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Lennonville Cemetery
Reserve 6842 – gazettal date 16-03-1900

Photo by Doug Hardman

ALLEN George, d 31 Aug 1903, Infant 5 days, Father:- Robert Hamilton ALLEN (Contractor) Mother:- Ethel May WORTH

ALLEN Robert, d 8 Feb 1902, Infant 12 hrs, Father:- Robert Hamilton ALLEN (Contractor) Mother:- Ethel May WORTH

BETTENESCHI Giacomo, 35yrs, d 24 Jan 1901, Near Government Railway Well, Cause thirst, 5 weeks in WA, born Italy, Married, Certified in writing by Pietro Seghi, buried by L Varisco, no relative, Father: Giovan Marna BETTENESCHI, Mother: Carmelin MORETTI, Reg 1443/1901.

BUCKINGHAM John, d 7 Jan 1900, Infant 11mths, Father:- Roger BUCKINGHAM (Prospector) Mother:- Catherine NORTON

BUCKINGHAM William Colin Dawson, 4 mths, d 25 Jul 1900, at Lennonville WA, Cause want of breast milk, born Lennonville WA, Father: Roger BUCKINGHAM (Prospector), Mother: Catherine NORTON, Reg 1381/1900

CAMPBELL Donald Robert, d 3 Mar 1903, Infant 6 weeks,  Father:- Dougald Robert CAMPBELL (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah NEALE

CAMPBELL John Alfred, d 19 Apr 1903, Infant 3 mths, Father:- Dougald Robert CAMPBELL (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah NEALE

DAFT Thomas, d 24 Jun 1901, Infant 2yrs 1 mth, born Captains Flats, NSW, Father:- George DAFT (Miner) Mother:- Annie McNERNY. Cause Gastroenteritis.

DAVIES Caroline, 5 mths, d. 6 Apr 1901, at Lennonville WA, Cause: Gastroenteritis, born Lennonville WA. Father: John Price DAVIES (Labourer), Mother: Caroline KEMP, Reg 1457/1901.

HUNT George William, d 1 Nov 1904, Infant 5mths, born Day Dawn WA, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- Charles James Louis HUNT (Engine Driver) Mother:- Minnie Violet DOYLE

MORRISSEY Joseph John, 8 mths, d. 16 May 1900, at Lennonville WA, Cause: Gastroenteritis, born: Perth WA, Mother: Mary Jane MORRISSEY, Reg 1366/1900.

SEGHEZZI  Domenico, 24yrs, d. 23 May 1901, at Lennonville WA, Cause: accident, Fell 40ft down a mine shaft at the Long Reach GM, Lennonville,  born Dalbi Italy, In WA 3mths, Reg 1454/1901.         

STARLING Thomas Michael, d 15 Jun 1903, Infant 4mths, Father:- Robert STARLING (Storekeeper) Mother:- Mary Jane KIRKUP.

TELLINI Giovanni, d 31 Jan 1902, Occ:-Miner 39yrs, born Gorno Italy, Father:- Robert TELLINI, Mother:- Mary TELLINI.

Lennonville (Warramboo) Cemetery
Reserve 9404 – gazettal date 16-06-1905

BATTY Jean, d 18 Jun 1908, 42yrs, Born Black Hill VIC, Married to W BATTY in St Kilda Melbourne VIC at age 26yrs, Father:- George CHRISTIE (Farmer), Mother:-  Mary Jane HUGHES

CAMPBELL Alexander, 26 Apr 1909, Infant 4 yrs, Cause:- Diptheria, Father:- Dugald Robert CAMPBELL (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah NEALE

CAMPBELL Lillias Ada, d 8 May 1909, Child 8yrs, Father:- Dougald Robert CAMPBELL (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah NEALE

CAMPBELL William James, d 25 Oct 1905, Child 6yrs, Father:- Dougald Robert CAMPBELL (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah NEALE

HARTRICK Mabel, d 28 Sep 1907, 33yrs, wife of Charles.

Photos by Doug Hardman

MCGEE Kathleen Agnes, d 5 Feb 1908, Infant 3 weeks, Father:- John MCGEE (Labourer) Mother:- Kathleen BRENNAN

MORTON John, d 15 May 1905, Infant 15hrs, Father:- William MORTON (Engine Driver) Mother:- Elizabeth Ellenor HUTTON

TELLINI Giovanni ‘Joe’, 39yrs, d 30 Jan 1902 at Long Reef Gold Mining Co’s property, born in Italy. He fell to the bottom of the shaft but his death was deemed to not be due to his injuries but by heart failure. His parents were Robert and Mary Tellini, Reg 1585/1902, Buried Lennonville Cemetery.

Unitdentifed graves by Doug Hardman


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