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Coolgardie Cemetery SAI- WHI


SAINSBURY Donald Wellington 17/09/1937 ANG F5.82 Died as a result of suicide
SAINT Samuel 5/11/1895 ANG A95  
SALA Peter 10/03/1906 R/C A121 Occ miner
SALLOWAY William 28/10/1898 WES A113  
SALVAT Stanley Cecil 8/06/1981 ANG A3.86   Late of the Coolgardie Nursing Home . Born at Willodon County of Middlesex England.
SAMBO Cordi 15/04/1959 METH D 23 One of the aboriginal trackers who were involved in the Pitman and Walsh murders
SAMBO William 19/11/199 METH G.49  
SAMONDER   18/03/1898 AFG A12 Afgahn apparently died of Natural Causes, had refused medical attention
SAMSON John 5/03/1896 ANG B9  
SANDERSON Martha Trenar 01/10/1904 ANG A2.8  
SANS George 30/12/1924 ANG F3.75  
SATOA Otomotsu 31/01/1906 R/C D72  
SAUNDERS Richard 20/07/1972 METH D16  
SAUNDERS Frank Toswell Claud 17/12/1897 ANG C61  
SAVAGE Agnes Violet 28/03/1898 R/C A81  
SAVAGE John Champreys 22/03/1938 ANG F5.90A  
SAVAGE John 6/01/1896 ANG A92  
SAVELS Jules 4/10/1910 R/C E36 Occ miner
SAWDEN Mercy 15/02/1898 ANG B41 Widow
SAWYER Joseph 2/05/1898 ANG D85 Died of cerebral menningitis and senility
SAXBEE George 25/01/1936 PRES C1 Senile decay. Government Burial.
SAYERS Annie 2/04/1897 ANG C3 Died of dysentry. Married woman
SAYERS Vivian 27/07/1897 ANG D17 From Dunnesville
SCAHILL Unnamed Male child 15/10/1909 GEN A29 Note this child was the first born of twins
SCAHILL Ronald Stockly 19/11/1909 R/C B 32 Note this is the Second Scahill twin Child from Burbanks.
SCAHILL Patrick J 2/05/1928 R/C B32 With brother 
SCAHILL Bernard 29/03/1925 R/C B32  
SCAHILL Unnamed 24/10/1939 R/C F10  
SCAHILL Gladys Mary 9/03/1900 R/C B32  
SCHEMELICH not registered 14/01/1895 GEN A1.35  
SCHIFF William 1/01/1895 ANG A85 Typhoid fever
SCHIKIRA Johann 25/09/1915 ANG F3.19 Occ prospector
SCHILLERMAN George Jacob 14/01/1895 GEN A1.35  
SCHLINK Francis 18/03/1895 R/C C8  
SCHMEL Walter 22/06/1896 WES A60 Male child
SCHMITZER Vincent 24/03/1910 R/C E56 Occ prospector
SCHOLSSMAN Solomon 3/04/1895 JEW A 1  
SCHOLSSMAN Rachael 21/09/1896 JEW A 2 Married woman
SCHROEDER Henry 19/08/1897 ANG C25  
SCOTT Thomas 28/10/1944 ANG D4.30  
SCOTT Edward William 01/12/1907 PRES B68  
SCOTT Elenor 25/06/1899 WES B70 Married woman
SCOTT David 02/02/1908 PRES B66 Occ baker
SCOTT Susan 9/01/1905 C/C A5 Occ char woman
SCOTT Francis Walter 22/01/1911 WES C104 Occ Engine cleaner
SCOTT Alexander 09/01/1901 WES B37  
SCOULER William Archy 07/05/1896 PRES A66 Male child
SCOWCROFT Bernard 9/01/1913 ANG F2.19 Occ farmer
SEABROOK Arthur C 26/10/1899 R/C B34  
SEAGRIM Kenneth Lidden 9/06/1915 ANG F3.38  
SEEBECK Francis 4/04/1895 ANG A13 Female child
SELLINGER William 21/03/1896 R/C C29 Male child
SEMPLE Henry C 31/12/1899 WES B49 Harry Clark Richardson
SERCOMBE Alicia 07/02 2004 METH G 86 Late of 94 Shaw St Coolgardie.
SESSO Frederick 15/12/1900 PRES A94 Died under an opperation at Gov Hospital
SHADDICK George 3/09/1964 ANG B3.73  
SHADDOCK Elizabeth 17/05/1904 R/C D52 Married woman
SHAH Secunday 8/10/1906 Afgahn A 20  
SHAIR Jon 12/09/1925 AFG   Brought from Leonora to Coolgardie for burial
SHANNAHAN Patrick 16/10/1906 R/C D11 Occ hotel keeper
SHARLAND James 9/11/1895 ANG A67  
SHARMAN James 09/09/1902 GEN A2.46 Died by suicide by blowing his head off
SHARP Melvin W  07/03/1896 PRES A13  
SHARPE Meryle Joy 01/07/1938 WES D33  
SHAW Hugh Hamilton 23/12/1894 WES A53  
SHAW Edwin Alfred 24/08/1936 ANG F5.86 Accidental death hit by a car
SHAW John Rictchie 17/10/1904 PRES B33 Had 10 children with Wife Maryanne. Occ miner
SHAW Charles Bertram Clive 02/07/1911 ANG F2.7  
SHAW Unnamed Female 05/09/1908 PRES B82  
SHAY Rose Rachel 24/12/1902 ANG F33 Married woman
SHEA Richard 18/10/1947 R/C H121  
SHEARD William 27/12/1901 PRES B11  
SHEARER Thomas 23/07/1896 GEN A2.15  
SHEEDY Michael 20/05/1920 R/C F48  
SHEEDY Patrick John 17/04/1900 R/C B26  
SHEFFIELD Duncan Arthur 7/05/1901 ANG E83 Died of typhoid fever.Occminer
SHEPHERD Unnamed child 22/09/1910 ANG D3.12  
SHEPHERD William 14/10/1897 ANG D13 Died of pneumonia
SHEPHERD Roger Thomas 11/07/1896 GEN A2.22  
SHEPHERD Lorna Marjory 19/12/1905 ANG B2.26  
SHERIFF Neverus 27/02/1943 R/C F29 Occ woodcutter. Died of a clot on the brain
SHERRY Patrick 12/04/1927 ANG F3.77  
SHIELDS Mary Anne 01/09/1898 ANG D 30 Died from burns
SHIRLEY Lydia Mary 28/05/1897 ANG C62 Died of enteric fever & pneumonia,Married to James E Shirly Two Children  Irene and john, Born in Mtr Gambier
SHOEBRIDGE Albert 06/06/1913 ANG E3.54 Occ groom
SHOLER Henrietta Ada Nee Ada Brooks 16/05/1901 GEN A2.44 Found dead in a House in Little Bayley. Died of natural cause
SHONTER George  2/09/1898 AFG A14  
SHORT Peter Leslie 08/04/2000 GEN A 91 Occ retired miner. Late of 32 Brittania Place Boulder.
SILVESTER Charles John 02/03.1912 ANG E2.15 Inquest held. Self inflicted gunshot wound
SILVESTER Stephen James John 16/10/1901 C/C A3  
SIMONETTI Frank 12/05/1951 R/C H69  
SIMPSON Nina E 08/07/1945 PRES C47 Home duties also William
SIMPSON William Blythe (see Nina) 17/10/1921 ANG F3.64 Inquest held, he died from a self inflicted wound
SIMPSON Alexander 23/03/1921 PRES C14 Occ woodcutter. From Grousmont.Inquest held.. Accidently killed whilst cutting wood by a tree fall.
SIMPSON Ann Marie 20/11/1909 ANG D3.29  
SIMPSON William 03/06/1940 PRES C47  
SIMPSON William Henry 28/02/1899 ANG E9 Age 38
SINCLAIR Roy 31/05/1983 METH G 30 Aboriginal man for the Home for the aged Kalgoorlie.
SINCLAIR May 22/12/1993 METH G 101 She Died 6/12/1993 Delay in Funeral to allow for family to attend funeral .from South Australia,
SINCLAIR Walter Albert 29/06/1896 ANG B72  
SINCLARE Don 05/02/1993 METH G 38  
SINCLARE Ronald 21/06/1996 METH-Uniting Church G 45 Late of Kalgoorlie Boulder
SINCLARE Elizabeth 24/07/1999 METH G 99 Late of Tjuntjuntjarra Aboriginal Community
SINCLARE Terrence 06/07/2001 METH G 95 Late of Tjuntjuntjarra Aboriginal Community
SINGLETON John Thomas H 02/01/1896 GEN A2.34  
SKEEHAN Joseph 22/05/1901 R/C C31  
SKINNER Theresa 22/04/1902 WES B98 Married woman
SKINNER Albert George 11/04/1898 WES A77  
SLATER Maxine Elizabeth 03/11/2006 METH G  104 Late of 65 Forrest St, Coolgardie
SLATTERY Michael J 11/11/1899 R/C B27  
SLAVEN Peter 20/06/1906 R/C D28 Occ miner
SLEATOR Harold Laylor 6/04/1902 ANG B2.18 Occ grocer
SLOAN Alexander Charles 26/06/1963 ANG B3.54  
SLOSS Clara 26/03/1896 PRES A70 Female child. Buried by magistrates Order
SMALE William 27/02/1905 ANG B2.10 Occ labourer
SMALL George 26/03/1896 ANG B36  
SMALLWOOD Henry 16/06/1910 ANG E2.5 Occ miner, also Ann
SMALLWOOD Ann 11/07/1942 ANG E2.5 Widow. Buried with husband. Lived on Bonnievale Road.
SMETHERHAM William 12/09/1919 METH C78 Occ miner. Died at Octogan Chambers Hunt Street, Coolgardie
SMETHERHAM James Hugh 20/08/1905 WES C27  
SMETHERHAM Francis J 29/06/1902 WES B95  
SMITH Arthur Rubin 22/06/1949 ANG C3.29  
SMITH Charles William 22/04/2009     age 46, from Daylsford, VIC
SMITH Stanley Charles 3/11/1953 R/C H3  
SMITH Albert 19/12/1936 R/C F5.85 Buried with child see 2618 above
SMITH Owen David 15/04/1903 R/C D53 Accidently killed by a fall at the No 2 Premier South Goldmine at Kunnanalling
SMITH George 12/07/1897 ANG C50 Died of senility and diarrhoea
SMITH John 02/04/1897 GEN A2.1 Found dead in hut ,inquest held. Died of heart disease
SMITH George Robert 23/07/1954 ANG B3.81 From Spargoville
SMITH Edward 3/03/1899 ANG E15 Killed by being ran over by a dray
SMITH James 29/03/1899 PRES A80 Killed by explosion at the Big Blow mine
SMITH Alice 12/.09/1998 GEN D 68 Late of Coonana
SMITH Percy Dunbar 19/10/1909 ANG D3.26 Occ clerk
SMITH Carrington George 11/05/1903 R/C D54 Occ miner
SMITH David L 13/10/1923 ANG F3.73 Occ prospector Died on the Golden Bar Goldmining lease.
SMITH Myrtle Clare 14/10/1913 ANG E3.50 Occ school teacher
SMITH Lewis Alfred 15/09/1908 ANG D2.16 Occ ships fireman
SMITH Sally 21/11/1986 R/C H  48 Prospector
SMITH Zilla 24/01/1896 WES A34 Single woman
SMITH Alice Maud Sr Mary Alfonsa 2/05/1958 R/C Convent Sect Sister Mary Alphonsa
SMITH Edith Sr Mary Clare 18/08/1966 R/C Convent Sect Sister Mary Clare
SMITH George 28/01/1903 ANG F31 Was from Kunnunalling
SMITH Frank 06/10/1895 R/C C17  
SMITH Arthur William 12/02/1897 PRES A60  
SMITH John 8/11/1897 ANG D7  
SMITH Marguerite 23/05/1924 ANG F3.67  
SMITH Unnamed male 5/06/1911 R/C E29  
SMITH John Richard 25/07/1936 ANG F5.85  
SMITH Annie Isabel 03/09/1906 WES C24  
SMITH John Glass 06/01/1899 PRES A109  
SMITH Unknown 12/05/1903 GEN A2.51  
SMITH Clarice Irene 14/10/1898 ANG D 66 10 weeks,
SMITH William Pulteney 22/09/1896 ANG B50  
SMYTH Deliverance 16/06/1904 ANG F66 Occ miner. Fathers name Geoge Australia Deliverence SMYTH
SNELL George 28/04/1896 ANG B13  
SNODGRASS Rosanna Maud 3/07/1944 R/C F32 Home duties
SNODGRASS Kenneth 1/06/1898 ANG D87 Suicided by shooting himself
SNOOK Agnotus 26/10/1895 ANG A68  
SOMERS Patrick E 31/01/1897 R/C A43 Died of enteric fever
SOMMER Ellalina 10/02/1898 ANG D25  
SOMMERS John Willlis 11/12/1895 ANG A100 Died of pneumonia
SOMMERVILLE Andrew 13/01/1897 PRES A27 Died of enteric feverOcc. Barman
SONNEMAN Robyn 04/03/2007 not noted Tree 7 Daughter of Robert & Margaret MCCONNELL
SORRELL Richard Alfred 11/01/1953 ANG C3.21  
SORRELL Ursula 1/12/1898 ANG D57  
SOUTH Ernest 14/02/1908 ANG C2.37 Inquest held . Fall of earth at the Birthday Gift Mine Burbanks
SOUTH Ernest William 20/04/1903 ANG C2.5  
SOUZA manuel 23/06/1910 R/C E41 Occ labourer
SOWTER Alfred 29/12/1898 ANG D49 Occ chemist
SPAIDER Harriet Jane 19/07/1899 ANG D54 Married woman
SPARGO Hannah 29/10/1899 ANG E27 Married woman
SPARGO Stephen Thomas 27.11.1901 ANG F  6  
SPARS Herman 19/12/1898 ANG D56 Died at Bonnievale.Occbarman
SPEERING Mary 7/05/1911 R/C E30  
SPENCE Thomas 14/09/1913 ANG E3.49 Occ collector.Inquest held. Suicide by his own hand.
SPENCE James Douglas 02/12/1905 PRES B40  
SPENCER Richard 7/02/1898 ANG D32  
SPEY George Angus 12/12/1905 ANG B2.2 Occ railway employee
SPIERS Stanley 10/02/1896 WES A10 Male child
SPIERS Elizabeth J 12/02/1896 WES A10 Married woman, age 29
SPOUR Lynn 27/08/1900 ANG E52  
STACK John 14/04/1895 R/C C 12  
STACK William Patrick 15/08/1933 R/C F58 Occ prospectorDied of heart failure.
STADE Marie 30/04/1901 ANG E41 Buried with father. Died of dyptheria
STADE Albert Harvey 18/02/1908 ANG E39  
STADE Herman William Julius 26/05/1899 ANG E41 44yrs, Father: John Mother: Marie born SA
STANCOMBE Alice Mary 07/07/1900 WES B40 Accidently burnt to death, also Jane
STANCOMBE Jane 11/03/1907 WES B40 Married woman
STANLEY Martha 23/03/1907 WES C51 Married woman
STANLEY Albert 23/04/1912 ANG E2.17 Occ miner
STANTON Samuel 10/07/1899 WES A132 Interred with brother
STANTON Charlie 05/01/1899 WES A132  
STANWISC Rachel Marian 29/03/1904 ANG F67  
STAPLETON Blanche 15/04/1907 R/C D63  
STAPLETON Willie Percy 11/06/1905 R/C D63  
STARCEVICH Anton 24/05/1973 R/C I111 From Emily St Esperance
STARCEVICH Yela Matilda 29/01/1977 R/C I111 Interred with husband see Reg No 3101. From St John of God Hospital Kalgoorlie.
STEAD Unnamed 10/03/1916 ANG F3.14 Not in death register
STEAD Roland 26/06/1911 ANG E2.25 Occ dryblower
STEDDY Charlotte Elizabeth 2/10/1913 METH C132 Married woman
STEFFEN William 26/04/1901 R/C D18 Killed by fall of Earth at the 25 mile. From Kunnulling
STEINBAR John 30/09/1910 WES C91 Occ prospector
STELLWAG Ella Louisa 22/04/1900 PRES A126  
STEPHEN Jane Anne 12/11/1909 ANG E2.1 Widow
STEPHENS Michael William 17/09/1904 R/C D61 Died by being accidently run over by a locomotive near number 9 camp Kurrawang woodlineOcc Timber cutter
STEPHENS John Thurston 27/06/1910 WES C81 Occ canvasser
STEPHENS Henry 03/04/1913 METH C140 Occ labourer
STEPHENS Robert Ambrose 6/04/1910 R/C E52 Occ miner
STEPHENS Mary Christena 18/12/1908 ANG D2.36  
STEPHENS Unnamed male 13/05/1911 GEN A78  
STEPHENS Philip H 23/02/1900 GEN A2.76  
STEPHENSON Arthur St John 18/03/1895 ANG A.36 36yrs
STUART James 20/06/1914 PRES C28 Occ groom.Inquest held.. Came by his death by suffocation and burns at a fire in his camp at East Montana.
STEVENS Harry 01/11/1894 WES A11  
STEVENS George 22/08/1921 ANG F3.60 Occ prospector
STEVENS Nellie 15/05/1898 WES B7  
STEWART Edmond Nicholas Charles 27/12/1904 ANG A2.26 Born at Bardock
STEWART Charles 05/06/1897 PRES A135 Died of pneumonia
STEWART Charles Preston 26/12/1895 PRES A7  
STEWART Margaret 30/12/1908 ANG D2.20  
STEWART Donald S 07/12/1901 WES B83  
STEWART William 17/01/1896 WES A38  
STILLER William 14/03/1908 R/C E134 Occ miner
STOBBART William 18/06/1904 PRES B72 Occ dealer
STOCKDILL George Herbert 06/05/1957 ANG B3.32  
STOKES Charles 09/02/1895 WES A19 Blacksmith
STOKES Jesse Richard 22/05/1993 R/C H  74 Late of 10 Jenkins St Coolgardie.
STOLLER Frederick 9/11/1896 JEW A 5  
STONE Harry 13/06/1923 ANG F3.66 Occ prospector
STONEHAM Charles Alfred 22/07/1909 ANG D3.7 Occ miner
STONEMAN John 28/01/1898 WES A117  
STOREY George 02/01/1898 WES A115 Pneumonia
STOTTART Walter 29/07/1896 ANG B47  
STRAIN Jack White 09/07/1897 WES A102 Buried with mother
STRAIN Edna Emily 28/06/1897 WES A102 Married woman
STRAPP James 22/03/1915 R/C F100  
STRATON Edith Margaret 07/05/1895 WES A24 From Londonderry
STREICH Victor 20/03/1905 R/C D71 Died of a complication of diseases as described by the medical evidence of Doctor Webster.OccMetallurgist.
STRICKFUSS Gladys Gwendoline 17/12/1899 ANG E14  
STROTHER George 6/12/1906 ANG B2.39 Occ builder
STROTHER Percy 10/02/1916 ANG F3.13 Occ miner
STROTHER Ellen Jean 14/11/1912 ANG B2.39  
STROTHER Sybil Christina 18/03/1914 ANG E2.19  
STROTHER Albert E (Stillborn) 25/04/1911 ANG E2.19  
STUART James Thomas 5/05/1901 ANG E67  
STUART Edith 20/11/1898 R/C B6  
STURGESS William John George 29/10/1900 ANG E58 From Bullabulling, 1 yr, Father George.
SUCRUSE John 14/07/1896 R/C C33  
SULLIVAN John 29/03/1895 R/C A11  
SULLIVAN John 6/08/1957 ANG B3.36  
SULLIVAN Cornelius 12/02/1898 R/C A91  
SULLIVAN P Owen 02/11/1896 R/C C77  
SULLIVAN John Thomas 6/03/1898 ANG D43  
SUMMERS David. 26/01/1918 ANG F3.12 War Grave/Tunneller. Born Ethelhaven Scotland, Wife Emma Louise Summers
SUNDERLAND John 30/05/1899 WES B19  
SURRIDGE William Valentine 6/05/1902 ANG F36 Typhoid fever
SURRIDGE Ronald Simond 5/06/1912 GEN A 11  
SUTCLIFFE Mary Louisa Jane 13/09/1905 ANG B2.13  
SUTHERLAND Bruce 16/06/1896 PRES A19  
SUTOR Charles Henry 09/10/1899 PRES A95 61yrs
SUTTON John George 13/11/1907 ANG C2.31 Physcian
SVENSON Perry August 24/10/1907 PRES B64  
SWAIN John 5/07/1913 R/C E 25 2nd of twins
SWAIN Herman 21/05/1913 R/C E25 He was a first twin
SWAN John Ayrie 15/08/1930 ANG   Miner. Inquest held. Suicided by self explosion. Body found at Grosmont Mine
SWANEY Thomas 15/02/1899 PRES A73  
SWANSON Olaf 3/05/1909 ANG C2.42 Occ miner
SWEENEY William John 10/04/1902 R/C D31 Accidently drowned in the King Solomons mine Tank. Horse Trainer, age66, Father: William Mother: Margaret HOGAN
SWEENEY Edward John 22/10/1903 R/C D31  
SYMES James 5/01/1901 ANG E86 Died of senile decay
SYMONS Thomas 22./07/1904 GEN A2.56 Died from suffocation through  obstruction to respiration whilst suffering from a diseased heart. Occ yardman from Mungarrie.
SYMONS George 14/02/1898 ANG D27  
SYNAN Catherine 24/03/1898 R/C C47  
TAGNEY John 03/03/1896 R/C B8 Male child
TAGNEY Maurice 02/11/1896 R/C C75  
TAILOR Patricia Eileen [Merle]` 30/04/1987 ANG F5. 91  
TAMBLYN William H 15/01/1903 WES B100 Suicide, run over by a train at Mungarrie. From Boulder
TANGNEY Edward John 04/02/1898 R/C C74 Died of cholera inflamation
TANGNEY James 17/03/1902 R/C D29 Died of typhoid fever
TANSBURG Kathleen Agnes 27/11/1898 ANG D63  
TASKER Marion Isabel 01/05/1901 PRES A84 8mths, Father: Ewen Mother: Isabel MESSER
TAYLOR Montague 12/12/1899 ANG E42 Died as a result of an accident at Lady Lock mine.Occminer.
TAYLOR Victor 05/11/1908     Died at Eundyine, via Higginsville. Entry death register No 88. Buried in Coolgardie Cemetery.
TAYLOR Matha Ann 18/12/1903 ANG F63 Married woman
TAYLOR Charles Raymond 22/01/1906 ANG B2.19 Occ Electrician
TAYLOR Charles John 30/04/1896 ANG B37  
TAYLOR Annie 4/01/1925 ANG F63  
TAYLOR Maud Isabell 01/07/1905 ANG A2.16  
TAYLOR Henry E 19/05/1896 ANG B21  
TAYNTON Thomas 18/02/1911 R/C E60 Occ miner
TAZDEAN Thomas 6/08/1925 AFG   Brought from Kalgoorlie for burial
TEASDALE Sarah Anne Augusta 11/06/1905 ANG A2.20  
TEDGE Denton 20/03/1898 PRES A118  
TEDMANSEN OLE 29/11/1910 ANG D3.26  
TEIRNEY Richard 26/12/1907 R/C E130  
TERRELL William 28/08/1913 METH C136 Occ carpenter
TESTER Francis Maud 07/02/1898 WES A98 Twin Female child
TESTER Gertrude Mary 07/02/1898 WES A98 Twin Female child
TEWSLEY Eric Arthur Stanley 17/01/1898 ANG D4  
THIMBLEBY Frederick W 21/06/1901 WES B84 Committed suicide, wound in the side
THOMAS Trevor 01/12/2009   Tree 123  
THOMAS John Sterndale 11/02/1963 ANG B3.51  
THOMAS Darryl Vincent 5/12/1980 METH D8 Died from Leukaemia. Aboriginal from Guilford WA
THOMAS Howard Clive 20/08/1976 METH D14 Died when rail trolley overturned. Occ length runner. Lived at 34 Woodward St, Coolgardie
THOMAS Frederick William G 03/07/1903 WES B101 From Burbanks, age 2, Father: Frederick Mother: Esther BUCK
THOMAS Thomas 10/05/1900 WES B51 Killed by a fall of earth at the Lady Charlotte Gold mine
THOMAS John 31/10/1905 PRES B45 Occ station master, also Jessie THOMAS
THOMAS Jessie 26/02/1912 PRES B45 Widow
THOMAS William 09/05/1897 WES A107  
THOMAS Gilbert Stephen 14/01/1896 ANG A97  
THOMAS James  16/12/1895 R/C A23  
THOMAS Benjamin 01/04/1908 ANG D21  
THOMAS Rose Agnes 04/05/1906 WES B41  
THOMAS Harold Joseph 08/01/1906 WES C46  
THOMAS Lillian Edith 12/12/1906 WES B41  
THOMAS Harry Alfred S 10/12/1900 WES B73  
THOMAS Edward 14/01/1901 ANG E82  
THOMAS Llewellyn E 19/11/1900 WES B41  
THOMAS Wilfred B 23/06/1900 ANG E48  
THOMAS Henry George 25/10/1901 PRES A86  
THOMAS-ROBERTS Thomas 15/12/1900 ANG E93 Mine accident at Bayley's Reward
THOMPSON Unnamed 18/11/1897 GEN A1.60  
THOMPSON Harriet 4/11/1898 ANG D92 Buried with mother
THOMPSON Arthur Simpson 03/09/1905 PRES B43 From Bonnievale
THOMPSON Matthew Fulton 23/07/1909 PRES B77 Labourer
THOMPSON Ethel Jane 08/09/1914 PRES C29 Married woman
THOMPSON Thomas 20/11/1908 R/C E93 Occ steward
THOMPSON Godfrey William Henry 19/07/1897 ANG C59  
THOMPSON Alexander 04/09/1903 PRES B18  
THOMPSON Samuel 27/05/1901 WES B78  
THOMPSON Samuel 18/09/1895 PRES A2  
THOMSON Robert John Murray 07/05/1901 PRES A126 Also 1146 Stellwag
THOMSON Andrew M 01/02/1903 PRES A126 Buried with brother
THOMSON George  20/03/1899 WES B33 Died of consuption
THOMSON Myra 14/12/1897 PRES A131 Married woman
THOMSON Alice maud 23/08/1911 ANG E2.33 Occ home duties
THOMSON Martha Ann 30/10/1897 PRES A144 Pneumonia. Married woman, aged 32yrs,Father William Mother Alice Burrows born VIC
THOMSON Gordon 04/01/1898 WES A93  
THOMSON Unnamed male 03/05/1911 PRES B93  
THORN William 9/01/1911 ANG D3.24 Occ prospector
THORNETT Elizabeth May 25/11/1896 ANG C40  
THORNTON Ronald S        
THURGOOD Arthur Donald 23/12/1935 ANG F4.33 Died by suicide
THURMAN Joseph 5/03/1912 ANG F2.3 Occ clerk
TIERNEY James 9/12/1935 R/C F63 Died of heart failure
TIERNEY Robert 14/01/1897 R/C A  38 Died of pneumonia, and enteric fever. Miner
TIERNEY Bridget 13/01/1910 R/C E70 Married woman
TINDAL Stanley 23/01/1915 ANG D36 Died at the Isolation hospital
TINDALL Ruby 23/08/1898 ANG D36  
TOAL Roy 06/06/1899 WES B23  
TOBIAS Ruben 18/05/1910 JEW A 18 Occ musician
TOM Frank 15/02/1896 GEN A2 32  
TOMLINSON Andrew 21/08/1908 ANG D2.10 Occ barman
TOMPSON Elizabeth 19/09/1898 ANG D 92 Died at Mt Leonora. Married woman
TONDUT Ernest John 22/07/1909 R/C E77 Occ fisherman
TONKIN Howard 13/06/1896 ANG B86  
TONKIN Ida 04/02/1898 WES A90  
TOOLE Patrick 19/12/1900 R/C A101 Interred with brother
TOOLE Henry 16/01/1900 R/C A101  
TOSH Abraham 23/03/1895 ANG A10 30yrs
TOURNER Edward Keppel 18/09/1945 ANG C3.72 From Widgemoolths.OccSalt Worker
TRACEY Samuel 8/06/1903 R/C D57  
TRAILL Alexander 30/05/1905 PRES B37  
TRANTER Percy 28/02/1895 ANG A38  
TREBILCOCK Herbert William 23/02/1895 GEN A1.15  
TREBILCOTT Thomas Albert 09/05/1914 METH C130 Occ miner
TREE Cecil Jack 29/03/2005 not noted Tree 117 also wife Francis
TREE Frances 24/11/2008 not noted Tree 117 Ashes Place next to Husband See Reg No 3263 Tree 117
TREFRY George 11/06/1910 WES C89 Occ miner
TRELEAVEN Unnamed 24/10/1898 WES A126  
TRELOAR Eliza 07/01/1899 WES B27 Married woman
TREMBATH Richard 09/02/1896 WES A33 From Bardock died at the 20mile coming in from the Mine
TREVENA Henry 18/10/1900 R/C D3 Occ prospector
TRIGG Charles 14/05/1895 GEN A1.21  
TRINEY James 30/11/1936 R/C F68 Died of heart failure
TRINIDAD Dennis 28/08/1911 R/C E45 Occ miner
TROON William 14/02/1896 GEN A1.29  
TROTT Martin Allan 12/06/1998 METH D3  
TROTT Kenneth Douglas 18/05/1982 METH G 48 Died from a heart attack. Late of 11 Sylvestor St Coolgardie.
TROTT Elizabeth 31/01/1984 METH G27 Late of 21 Sylvestor St Coolgardie
TROTT William ( Bill) 10/09/1990 METH G 42 Late of Tjirntli-para-para. Via Norseman.
TROTT Derek Kenneth 15/02/1991 Meth D 2 Result of A Car Accident. Late of 17A St Alburns Rd Kalgoorlie.
TROTTEIZ  TROTTERY Edward 14/09/1896 ANG B61  
TRUMBLE Thomas Henry 23/06/1901 ANG F11 Died of consumption
TRURAN Samuel 19/01/1897 WES A74 Died of enteric fever
TRUSCOTT Unnamed 09/03/1897 WES A89 Captain Truscott's child.
TUCKER Edwin 12/05/1895 ANG A52  
TUCKER William Henry 13/08/1966 ANG A3.95  
TUCKER Arthur Jack 24/03/1895 ANG A90  
TUCKER Tiffany Rose 8/09/2002 R/C H  80 nee VELICKOVIC
TUCKER James Archibald 12/101989 METH G 28 Buried with Wife Alice Reg No 3150.late of 65 Forrest St Coolgardie.
TUCKER James 1/07/1897 ANG C27 Died of meningitis
TUCKER Alice Maisey 10/01/1984 METH G28 Late of 30 The Esplanade Esperance
TUCKER Debre Ann 19/12/2008 METH    
TUCKER Edward 22/02/1896 WES A59  
TUCKER Clarice Norma 30/03/1898 ANG A91  
TUEA Antonia 17/03/1902 R/C D27 Typhoid fever
TUGGAI   14/03/1898 AFG A11 Afghan who apparently died of natural causes, apparently had refused medical attention.
TULIP William 28/06/1901 WES B86  
TULLY William 12/09/1914 R/C F92 Occ stockman
TURLE Christopher James 17/03/1965 METH D17  
TURLE Muriel kathleen 22/07/1966 ANG A3.94 From Spargoville
TURNBULL William 25/03/1905 PRES B35 Occ miner
TURNER George Henry 25/06/1896 ANG B85  
TWIGG Thomas 31/12/1913 ANG E3.8 Occ miner 
TWISS Arthur 13/11/1905 ANG B2.1 Occ baker
TYE Albert 19/09/1896 ANG B67 Died of consumption
TYLOR Roy Purchase 4/04/1902 ANG F16  
TYNON Michael 11/09/1946 R/C H124 Died from a stroke.Occprospector
TYSON Elizabeth 31/01/1897 WES A88 Died of deocaphalis effusion.
TYSON John 4/05/1901 ANG E69  
UHR Wentworth Darcy 19/02/1907 ANG C2.27 Occ manager
UHR Wentworth Darcy 16/05/1903 ANG F51  
UHR Ross Charles 28/01/1907 GEN A26 4 mths Father Wentworth
UNDERWOOD Lucy Ann 19/05/1914 ANG E3.12 Widow
UPTON Herbert 14/10/1901 ANG F4  
URMERSBACK Jacob 23/06/1911 ANG E2.29 Details same as 2146.
URQUHART Donna 19/01/1966 ANG B3.31 Came from KALGOORLIE
VALE William 27/09/1895 ANG A66 Patient who got away from hospital. Remains found in bush and returned to Coolgardie for internment
VALENTINE George C 21/08/1940 ANG F5.23  
VAN DER SLUIS David Charles 19/12/1969 R/C H 16  
VANDELEUR James 26/02/1895 R/C C2  
VANI Martin 23/06/1911 R/C E59 Inquest held. Deceased came to his death by violence at the hands of Peter Muffartti at the 12 mile soak near Sothern Cross road.
VAUGHAN James 7/06/1908 R/C E123 Occ Draper
VAUGHAN Francis Morris Elson 20/09/1907 WES C57 Occ Post Master
VAUGHAN Leslie Thomas T 18/04/1912 ANG F2.8  
VAWDREY William 26/07/1896 ANG B70 Found dead , opposite the Grand Hotel
VEALE Richard 5/04/1941 ANG D4.  90  
VENVILLE Susannah Helen 7/03/2953 ANG F5.87A Buried with husband John
VENVILLE John 27/04/1935 ANG F5.87A Married man. Died of heart failure.
VENVILLE Merle 4/04.1918 ANG F2   2 Not in  death register
VENVILLE Larnold George William 3/04/1912 ANG F2.2 also Merle
VENVILLE William 22/03/1898 ANG D45  
VICKERMAN Harry 9/11/1896 ANG C44 Male child
VICKERS Isaac 2/01/1908 ANG C2.40  
VILLIERS John Albert 6/07/1896 ANG B29  
VISTARINI Emerico 19/10/1946 ANG D4.85  
VIVIAN Harold Reginald 24/05/1896 WES A63 Male child
VOLESTADT Walter 29/01/1896 ANG A.107  
VOSS Frederick 04/01/1904 PRES B20  
VOWLES George  16/03/1914 R/C F99 Occ caretaker
WADDINGHAM Alfred 29/12/1901 PRES B13 Died suddenly at the Railway Hotel from natural causes
WADDLE Albert Henry 18/12/1896 ANG C38 Trade Cooper
WADE Sr Mary Catherine 1/10/1939 R/C Convent Grave 69
WAGNER William Charles 28/01/1941 ANG D4.89 Heart failure. Spelling incorrect surname should be spelt as Wegener.
WAGNER Lena 20/01/1920 ANG F3.58 In Death register burial is 21.12.1919. Death registered 2.1.1920
WAIN May 03/05/1897 GEN A1 4 Murdered 6 mile out from Coolgardie on the 90 mile road. Widow
WAKEFIELD Roslyn May 28/08/1906 WES C38 Shop Assistant
WAKEFIELD Rosalind M 28/05/1903 ANG F25  
WALKER Thomas B 19/04/1895 ANG A14  
WALKER Annie Mary Catherine 12/01/1913 R/C E31 Married woman
WALKER Robert 09/07/1913 PRES B105 Occ contractor
WALKER Elizabeth Dorothy 28/02/1898 PRES A59  
WALKER Robert Joseph 04/09/1896 GEN A2.13  
WALKINGTON Frederick 28/04/1896 WES A5  
WALLACE John Samuel 26/05/1897 PRES A137 Died from a fracture at the base of the skull result of an accident at No 1 soak mine Londonderry.
WALLACE Edward 25/04/1914 R/C F94 Occ clerk
WALLACE James 13/07/1902 R/C D37  
WALLIS Mary 6/11/1954 ANG B3.77  
WALLIS Samuel Thomas 23/08/1943 R/C F27 Occ sadlier. Died of a coronary occlusion.
WALPOLE Norman Hector 18/07/1951 ANG C3.24  
WALSH William Patrick 10/03/1952 R/C H60  
WALSH Arthur Richard 03//04/1939 ANG B34 Buried with brother
WALSH John 22/01/1895 R/C  1 Grave marked as 1 because of date
WALSH Minnie 11/01/1907 R/C E110 Married woman
WALSH Gregory Maurice 15/02/1974 R/C I110 Occ Engine Driver. From 85 Bayley St Coolgardie, also Lily
WALSH Edward Phillip 17/08/1906 ANG B2.34 Occ school teacher
WALSH Janet Louisa 17/02/1900 PRES A83  
WALSH Minnie Patriscia 12/10/1907 R/C E 107  
WALSH Patrick Edward 18/07/1907 R/C D113  
WALSH Nellie 26/05/1902 R/C  D24  
WALTERS John 29/07/1895 WES A42  
WALTERS William 28/04/1936 ANG F4.27 Died as a result of an Accident. Married man
WAPLES John Thomas. 20/03/1953 GEN A1 90  
WARBURTON Elizabeth 4/07/1900 ANG E57  
WARD AnnieSr Mary Magadalene 15/02/1962 R/C SECT  
WARD Morgan Stewart 25/04/1947 ANG C3.42  
WARD Thomas 5/06/1939 R/C F11 Heart failure
WARD Izreal Neil 20/04/2003 ANG Tree 126 Late of 40 Woodward St Coolgardie
WARD Shayne William 25/06/1999 METH U/C G 98 Late of Darwin NT
WARD Mary Jane 17/02/1914 ANG E3.11 Married woman
WARD William R 28/09/1903 ANG F61  
WARD James 7/08/1905 R/C D34  
WARD Ralph 19/06/1901 ANG F9  
WARE Harry George Jordan 5/03/1997 R/C H  76 Late of the Victoria Park Home Kalgoorlie
WARE Charles James Jordon 9/03/1995 R/C H  75 Late of the Victoria Park Home Kalgoorlie.
WARE Samuel James Bailey 26/12/1909 WES C73 Occ farmer
WARE Eileen Henrietta 16/03/1914 R/C E10 Also Edward Thomas.
WARE Edward Thomas 20/08/1915 R/C E10  
WARNER Henry Leslie 3/03/1902 R/C D14  
WATERHOUSE Edwin Saville 6/05/1897 ANG C39 Male child
Waterhouse E S        
WATKINS Aurthur Charles 23/07/1908 ANG D2.8 Occ chemist
WATSON James 14/06/1913 PRES B104 Occ storeman
WATT Jane 18/07/1909 PRES B62 Widow
WATT Millicent Sarah 11/03/1897 ANG C9 Married woman
WATT Edward 10/04/1896 R/C C25  
WATTS Colin John 28/07/1952 GEN A1 89  
WATTS Thomas 15/11/1907 PRES B62 Occ Engine driver
WEARMOUTH Unnamed fenale 87/02/1914 METH C139 Born at Burbanks
WEARMOUTH Evelyn 7/05/1916 METH C139  
WEARNE William 21/08/1895 WES A40 Accidently killed by fall down a Mine shaft
WEARNE Edmond 05/03/1899 WES B17 Died of typhoid fever
WEARNE Myrtle Irene 22/03/1899 WES B15  
WEARNER Unnamed 02/02/1900 WES B46 From Burbanks
WEBB Fanny 16/03/1914 ANG E3.10 Married woman
WEBB William 7/02/1898 ANG D 35  
WEBB Walter Henry 4/05/1908 ANG D2.7  
WEBSTER Mary 15/02/1896 ANG B5 Female child
WEBSTER William 18/07/1914 ANG E3.111 Occ stonemason
WEBSTER Hannah 14/08/1905 GEN D1  
WEDD Bernard DuncanCameron 10/01/1898 PRES A138 Buried with mother
WEDD Catherine Margaret Johanna Florence  25/12/1897 PRES A138 Married woman and 5 week old son Bernard
WEDEKIND Heine 24/12/1898 ANG D58 Died of Burns near Red Bluff, and heart disease.Occdyer
WEGENER         See Dorcas Winnifred CHAPPELL
WEGENER William Charles       See William Charles WAGNER
WEGNER Marie Fredaricke 15/09/1898 ANG D77 Single woman
WEIBKEN Gustff.H 8/05/1896 ANG B41  
WEIR Michael 13/04/1902 R/C D33  
WELD Ida Antonette 24/08/1959 ANG B3.40 C Brady
WELLER Amelia 3/10/1911 ANG E2.21 Occ home duties
WELLER Frederick James 22/02/1916 ANG E2.21  
WELLS Mary Elizabeth 30/01/1911 GEN A 12 Widow. Salvation Army, also Harry, harry and George
WELLS Harry. 8/10/1934 GEN A 12 Buried with father and mother
WELLS Harry 9/10/1946 GEN A 12 Invalid. Buried with father, grandmother and grandfather.
WELLS George Edward Herbert 14/05/1902 GEN A 12 Salvation Army, 72yrs
WELLS-TAYLOR Evelyn 22/12/1976 ANG B3.56 From 1 Lady lock Road
WELLS-TAYLOR William 31/10/1967 GEN A 12 Ref No 2875 Harry Wells Headstone erected Common Grave Reg No 2875
WESCOMBE John W 15/09/1900 ANG E64 Found dead in his camp
WEST Johnny 16/09/1985 METH G 21 Aboriginal male from Cundeelee
WESTCOTT Richard B 16/03/1896 ANG B2  
WESTON Eric 22/06/1896 GEN A2.26  
WESTROPE Wiiliam Akerman 26/09/1898 ANG D69 Died of consumption of throat. Police Constable
WESTROPP Unnamed 27/12/1897 GEN A1.62  
WHEATON James Algar 11/11/1894 GEN A1.47 23yrs
WHELAN James 26/09/1895 R/C C16  
WHITE Patrick 29/09/1895 R/C A18  
WHITE William 12/05/1936 ANG F4.23 Died of heart failure
WHITE William 30/09/1897 WES A106 Worked as a miner. Underwent an Operation at Gov Hospital
WHITE William Shirley Francis 02/03/1898 R/C C57  
WHITE Daniel 22/03/1898 ANG D72  
WHITEHEAD Walter 4/05/1896 ANG B10  
WHITTAKER Unnamed 10/04/1898 GEN A1.54 Male child
WHITTAKER Henry 29/10/1897 ANG D11 Pneumonia
WHITTKE Stephen 5/01/1943 ANG D4.94 Died of pneumonia
WHITTLESTON Frederick 26/12/1898 PRES A120 Died of typhoid fever
WHITTLESTON Daisy 19/08/1901 PRES A120 Interred with uncle
WHITTLESTONE William 02/07/1942 ANG D4.80 Occ Prospector. Died of heart failure
WHITTLESTONE John 19/09/1902 PRES A120  
WHITWORTH Margaret 6/05/1910 ANG D2.27 Mr Robert Widow
WHYTE Unnamed male 08/07/1917 PRES B26  

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