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H Rockliffe and Co 1904 menzies also Penny and Hill Baristers and Solicitors.

Messrs H Rockliffe and Co:-   Messrs H Rockliffe and Co are the leading firm in their line of business on the northern fields. In the early days of Menzies the firm started as a general merchant, grocers, ironmongers, carriers and forwarding agency. The business expanded with the growth of the town, and as new towns have sprung up in the northern districts branch establishments have been opened. It is satisfactory to be able to record that the enterprise thus shown has been well rewarded, a flourishing trade being carried on, not only at the pioneer establishment, but also at all the branches at Niagara, Kookynie and Leonora. The business is thoroughly established on a sound basis and has proved a first class investment of capital. The general manager of the firm is Mr A E Ottaway, and the branches are carried on under the management of Messrs J C Woodard – Niagara and Kookynie and E Hornsby – Leonora.

Mr Fred Dawson:- This is a prosperous business in the wholesale fruit, vegetables and general produce is carried on by Mr F W Dawson who commands a large proportion of 'out-back' trade. He sends farm and dairy produce to all northern centres and has a turnover of some 80 tons per month, the bulk of which goes to outlying districts. Mr Dawson started on a small scale but the volume of his business has continuously increased and he has twice found it necessary to move to larger premises until now where he occupies this commodious building here illustrated.

Messrs Beart and Timms:- By far the largest proportion of the carrying trade is in the hands of Messrs Beart and Timms, who are the largest team owners on the Westralian Goldfields. The firms teams are the finest on the road, all the animals having been selected by Mr Timms who’s pride in horseflesh is only equalled by his sound judgement as to the value of a horse and its fitness for the work required. Messrs Beart and Timms are now pulling for nearly all the principal mines of the north, including the Cosmopolitan, Champion, Cumberland, Sons of Gwalia, East Murchison United (Lawlers) British King (Lake Darlot), Anaconda, Westralia Mount Morgans and Lancefield. They also do a large turnover ij the timber trade, carrying extensive stocks of all classes of timber and building material. The machinery on the premises includes a complete saw-milling plant, oat crusher ect.

The business now carried on by Messrs Beart and Timms was formerly divided between the two firms. Messrs Allan and Beart started business three years ago, and in June 1899 the firm of Messrs Smith and Timms was established. These firms (which were then the principal ones engaged in the trade) amalgamated in May last under the style of Beart and Timms and since that time the volume of their business has nearly doubled itself. Each of the partners has been connected with Menzies since the early days, and both were concerned with the construction of the railway line.

Messrs J Flannery and Co:- The firm of Messrs J Flannery and Co is one of the pioneer carrying firms of the goldfields having been established in the early days of Coolgardie before railway communication was introduced. Messrs Flannery and Co carry on business in Menzies and Kalgoorlie and are also represented at Fremantle. Their long experience in the carrying trade enables them to give their patrons complete satisfaction. In addition to being carriers and forwarding agents they also carry on the trade of produce merchants and do an extensive turnover in this branch.

Mr Gus Seebeck (centre) milling timber, Menzies

Messrs Cogan Bros:- ‘Cogans” is as well known in Menzies and the Menzies Hotel. It is the chief stationers, newsagents, book seller and fancy goods emporium in Menzies. In addition it has a large drapery and general outfitting department. The founder of the business, Mr M P Cogan, is known by everybody and is liked and esteemed by all. A thoroughly capable business man of abnormal mental and physical energy and a great capacity for work. It would be surprising indeed if he did not make a success of any business which had in it the possibilities of success. He has been in Menzies for nearly five years now, and though he has only been in business for himself for about two years, he has succeeded in making his business a successful one. His brother, Mr Charles Cogan, conducts the outfitting side of the business and it is only necessary to say that he knows his business and attend to it thoroughly.

Elliott's General Emporium, Water Sold Here

Mr H S Goldsmith's Warehouse, Menzies Draper and Clothier

Messers Montgomery Bros, Menzies Branch

Cobb and Co depot, Menzies 1901

Kimber and Co and FE Randell & Co Menzies



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