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Known as Mt Higgins up to 1902  -   Reserve No 7609 Ularring District

CHURCH John, d 3 Dec 1902, 1 day, Prem Birth, Father:- Ernest Archibald William CHURCH, Mother:- Amelia RAWLEY. Born Mulwarrie, Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery. Reg North Coolgardie 70/1902

FITZPATRICK Evelyn Mary d. 1 Oct 1903 at Mt Higgins Hotel,  5 minutes, Premature birth, Father:-  John Patrick Fitzpatrick –publican, Mother:- Bridget Theresa WALSH, Buried Mulwarrie  52/03 Reg:- North Coolgardie

FUHRMANN Alice Mary d. 5 Dec 1903 age 34, Cause:- Pre Eclampsia, childbirth, at Ularring Westralia GM, Mulwarrie, Father:- Bernard MCILDOWNEY (Gentleman) Mother:- Mary HANNEN, Born:- Williamstown VIC, In VIC 27yrs, In WA 7yrs, Married to Guido FUHRMANN in Williamstown VIC at age 27yrs, Children:- Eileen Mary 4yrs, George Gerald Victor Bernard 48hours, 1 female deceased. Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery. Reg:- North Coolgardie 51/1903

Western Argus 19 Dec 1907

HEWITT Thomas Hilton d. 5 Jun 1904, at Mulwarrie,  age 39, Occ:-Mine Manager, Cause:- Bronchitis, Father:- William George HEWITT (Miner), Mother:- Mary ROLPH, Born Reedy Creek, VIC, In VIC 28yrs, In WA 11yrs, Married to Teresa J G McPARLIN in Melbourne VIC at age 24yrs, Children:- Gertrude Mary Lillian 14yrs, 1 female deceased, Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery, Reg North Coolgardie 33/1904

Thomas Helton HEWITT - Kalgoorlie Miner 10 Jun 1904

KEARNS Eileen Fay d. 21 May 1905 at Davyhurst age 6 weeks, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Mother:- Emily KEARNS, Born at Davyhurst, Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery Reg North Coolgardie 20/1905.

PYM William James d. 14 May 1903 at State Battery, Mulwarrie, Infant 5 weeks, Cause:- Colitis, Father:- Robert Daniel PYM (Battery Hand) Mother:- Rebecca Eliza LOUDEN, Born Mulwarrie, Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery, Reg North Coolgardie 21/1903

SHIELS James Edwin, d 30 Nov 1904, Ularring Hospital, Mulwarrie, 21yrs, Occ:- Baker, Cause:- Typhoid Fever, Father:- James SHIELS (Baker), Mother:- Unknown, Born Melbourne VIC, 20yrs 8 mths in VIC, 4 mths in WA, Single, Buried Mulwarrie Cemetery, Reg North Coolgardie 55/1905.

Mulwarrie 1902

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