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CADDY Ivy 27/03/1897 4 weeks GEN A2.16 Female child
CAELLI Domenico 24/04/1913 27 yrs R/C E3 Inquest held. Died in an accidental fall of earth at the Sydney Mint Mine.
CAHILL William John 05/03/1909 44 yrs ANG D2.35 Occ bookkeeper
CAHILL Bridget 22/10/1899 62 yrs R/C B31  
CAHILL Mary Mildred 30/05/1898 12 mths R/C A79  
CAIN Linda 02/01/1899 2 mths R/C B  9 Died of Disentary
CAIN James William 29/07/1982 77 yrs R/C I105 Late of the Coolgardie Nursing Home.
CAIN / CAIRN Jackson 16/07/1896 36 yrs ANG B76 Accidently killed by a Team
CAIRE Henry James 22/03/1901 36 yrs WES B80  
CAISLEY Leslie Stewart 12/01/1912 2 yrs ANG E2.24  
CALIGARI Maria Celestina Eleszia 01/02/1898 24 yrs R/C A93 Died of typhoid fever and Haemorage , single Woman
CALVERLY Martin 27/04/1899 69 yrs ANG E6  
Cameron C M            
CAMERON Christina MARY 17/04/1904 58 yrs PRES C24 Married Woman
Alexader Cameron          
CAMERON Alexander 13/01/1907 78 yrs PRES B58 Prospecter
CAMERON Arthur John 04/10/1898 6 yrs WES B14 Interred with brother
CAMERON Neil 23/07/1907 54 yrs WES Unknown Occ accountant
CAMERON John William 20/08/1900 37 yrs WES B14  
CAMERON John Alexander 12/08/1898 14 mths WES B14  
CAMPBELL Arthur Price 17/09/1897 30 yrs ANG C 69  
CAMPBELL Robert 19/03/1895 38 yrs GEN A1.16  
CAMPBELL Charles 10/06/1955 78 yrs METH D24  
CAMPBELL Hilda  23/01/1897 4 yrs R/C A47 Died as a result of a burns
Cain M E            
CANE Mabel Elizabeth 12/11/1990 86 yrs not noted Tree 3 Nee EDWARDS. Reg No 3189-A in register. Ashes placed under tree 3 on 12/11/1990. Born in Coolgardie WA on 2/02/1898. She died at Delta British Columbia, Canada, on the 13/04/1984.
Cane M P            
CANE St Mary Philomena 3/04/1928 Unknown R/C Convent Sect Grave 135
CARBERG Rudolph 29/01/1910 41 yrs ANG D3.4 Occ labourer
CARE Frank 13/06/1904 48 yrs GEN A2.54 Occ labourer
CARINS John          
CARINS John 2/07/1971 81 yrs ANG B3.68 Committed suicide by dynamite.
CARLISLE Ernest T 12/04/1897 33 yrs ANG C17  
CARNES Walter 03/08/1901 40 yrs WES B90 Found dead in his bed at Jasmine's Boarding House. Natural causes
CARNEY Unnamed 11/10/1897 S/born GEN A1.57  
CARNEY Patrick Henry 09/05/1896 8  wks R/C C37 Male child
CARO Albert          
CARO Albert 10/07/1895 36 yrs Jew A 3  
CARO Stillborn          
CARO Unnamed 11/04/1898 still born Jew B 30  
CARR Eliza 19/03/1899 14 yrs ANG E23 Died of typhiod fever
CARR George Graham 12/03/1914 59 yrs ANG E3.46 Engine driver
CARR Ann Isabella 31/12/1916 65 yrs ANG E3.46 Same grave as George Carr. Widow.
CARR Francis Stanley Trogonninge 22/06/1915 14 mths ANG F3.40  
CARR Cyril E 26/11/1902 6 mths GEN A2.47  
CARR Jonathon [John]  08/08/1896 30 yrs PRES A18 Died of burns
CARR Kathleen            
CARR Sarah Kathleen  05/09/1910 26 yrs PRES B108 Inquest held died from an abortion .Occcook
CARREY Unnamed 13/08/1903 S/born GEN A2.47 Mother was Ellen Norma CARREY
CARROLL Ada Florence 11/10/1933 48 yrs METH D35 Married WomanDied of Heart failure.
CARROLL Mar            
CARROLL Margaret 7/05/1898 50 yrs R/C C63 Married Woman. Died suddenly of heart disease
CARROLL Annie May 28/12/1907 24 yrs R/C E132 Occ Dress Maker
CARROLL Sr Gertrude [Agnes] 1/03/1910 30 yrs R/C Convent Sect Section H2
CARROLL Unnamed male 07/11/1912` S/born R/C E24  
CARRY Mary Pearl 22/12/1904 13 days GEN A2.62 Mothers Name Ellen Laura Carry
CARRYS Unknown 20/06/1901 S/born GEN A2.47  
CARSON Catherine 26/06/1940 65 yrs R/C F22  
CARTER Percy C 10/01/1899 25 yrs ANG E3 Committed suicide by shooting himself.
CARTER John 08/04/1897 45 yrs GEN A2   4  
CARTER Unnamed Female 14/07/1905 S/born WES C29  
CASAS Male child 18/01/1899 7 hrs R/C B7  
CASEY Unnamed 04/11/1899 S/born WES A130  
CASHEN Dorothy Margaret 02/04/1912 6 hrs R/C E28  
CASS George Samual 08/10/1914 23 yrs ANG E3.68 Occ clerk
CASTAGNETTE Charley 16/02/1900 5 yrs R/C C67 Intered with sister. Died in accident, caught between two trucks near Exhibition building.
CASTAGNETTE Geovanni 16/07/1916 60 yrs R/C C67 Occ miner
CASTAGNETTE Mary Natalini 16/02/1898 2 mths R/C C67  
CASTAGNETTI Albert Ricardo 17/07/1919 33 yrs R/C C 67  
CASTNER Ernst Vilhelm 19/03/1991 74 yrs ANG A3.72 Late of prospectors Camp 3 KM north of Coolgardie
CATALINA Gaelanu 20/06/1943 58 yrs R/C F31 Died from a result of an explosion which tore away his torso.
CAUDWELL Edna Gertrude 26/06/1952 64 yrs R/C H61  
CAVAZZI Dawn 10/04/1843 2 days ANG D4.74 Died from congenital syphilis
CAWSE R            
CAWSE Ronald Jack 22/03/2000 69 yrs R/C D  79 Died Kalgoorlie Nursing Home
CAWTHORNE Alfred Henry 28/07/1904 38 yrs ANG A2.11 ? Died from the explosion of a detinator there was no evidence to show the state of his mind at the time of his deathOcc miner
CAWTHRAY B            
CAWTHRAY Bertha Lily 23/12/1900 27 yrs ANG E90 Married Woman
CECIL William James 22/08/1920 54 yrs WES C11 Occ miner
CHAMBERS Ella 12/12/1897 4 mths ANG C22  
CHAMPION Joseph 17/01/1897 54 yrs R/C A40 Died from Voloubis.?
CHAMPION James 14/11/1908 30 yrs WES C75 Musician
CHANDLER AA            
CHANDLER Alfred Addison 12/11/1902 3 yrs ANG F22  
CHAPMAN Mary Anne 18/11/1909 33 yrs PRES B87 Occ farmer
CHAPPELL Dorcas Winifred 28/08/1958 63 yrs ANG D4.89 Dorcas Winifred Wegener
CHARLTON Ellen 15/01/1913 49 yrs ANG F2.21 Married Woman
CHEGWIDDEN Teresa Rose 22/02/1948 3 mths R/C H115  
CHEGWIDDEN  Unnamed and Teresa            
CHEGWIDDEN Unnamed 8/06/1951 S/born R/C H115  
CHISHOLM Donald 20/09/1899 39 yrs PRES A91 Accidently burnt to death in camp at Burbanks
CHITTENDEN Thomas J 17/10/1899 28 yrs PRES A101  
CHRISTENSON Freid Margido Frederick 10/01/1906 52 yrs WES C41 Died of a fall of earth at the Vale of Coolgardie BonnievaleOccminer
CHRISTENSON Johan 04/11/1896 25 yrs WES A2  
CHRISTOE Frederick J 17/04/1895 43 yrs ANG A29  
CHURCH Vera K 1/06/1901 3 days ANG E72  
CLANCY Michael 10/03/1895 30 yrs R/C C7  
CLANCY John Eric 13/04/1897 38 mths R/C C56 Injury to head by fall. He was disinterred and buried in Boulder Cemetery 30th April, 190?
CLARK James 27/08/1914 66 yrs ANG E3.109 Occ fettler
CLARK David Percival 19/06/1910 34 yrs ANG E2.7 Occ miner
Clark T F and asheds of Georgina Harriet FARROW            
CLARK Thomas Floyd 11/05/1903 About 40 yrs ANG F.56 Occ solicitor. Died from tuberculosus
CLARK Charles 02/04/1907 59 yrs C/C A5  
CLARK Cornelius Beames 00/00/1896       Registered surname as BREEN 2023/1896
CLARK Unnamed 9/10/1904 S/born C/C A6  
CLARK Ernest Leslie 9/07/1902 15 yrs Church of Christ A5  
CLARKE James 12/03/1895 44 yrs ANG A73  
CLARKE Cyril Charles 28/01/1964 72 yrs ANG B3.55  
CALRKE E L and Stillborn            
CLARKE Eva Lamont 10/08/1901 27 yrs ANG F5 Buried with child. Married Woman
CLARKE William 5/01/1908 11 mths ANG C2.38 From Burbanks
CALRKE WF & MA            
CLARKE William Falla 8/06/1909 64 yrs ANG D2.25 Occ accountant
CLARKE (see W F CLARKE) Mary Ann 4/07/1829 74 yrs ANG D2.25  
CLARKE Alexander 27/12/1908 4 days ANG C2.38  
CLARKE Unnamed 18/07/1901 S/born ANG F5  
CLARKE Frederick 28/12/1898 4 yrs ANG D60  
CLARKE Unknown 20/07/1899 S/born GEN A2.39  
CLARKE Sarah 15/12/1899 15 mths PRES A35 Result of a burning accident at Burbanks
CLARKE Robert 16/12/1899 3 yrs PRES A35 Result of a burning accident at Burbanks
CLARKE William 16/03/1913 51 yrs R/C E18 Occ bell ringer
CLEARY Patrick 10/12/1898 37 yrs R/C B11  
CLEMENTSON A            
CLEMENTSON Arthur Allan 16/03/1896 26 yrs ANG B43  
CLEWS Elizabeth 6/05/1950 74 yrs ANG C3.35  
CLIFFORD Ellen 27/09/1915 52 yrs R/C F80 Occ cook
CLINK William 11/06/1944 75 yrs ANG D4.40 Occ prospector from St Ives
CLODE Douglas R 14/01/1900 11 mths ANG E28  
CLYDE John 24/05//1910 30 yrs PRES B91 Occ miner
COATES Frank 30/04/1947 69 yrs METH C108  
COATES Alice 01/09/1930 76 yrs METH B93 Married Woman
COATES John 14/08/1933 80 yrs WES B.93 Buried with wife Register No 2567 .prospectorDied of Pneunonia.
COBCROFT John Frederick 20/02/1897 20 yrs ANG C26  
COCHRANE William James 25/09/1907 39 ANG C2.17 Inquest held. Died of a bullet wound.
COCHRANE John Ainsworth 24/03/1902 3 yrs PRES A43 Interred with sister
COCHRANE Annie Ainsworth 06/11/1897 7 wks PRES A43  
COCKBURN Unknown 25/02/1902 S/born GEN A1.67  
COCKING J            
COCKING John 08/03/1896 30 yrs WES A61  
COCKS Florence Catherine 13/05/1901 8 mths ANG E70  
COE Edward 20/03/1895 27 yrs ANG A39  
COFFEY Dennis 27/06/1903 54 yrs R/C D36  
COHEN H            
COHEN Henry 5/09/1909 35 yrs ANG D3.27 Occ miner
COHEN Hannah 26/07/1897 10 mths JEW B 36  
COLE T            
COLE Theresa Bridget 20/08/1911 32 yrs R/C E23 Headstone in Lawlers Cemetery - Married Woman
COLE Albert Edward 24/10/1898 4 mths WES A130  
COLE William J 14/10/1899 2 mths WES B30  
COLE-BUCKTIN Reginald Eric George 23/10/1973 67 yrs ANG A3.72 Worked at State Battery. From Hunt St Coolgardie
Cole-Bucktin E G            
COLE-BUCKTIN Eric George 24/07/2005 64 yrs C of E Tree 125  
COLEMAN Alice 21/10/1914 35 yrs R/C F93 Married Woman
COLEMAN Frank 23/08/1909 50 yrs R/C E80 Occ miner
COLES William Henry 16/05/1910 45 yrs ANG D3.22 Occ tile layer
COLLETT William John Langdon 23/05/1904 59 yrs PRES B32 Accidental fall of 30 feetOccengine driver. Father Alexander was a major in the Imperial Army.
COLLIE C            
COLLIE Christina 18/01/1906 42 ANG B2.22  
COLLIE David 15/12/1902 60 yrs GEN A2.53 Occ gardener. Died of heart disease
COLLIER A            
COLLIER Arnold Reuben 27/05/1906 8 mths S/A A  9  
COLLING William Thomas 18/12/1934 52 yrs ANG F4.31 Buried with wife Died of pneumonia. Occ labourer
COLLING J A            
COLLING John Alfred 5/03/1991 81 yrs ANG A3 73 Late of 9 Hunt street Coolgardie
COLLING EA            
COLLING Ernest Arthur 'Nabs' 13/05/1982 64 yrs ANG A3.85 Late of the Coolgardie Nursing home.
COLLING AM & WT            
COLLING Alice Maude 19/05/1933 45 yrs ANG F4.31 Married WomanDied of Heart failure
COLLING Robert John no date   not noted Tree 6  
COLLING RJ & CD            
COLLING Crystal Dawn 27/07/2007 74 yrs not noted Tree 6 Nee CULLEN
COLLINGDON    Thomas William 14/01/1947 79 yrs ANG C3.84 Occ prospector. From Bonnievale
COLLINGS Unamed 4/02/1907 21 hours GEN A25  
COLLINS William A 25/06/1899 55 yrs PRES A93 Died of pneumonia
COLLINS Annie 22/03/1900 32 yrs R/C B29 Single Woman
COLLINS William 18/06/1896 21 yrs WES A7  
COLLINS Edward 26/01/1898 28 yrs WES A110  
COLLIS Charles 22/10/1897 32 yrs WES A114 Fever and pneumonia
COLOPER Thomas 15/05/1897 21 yrs PRES A139 Died of enteric fever and pneumonia
COLQUHOUN Unnamed 24/12/1941 No Data ANG F5a  91  
COMERFORD H            
COMERFORD Harry 20/06/1992 71 yrs R/C H  73 Late of 106 Bayley St Coolgardie
CONDON Patrick 6/01/1918 58 yrs R/C F38 Occ miner
CONGREVE W R            
CONGREVE William Russell 24/04/1901 10 mths ANG E91  
CONNELLY William 21/09/1913 42 ys R/C E7 Occ labourer
CONNOLLY James 2/09/1911 69 yrs R/C E21  
CONNOLLY Daphne Muriel 16/10/1897 11 wks WES A111 Buried with mother
CONNOLLY Jane Caroline 01/08/1897 40 yrs WES A111 Married Woman
CONROY John M 13/03/1902 4 mths R/C B15  
CONROY Dorothy 14/02/1900 2 mths R/C B15  
CONROY Annie M 9/03/1902 4 mths R/C B15  
CONWAY Norman S 12/11/1898 4 mths ANG D67  
COOK William 22/01/1945 76 yrs ANG D4.41  
COOK Olive May 31/05/1961 66 yrs ANG B3.48  
COOK OM & EH            
COOK Ernest Henry 11/10/1966 71 yrs ANG B3.48 Buried with wife Reg No 3037. [Also known as Beckenham J.E.?]
COOK Louise 26/02/1914 53 yrs ANG C2.21 Married Woman
COOK William 13/12/1901 23 yrs PRES B7 Died of typhoid fever
COOK Frederick 31/10/1897 60 yrs WES A103 Pneumonia and exhauston
COOK Frederick A 22/06/1900 14 mths WES B58  
COOK A            
COOKE Arnold 13/07/1907 13 yrs ANG C2.21  
COOMBES Mary Ellen 08/09/1903 31 yrs WES C1  
Cooper G            
COOPER George 24/11/1929 65 yrs ANG A 99  
COOPER A E            
COOPER Albert E 13/07/1896 29 yrs R/C C38  
COOPER Harold George 09/10/1903 11 mths WES B103  
COOTER William 08/05/1897 25 yrs WES A105 enteric fever and pneumonia.
CORBETT W J            
CORBETT William Joseph 11/02/1915 54 yrs R.C D26 Occ Clerk
CORBETT Leo William Patrick 18/11/1902 9  wks R/C D26  
CORCORAN Edward John 23/04/1912 30 yrs R/C E34 Occ miner
CORDWELL John 31/07/1914 50 yrs ANG E3.64 Occ miner
CORNEY Ophir Cyril 25/11/1908 1 yr ANG D2.12 Born in Naples Italy
CORNEY E            
CORNEY Ellen 01/02/1913 38 yrs ANG F2.20 Married Woman
COSSON Arthur 27/07/1898 26 mths ANG D22  
COSTIGAN John 05/09/1903 60 yrs R/C A119  
COTTAM John T          
COTTAM John 31/01/1897 29 yrs GEN A2.10 Chronic nephritis
COTTERILL Betsy 20/09/1932 79 yrs ANG D2.15 Widow. Buried with Husband. Died Boulder
COTTERIL W            
COTTERILL William 8/12/1908 59 yrs ANG D2.15 Occ miner
COTTERILL Elsie Winifred 16/01/1907 10 mths WES C42  
COURT A M  11/11/1894 27 yrs GEN A1.50  
COURTNEY John 4/11/1909 76 yrs ANG D3.18 Occ miller
COUSINS Mary Catherine 31/07/1916 57 yrs R/C F71 Occ boarding house keeper. Inquest held. found dead in bed verdict was fatty degeneration of the heart.
COVICH Andi 11/06/1947 73 yrs R/C H123  
COWLEY George 21/06/1907 69 yrs ANG C2.9  
COWPER Josephine 15/04/1904 40 yrs WES C4  
COX A            
COX Anthony John 13/03/1895 22 yrs ANG A33  
COX Walter Edwin Somes 8/02/1895 26 yrs ANG A74  
COYLE Charles Bernard 24/04/1989 79 yrs ANG A3 84  
COYLE L & CB            
COYLE Louisa 21/09/1983 74 yrs ANG A3.84  
CRABB T            
CRABB Thomas Eric 16/05/1908 4 mths ANG C2.30 Inspector Crabb's Child. Mines Inspector.
CRABBE George Bernard 22/06/1896 47 yrs ANG B80  
CRAIG Susanna 132/06/1912 88 yrs ANG F2.12  
CRAIG Annie 8/09/1896 25 yrs ANG B64  
CRAIG Alexander 21/06/1934 77 yrs PRES C6 Pensioner. Died of heart failure.
CRAIG Thomas C 18/10/1899 46 yrs WES B66 Killed by falling down a shaft of the Lady Hamilton Mine.OccMine Manager
CRAMER Margaret Theresa 20/12/1903 29 yrs R/C D46  
CRAMPTON  W            
CRAMPTON William Keonard 14/04/2005 93 yrs METH G 44 Goldfields Funeral Diectors. Late of the Armadale Nursing home.
CRAMPTON E            
CRAMPTON Edith Rose 19/04/1994 74 yrs PRES G 43 Uniting Church. Late of 74 Shaw St, Coolgardie
CRANE L & F            
CRANE Louisa May 21/12/1897 4 mths ANG D6 Lived at Bonnievale
CRANE Unknown 29/9/1899 1 hour ANG D6 Interred with brother
CRANE Robert Geoge 16/04/1907 33 yrs ANG D6  
CRANE Francis Ronald 11/05/1904 6 wks ANG D6  
CRANE Unknown 16/04/1904 3  wks ANG D6  
CRAWLEY Gabriel 01/03/1907 11 weeks GEN A25  
CRAWLEY Frederick Colin 26/11/1905 3  wks GEN A2.45  
CRAWLEY Henry Collin 29/06/1900 14 days GEN A2.45  
CRAWLEY Michael 19/04/1896 26 yrs R/C A30  
CREIGHTON Robert 04/08/1923 90 yrs PRES C11 Occ miner
CRESSIE Sydney 02/09/1909 31 yrs ANG D3.5 Occ labourer
CRICHTON Unnamed 22/06/1902 S/born GEN A1.7  
CRISP Arthur 16/11/1908 2 mths ANG D2.11  
CRISP Alan A 17/12/1903 3 mths PRES B22 Born at Tindals Goldmine
CRISPIE Unnamed male 03/03/1913 few minutes ANG D2.11  
CRISTIE John Alexander 27/01/1915 38 yrs ANG E3.62 Occ Teamster. Died at the Sanatorium
CRITH H R            
CRITH Howard Roy 15/01/1911 17weeks ANG E2.28  
CROCUS Alexander Arthur 15/05/1915 6 yrs ANG F3.37  
CROCUS Annie Lightbody 7/07/1905 32 yrs ANG A2 19  
CROCUS Unnamed 10/06/1903 S/born GEN A2.57  
CROFT John James 10/12/1896 29 yrs ANG B58  
CROOKS William 05/02/1913 45 yrs PRES B102 Occ miner
CROSSING Lola Winifred 19/11/1911 9 yrs ANG E2.9  
CROSSING Ralph Reginald 22/11/1909 6 mths ANG E2.9  
CROSSLAND Charles 29/06/1898 16 yrs ANG D75  
CROTTI Martino 27/03/1904 38 yrs R/C D58 Occ woodcutter. Coroners inquest died from peritonitis caused by a wound accidently received whislt engaged in cutting wood 21.3.1904.
CROWLEY Daniel 24/04/1899 28 yrs R/C A106  
CRUICKSHANKS E            
CRUIKSHANKS Eliza 30/03/1903 47 yrs PRES B29 Married Woman from Burbanks
CRYAN M P F            
CRYAN Michael Patrick Foley 25/05/1896 48 yrs R/C C35  
CUDLIP Francis Joseph 6/09/1902 30 yrs R/C D45  
CUFF William John 18/04/1901 2 yrs R/C D8  
CUGLEY Thomas Frederick 3/12/1898 43 yrs ANG D55  
CULGANGUAN Aboriginal 28/10/1921 not given General Section A58  
CULLEN R            
CULLEN Robina 11/02/1963 69 yrs ANG B3.53  
CULLEN Glen Kevin Montgomery 25/02/1984 52 yrs ANG A3.83 Died ofd Heart attack. Late of 57 Shaw St Coolgardie
CULLEN Thomas William 7/11/1960 76 yrs ANG D4.78 Interred with son Grave ref 2813
CULLEN Annie Maria 12/08/1982 85 yrs ANG D4 78 Late of the Coolgardie Nuresing Home. Interred with husband Reg No 3030 ,and Son, Reg No 2183
CULLEN Thomas 29/07/2005   ANG B3.43B Late Sylvester St, Coolgardie
CULLEN SW & TW            
CULLEN Sydney William 2/06/1942 16 yrs ANG D4.78  
CULLEN C T            
CULLEN Colin Thomas 18/06/1997 76 yrs R/C H  23 Occ retired miner. Late of 91 Bayley St Coolgardie
CULLEN Wiliam 23/10/1895 25 yrs R/C A19  
CULLEN O            
CULLEN Owen 8/03/1917 4.5 hrs R/C F70  
CULLEY Sydney Frederick 27/01/1898 10 yrs PRES A123  
CULLY John 15/04/1912 53 yrs WES C98 Occ stonemason
CUMMINGS Alexander 7/03/1917 50 yrs R/C F77  
CUNNINGHAM Unnamed Female  25/07/1913 S/born ANG E53 Born at Burbanks. Father=Albert. Mother Elsie (Nee HILLIER)
CUNNINGHAM John Patrick 14/08/1951 66 yrs R/C H71  
CUNNINGHAM Andrew 18/02/1908 72 yrs R/C E131 Inquest held. Died as a result of a vehicle Accident.Occcarrier
CUNNINGHAM Margaret 21/10/1909 Lived a few minutes R/C E75  
CUNNINGHAM Annie 21/08/1906 2 mths R/C D83  
CURREN John 18/09/1942 66 yrs R/C F25 Occ miner. Died of a coronary occlusion.
CURRIE Edward Claude 09/08/1897 17 mths ANG C33 Died of bronchitis and exhaustion
CURRIE James 28/08/1914 45 yrs R/C F95  
CURRIE Juanita Jayne 23/08/2007 S/born WES D 61 [?]  
CURTIS William james 04/08/1913 27 yrs ANG E2 14 Occ painter
CURTIS Henry. George 22/03/1911 69 yrs ANG E2 14 Occ painter
CURTIS Eva Edith 3/09/1907 3 mths ANG E39  
CURTIS Violet Cathleen 13/03/1898 11 wks PRES A56  
CURTIS Henry 29/03/1895 26 yrs WES A23  
DALRYMPLE HAY Ellen Mary Torrington 30/03/1899 5mths ANG D 52  
DALWORTH Mary Ann 29/07/1899 27 yrs R/C B33  
DALY D            
DALY Daniel J 01/08/1899 26 yrs R/C B35  
DANKER John Henry 17/04/1897 10 mths ANG C15  
DANKS Ellen 17/11/1907 18 yrs R/C E.126 Laundry maid
DARCY Thomas 20/02/1895 42 yrs GEN A1.14  
DARLEY Dorice Areil 09/10/1897 7 mths WES A4 From Bonnievale
DARLEY John Henry 08/06/1896 5 mths WES A4 Male child
DARMODY Louie 18/01/1903 30 yrs R/C D51 Married Woman
DARRIZI Cristiano 25/02/1900 22 yrs R/C B25 Italian
DAUBER William 6/06/1903 60 yrs ANG F58  
DAVEY Harold 10/06/1897 5 days GEN A  8 Salvation Army 
DAVEY J Vivian 1/12/1903 8 mths R/C B5 Died of Cholera infantium
DAVEy Unnamed 14/11/1905 S/born R/C B5  
DAVEY Kathleen 02/12/1901 9 mths R/C B5  
DAVEY Marjorie 12/08/1898 10 mths R/C B5  
DAVEY Henry Mitchell 13/01/1897 45 yrs WES A68 Died of pneumonia
DAVEY Ann 23/03/1900 25 yrs WES B47 Interred with daughterMarried Woman
DAVEY Emily 09/01/1903 62 yrs WES B102 Married Woman
DAVEY Mary 11/02/1899 13 mths WES B134 Resident Dunnsville
DAVEY Alma H 20/03/1900 14days WES B47  
DAVEY Unnamed Female 10/09/1908 10 hrs WES C55  
DAVIDSON Maxwell 04/02/1912 56 yrs PRES B99 Died as a result of extesive burns on his head and body.OccBlack Smith
DAVIDSON Mary 5/12/1900 1 wk R/C D6  
DAVIES Leonard Harold 10/11/1919 7 mths ANG F3.15  
DAVIES (see Violet) Harold 2/04/1962 66 yrs ANG B3.42 Interred in wifes grave No 3018
DAVIES Harry Albert 19/07/2004 93 yrs ANG B3.43 Late of the Edward Collick home Kalgoorlie
DAVIES William 14/04/1908 42 yrs ANG D2.3 Occ miner
DAVIES Unnamed male 5/05/1916 S/born ANG F3.15  
DAVIES William 13/10/1929 74 yrs ANG A2.28  
DAVIES V & H            
DAVIES Violet 25/10/1959 59 yrs ANG B3.42  
DAVIES Charles 7/04/1908 35 yrs ANG D2.17  
DAVIES William 2/1/1941 68 yrs METH C 111  
DAVIES Alma Ivy 23/03/2010 94 yrs R/C D 78 Interred with husband Eric Register No 3242
DAVIES E E            
DAVIES Eric Edgar 7/03/2000 86 yrs R/C D 78 Late of Lindsay St Coolgardie
DAVIES Alice Maude 26/10/1906 30 yrs R/C E29 Widow
DAVIES Sarah Aanne 02/12/1912 44 yrs WES C101 Occ home duties
DAVIES David Frederick 08/02/1909 9 mths WES C63  
DAVIS M G            
DAVIS Murial Grace 02/04/1994 56 yrs ANG b3.43a Late OF 9 Canteen Crt Kambalda
DAVIS C            
DAVIS Charles 22/04/1906 38 yrs ANG B2.24 Occ musician
DAVIS Frank 21/10/1896 not given GEN A2.24  
DAVIS A D J            
DAVIS Alexander David John 11/05/1896 4    days JEW A 7 Male child 
DAVISON Archibald Roy 7/03/1952 73 yrs ANG C3.23  
DAVISON Mary Catherine 5/05/1925 65 ANG E3.63 Buried with husband.
DAVISON T & MC            
DAVISON Thomas 11/12/1914 60 yrs ANG E3.63 Occ grocer
DAWBARN John 24/12/1907 40 yrs R/C E 121  
DAWE Joseph 17/09/1901 30 yrs WES B94 From Kunnunalling
DAWES William 27/08/1903 66 yrs ANG F62  
DAWSON Annie Eliza Patrine 21/01/1898 31 yrs ANG C8 Married Woman
DAWSON Jerald R 01/03/1896 20 yrs R/C C21  
DAY Jane 31/12/1898 61 yrs ANG D51  
De Baun R            
DE BAUN Rachel 24/01/1895 38 yrs ANG A32 Married Woman
DE CASTELLA Max 03/03/1895 22 yrs R/C C1  
DECKER George Beuno 25/10/1951 86 yrs PRES C54  
DEERING Rose 18/10/1909 17 yrs R/C A58 Household duties
DEERING John 07/10/1897 35 yrs R/C A58  
DE HAMEL L V            
DE HAMEL Lancel Victor 25/11/1894     A78  
DEHN Powell 1/12/1897 32 yrs ANG D16  
DELFS Heinrich Victor William 6/06/1919 33 yrs METH C 120 Occ labourer.Inquest held., died as result of a fall from the roof of Battery Shed at the Burbanks Gift Mine.
DELLA BOSCA Guiseppi 09/05/1902 35 yrs GEN A2.30 Committed suicide by hanging Greenwood
DELMAGE William E 18/10/1941 44 yrs ANG D4.92 Died of menigitis
DELMENICO Grace Angelina 12/05/1903 8 mths PRES B3 Buried with brother Joseph
DELMENICO John Joseph 02/12/1901 11 mths PRES B3 Buried with sister Grace
DEMPSTER William A 08/02/1899 32 yrs WES B25 Died of typhoid Fever
DENNIS Thomas Clement Justin 14/07/1904 18 mths R/C A 59 Buried with father
Dennis T            
DENNIS Thomas 30/04/1904 42 yrs R/C D59 Occ carrier
DENTON T            
DENTON Tedge 20/03/1898     A118  
DEVINE Michael 28/05/1909 40 yrs R/C E84 Labourer
DEVINE Patrick 26/02/1940 5 hrs R/C F61  
DEVRIES Valda Patricia 13/09/1997 71 yrs ANG A3  93 Ashes interred with Mother Reg No 3206. Late of 93 Thomas St Subiaco WA
DEWHURST Robert 07/03/1895 23 yrs GEN A1.41 Query surname Deehurst
DEEKS Stephen 10/11/1899 43 yrs ANG E29  
Dickie W J            
DICKIE Wilfred John 31/3/1990 71 yrs METH G 17 Service Pensioner. Late of unit 3. A.P.H Taylor Street.
DILLON James 16/08/1907 46 yrs R/C E117 Occ miner
Dillon R J            
DILLON Raymond James 15/08/1995 67 yrs ANG A3.110 Late of 67 Bayley St Coolgardie
DILLON Leslie Gordon 08/07/1912 25 yrs WES C97 Occ clerk
DIMER Allan 07/08/2009 87 yrs     No records exist to support indentification of the location of the grave number or section.
DIMMICK Unis 15/03/1898 7 mths GEN A  6  
DOBSON Joseph 03/09/1896 32 yrs WES A69  
DODD James 20/06/1895 60 yrs ANG A24  
DOHERTY Ellen Francis 20/12/1904 8 hours ANG A2.25  
DOHERTY Irene M 28/01/1903 6 mths R/C D28  
DOMINICK John 11/12/1911 60 yrs R/C E47 Occ brick layer
DON Charles 8/10/1939 65 yrs ANG F5.27  
DON James William 19/05/1897 32 yrs ANG C58  
DONALD Edward 29/06/1909 36 yrs ANG D3.2 Occ accountant
DONALD Bob 16/04/1959 72 yrs R/C H9  
DONALDSON William 20/05/1895 40 yrs GEN A1.25  
DONALDSON Dulcie 22/01/1982 60 yrs METH D4 From the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital
DONALDSON Henry Richard 03/03/1977 51 yrs METH D13 Interred in fathers grave  see Reg No 3112. From 4 Toorak Terrace Coolgardie
DONALDSON Phillip Raymond 27/04 1996 84 yrs METH D 4 Interred with wife Reg No 3137. late of Ngurra Karnpi Home for Aboriginals Kalgoorlie.
DONALDSON Bernard Richardson 17/02/2006 43 yrs METH D 58 Late of  102 Sylvester st Coolgardie
DONALDSON Niel 23/07/2004 43 yrs METH D 58 Late of 70 King St Coolgardie
DONALDSON Richard 13/09/1976 98 yrs METH D13 Lived at Toorak Terrance. A Distinguished Wongi Leader In Coolgardie
DONALDSON Olive Edith 04/06/2009 71 yrs METH D  57  
DONALDSON Trevor Henry  the 3rd 17/08/1996 1 month METH D 67 Late of 82 King St Coolgardie
Donaldson K            
DONALDSON Kelvin Alan 23/04/1994 70 yrs not noted Tree119  
DONALDSON A K            
DONALDSON Alan Kelvin 25/11/1991 44 yrs not noted Tree 120 Died on the 23/04/1991. Late of 22 Woodward St Coolgardie.
Donaldson D            
DONALDSON David 19/02/1903 35 yrs PRES B30 Died by drowning by accidently falling into Silverthornes Dam whilst fixing some piping.OccHotel Keeper
DONALDSON Mary 29/04/1907 36 yrs R/C E114 Occ domestic
DONALEE Alfred 21/6/1946 76 yrs ANG C3  81  
Donnelan E            
DONELLAN Elizabeth 4/01/1910 35 yrs R/C E71 Household duties
DONNELLY Jane 01/06/1897 41 yrs R/C A69  
DOOLAN Vincent C 8/06/1900 2 yrs R/C B22  
DOOLETTE E F            
DOOLETTE Eulilia Florence 28/05/1898 2 mths WES B8  
DOOLEY Francis Martin 12/06/1909 14 mths R.C E105  
DOOLEY Joseph 09/06/1907 14 weeks R/C E 105  
Dordan S            
DORDAN Said 30/12/1897     A10 Murderd by fellow countryman
DOUGHTY Charles 17/06/1895 26 yrs ANG A21  
DOUGHTY Harold 20/02/1897 7 weeks ANG C37 Male child
DOUGLAS W C            
DOUGLAS Walter Charles 3/03/1904 34 yrs ANG F65 Died from injuries  received by a machinery accident on the 17th Feb 1904 at the central mill block 48 Hampton plains Est. Battery MANager
DOUGLAS William 23/11/1914 59 yrs ANG E3.104 Occ mail contractor
DOUGLAS Unnamed 25/07/1904 3 minutes GEN A2.59  
DOUGLAS William 19/02/1895 27 yrs WES A20  
DOW Samuel 19/07/1905 41 yrs PRES A81 Occ accountant
DOW M C            
DOW Morag C 27/05/1901 3 days PRES A81  
DOW Unnamed 19/11/1899 S/born PRES A81  
DOWLING Arthur George 27/01/1898 25 yrs ANG D14  
DOYLE Dennis  14/05/1897 42 yrs R/C A61 Died of pneumonia
DOYLE James Joseph 21/12/1897 40 yrsor 50 yrs R/C C72 Fell down a shaft
DOYLE William 14/10/1902 6 mths R/C D30 From Bonnievale
DOYLE Matilda Jane 27/09/1904 23 yrs R/C D65 Widow
DOYLE James Leslie 06/10/1898 18 mths R/C C45  
DRAGNAS F            
DRAGNAS Adolf Frederick 14/09/1907 46 yrs ANG C2.15  
DRAKE Henry 28/04/1908 36 yrs ANG D2.5 Occ iron monger
DRAY Theodora Edna 02/12/1909 1yr WES C86  
DRYDEN Alexander 12/03/1960 80 yrs ANG B3.39  
Drysdal D            
DRYSDALE Donald 8/02/1896 27 yrs ANG A105  
DUFF Henry Joseph 29/06/1917 45 yrs METH C124 Occ labourer. Inquest held. Died in his camp at no 8 pump Dadari, and the verdict was dilation of the heart by chronic and excessive drinking.
DUFFIELD Charles 23/04/1899 32 yrs PRES A78 Died on or about the 22/4/1899 by drowning in a dam in Lindsay St, Coolgardie
DUFFY R            
DUFFY Raymond William 10/04/1913 26 yrs R/C E 1 Occ labourer
DUFFY Nicholas 2/08/1911 53 yrs R/C E40 Occ miner
DUFFY Gavin Alexander 12/07/1911 22 yrs R/C E  57 Occ civil servant
DUFFY Luke 28/03/1915 46 yrs R/C F87 Occ labourer
DUGAN BALDRY E C            
DUGAN-BALDREY Ezekiel Charles 07/07/1970 71 yrs ANG A3.57  
DUGAN BALDRY G A            
DUGAN-BALDREY Gertude Annie 7/06/1971 75 yrs ANG A3.56 From 2 Renou st Coolgardie. Ashes of Benjamin Charles Dugan-Baldry. Died 1.7.1985.  Ang A3 56.interred
DUGAN-BALDREY   (Ashes with Gerturde Annie) Benjamin Charles 31/07/1985   R/C A3.56 Buried with Gertrude Anne Reg No 3091
DUNCAN James Christopher 13/10/1913 37 yrs R/C E6 Occ miner
DUNKEL G            
DUNKEL George 18/05/1938 70 yrs R/C F 12 Occ labourer
DUNN James 08/02/1897 31 yrs R/C A45 Died of Dysentry
DUNN William James 06/10/1908 35 yrs WES C76 Occ miner
DUNNE Thomas 28/04/1897 39 yrs R/C A52 Died of pneumonia and enteric fever
DUNNE Mary 30/03/1908 66 yrs R/C D37  
Dunphy J J            
DUNPHY John Joseph 29/9/1898     C59  
DUNSTAN Elizabeth 5/8/1903 11 yrs ANG F 55 Died of Diptheria
DUNSTAN A            
DUNSTAN Annie 11/04/1910 30 yrs ANG F53 Occ domestic duties
DUNSTAN Thomas 14/10/1906 62 yrs WES C40 Occ miner
DUNSTAN William 29/12/1895 19 yrs WES A41  
DUNSTAN Charles Henry 25/05/1908 4 mths WES C30  
DUNSTAN Thomas 28/03/1906 8 mths WES C30  
Durant L            
DURANT Lucy  20/08/1916 46 yrs R/C F69 Married Woman
DURRANT Thomas H 25/04/1895 42 yrs R/C C 11  
DURWARD Francis 07/07/1911 30 yrs Pres B 103 Occ grocer
DUTHIE Hilda 17/06/1895 18 mths WES A29 Female child
DUTLESS John 18/06/1913 74 yrs ANG E3.51 Occ prospector
Duxbury L            
DUXBURY Louisa / Dolly         See Louisa / Dolly HEALY
DWYER John 3/11/1928 69 yrs R/C F49 Occ sanitary contractor
DYER John Andrew 17/04/1916 9 mths ANG F3.16  
DYSON George 23/10/1895 49 yrs GEN A1.28  
DYZA W E            
DYZA William Edwin 27/03/1902 10 weeks ANG F14  
EATON Edward George 16/12/1981 75 yrs R.C I109 From Fimiston in Kalgoorlie. Buried with his Wife Reg No 3105.
EATON Mercia Annie Mary 21/05/1974 65 yrs R/C I109 From 29 LIndsay St, Coolgardie
EDDY Ernest Albert 19/12/1901 6 mths WES B85  
EDDY S E T            
EDDY  Stanley Ernist Trezise 25/09/1905 1 yr ANG B2.6  
EDMONDS John  21/02/1896 53 yrs WES A8  
EDMUNDS Rhys J 5/09/1945 80 yrs ANG C3.73 Occ prospector
EDWARDS Jessie 22/08/1897 19 yrs ANG C55 Died of enteric fever and pneumonia
EDWARDS Alfred Owen 26/10/1896 4 mths ANG B62 Male child
Edwards M E            
EDWARDS Mary Ellen 26/11/1903 30 yrs ANG A2.5 Married Woman. Died from heart failure caused from sever shock on receiving burns at a fire at Mungarrie on the 11.11.1903
EDWARDS Harriett 5/05/1897 28 yrs ANG C19 Single Female
EDWARDS Charles 5/06/1896 58 yrs ANG B90  
EDWARDS Violet Eva 25/07/1907 6 yrs ANG C2.22  
EDWARDS Harry 8/12/1903 65 yrs ANG A2.6  
EDWARDS E J            
EDWARDS Edmond. J 25/01/1903 31 yrs Gen S/A A 14  
EDWARDS John Share 22/03/1904 4 mths R/C B30  
EDWARDS William L 10/11/1900 11 mths R/C B30  
EDWARDS E            
EDWARDS Emily 24/02/1904 34 yrs S/A A  16 Married Woman
EDWARDS Clara E  19/03/1902 10 mths WES B44 Interred with sister
EDWARDS unnamrd 25/04/1905 S/born WES C8  
Edwards O M            
EDWARDS Olive Marion 25/05/1900 6 mths WES B44  
ELDRIDGE D M 15/05/1912 8 mths WES C60  
ELLIOTT Jeanette M 05/09/1901 8 yrs PRES A107  
ELLIOTT W J 06/11/1895 27 yrs R/C A20  
ELLIS Emma 01/01/1915 43 yrs ANG E3.101 House wife
ELLIS Fanny M 23/10/1899 38 yrs ANG E31 Married Woman
ELLIS Edgar 16/12/1895 35 yrs ANG A63  
ELLIS James 01/12/1904 64 yrs ANG A2.24  
ELLIS Joshua Aaron 10/07/2010 17 yrs WES D 59  
Ellis J            
ELLIS James 08/02/1898 52 yrs WES A133  
ELLIS Richard 04/08/1905 40 yrs WES C23  
ELWELL F R 3/05/1895 31 yrs ANG A18  
EMERY Unnamed male 21/10/1911 S/born PRES B65  
EMERY Herbert John 15/03/1908 10 mths PRES B65  
Ensor H            
ENSOR Henry 13/01/1919 52 yrs R/C F 40 Occ miner
ENWRIGHT Albert 19/12/1936 50 yrs R/C F15 From Higginsville. Heart failure.
ERSON William Robert Close 21/09/1904 47 yrs ANG A2.12 Physician and Surgeon who died from Cardiac and Alcholic Toxaemia.
ESMOND Thomas William 20/04/1897 18 days R/C A54 Died suddenlyInquest held., infantile diarrhoeand Morasmus
ESMONDE Catherine M (6 yrs) 06/01/1899 6 yrs R/C A78  
ESMONDE Louis Edward (4 mths) 22/09/1898 4 mths R/C A54  
ESSAKAN (Afgan's child) 12/02/1899 10 mths AFG A15  
Essex F C            
ESSEX Frederick C 10/06/1899 26 yrs ANG E43 Died of fever
Evans J            
EVANS John J 11/08/1901 26 yrs ANG F15 Jockey accidently killed on the Coolgardie Racecourse
EVANS Florence 3/03/1897 26 yrs ANG C24  
EVANS Rose 23/01/1898 5 mths WES A95  
EVANS James 31/10/1908 59 yrs WES C68  
EWING Charles C 11/11/1900 36 yrs ANG E66 Buried on order of Coronor. Died heart disease. From Sylvester St Coolgardie. Horse dealer.
EYLES Charles 11/07/1907 55 yrs ANG C2. 7  


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