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Boulder Cemetery V - Z (New)

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery & Crematorium Board -

I would first like to thank Danelle Warnock for her tireless work in editing and correcting the names on this list. The job was a big one, which she has spent a great deal of time on. The full register would not now be available to everyone without her assistance.

This data has been compiled from several sources such as copies of the index of the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder Cemetery which were photocopied many years ago by the Goldfields Family History Soc members on behalf of WAGS (The Western Australia Genealogical Soc) who in turn were assisting AGCI (Australian Genealogy Computer Index). This information was then put on the ‘AGCI disk’ and made available for purchase, now out of production unfortunately. This was done by the ‘Society of Australian Genealogy.  It contains the burials from hundreds of cemeteries all over Australia along with other information.   The burial details for Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and many of the other smaller cemeteries in our area are also listed.  The disk can be found at some libraries and at WAGS and the Battye Library in Perth. When the AGCI disk was completed the photocopied cards were then returned to the Goldfields Family History Society which sadly closed its doors some ago. Additional information has been added by family members and from the newspapers.

The complete list of all the burials along with details of grave number and locations has always been available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery office which is open every weekday.  If you do wish to locate a grave in person you can obtain a map from the office. This list in no way replaces the excellent service offered by the Cemetery Board but is an additional search tool for those who aren't able to visit in person.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Cemetery Board
P.O.Box 79 Kalgoorlie WA 6430

* denotes – unable to locate on the Western Australian Deaths with the WA Registrar General

More recent deaths may not be included as the records have only been recently become available and will be added in due course. If you would like a name added now please do send us the details.

If you have any photographs of your relatives headstone or memorial and would like it to be added to the web site please get in touch with me and I will add it in.  We will soon start adding the photographs from my own collection.

I would like to ask if you find any entry incorrect or missing please contact me for correction.


First Name Age Burial Date Denom Grave No. Section Father Mother Comments          
VALENTI Giovanni 31 09/Jan/1936 Roman Catholic 576 M      
VALENTI Mary Elizabeth 3 hours 22/Nov/1935 Roman Catholic 603 M      
VALMADRE James 42 04/Oct/1929 Roman Catholic 236 M      
VARIS Dominic 66 10/Aug/1985 Roman Catholic 40 NZ      
VARISCHETTI Amelio John 6 months 04/Jul/1921 Roman Catholic 719 M      
VEAL Ellen 67 28/Aug/1935 Roman Catholic 608 M      
VEAL John Thomas 65 19/Dec/1936 Roman Catholic 608 M      
VEGAR Joze 36 03/Feb/1942 Roman Catholic 550 M      
VEGAR Joseph 1 day 16/Feb/1939 Roman Catholic 550 M      
VERGA Enrico 41 29/Jun/1930 Roman Catholic 771 M      
VERGO Alfred Louis 83 07/Jun/2001 Roman Catholic 558 M      
VERNON Elizabeth 79 08/Feb/1925 Anglican 689 R      
VERON Frederick 72 27/Feb/1959 Anglican 1250 R James Veron Elizabeth  
VERNON James Baird 89 21/Apr/1931 Anglican 689 R      
VERRAN Emily Louisa 35 11/Feb/1905 Methodist 52 A Thomas Nankivell Louisa Maddiford  
VERRAN John Percival 4 23/Oct/1915 Methodist 403 I      
VERRAN Olive 1 day 05/Feb/1909 Methodist 403 I      
VERRAN William 3 months 19/Apr/1905 Methodist 52 A John Henry Verran Emily Louisa Nankivell  
VERRAN William 30 03/Aug/1904 Methodist 53 A Joseph Verran Caroline Bastian  
VERYARD Arnold Merrifield 83 08/Feb/1985 Anglican 164 RS      
VERYARD Thelma Angela 87 10/Mar/1988 Anglican 164 RS      
VESSEY Alice Allacia 46 25/Dec/1907 Roman Catholic 188 B      
VEZZOLI Louis 27 22/Dec/1935 Roman Catholic 577 M      
VICENSONI Bruno Paul 75 05/Apr/2016 Roman Catholic 85 N      
VICENSONI Caterina 50 04/Sep/1953 Roman Catholic 85 N      
VICENSONI Enrico (Rick) 50 18/Aug/1982 Roman Catholic 19 NZ      
VICENSONI Michael 49 15/Jul/1983 Roman Catholic 20 NZ      
VICENSONI Paolo 80 28/Dec/1963 Roman Catholic 85 N      
VICENSONI Pauline Rose 19 28/Apr/1984 Roman Catholic 32 NZ      
VICENSONI Peter Michael     Roman Catholic 90 NZ      
VICENSONI Robert Bruno     Roman Catholic 89 NZ      
VICZIANY Peter Tgeza 18 31/Dec/1966 Roman Catholic 209 N Stefan Vicziany Hedwig  
VILLA Angelo Attilio 51 30/May/1946 Roman Catholic 501 M      
VILLA Eric (Twin) 1 hour 18/Jan/1925 Roman Catholic 751 M      
VILLA Irene Victoria 74 01/Jul/1975 Roman Catholic 501 M      
VILLA Michael (Twin) 2½ hours 18/Jan/1925 Roman Catholic 751 M      
VINE Frank Herbert 33 17/Oct/1904 Methodist 83 A James Vine Sarah Best  
VIRGIN Clarence George 79   Anglican 1320 R      
VIRGIN Daisy Ann 48 04/Sep/1968 Anglican 1320 R William Amy E  
VIRGIN Philip Henry 77 24/Feb/1953 Salvation Army 188 H      
VIGUS Katherine 75 29/Oct/1914 Methodist 810 I      
VISKOVICH* Ivan 45 04/Feb/1952 Roman Catholic 479 M      
VITETTA Dominic 48 24/Mar/1954 Roman Catholic 90 N Santo Vitetta Maria Killed while working on the Boulder Perserverance Mine. 
VIVIAN James 57 18/Nov/1914 Anglican 582 R      
VLAISAVLJEVICH Sava 50 30/Nov/1951 Anglican 719 R      
VOSS Herbert William 50 09/Nov/1925 Roman Catholic 419 M      
VOSTI William 75 14/Sep/1946 Roman Catholic 502 M      
VUKASINOVIC Ilija Leon 62 20/Jan/1987 Roman Catholic 83 NZ      
VUKASINOVICH Leon 62 24/Apr/1986 Roman Catholic 83 NZ      
VUKASINOVICH Maria 62 24/Apr/1986 Roman Catholic 83 NZ      
VUKMANOVICH Violet 3 months 14/Jun/1945 Anglican 1084 R      
VULETA Unnamed Female Stillborn 16/Oct/1923 Roman Catholic 641 M   Annie  
VULICH Neville George 2 days 11/Aug/1931 Roman Catholic 193 B      
VULICH Unnamed Male Stillborn 10/Jun/1932 Roman Catholic 193 B      
VULPE Aurel 58 11/Mar/1981 Anglican 187 RS      
VULPE AKA NAGHY Jana 76 08/Jan/1978 Anglican 228 RS      
WADE Annie Louisa 15 months 04/Jun/1904 Anglican 43 D John Wade Mary Louisa Wood  
WADEISHE Robert 7 months 30/Dec/1916 Anglican 569 R      
WAGHORN Older Wigham 76 24/Apr/1906 Anglican 113 D      
WALDIE Charles H 42 14/Jan/1907 Anglican 94 D      
WALDOCK David 54 05/Dec/1924 Presbyterian 46 C      
WALDOCK Doris 17 27/Apr/1929 Presbyterian 46 C      
WALDOCK Florence Ada 1 23/May/1905 Presbyterian 46 C David Waldock Alice Howard  
WALDOCK Kevin William 20 04/May/1953 Anglican 706 R      
WALDOCK Neville John  8½ months 08/Aug/1939 Anglican 920 R      
WALDOCK William Gordon 82 01/Aug/1996 Anglican 706 R      
WALDON Bill 78 03/Dec/2000 Anglican 996 R      
WALDON Vera 64 20/Jan/1991 Anglican 996 R      
WALDRON Ethel Linda Owen 39 04/Oct/1921 Methodist 927 I      
WALDRON Thomas James 41 30/Sep/1921 Methodist 928 I      
WALKER David 78 18/Jun/1954 Roman Catholic 117 N David Elizabeth  
WALKER Leonie Flora Stillborn 28/Dec/1968 Roman Catholic 1097 NZ Thomas A Walker Zora D  
WALL Patrick 43 14/Dec/1915 Roman Catholic 631 M      
WALLACE Alexander Ross 2 23/Oct/1909 Presbyterian 94 C      
WALLACE Herbert Tayleure 68 17/Dec/1924 Anglican 872 R      
WALLACE John 44 13/Apr/1909 Congregational 57 F      
WALLACE Melva Jean 14 months 06/Dec/1909 Anglican 363 E      
WALLACE Unnamed Male Stillborn 22/Oct/1919 Methodist 709 I      
WALLIS Ernest John 1 16/Apr/1909 Methodist 410 I John Wallis Mary Jennings  
WALLIS* May Stillborn 26/Nov/1906 Methodist 251 I      
WALMSLEY Mary Alice 14 months 21/Apr/1916 Roman Catholic 797 M      
WALSH Doris 6 months 29/Jun/1910 Anglican 304 E      
WALSH Elizabeth 49 25/May/1923 Anglican 332 E      
WALSH George Richard 52 08/Apr/1910 Roman Catholic 259 M      
WALSH Gertrude Mary 3 months 05/Jul/1914 Anglican 332 E      
WALSH Herbert Joseph 5 months 19/Aug/1905 Roman Catholic 45 B John Joseph Walsh Elizabeth Mary McFarland  
WALSH James 68 19/Feb/1939 Anglican 922 R      
WALSH John 55 19/Mar/1907 Methodist 261 I      
WALSH John 40 02/Oct/1908 Roman Catholic 263 M      
WALSH* John Melville 14 months 20/Mar/1910 Roman Catholic 259 M      
WALSH Linda Vale 5 months 06/Jun/1910 Anglican 304 E      
WALSH Mary Jane 85 26/Mar/1934 Anglican 29 D      
WALSH Robert 15 minutes 21/Jan/1924 Roman Catholic 732 M      
WALSH Thomas A 11 weeks 08/Feb/1911 Anglican 332 E      
WALSH Unnamed Female Stillborn 07/Mar/1907 Roman Catholic 161 B Thomas Walsh    
WALSH Unnamed Female Stillborn 16/Apr/1926 Roman Catholic 732 M      
WALSH Vincent J 10 months 25/Sep/1907 Roman Catholic 108 B      
WALTERS Alfred George 58 17/Apr/1930 Methodist 227 A      
WALTERS Betsy 82 25/Jun/1914 Methodist 636 I      
WALTERS Thomas Robert 44 09/Nov/1911 Methodist 625 I      
WALTHAM Arthur Leslie 21 16/Jul/1912 Methodist 597 I      
WALTON Arthur 53 19/Dec/1905 Presbyterian 77 C Henry Walton Margaret ?  
WALTON Ernest Nicholas 8 months 20/Mar/1918 Methodist 942 I      
WALTON Ernest William 20 months 11/Apr/1909 Anglican 264 E      
WALTON Frederick William 2 21/Sep/1913 Anglican 264 E      
WARD Ethel Maud 29 12/Dec/1927 Presbyterian 162 KQ      
WARD George 63 24/Mar/1937 Presbyterian 203 C      
WARD Terrance John 49 13/Jan/2013 Memorial Wall          
WARN Grace 84 10/May/1944 Methodist 428 KQ      
WARN Thomas Metherall 62 08/May/1909 Methodist 446 I      
WARNER Trevor William 8 weeks 11/Oct/1937 Anglican 1107 R      
WARNES James Charles 58 20/Jul/1931 Methodist 429 I      
WARNES Jessie 15 months 21/Sep/1912 Methodist 429 I      
WARNES Jessie Mercier 2 months 25/May/1910 Methodist 429 I      
WARREN Ronald Stanley 9 months 18/Apr/1920 Methodist 714 I      
WASLEY Ernest John 62 07/Oct/1955 Methodist 650 KQ John Wasley Mary A  
WASLEY Ernest John 38 20/Mar/1954 Anglican 1138 R William Thomas Wasley Florence Marian Cooke  
WASLEY Florence Marion 82 29/Dec/1964 Anglican 1163 R Isaac W Gertrude M  
WASLEY Frederick Albert 73 11/Jun/1984 Anglican 1163 R     Ashes.
WASLEY John 62 26/Jul/1918 Methodist 1090 I      
WASLEY Mary Ann 80 08/Jul/1948 Methodist 1090 I      
WASLEY Mary Kathleen Stillborn 19/Jan/1960 Anglican 1245 R Raymond M Wasley Joan E  
WASLEY Thomas George 63 30/Oct/1974 Anglican 1362 R      
WASLEY Walter Thomas 15 months 20/Jan/1907 Methodist 106 A      
WASLEY William Thomas 67 26/Jul/1938 Anglican 1163 R      
WATERS Freda Mary 63 17/Apr/1967 Roman Catholic 207 N Frederick B Mary A  
WATERS John 50 24/Mar/1925 Anglican 884 R      
WATERS Louisa Harriet Emeline 83 13/Oct/1953 Methodist 54 KQ      
WATERS Mary Ann 81 14/Oct/1970 Anglican 1338 R Henry Sarah  
WATERS Samuel John 82 31/May/1954 Methodist 54 KQ      
WATERTON Irene 4½ months 18/Sep/1948 Roman Catholic 17 N      
WATERWORTH Mary Jane 62 06/Jul/1913 Methodist 602 I      
WATKINS Evan Griffith 81 18/Jul/1985 Anglican 154 RS      
WATKINS Freda Lucy 77 12/Aug/1985 Anglican 154 RS      
WATKINS Walter Griffith 79 07/Dec/1953 Anglican 1074 R      
WATSON Arthur Albert 70 24/Feb/1919 Anglican 674 R      
WATSON Alexander 48 09/Aug/1917 Presbyterian 143 KQ      
WATSON Elizabeth Beatrice 52 12/May/1950 Anglican 912 R      
WATSON Evelyn 16 months 12/May/1907 Anglican 139 D      
WATSON Ivan 3 months 27/Feb/1909 Anglican 262 E      
WATSON Joan Stillborn 06/Jan/1923 Anglican 772 R      
WATSON Norman Edward 8 months 12/May/1912 Presbyterian 108 C      
WATSON* Unknown Stillborn 28/Nov/1914 Presbyterian 169 C      
WATSON* Unknown Stillborn 19/Mar/1910 Anglican 313 E      
WATSON* Unknown Stillborn 23/Nov/1910 Anglican          
WATSON Unnamed Female 2 days 30/Jun/1904 Methodist 29 A   Alice Watson  
WATSON Unnamed Female Stillborn 30/Apr/1921 Anglican 772 R A. E. Watson    
WATSON Wilfred Albert 91 20/Aug/1993 Methodist 721 KQ      
WATT George 13 months 15/May/1911 Anglican 428 E W Watt D ?  
WATTS Betsy 64 12/May/1911 Anglican 418 E      
WATTS Edith Ellen 38 25/Apr/1911 Anglican 399 E      
WATTS Ellen Maud 36 13/Feb/1958 Anglican 1176 R Josiah E Hilda M  
WATTS Gordon Leslie 3 months 05/May/1911 Anglican 409 E      
WATTS Joan Barbara 8 months 12/Feb/1938 Methodist 260 KQ      
WATTS Kenneth William 6 weeks 15/Nov/1906 Congregational 48 F      
WATTS William Roy 3 months 08/May/1911 Anglican 409 E      
WEARING* Charles 47 12/Jan/1917 Methodist 946 I      
WEARING Elizabeth C 38 31/Mar/1910 Methodist 491 I      
WEARING Frederick Charles 2 months 13/Mar/1914 Methodist 400 I      
WEARING Jane 81 01/Dec/1954 Methodist 620 KQ Richard Mary  
WEARING William Stillborn 16/Jan/1929 Anglican 144 D      
WEARING Unnamed Male Stillborn 19/May/1909 Methodist 400 I W. R. Wearing    
WEARING William Robert 87 01/Oct/1953 Methodist 620 KQ      
WEARN Unnamed Male Stillborn 25/Jan/1912 Methodist 338 I      
WEARN Myrtle Margaret 14 months 15/May/1908 Methodist 338 I      
WEARN Richard G 9 days 05/Jun/1913 Methodist 338 I      
WEARN Richard James 3 months 14/May/1905 Methodist 146 A Richard James Wearn Emily Geary  
WEARNE Bessie 56 02/Mar/1937 Methodist 131 KQ      
WEARNE Clement John 60 10/Nov/1933 Methodist 131 KQ      
WEARN Margaret Ann 58 29/Sep/1932 Salvation Army 145 H      
WEARNE Phyllis Avonia 42 27/Jun/1953 Methodist 131 KQ      
WEARN Unnamed Female Stillborn 05/Jul/1916 Methodist 338 I      
WEARY* Alfred 10 weeks 03/Apr/1906 Roman Catholic 76 B      
WEARY Charles 46 17/Jan/1919 Methodist 833 I      
WEARY Doris 15 months 25/Apr/1907 Methodist 291 I      
WEARY Ernest Charles 46 05/Dec/1966 Anglican 1234 R Ernest G Weary Irene K  
WEARY Ernest George 65 07/Apr/1960 Anglican 1234 R Charles Weary Georgina  
WEARY Georgina 59 12/Sep/1933 Methodist 833 I      
WEARY Irene Margaret 85 08/Feb/1985 Anglican 1234 R     Ashes.
WEARY Kenneth George 51 *July 1973 Anglican 1342 R      
WEARY Unnamed Male Stillborn 22/Feb/1906 Methodist 200 A Charles Weary    
WEARY Unnamed Male 2 days 11/Nov/1906 Roman Catholic 140 B John Weary    
WEBB Allen Joseph 6 weeks 17/Jul/1917 Methodist 945 I      
WEBB George Houlton 07/Mar/1923 Methodist 679 I     Knocked down by a Grocer's Cart.
WEBB Martha 52 17/Dec/1943 Roman Catholic 491 M      
WEBB Raymond Seymour 8 months 13/Dec/1909 Methodist 374 I      
WEBSTER Aldyth Grace Rule 7 months 02/Feb/1906 Methodist 174 A      
WEBSTER Clifton Henry 6 years 9 months 09/Dec/1910 Roman Catholic 295 M Henry Thomas Webster Ellen Williams  
WEBSTER David 59 17/Dec/1919 Presbyterian 57 KQ      
WEBSTER Sylvia 3 days 22/Aug/1902 Presbyterian 57 KQ David Webster Isobel Georgina Baikie  
WEEBER Fritz Adolf 34 06/Jun/1968 Roman Catholic 152 N Carl Weeber Luise  
WEEDING Leslie Hindes 36 24/Aug/1916 Methodist 20 A      
WEEDING Susan Rosina 68 15/Jun/1948 Methodist 20 A      
WEILAND Janet Elizabeth 60 13/Oct/1935 Anglican 1103 R      
WEILAND Leonard Victor 47 29/Dec/1976 Anglican 63 RS     Unmarked Grave.
WEILAND Leslie Douglas 16 months 08/Mar/1906 Methodist 204 A      
WEINERT Frederick Charles 10 days 10/Nov/1908 Anglican 281 E      
WEINERT William  R 16 hours 19/Sep/1913 Anglican 281 E      
WEIR John 58 01/Jun/1927 Methodist 1061 I      
WEIZE Mary 76 17/May/1911 Methodist 558 I      
WELLER Leslie Alfred 5 days 11/Sep/1908 Anglican 162 D      
WELLER George Francis 1 25/Apr/1907 Anglican 162 D      
WELLINGTON Beatrice Lorraine 82 19/Jul/1997 Methodist 110 KQ      
WELLINGTON Eliza Tippett 66 27/Dec/1939 Methodist 104 KQ      
WELLINGTON Lorna Myrtle 9 months 24/Jun/1912 Methodist 530 I      
WALLINGTON Raymond Noel 3½ months 16/Apr/1947 Anglican 1218 R      
WELLINGTON Stephen John 42 04/Jul/1914 Methodist 596 I      
WELLINGTON Thomas Henry 67 29/Nov/1935 Methodist 104 KQ      
WELLINGTON William Scoble 60 29/Sep/1966 Methodist 110 KQ Thomas H Wellington Eliza  
WELLS William Augustus 31 01/Jun/1905 Methodist 79 A Edwin Wells Catherine Hopkins  
WELLWOOD Douglas 57 09/Jul/1905 Anglican 17 D Douglas Wellwood Mary Paton  
WELCH Edward Reuben 50 11/Jun/1909 Church of Christ 7 H      
WEMYSS David Stillborn 02/Jul/1906 Anglican 189 D      
WEMYSS Phyllis 1 day 05/Aug/1905 Anglican 182 D Edward Wemyss Jane Anne Jones  
WENMOUTH Gladys Ruth 72 01/Jul/1968 Methodist 1002 R Frederick W Matilda E  
WENMOUTH John Frederick 14 30/Apr/1939 Anglican 919 R      
WENMOUTH William Arthur 62 28/Nov/1950 Anglican 1002 R      
WERRY William John 42 01/Aug/1911 Anglican 432 E      
WERRY Jack Bernard 16 months 03/Mar/1912 Roman Catholic 76 B William John Werry Mary Ellen Pearse  
WERRY Leonard John 6 06/Oct/1913 Roman Catholic 76 B William John Werry Mary Ellen Pearse  
WESER Euphemia Bell 23 09/Aug/1929 Presbyterian 154 KQ      
WESER William J Stillborn 09/Aug/1929 Presbyterian 154 KQ William J Weser Euphemia Bell King  
WESTAWAY Charles Frederick 5 months 31/Jul/1912 Methodist 507 I      
WESTAWAY Frederick 39 25/Apr/1916 Methodist 507 I      
WESTAWAY John William 77 26/Jun/1992 Methodist 507 I      
WESTERGAARD Donna Rosa 43 23/Apr/1970 Roman Catholic 501 M Angelo A Irene V  
WESTERN Doreen Gladys 69 24/Jun/1975 Anglican 1238 R      
WESTERN Ewin Jack 61 14/Sep/1961 Anglican 1238 R Edward J Western    
WESTERN Karen Lee 3 16/Jan/1970 Anglican 1328 R Mervyn A Western Margaret V  
WESTFORD Charles Augustus 75 03/Dec/1904 Methodist 75 A Frederick Westford    
WESTGARTH Sylvia Frances 5 02/Mar/1914 Roman Catholic 288 M      
WHALAN Unnamed Male Stillborn 18/Apr/1911 Roman Catholic 280 M      
WHALAN Rose Mary 38 24/Apr/1911 Roman Catholic 280 M      
WHALLEY Jane 79 14/Aug/1975 Anglican 1275 R      
WHEATLEY Annie 64 03/May/1915 Anglican 415 E      
WHEATLEY Daniel Hugh 4 days 29/Aug/1914 Methodist 466 I      
WHEATLEY Frederick Herbert 44 15/Sep/1919 Anglican 762 R      
WHEATLEY William 73 02/May/1911 Anglican 415 E      
WHELAN James 53 20/Sep/1931 Roman Catholic 102 E      
WHALAN James Henry David 6 05/Sep/1909 Roman Catholic 280 M Jame Whalan Rose Mary Navin  
WHITCHURCH Horace A 9 weeks 13/Jun/1917 Anglican 598 R      
WHITE Alec James 8 weeks 21/Mar/1958 Roman Catholic 228 N Jack A White June E  
WHITE Eliza 73 02/Oct/1936 Anglican 1044 R      
WHITE Florence Grace 87 02/Oct/2006 Methodist 255 KQ      
WHITE James Houston 26 23/Feb/1905 Methodist 91 A Charles White    
WHITE Thomas Walker James 45 22/Nov/1944 Presbyterian 213 KQ      
WHITE Douglas J Stillborn 01/Mar/1937 Anglican 1041 R      
WHITEFORD John Blith 36 04/Mar/1907 Roman Catholic 158 B      
WHITELEY* Karl Roy 2 months 07/May/1906 Anglican 159 D Robert George Whiteley Adelaide Rosina May Steinhauser  
WHITELEY* Robert George 6 months 11/Mar/1905 Anglican 159 D Robert George Whiteley Adelaide Rosina May Steinhauser  
WHITELEY* Daphne Victoria 5 months 05/Oct/1931 Salvation Army 179 H      
WHITFIELD Iris W 16 months 09/Jun/1918 Methodist 966 I      
WHYTE Michael Allen 11½ months 21/May/1923 Roman Catholic 131 B      
WHYTE Catherine 50 21/Oct/1940 Roman Catholic 518 M      
WHYTE Mary 82 08/Oct/1940 Roman Catholic 539 M      
WHYTE Owen 15 24/May/1907 Roman Catholic 176 B      
WHYTE William 57 13/Apr/1940 Roman Catholic 449 M      
WHYTE William Daniel 4 months 15/Apr/1918 Roman Catholic 176 B      
WICKS Richard 59 13/Jan/1933 Methodist 208 A      
WIDGER John 35 19/Jul/1919 Roman Catholic 732 M      
WIESE Richard Patrick 57 29/Jan/1910 Anglican 288 E      
WIGLEY Stanhope John 61 01/May/1959 Anglican 1225 R      
WILKINS* Thomas 42 14/Dec/1921 Anglican 833 R      
WILKS Unnamed Female Stillborn 03/May/1922 Anglican 692 R G Wilks    
WILLCOCKS Mary Grace 85 04/Jul/1960 Methodist 29 KQ Samuel Mary  
WILLCOCKS Mary Isobel 83 17/Jul/1994 Anglican 202 RS      
WILLCOCKS William Faull 77 19/Sep/1980 Anglican 202 RS      
WILLCOCKS William Henry 71 05/Jul/1945 Methodist 29 KQ      
WILLIAMS Albert Lewis 35 15/Jun/1912 Baptist 95 G      
WILLIAMS Alfred David 58 01/Aug/1941 Methodist 282 KQ      
WILLIAMS Arthur Francis 66 03/Sep/1968 Roman Catholic 151 N Arthur F Williams Lizzie A  
WILLIAMS Arthur Leslie 39 15/Oct/1930 Church of Christ 42 H      
WILLIAMS Benjamin 34 20/May/1911 Methodist 274 I      
WILLIAMS Blanche 76 05/Jul/1929 Methodist 230 I      
WILLIAMS Brian Edward 65 04/May/1999 Anglican 1372 RS      
WILLIAMS Catherine 62 08/Jul/1905 Methodist 76 A William ? Harriet Beasley  
WILLIAMS Cecil James 57 15/Apr/1921 Roman Catholic 681 M      
WILLIAMS Charles Henry 42 11/Mar/1908 Methodist 285 I      
WILLIAMS Clement Francis 76 11/Jun/2012 Memorial Wall          
WILLIAMS David 77 18/Jul/1917 Methodist 76 A      
WILLIAMS Doreen 7 months 27/Apr/1907 Methodist 294 I      
WILLIAMS Edith 11 days 07/Dec/1914 Methodist 525 I      
WILLIAMS Elizabeth 29 11/Feb/1909 Presbyterian 121 C      
WILLIAMS Ellen 32 13/Aug/1906 Methodist 274 I      
WILLIAMS Elsie May 50 25/Jan/1940 Methodist 282 KQ      
WILLIAMS Ephraim 44 02/Aug/1911 Methodist 687 I      
WILLIAMS Evan John 54 12/May/1926 Methodist 981 I      
WILLIAMS Francis Clements 9 months 05/Nov/1905 Methodist 166 A Edward James Williams Gertrude Maud Cromie  
WILLIAMS Hannah 94 01/Mar/1975 Methodist 349 KQ      
WILLIAMS Henry Albert Turngrove 69 31/Aug/1953 Anglican 1135 R      
WILLIAMS Ifor 77 10/Nov/1952 Salvation Army 183 H      
WILLIAMS Irene Donnes 79 26/Dec/1972 Methodist 266 KQ      
WILLIAMS* Jack Davidson 6 01/May/1909 Methodist 411 I      
WILLIAMS James Charles 8 months 18/Feb/1908 Methodist 275 I      
WILLIAMS James Clemens 56 11/Feb/1924 Methodist 849 I      
WILLIAMS James J 54 03/Mar/1916 Methodist 827 I      
WILLIAMS Jane 74 12/Mar/1909 Methodist 57 A      
WILLIAMS Jenkin (Jenks) 40 16/Jun/1915 Baptist 95 G      
WILLIAMS John 51 15/Nov/1905 Methodist 109 A John Williams Elizabeth Graves  
WILLIAMS John 87 30/Aug/1920 Anglican 839 R      
WILLIAMS John Edward 19 30/May/1927 Methodist 855 I      
WILLIAMS John Edward 74 19/Jun/1953 Methodist 545 KQ      
WILLIAMS John Kevin 60 21/Sep/1974 Roman Catholic 1026 NZ      
WILLIAMS John Leslie 11 months 11/May/1910 Methodist 434 I      
WILLIAMS John Samuel 40 27/Jun/1906 Methodist 232 I      
WILLIAMS Katherine Mary 95 20/Aug/1975 Anglican 230 D      
WILLIAMS Larry James 16 hours 10/Mar/1954 Methodist 627 KQ Lawrence E Williams Peggy C  
WILLIAMS Lavina 27 29/Nov/1908 Baptist 83 G      
WILLIAMS Martha 27 07/Jul/1934 Roman Catholic 770 M      
WILLIAMS Mary 96 16/Apr/1927 Methodist 992 I      
WILLIAMS Mary Elizabeth 38 05/Apr/1918 Methodist 969 I      
WILLIAMS Minnie Matilda 54 03/Sep/1922 Methodist 1076 I      
WILLIAMS Mona 9 months 22/Jan/1905 Methodist 38 A Arthur Williams Beatrice Stephens  
WILLIAMS Ronald 7 months 26/May/1914 Methodist 525 I      
WILLIAMS Rose 82 23/Dec/1944 Methodist 424 KQ      
WILLIAMS Shirley M Stillborn 24/Oct/1921 Methodist 840 I      
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female Stillborn 28/Oct/1917 Methodist 69 A      
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female Stillborn 14/Nov/1918 Methodist 69 A      
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female Stillborn 26/Sep/1919 Methodist 69 A      
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female 1 day 18/Oct/1914 Methodist 521 I      
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female Stillborn 10/Jul/1905 Methodist 154 A Arthur Harvey Williams Beatrice Mary Stephens  
WILLIAMS Unnamed Male Stillborn 18/Dec/1905 Methodist 178 A Ifor Williams Mary Emma Bartle  
WILLIAMS Unnamed Male 6 hours 02/Jan/1915 Anglican 529 R      
WILLIAMS Walter Leslie 49 26/Nov/1932 Methodist 230 I      
WILLIAMS William 21 months 22/Nov/1908 Methodist 274 I      
WILLIAMS William 65 13/Jul/1915 Anglican 630 R      
WILLIAMS William John 02/Aug/1905 Methodist 69 A Thomas Henry Williams Minnie Matilda Thomas  
WILLIAMS William Luke 67 07/Nov/1904 Methodist 57 A William Luke Williams ? Bottrell  
WILLIAMSON Annie 68 15/Mar/1937 Anglican 861 R      
WILLIAMSON Charles Ivan 24 14/Apr/1923 Anglican 861 R      
WILLIAMSON Dorothy Jean 62 18/Feb/1981 Anglican 201 RS      
WILLIAMSON Eva Johns 79 01/Jul/1966 Anglican 1287 R George S Martha J  
WILLIAMSON Hannah 73 22/Jan/1928 Anglican 977 R      
WILLIAMSON Jack Edward 08/Feb/1916 Presbyterian 190 C      
WILLIAMSON Robert 72 18/Nov/1959 Anglican 1248 R John Hannah  
WILLIS Charles 46 22/Aug/1922 Anglican 498 R      
WILLIS Charles Ronald 10 months 10/May/1918 Anglican 498 R      
WILLIS* Edward 67 09/Jan/1911 Anglican 150 D     Reinterred from the Boulder Pioneer Cemetery.
WILLIS Harold 3 months 19/May/1912 Congregational 60 F      
WILLIS Unnamed Female Stillborn 24/Jan/1911 Congregational 70 F     Unmarked Grave.
WILLIS Victor Nathaniel 49 22/Mar/1915 Methodist 703 I      
WILLIS William Stanley 1 year 9 months 13/Sep/1908 Congregational 60 F      
WILLS Arthur James 43 08/Aug/1918 Anglican 664 R      
WILLS Unnamed Male Stillborn 16/Dec/1904 Methodist 51 A Richard Wills Minnie Matilda Bignall  
WILLS William Francis 42 20/Jan/1920 Anglican 854 R      
WILYMAN Daniel 64 28/Oct/1965 Methodist 107 KQ Daniel Wilyman Mollie  
WILSON Alan Raymond 54 10/Jan/1997 Anglican 209 RS      
WILSON Alexander 61 02/Oct/1934 Anglican 270 E      
WILSON Alice Adelaide 78 24/Apr/1962 Methodist 790 KQ      
WILSON Annie Leah Rutherford 18 04/Jul/1910 Methodist 542 I      
WILSON* Charles 3 weeks 09/Dec/1909 Anglican 303 E      
WILSON Diana 73 23/Mar/1914 Anglican 527 R      
WILSON* Esther Martha 33 10/Apr/1912 Anglican 512 R      
WILSON Edwin Henry 56 23/Jun/1976 Presbyterian 318 KQ      
WILSON Eliza ? 07/Mar/1926 Presbyterian 159 KQ      
WILSON Elizabeth 70 29/Apr/1939 Methodist 542 I      
WILSON Elizabeth Mary 47 04/Nov/1915 Methodist 9 A      
WILSON Eveline 1 26/Nov/1904 Roman Catholic 39 B John Bell Wilson Margaret Quinn  
WILSON Fanny Emily 83 28/Sep/1970 Anglican 1100 R William Elizabeth  
WILSON Francis Norman 47 01/May/1962 Methodist 791 KQ Samuel H Wilson Olive M  
WILSONIE Gametti Gaetano 61 21/Apr/1910 Roman Catholic 277 M      
WILSON Leila May ? 14/Sep/2007 Anglican 14 RS     Not mentioned on headstone.
WILSON Leslie 69 23/Jan/1986 Anglican 14 RS      
WILSON Linda 48 17/May/1950 Anglican 988 R      
WILSON Margaret Ritchie 85 10/Jul/1946 Presbyterian 159 KQ      
WILSON Nolan 50 21/Oct/1949 Anglican 903 R      
WILSON Olive May 78 08/Aug/1966 Methodist 626 KQ William Jane  
WILSON Phyllis Josephine 11 months 09/Feb/1921 Roman Catholic 385 M      
WILSON Reginald Boulder 77 28/May/1976 Presbyterian 312 KQ      
WILSON Robert 56 19/Jun/1936 Anglican 1100 R      
WILSON Rose 52 07/May/1949 Anglican 903 R      
WILSON Samuel Herbert 74 23/Aug/1955 Methodist 626 KQ William H Wilson Katherine  
WILSON Stephen Logan 79 15/Dec/1943 Methodist 542 I      
WILSON Thelma 8 weeks 07/Jan/1907 Congregational 47 F      
WILSON Thomas James 74 20/Nov/1916 Anglican 640 R      
WILSON Thomas Lawther 74 15/Aug/1968 Anglican 988 R Stephen Logan Wilson Elizabeth  
WILSON Unnamed Male Stillborn 26/Jul/1907 Roman Catholic 97 B      
WILSON Wallace Henry 71 03/May/1967 Church of Christ 235 H William H Wilson Margaret R  
WILSON Wilfred 20 10/Sep/1919 Methodist 9 A      
WILSON Wilfred Alexander 3 months 03/Nov/1927 Anglican 930 R      
WILSON William Frank 26 22/May/1950 Anglican 1100 R      
WILSON William Henry 76 13/Feb/1926 Presbyterian 159 KQ      
WILSON William R 42 18/Sep/1912 Roman Catholic 385 M      
WILSONIE Mary 67 17/Jul/1908 Roman Catholic 258 M      
WIMBRIDGE Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Jun/1920 Anglican 608 R      
WINDSOR Albert James 19 03/Apr/1906 Anglican 63 D      
WINDT Alexander John 11 days 15/Apr/1980 Roman Catholic 289 KQ      
WINES Mabel 8 days 27/Jul/1911 Anglican 439 E      
WINTER Alfred 67 27/Oct/1969 Anglican 1315 R Edward Jane  
WINTER Clarence 23 01/Nov/1920 Anglican 837 R      
WINTER George Henry Theodore 64 30/Dec/1975 Anglican 1277 R      
WINTER Rita ? 28/Jan/1998 Anglican 1277 R      
WINTON Silas 82 21/Sep/1935 Presbyterian 227 C      
WINZAR Joseph Henry 69 16/Jul/1938 Presbyterian 220 C      
WISEMAN Frederick 73 08/Feb/1975 Methodist 36 A      
WISEMAN Harold J 4 12/Dec/1972 Anglican 1339 R      
WISHART Peter Walter 63 09/Jul/1923 Methodist 726 I      
WISHART William Walter 1 month 16/Jun/1923 Anglican 645 R      
WITHALL Edith Fanny 49 11/Feb/1917 Anglican 648 R      
WITHALL Frank 88 01/Jun/1942 Roman Catholic 521 M      
WITHAM Unnamed Male Stillborn 19/Dec/1908 Methodist 407 I      
WOINER Bernard Aloysius 75 27/Aug/1976 Roman Catholic 959 N      
WOJTANOWSKI Anthony 14 months 20/Jun/1958 Anglican 1253 R Dmytro Wojtanoswki Henryka  
WOJTANOWSKI Dmytro 47 06/Apr/1970 Roman Catholic 1092 NZ Dmytro Wojtanoswki Anna  
WOJTOWICZ Edward 62 31/May/1984 Roman Catholic 42 NZ      
WOLFE Ellen Francis 63 11/Mar/1921 Congregational 78 F      
WOLTERS Patsy Leanne Infant 13/Jan/1968 Roman Catholic 150 N Theo Wolters Rosemary J Unmarked Grave.
WOOD Annie Elizabeth 30 25/Apr/1914 Methodist 630 I      
WOOD Arthur Samuel 58 23/Sep/1934 Presbyterian 42 C      
WOOD Bertha 65 14/Jan/1960 Anglican 1151 R James Cordelia  
WOOD Clyde Edward 33 04/Dec/1934 Anglican 866 R      
WOOD David 79 08/Feb/1932 Anglican 964 R      
WOOD Hector Randle 10 months 04/Jan/1909 Anglican 283 E      
WOOD John Campbell 6 months 31/Dec/1922 Anglican 866 R      
WOOD Olive Gertrude 27 11/Jul/1925 Anglican 866 R      
WOOD Walter 57 04/Jan/1947 Anglican 1151 R      
WOOD William 60 23/Sep/1912 Methodist 620 I      
WOODMAN Eleanor 24 18/Feb/1905 Anglican 136 D Edward ? Eleanor ?  
WOODMAN John Bayer 49 16/Jul/1922 Anglican 879 R      
WOODROFFE Unnamed Male Stillborn 02/Sep/1913 Methodist 526 I      
WOODS Joseph Edgar 87 *2008 Anglican 1174 R      
WOODS Lorna 68 28/Mar/1991 Anglican 1174 R      
WOODS Neville David 4 weeks 13/Mar/1947 Anglican 1168 R      
WOODS Roslyn Leslie 5 weeks 21/Jun/1944 Anglican 1168 R      
WOODS Unnamed Female Stillborn 28/Feb/1939 Anglican 1168 R      
WOODS Unnamed Female Stillborn 17/Apr/1951 Anglican 1174 R      
WOODS Unnamed Male Stillborn 11/May/1934 Anglican 18 D      
WOODS William James 91 09/Sep/1964 Roman Catholic 63 N   Charlotte  
WOODWARD Eleanor Clare 94 15/Jan/1969 Anglican 1237 R Thomas Annie  
WOODWARD John William 76 13/Oct/1961 Anglican 1237 R      
WOOSMAN James Joseph 11 months 19/Apr/1908 Anglican 123 D      
WOOSMAN Jessie Francis 5 weeks 13/Aug/1908 Anglican 123 D      
WORLAND Rupert A 72 27/Oct/1945 Anglican 1156 R      
WORLEY George 67 19/Jun/1923 Anglican 864 R      
WOULFE George Albert ? 29/Dec/1949 Roman Catholic 46 N     Unmarked Grave. 
WRAIGHT Alwyn George 7 months 14/Nov/1911 Anglican 348 E George Thompson Wraight Ira Elizabeth Risden  
WRAIGHT Dorothea Ruby Olive 9 08/Nov/1911 Anglican 348 E George Thompson Wraight Ira Elizabeth Risden  
WRIGHT Doreen May 57 13/Sep/1971 Anglican 1346 R Robinson Harland Peel Theodora Dowsett  
WRIGHT Unnamed Male Stillborn 04/Nov/1908 Roman Catholic 215 B      
WRIGHT Elsie Amelia 33 04/Jan/1954 Roman Catholic 89 N Maurice Antonetta  
WRIGHT George Isaac 43 30/Aug/1919 Presbyterian 62 KQ      
WRIGHT Margaret 2 days 06/Mar/1934 Anglican 339 E      
WRIGHT Rose 38 31/Aug/1919 Presbyterian 61 KQ      
WRIGHT Thomas Main 64 08/Mar/1982 Presbyterian 89 N      
WRIGHT Unnamed Female Stillborn 20/Mar/1905 Roman Catholic 47 B Edward Wright Catherina Clare Hehir  
WRIGHT Unnamed Male Stillborn 09/Jul/1913 Roman Catholic 215 B      
WRIGHT William  James 62 21/Aug/1940 Presbyterian 194 C      
WRIGHT William Maurice 19 05/Dec/1966 Roman Catholic 89 N Thomas M Wright Emilia E  
WUILLEMIN James Athol 20 months 31/Mar/1942 Methodist 179 A      
WUNDENBERG Emma Francis 35 02/Feb/1912 Anglican 485 R      
WYLIE Nancy Kathleen 65 11/Jul/1981 Roman Catholic 43 B      
WYNN Michael 34 04/Mar/1905 Roman Catholic 53 B Peter Wynn Katherine Boyle  
YATES Edward 67 02/Sep/1925 Anglican 929 R      
YEATES Elizabeth 77 24/Dec/1919 Methodist 713 I      
YATES Richard 36 18/Aug/1919 Methodist 935 I      
YATES Edgar Charles 16 16/Nov/1935 Roman Catholic 559 M      
YELLAND Arthur Morton 55 20/Dec/1920 Methodist 839 I      
YELLAND Elizabeth Ann 81 26/May/1930 Anglican 70 D      
YELLAND Mercia 3½ months 09/Apr/1910 Methodist 433 I      
YELLAND Robert 56 16/Oct/1907 Anglican 70 D      
YORK Charles Thomas 35 16/Jun/1912 Anglican 517 R      
YOULDEN Doreen May 13 hours 14/Jan/1928 Anglican 622 R      
YOULDEN* Doris May 9 minutes 23/Oct/1929 Methodist 300 I      
YOUNG Annie 71 28/Oct/1924 Roman Catholic 405 M      
YOUNG Essie Grace 40 19/Aug/1933 Methodist 635 I      
YOUNG George 50 25/Mar/1918 Methodist 965 I      
YOUNG John 90 26/Nov/1982 Methodist 635 I     Ashes.
YOUNG John Thomas 65 01/Sep/1966 Anglican 1294 R William I Young Emily Unmarked Grave.
YOUNG John White 48 21/Aug/1958 Anglican 1175 R John W Young Mary  
YOUNG Maisie Doreen 13 10/Aug/1922 Methodist 23        
YOUNG Unnamed Male Stillborn 07/May/1922 Methodist 33 A C. E. Young    
YOUNG Walter Purcell 2½ months 03/Sep/1931 Anglican 670 R      
YOUNG William Edward 3 25/Sep/1941 Anglican 897 R      
YUGOVICH Daniel Mile 13½ 22/Nov/1960 Roman Catholic 160 N Mile Yugovich Mary J  
YUGOVICH Michael Christopher 17 30/Aug/1966 Roman Catholic 160 N Mile Yugovich Mary J  
YUGOVICH Rosemarie Masa 4 days 07/Jul/1962 Roman Catholic 106 N      
YUILL Dorothy May 2 months 21/Jun/1911 Anglican 372 E      
YUJNOVICH Manda 85 27/Aug/1985 Roman Catholic 0 N      
YULE Florence May 61 17/Sep/1963 Presbyterian 293 KQ William T Florence M  
YULE William John 79 05/Jul/1978 Anglican 293 KQ      
YURISICH Lucija 79 30/Jan/1970 Roman Catholic 465 M Nikola Frana  
YURISICH Simun 46 22/Aug/1937 Roman Catholic 465 M      
ZAGAR Jelena (Helen) 53 13/Nov/1980 Roman Catholic 29 NZ      
ZAKNICK* Unnamed Female Stillborn 01/Apr/1931 Roman Catholic 763 M      
ZAKNICK* Unnamed Male Stillborn 01/Apr/1931 Roman Catholic 763 M      
ZAMPATTI Ida 9 19/May/1912 Roman Catholic 327 M      
ZANICH Joe 83 03/Jun/1995 Roman Catholic 891 N      
ZANICH Louis Bernard 59 14/Sep/1974 Roman Catholic 1036 NZ      
ZANICH Roma Marcella 73 20/Apr/1979 Roman Catholic 1036 NZ      
ZANICH* Unnamed Female Stillborn 08/Oct/1912 Roman Catholic 328 M      
ZANICH-MEYERS Ricky Shane 16 12/Jun/1980 Uniting Church 208 RS      
ZANINOVIC Anton 71 12/Feb/1948 Roman Catholic 13 N      
ZANINOVIC Antonia 2 04/Apr/1918 Roman Catholic 758 M      
ZANINOVIC Ethel Alma 77 29/Mar/1968 Roman Catholic 13 N Charles Mary Hannah KUTCHER  
ZANINOVIC Mary 11 25/Aug/1919 Roman Catholic 758 M      
ZANI Emma Mary 32 11/Nov/1933 Roman Catholic 219 M      
ZANNINI Umberto 38 16/Jul/1937 Roman Catholic 460 M      
ZANOTTI Angelo 28 01/May/1941 Roman Catholic 532 M      
ZANOTTI Pietro 35 20/Jul/1946 Roman Catholic 532 M      
ZEEB Eleanor Blanche 74 25/Oct/1947 Anglican 801 R      
ZIEGLER Ferdinand Mark 71 18/Nov/1963 Anglican 1265 R Alexander M Ziegler Mary M  
ZIEGLER Margaret Stillborn 28/May/1956 Roman Catholic 172 N Alexander M Ziegler Joan  
ZIEGLER Richard Havelock 17 17/Feb/1947 Roman Catholic 11 N      
ZIEGLER Richard Mascotte 40 08/Jun/1937 Anglican 1114 R      
ZILKO George 1½ hours 08/Jun/1916 Roman Catholic 662 M George Zilko    
ZIPANCICH John 88 02/Dec/1970 Roman Catholic 1073 NZ      
ZOPPITTE Marie 8 months 25/Feb/1916 Roman Catholic 708 M      
ZORDAN Marina 1½ hours 05/Oct/1960 Roman Catholic 573 M Giovanni Zordan Irma  
ZORZI Antonio 82 17/Jul/1985 Roman Catholic 1051 NZ      
ZORZI Pierina 64 17/Aug/1972 Roman Catholic 1051 NZ      
ZOWE Frances Sophia 74 25/Jul/1955 Roman Catholic 269 M James Mary  
ZUPANOVIC Grigo Livak 81 11/Apr/1972 Roman Catholic 1058 NZ      
ZUVELA Kuzma 42 31/May/1927 Roman Catholic 596 M      
ZUVELA Tony 35 01/Nov/1935 Roman Catholic 567 M      
ZUVICH Johnie 2 days 18/Nov/1927 Roman Catholic 401 M      
ZUVICH Katy 1 day 17/Nov/1927 Roman Catholic 401 M      


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