LAWSON Alfred Cosman 23/02/1983 METH G31 From the Norseman Road Coolgardie
LAWSON Sr Maria Antonia  22/10/1960 R/C SECT Nun at Convent. Sister of Mercy
LAWSON Alfred Peter John 14/06/1996 R/C H  77 Occ plant opperator. Late of 87 Forrest St Coolgardie
LAWSON John Albert 6/.09/1990 METH G 36 Service Pensioner . Late of 2 Norseman Road.Coolgardie.
LAWTON John 02/04/1895 R/C C10  
LAWTON Alfred Searle Trevor 26/10/1897 R/C A60  
LAXTON Thomas 15/09/1911 WES C96 Occ miner
LAYTON Robert 30/06/1920 ANG F3.57 Occ procpector
LEAHY Mary 21/07/1906 R/C D88  
LEANEY Mary 10/05/1897 R/C C58 Died of diabetes. Single woman
LEANEY Maurice 24/01/1929 R/C F53 Occ prospector
LEARY John George 26/05/1916 ANG F3.42  
LEAVER Frank 16/02/1898 ANG D34  
LEE Elizabeth L 6/07/1899 ANG B91 Married womanDied at Menzies, brought to Coolgardie
LEE William 4/12/1896 ANG B66  
LEE Joseph Alexander 4/06/1896 ANG B92  
LEEHEY Margaret 26/11/1913 R/C F100 Widow
LEEHY Unnamed male 1/05/1900 R/C A101 Father: Patrick Mother: Jane BRETON
LEERS Herman 20/07/1909 ANG D3.8  
LEES Walter Harcourt 02/04/1895 WES A25  
LEFROY Powell Robert 12/12/1980 ANG A3.88 Retired prospector former farmer. Late of Lady Lock Road Coolgardie
LEGGETT Mary Frances Elliott 07/09/1898 R/C A84  
LEMON William Lawrence 29/01/1985 METH G23 Late of the Coolgardie Hospital (Aka Buck JONES)
LENNON Andrew 8/08/1941 ANG D4.91  
LENNON Louisa 14/01/1906 R/C D74  
LENTON Edward Albert 1/08/1940 ANG F5.24 Occ labourer. Death by Suicide.
LEONI Peitro 29/02/1912 R/C E50 Occ miner
LESCHEN Hilda Alma 26/05/1897 ANG C12 9mths, Father:Henry, Mother: Sophia LUDHOLZ
LESLIE John 26/05/1908 ANG D2.9  
LEUSCIATTI Gilardo 18/03/1911 R/C E5.8 Occ woodcutter
LEVACK Ernest 2/11/1894 ANG A77  
LEWIS Eileene 17/06/1952 R/C H58  
LEWIS Edward William 8/12/1904 R/C D69 Occ wheel wright
LEWIS Coralee Ailsa 15/05/1908 ANG D2.2 Occ home duties
LEWIS David 17/05/1937 ANG F5.87  
LIDDELL John Daniel 21/09/1951 METH D27  
LIDDLE Eileen Grace 10/04/1906 PRES B57  
LIDDLE Harold Arthur 15/05/1896 ANG B12 40yrs
LIDDON Walter 11/04/1896 PRES A12  
LILLEY   15/12/1898 GEN A1 .77 Aboriginal
LILLIS James anthony 19/07/1921 R/C F52  
LILLIS Michael John 21/06/1965 R/C I113  
LILLIS Bridget 20/.09/1939 R/C F52 Buried with son Martin and also James Anthony
LILLIS Martin 3/10/1947 R/C F52 Buried with wife
LIM Robert William 2/07/1943 ANG D4.37 Occ bootmaker. Died of Unknown natural causes
LINDQUIST Gustan Alfred 18/05/1943 ANG D4.38 Chronic nephritis.Occprospector
LINDQUIST William 14/10/1909 GEN A103 Occ miner
LINTON Francis William 18/02/1897 ANG C35 Died of infantile diarrhoea.
LINTON Margery Jane 05/12/1902 PRES B10 7 mths, Father Robert, Mother: Helen RANKINE
LIPMAN Abraham 21/05/1897 JEW B 1 Died of enteric fever and pneumonia.
LIPMAN Elizabeth 8/03/1903 ANG F47 Married woman
LIPMAN Issac 11/05/1903 ANG F48 Occ publican
LISLE Robert 17/03/1898 PRES A119 Result of accident at Hordenfelt Mine Kunnanulling
LISTON   31/07/1897 GEN A1 6  
LLEWELLEN Charles John 09/10/1895 PRES A4  
LLEWLLYN Maggie 02/07/1907 PRES B60  
LLOYD Issac Cornelius 29/04/1917 R/C F73 Occ wood contractor
LOADER Nathanial 06/01/1910 WES C79 Occ labourer
LOCK Elizabeth Isobel 02/01/1914 R/C F98 Married woman
LOCK Frank 28/05/1907 ANG C2.12 Occ miner. Inquest held. Felldown a mine shaft
LOCK Cecil James 22/05/1913 R/C E27  
LOCKHART William 18/08/1942 ANG D4.83 Occ prospector. Died of a fractured spine.
LOGAN Grant William David 7/05/1970 R/C H13 Came from Kalgoorlie
LOGAN John E 10/03/1903 ANG F50  
LOGAN  Robert Crawford 03/12/1912 PRES B101 Occ Plumber
LONNIE Ernest 09/05/1897 S/A A  1 Enteric fever. Single man
LONSDALE Anthony Joseph 24/10/1951 ANG C3.20  

Coolgardie Miner (WA : 1935 - 1954), Thursday 1 November 1951, page 1

Death Of Well Known Prospector

The death occurred in Coolgardie Hospital, after a long illness, of Mr. Anthony Joseph (Tim) Lonsdale, aged 75 years, on Monday evening, 22nd. October. ,

The funeral was held in the Church of England portion of Coolgardie  Cemetery on Wednesday at 2 p.m. Ven. Archdeacon Coxon officiating at the graveside. The late Mr. Lonsdale had resided in Burbanks and Cooigardie practically all his life and was well known throughout the district. He enlisted in the A.I.F. and saw service in France. An extremely dry and witty character he was a general favourite. He actively prospected for gold up until the last few years of his life.

LOOBY Henry  [Harry] 16/03/1913 ANG F2.17 Occ prospector
LOONEY Mary 21/05/1907 R/C E111 Married woman
LORD John 18/07/1957 ANG B3.34  
LORD William John 29/08/1946 ANG F5.32 Buried with father William LORD who worked for the water supply Dept From Kalgoorlie.
LORD John 17/01/1939 ANG F5.32  
LORIMER Unknown 23/11/1898 GEN A1.5 Father was David LORRIMER, a cyclist
LOTT Henry 5/08/1923 ANG F3.71 Occ prospector
LOUTTIT Malcolm 18/08/1911 PRES B86 Occ police constable
LOVE Unnamed male 02/10/1902 GEN A1.75 Father: James Mother: Mary JOHNSTONE
LOVEDAY Victoria Mary 01/10/1901 WES B81 7 mths, Father: Arthur, Mother: Mary COLLINS
LOVELY Unnamed 03/04/1904 GEN A2.58  
LOVELY Constance Lucy [Connie] 20/08/1906 WES C50  
LOWE William D 18/05/1895 ANG A27  
LOWRY Cornelius 17/04 1898 R/C C. 23  
LOWRY Cornelius 19/06/1907 R/C C  23  
LOWRY Martha 6/02/1900 R/C C23 Buried with Cornelius
LUCAS Thomas Abraham 8/03/1902 ANG F44 From Kurrawang. Acute enteritis and congestion of the lungs. Postmortum held. 60 yrs Father Thomas Mother Margaret SYDES, Born VIC
LUGG James 15/04/1896 ANG B8  
LUKE Robert Simpson 15/01/1895 ANG A40 Age 35, born Fife Scotland 26.10.1859 Father John Mother Elizabeth SIMPSON
LUKE John Penberthy 29/07/1900 ANG E59 Died of consumption, 25yrs, Father John Mother: Agnes RIGNEY born NSW
LUKE Hester Maree 19/06/1912 R/C E15 Married woman
LUMBY Lucus 14/04/1897 ANG C6 Died of Dyentery
LUND Unknown 02/10/1899 GEN A7 Salvation Army
LUND Unknown 30/08/1898 GEN A7  
LUND Peter 5/02/1900 ANG E19  
LUNEBERG John 30/12/1908 ANG D2.32 Occ bootmaker
LUTTEKE Lena 22/07/1902 ANG F32  
LYNCH James 26/10/1903 R/C A123 Died by Drowning in Silverthorns Dam on or about 18/10/1903.OccPlaster
LYNN Sophia 11/08/1911 R/C E49 Married woman
LYONS Unnamed 19/08/1901 R/C A100  
MABER John 18/12/1894 WES A14 Played fro the All Blacks, from New Zealand
MACDONALD George A 09/09/1898 PRES A52 Accidently killed, kicked by a horse
MACDONALD Donald A 12/10/1898 R/C B3 Died at Kunanalling of dysentry
MACFARLANE John Bell 27/05/1957 PRES C58  
MACFARLANE Hannah 4/10/1958 R/C H10  
MACFARLANE Allen 30/01/1937 ANG F4.34 Heart failure
MACFARLANE Frederick 03/05/1939 ANG F4.34 Killed in a motor accident. prospector. Buried with his child.
MACGREGOR James Henderson 28/01/1898 ANG D31  
MACINDOE Patrick Park 17/006/1895 GEN A1.34 40yrs
MACINTOSH Unnamed 16/01/1898 PRES A67 Male child
MACKINTOSH Norman Alexander 13/12/1897 ANG D1 Died of enteric fever
MACKINTOSH Laura Theresa 18/12/1897 ANG D2 Died of enteric fever
MACNAMARA Sarah Partington 31/03/1899 ANG E37 Married,  died of heart disease, 37yrs, Father Henry Mother Mary born QLD
MADDEN Donbey 29/03/1910 R/C E53 Occ clerk
MADDEN Lawrence 31/08/1908 R/C E90  
MADDIGAN Thomas 22/03/1895 GEN A1.18  
MADRY Stanley [Stanislaw] 21/11/1953 R/C H5 Drowned in  Dam [not named]
MAGNER Thomas 05/04/1895 R/C A12  
MAHAY Henry William 13/03/1897 PRES A29 Married man
MAHER Roderick Percy 19/01/1989 METH G 19 Aboriginal. Late of the NFA Geralton W.A.
MAHER John 1/07/1938 R/C F  18 From St Ives
MAHER William Arthur Daniel 19/02/1905 WES C8  
MAHER John 29/01/1911 R/C E66  
MAHER  Joyce 16/10/1979 METH D9 From 86 Forrest St Coolgardie.
MAHIER Albert 05/07/1909 WES C8  
MAHNS Dorothea Coralena Johanne 16/08/1909 PRES B79 Domestic duties
MAHOMET John 17/08/1900 AFG A18  
MAHOMET Ali 27/06/1895 AFG A1  
MAHOMET Raheinu 3/09/1899 AFG A17  
MAHOMET Zibenesa 18/10/1897 AFG A8 Debility. Father Abraham Mahomet. Mother Nellie Lang.
MAHOMET Said Willie 10/03/1899 AFG A16 Killed by being struck by lightning
MAHOMET Tagh 11/01/1896 AFG A3 Murdered by fellow countryman
MAHOMET Jwol 24/07/1919 AFG A.! Occ labourer
MAHONEY Mary 08/03/1896 R/C C26 Single woman
MAKIN Francis 0512/1912 ANG F2.23  
MALCOLM Margaret 29/02/1908 PRES B64 Widow
MALCOLM William 26/12/1901 PRES A61 From Kalgoorlie, also Dorothy MALCOLM
MALCOLM Elizabeth P 03/09/1909 WES C84 Occ household duties
MALCOLM Dorothy  20/12/1896 PRES A61 also William
MALONEY Bertha 04/10/1955 ANG F4.22  
MALONEY Michael 29/08/1950 R/C H  64  
MALONEY Unnamed 9/08/1904 R/C D56 Male child. From Burbanks
MALONEY John 23/08/1921 R/C F50 Occ grazier from Burbanks.Inquest held..  Suicide by shooting himself
MALYON Frederick A 15/04/1896 WES A1  
MANDER Lily 23/03/1897 PRES A58 Died of marasmus. Female child
MANDER Clement Sydney 05/071915 ANG F3.39  
MANDLESTAM Herman 29/01/1898 JEW B 32  
MANDLESTAM Joseph Thomas 18/05/1896 JEW A 14  
MANDWEILER William Frederick 20/01/1898 GEN A1 66  
MANHATTAN Everard 20/06/1898 PRES A38 Died of dysentry
MANLEY John 28/06/1895 WES A46  
MANN Amy Ada Clara  05/04/1900 PRES A98 Interred with father
MANN Peter 14/10/1899 PRES A78 Married man, aged 43yrs
MANSFEILD Chas Frederick 1/05/1898 ANG D44  
MANTON Elijan 7/05/1898 ANG D73  
MANTON Alice Grace 05/05/1901 PRES A132  
MARJURY John 01/01/1895 R/C B1 Male child
MARK Edna 27/05/1903 PRES B14  
MARKHAM Sarah 23/04/1901 ANG E85 Married woman
MARLO Otto 20/12/1902 ANG F35 Found hanging from a tree. From Calooli
MARLOW Darnah Patricia 8/07/1955 R/C H4  
MARNE Daniel 22/04/1949 GEN no number Aboriginal Child
MARNHAM Henry Joseph 26/12/1896 R/C A42 Male child. Burning Fatality 25.12.1896
MARRETT Francis J 27/11/1947 R/C F57 Buried with father, John, also Louise MARRETT
MARRETT (see Francis J MARRETT) Louise Agusta Wilheimina 18/11/1951 R/C F57 From Boulder. Buried with husband and son.
MARRETT Mary Isabel 22/11/1906 R/C E106 Married woman
MARRETT (see Francis J MARRETT) John 19/01/1933 R/C F57  
MARRIOT Agnes 21/04/1898 R/C C46 Single woman. Committed suicide using Phosphorous Poisoning
MARSDEN Sydney Albert 11/08/1971 ANG A3.102 From the Coolgardie Hospital
MARSHALL Ellen Victoria 23/01/1898 R/C A68  
MARSHALL Edith Julia 11/11/1912 ANG F10  
MARTAIN Jeanette May 18/06/1948 ANG C3.43  
MARTIN David 09/11/1993 METH G 102  
MARTIN Kathleen Helena 10/12/1949 R/C H63  
MARTIN Heather Eileen 26/09/1997 METH G 46  
MARTIN Michael 29/11/1900 R/C A110 Accidently killed at Bayleys Gold mine
MARTIN Florence Nellie 25/05/1904 WES C14 Born in and from Lady Lock
MARTIN Edward 8/04/1898 ANG D78 Died of enteric fever
MARTIN William C 13/08/1899 WES B34 Died of pneumonia
MARTIN Tom 14/06/1909 ANG D3.3 Inquest Held. Verdict, a wound self inflicted.OccProspector
MARTIN Caroline 02/11/1899 WES B64 Married woman
MARTIN David 2/05/1915 ANG C27 Occ engine driver
MARTIN Robert Harold L 16/03/1896 WES A3  
MARTIN Henry 25/07/1915 METH C129  
MARTIN Fredrick William James no date Unknown Tree 8 Ashes  
MARTIN May 01/08/1908 WES C14  
MARTIN Fanny Clarice Edna 04/07/1907 WES B34  
MARTIN George 26/07/1901 PRES A102  
MARTIN Majurey 11/09/1901 PRES A104  
MARWELL Charles 30/05/1897 ANG C64  
MASANOVICH Blazo 1954 ANG C3.17 Age 53 Buried with wife Caroline
MASANOVICH Caroline Alice 11/02/1993 ANG C3.17 Interred with husband Blazo Reg No 2969.Late of the Esperance Nursing Home.
MASON James 04/01/1895 WES A16  
MASON Ettie 29/06/1896 ANG B83 31yrs
MASON Charles 21/05/1937 ANG F5.88  
MASON William Nicholas 8/10/1941 METH C110  
MASONIVICH Blazo 09/06/1954 ANG C3.17 Also Cardine Alice Reg/No 3201 11.2.1993
MASSEY John  20/01/1897 WES A82 Died of Gastric Enteritis
MASSEY Florence 23/05/1898 WES A82  
MATHER Ian 13/07/1897 R/C C  76 Accidently Killed in Burbanks Mine
MATHERSON Roderick 25/12/1911 PRES B97 Occ miner.
MATHESON Donald 15/11/1906 PRES B48 Occ newspaper runner
MATHESON George Allan 19/06/1897 PRES A143  
MATHESON George McLeod 28/11/1895 PRES A9  
MATHEWS Charles 20/05/1896 R/C C36  
MATHIAS Anthony 4/08/1897 JEW B3 Died of pneumonia
MATHIEW Arnold 23/02/1901 WES B77 Died of starvation near Bayleys
MATTHEWS Gwendoline Eliza 13/04/1896 WES A66 Female child
MATTHEWS Thomas 30/05/1919 METH C.122 Occ blacksmith
MATTHEWS John William 26/06/1910 ANG E2.6 Occ miner
      On the Eastern Goldfields Miners Memorial
MAXWELL Joseph Lawnsdale 16/01/1962 R/C I.124  
MAXWELL Unnamed 11/01/1902 PRES B2  
MAXWELL Unnamed 23/05/1899 WES B28  
MAY Stillborn Female 19/05/1902 ANG E 89  Father William Trevor MAY
MAY Stillborn Male 10/04/1901 ANG E89  
MAYER Hilda Mary 04/01/1913 ANG E2 .27  
MAYER James 13/12/1910 ANG E2.27  
MAYNE Mary Ann 06/10/1915 ANG F3.15 Widow
MAYNER Michael 16/03/1946 R/C F34 Pensioner
MAZADA Tommie 13/11/1897 GEN A 3 Died of hydatids
MAZZUCCHELLI Joseph Antonio Carlo 18/05/1909 ANG F12 Occ engine driver, also John Mazzuchelli
MAZZUCCHELLI Ernest Albert Rutherford 25/08/1909 ANG F 12  
MAZZUCCHELLI Ileen Dorothy May 16/01/1902 ANG F12  
MAZZULA Abdula 15/10/1947 AFG    
McALISTER John P  07/05/1895 GEN A1 23  
MCARTHUR Charles 25/07/1914 ANG E3.59 Occ labourer
MCAULEY Johanna Mary Terasa 14/07/1936 ANG F5.85A Married woman.
MCAULEY John S 21/06/1904 R/C D60 Occ Cook
MCAULLIFFE Richard 03/02/1898 WES A108  
MCCABE John 07/09/1897 R/C C53  
MCCABE Michael 4/09/1908 GEN A66  
MCCABE Peter 16/12/1905 R/C D77  
MCCARTHY Terence Joseph 20/01/1937 R/C F17 Heart failure
MCCARTHY John 30/03/1897 GEN A2.6 Remains found in bush 12 miles from Coolgardie, hanging in tree.
MCCARTHY John 16/03/1897 R/C A50  
MCCARTNEY Thomas 15/04/1895 ANG A70  
MCCAULEY William 20/05/1895 R/C A16  
MCCLOONE Benjamin 12/08/1920 R/C F48 Occ miner at Widgiemooltha
MCCLOUNAN Unnamed 26/01/1905 PRES B41 Note. A Female still born child was buried on the 24.1.1905 in the Coolgardie Cemetery by the name of McClounan. Query twins in same grave. Same details relate to each child. First burial not recorded in Cemetery Register.
MCCLURE Walter 29/12/1906 PRES no grave no  
McCONNELL Margaret 01/08/2009 not noted Tree 7  
McCONNELL Robert Leonard 02/11/2004 not noted Tree 7  
MCCORKELL Samuel 31/08/1911 PRES B6  
MCCORKELL Stella May 02/08/1909 PRES B6  
MCCORKELL Gavin 19/08/1903 PRES B6  
MCCORMACK Margery 16/12/1895 GEN A2.37  
MCCORMICK John 11/03/1937 R/C F14 Heart failure
MCCORMICK Gertrude 23/09/1897 ANG D21 Married woman
MCCORMICK Arthur H 08/03/1898 GEN A2.37  
MCCRACKEN Alfred 12/04/1898 PRES A115  
MCCREA William 10/04/1897 WES A84  
MCCULLOCH Thomas Michael 30/09/1921 PRES B94 Also Agnes McCulloch 
MCCULLOCH Agnes (see Thomas Michael) 25/01/1915 PRES C26 Housewife
MCCULLOCH Thomas 21002/1899 ANG E7 Killed by falling down a mine shaft at Carbine Mine.
MCCULLOCH Edward 26/07/1912 ANG F68 Also Elizabethsa
MCCULLOCH Elizabeth Rachell 29/06/1900 ANG F68  
MCDERMID John 03/02/1895 GEN A1.11  
MCDERMOTT   30/03/1897 GEN A1.3  
MCDONALD Angus Peter 15/05/1897 R/C A65 Died of burns received at Kennedy's hotel fire
MCDONALD Alexander 15/01/1897 PRES A24 Died of enteric fever .labourer
MCDONALD Rebecca Ann 18/05/1900 ANG E51 From Burbanks Married woman
MCDONALD Catherine 25/05/1899 R/C B12 Married woman
MCDONALD Andrew John 6/03/1910 R/C E55 Occ clerk
MCDONALD John 29/02/1916 R/C F78 Occ Railway fettler,Inquest held., suicide self inflicted strangulation.
MCDONNELL Thomas 28/09/1911 R/C F44 Occ miner
McDOUGALL Allen 23/10/1904 GEN A 20 Occ  miner
McDOUGALL Margaret 24/02/1913 GEN A 11 Widow
MCDOWELL Thomas Henry 18/10/1903 R/C C56  
MCDOWELL Ronald L 25/08/1903 R/C C56  
MCENTEE (Unknown 26/12/1898 GEN A1 3  
MCFADDEN Thomas 17/08/1901 R/C D10  
MCGAUREN Mary (Molly) 21/12/1896 R/C C19 Single woman
MCGEE Clara Ellen 05/01/1952 ANG C3.25  
MCGEE   ??/??/1895 R/C C5 No death records no register data, no newspaper info.
MCGINNITY John Gordon 2/01/1918 R/C F85 Occ prospector
MCGRATH Michael 25/11/1907 R/C E119 Inquest held. Fractured skull after a fall.Occrailway ganger
MCGREGOR Gregor 10/02/1898 PRES A136 Died of pneumonia
MCGREGOR James Finlayson 02/02/1909 PRES B73 Occ supervior of railways
MCGREGOR Percy R  02/09/1898 PRES A54  
MCGREGOR Duncan 06/06/1897 PRES A45  
MCGUINNISS John Dunbar 14/04/1895 ANG A51  
McGINNISS  Dorothy 17/03/1906 R/C D70 School Girl
MCGUINNISS unmaned male 10/02/1910 R/C E78  
MCGUIRE Michael Joseph 1/05/1903 R/C D32 Occ baker
MCGUIRE John 02/06/1896 GEN A2.31 Rheumatism & dystentry. Trade iron moulder.
MCINNES James 25/03/1943 R/C F28  
MCINTOSH William 22/07/1895 R/C A15  
MCINTYRE John 7/01/1937 R/C F16 From Larkinville. Died of heart failure
MCKAY Alexander 05/04/1895 GEN A1.22  
MCKAY William 31/01/1897 PRES A28 Died of enteric fever
MCKAY Muriel 25/08/1896 ANG B54 Female child
MCKAY Mary Antonie Sr 5/08/1924 R/C Convent Sect Mother Superior of the Coolgardie Convent.
MCKENDRY James 27/06/1901 PRES A99 Accidently killed in a well located in Shaw street
MCKENDRY William John 19/09/1917 PRES C16 Occ labourer.Inquest held.Killed by a falling wall.
MCKENDRY Mary 05/05/1930 R/C F 51 Widow. Buried with mother
MCKERNAN ??? ??/??/1895 R/C C4 No death records no register data, no newspaper info.
MCKINNON Elizabeth 23/04/1899 ANG E2  
MCKINNON Agnes Blanche 23/12/1899 PRES A128 6 mths
MCLEAN Allen 28/03/1907 PRES B57 Occ miner
MCLEAN Walter 05/11/1895 PRES A3  
MCLEAN Glenville George Hector 08/11/1907 PRES B54  
MCLEAN James Marshall Jardene 26/02/1906 PRES B52  
MCLEOD Madeline Victoria May 24/03/1897 PRES A55 Female child
MCLEOD May 06/05/1897 WES A96 Mc Leod born at the 25 mile [Kununalling] child lived 2 hours, brought in from 25 mile
MCLEOD Alexander 13/06/1912 PRES B98 Occ miner
MCLEOD Sarah 22/07/1898 ANG D46  
MCMAHON Elizabeth Mary Veronica Sr 27/06/1966 R/C Sister of Mercy  
MCMAHON John D 10/02/1900 R/C B4 Interred with sister
MCMAHON Joseph 26/03/1906 R/C D79 Occ prospector
MCMAHON Mary M 01/04/1899 R/C B4  
MCMAIN Mary Ann 03/02/1911 ANG E2.36  
MCMAIN J J 21/08/1897 ANG B79 S/born Female child
MCMILLAN Unnamed 15/09/1904 PRES B70  
MCMINN Hannah J 22/05/1899 WES B21 Died of typhoid fever
MCNALLY Michael 29/04/1999   Tree 95  
MCNALLY Lennard Lodding  (see Michael McNALLY) 06/08/1995 not noted Tree 95 Late of 79 Lindsay St Coolgardie
MCNALLY Patricia Eileen 13/09/1988 METH G 20 Late of 79 Lindsay St Coolgardie
MCNAMARA John 14/01/1901 R/C D17  
MCNAMARA Rae 24/10/1900 R/C A83  
MCNAMARA Raechel Lucy 26/02/1898 R/C A83  
MCNEIL Ellison or Allison 02/03/1896 PRES A72 Female child
MCNERNEY Walter 11/06/1910 ANG E2.2 Occ miner
MCNULTY William D 01/04/1895 R/C A13  
MCPARLIN Jane 2/08/1919 R/C E98 From Burbanks also Enos McParlin
MCPARLIN Enos 16/05/1908 R/C E98  
MCPHAIL Donald 22/10/1905 PRES B42 Occ labourer
MCPHERSON Arthur D 10/03/1903 PRES B17 Accidently run over by a wagon
MCPHERSON John Colin 15/10/1897 PRES A133 Died of enteric fever and pneumonia
MCPHERSON Temperance 20/03/1896 ANG B11 Married woman
MCPHERSON Thomas 04/01/1896 WES A39  
MCPHERSON Unnamed 15/06/1904 PRES A58  
MCPHERSON Unnamed 13/08/1901 PRES A58  
MCPHERSON Unnamed 08/12/1902 PRES A58  
MCPHERSON Unknown 16/10/1899 GEN A2.2  
MCRAE John 02/08/1896 GEN A2.21  
MCROSTIE George 11/06/1937 ANG F5.89 Died of miners complaint, Also Catherine McRostie
MCROSTIE Catherine (see George McRostie) 13/10/1959 ANG F5.89 Buried with husband see 2641 above
MCROSTIE Irene 06/03/1915 ANG E3.98 One of Twins
MCROSTIE Frederick 20/04/1925 ANG F3.74 Result of an accident by falling tree near Widgemooltha. OccWoodcutter
MCSHEEHY John 4/04/1911 R/C E61 Occ station manager
MCSWAN Norman John 18/02/1896 PRES A11  
MCSWEENEY Amelia Ellen 04/08/1914 ANG E3.110 House wife
MCSWEENEY Arthur Albert 05/03/1912 ANG F2.9  
MCSWEENEY Oliver Ernest 8/12/1898 ANG D62  
MCTAGGART Thomas 02/12/1901 PRES B5 Found dead in his camp at the 52 mile
MCVEY Margaret Mary 04/02/1898 R/C A89  
MEAD Edward S 01/03/1895 WES A52  
MEADE Charles 30/01/1902 R/C A118  
MEARS Ivor Kenneth 09/08/2006 ANG B3  71 Late of the Edward Collick Home Kalgoorlie
MEEK Jessie 28/05/1896 ANG B18  
MELLIN no name given 13/12/1895 GEN A2.36 Fathers name William
MELVILLE John 23/08/1896 WES A65  
MENDELAWITZ Reuben 8/02/1902 JEW A 9 Run over by a train at Pells Crossing
MENZIES George 11/03/1896 WES A57 Died of typhoid fever
MERBAN Hadji Moola 29/07/1897 AFG A7 Died of kidney disease plus rupture of blood in brain.aged 96
MERCER Alfred 19/06/1929 ANG F3.47 Stockman
MERRELL Edward 29/01/1913 ANG F2.16 Occ prospector
MERRETT Harold D 7/04/1903 R/C D42  
MESSENGER Maud Eugenie 06/05/1953 ANG C3.18  
MESSENGER James Henry 28/07/1964 ANG C3.18 Buried with wife Reg No 2960
MESSER William J 02/07/1901 PRES A84 Interred with Marion Tskar. From Kunnanalling
MEYER Harold Robe       Also Gwendolyn Elizabeth MEYER
MEYERS Geeorge William 15/01/1914 ANG E3.45 Occ labourer
MILES Maggie Grace 23/01.1914 ANG F30 Occ nurse
MILES Lydia T 25/12/1895 WES A44 Single woman
MILLAR Elsie 22/04/1896 WES A3 Salvation Army Female child
MILLER Ivy Pearl Myrtle Kentish 25/11/1896 PRES A63 Female child
MILLER Elizabeth Douglas 28/04/1896 PRES A68 Female child
MILLER Katie 10/02/1895 ANG A88 Married woman
MILLER James 18/09/1917 PRES C18 Occ miner. Inquest held. An explosion self caused with intent.
MILLER Alfred 20/07/1904 WES C12 Propecter from Hampton Plains Road 3 miles from Coolgardie
MILLER Alfred 20/02/1898 PRES A65  
MILLS John Tasman Craig 30/06/1982 METH G33 Late of the Railway Lodge Coolgardie.
MILLS Jane Crawford 14/08/1913 PRES C36 Married woman
MILLS Mary 13/04/1918 PRES C25 Not in death register
MILLS Alexander 25/07/1915 PRES C36 Occ mine manager. Buried with Freemason Ceremony.
MILLS Trevor Tasman 03/02/1989 METH G 18 Occ truck driver. Late of 12 Moran St Boulder
MILLS Henry John Fairbrother 9/07/1898 ANG D89  
MILLS Thomas 23/04/1896 ANG B15  
MILLS Alexander 20/04/1930 PRES C7  
MILNE Richard Douglas 9/07/1907 ANG C2.18 Occ clerk
MILNE John McDonald 15/02/1895 ANG A34 Typhoid fever
MILROY John 10/01/1906 PRES B49 Died of an earth fall in the Vale of Coolgardie mine Bonnievale .Occminer
MILTON Peter 03/12/1955 ANG B3.74  
MILTON Peter John 29/02/1992 Not Noted Tree 118 Late of 70 Sylvester St Coolgardie
MINNIE Aboriginal 14/03/1900 GEN A1.53  
MINOTTE James 26/04/1896 R/C A31  
MITCHELL Robert Mc Farland 17/10/1907 ANG C2. 14 Dr Mitchells Child
MITCHELL Unknown 11/12/1900 R/C A107 Mitchell
MITCHELL William John 07/10/1912 ANG F2.25 Occ miner
MITCHELL John N 10/02/1896 ANG A103  
MITCHELL William 3/03/1897 ANG C13  
MITCHELL Robert St John 22/01/1902 ANG F23  
MOHAR James 30/08/1896 R/C C79  
MOLAN David Nicholas 03/09/1898 R/C C42  
MOLLOY Julie 05/04/1897 GEN A2.8 Died by Suicide inquiry heldMarried woman
MOLLOY Annie 5/08/1910 R/C E65  
MOLONEY Michael John Cleveland 23/01/1937 R/C F19 Heart failure. Occ prospector
MOLONEY Timothy 11/05/1934 ANG F4.22 Invalid. Died of heart failure
MOLONY Daniel 23/07/1910 R/C E64 Occ miner
MONTGOMERY Alice Ellen 12/10/1951 R/C H62  
MONTGOMERY Unnamed 05/05/1939 ANG F4.79  
MOODY Alfred 4/04/1897 ANG C28 Died of enteric fever.
MOORE Maurice 12/11/1959 R/C H14  
MOORE Charles A 20/11/1900 ANG E39 Buried with Ellen Moore
MOORE William Brady 28/07/1938 R/C F20 Died of heart failure .Occprospector
MOORE Marie Elizabeth 15/08/1896 PRES A71 Female child
MOORE Marie F 20/11/1900 PRES A71 Married woman. Buried with daughter
MOORE William Edward 14/09/1933 ANG F4.80 Occ prospector. Died of heart failure
MOORE Ellen 15/04/1899 ANG E39 Senile decay
MOORE James 25/04/1897 PRES A41  
MOORE William H 11/06/1900 WES B61  
MOORE Caraline 21/08/1927 ANG F3.53  
MOORE Frederick Ronald 23/03/1906 ANG A10  
MOORE Walter Robert Fitzgerald 31/07/1896 ANG B57  
MORAN Winifred Mary 15/03/1948 R/C H119  
MORAN Delia 5/05/1937 R/C F59 Buried with daughter also Michael
MORAN Michael 7/04/1948 R/C F59 Buried with wife and daughter
MORAN Francis 18/02/1910 R/C E76 Occ Hotel Keeper
MORAN John 17/11/1994 R/C H  20 Occ store keeper. Late of 28 Bayley St Coolgardie .
MORAN Nora A 13/01/1934 R/C F60 Single woman. Died of heart failure
MORDRAN  Winnie 12/01/1915 GEN A 24 Died at the Coolgardie Sanatorium
MORGAN Arthur 11/06/1895 ANG A23  
MORGAN Henry E 19/11/1896 ANG B60  
MORLEY Iles 16/12/1904 GEN A2.62 Mothers Name Clara Ellen.
MORRIS Frank 17/12/1957 ANG B3.31  
MORRIS Richard William 16/06/1964 ANG B3.31 Interred in sons grave Reg No 3000
MORRIS George 07/10/1911 ANG E2.11 Occ stable manager
MORRIS Edward Walter 03/07/1935 ANG F5.86A Single man. Died of consumption
MORRIS Archibald Morgan 27/11/1897 WES A123 Typhoid fever
MORRIS Richard 13/07/1901 ANG F2  
MORRIS William 31/05/1901 PRES A130  
MORRIS Hugh 04/04/1899 PRES A76  
MORRISON John 29/12/1898 PRES A50 Died at Kunnunalling of consumption
MORRISSON John Alexander 24/01/1898 PRES A125  
MORRITT Mary Jane Josephine 02/02/1895 R/C C6 Single woman
MORROW John Gordon 27/05/1895 WES A48  
MORROW John 29/05/1896 ANG B26  
MOSELY Thomas 19/03/1896 ANG B7  
MOSLEY George 25/09/1897 ANG D19 Died of enteric fever
MOUNSEY Joseph Nicholas 24/03/1915 GEN A 5 Occ miner
MOYE Michael 16/02/1895 R/C A9


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