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LEGEND: b = Buried, d = Died, Occ = Occupation, Mt Margaret = Mount Margaret, Reg = Registration.
RC = Roman Catholic, ANG = Anglican or Church of England, METH = Methodist/Wesleyan,
PRES = Presbyterian,
WA = Western Australia, NSW = New South Wales, VIC = Victoria, QLD = Queensland, SA = South Australia. TAS = Tasmania, NT = Northern Territory.

Note: The person registering the death is only listed if it was someone other than the police or an undertaker.

YINNINGU Katie — Infant, b 6 Mar 1981, at Leonora Hospital, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YOOKIE Ginnie — 72yrs, b 13 Oct 1964, Born: Warburton WA, Reg 10/1964 Mt Margaret, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YOUNG Edward Arnold — 4mths, d 6 Dec 1942, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis, Father: William Henry YOUNG (Fitter), Mother: Elisa HANSEN, Born: Laverton WA, Reg Mt Margaret 25/1942, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YOUNG Gordon — 79yrs, d 24 Jun 1957, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Cerebral Haemorrhage, Hypertension and Senility, Father: Robert YOUNG (Farmer), Mother: Harriett GUEST, Born: Richmond Tasmania, Single, Reg 8/1957 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YOVICH Ante (Tony) — 55yrs, d 7 Oct 1948, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Pensioner, Cause: Septic Arthritis of wrist, Father: Marco YOVICH (Farmer), Mother: Ruza JELAR, Born: Dragjane Dalmatia, In WA 24yrs, Married to Andjor YOVICH in Dragjane Dalmatia at age 28yrs, Children: Mary 25yrs, Annie 24yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 20/1948, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


YOVICH Joseph John — 16mths, d 5 Nov 1939, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Croup and Broncho Pneumonia, Convulsions, Father: George YOVICH (Miner), Mother: Millie TURICH, Born: Leonora WA, Reg Mt Margaret 22/1939, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YOVICH Luka — 57yrs, d 4 Sep 1950, at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ: Labourer, Cause: Fell 1000ft down mine shaft, Verdict of the Coroner, Mothers maiden name BATELICH, Born: Vrgorac, Yugoslavia, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 13/1950, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death —

YUBITA Dympai — 80yrs, b 8 Sep 1982, Born: Leonora WA, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

YUROVICH John Andy — 3 days, d 28 Oct 1941, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Congenital malformation of heart, Father: Mick YUROVICH (Prospector), Mother: Miley PERICH, Reg 28/1941 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZABORAVLJEN Nigda — 51yrs, b 5 Nov 1939, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZAMPATTI Bortolo 34yrs, d 4 Jun 1919, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Clementi ZAMPATTI (Farmer), Mother: Mariana CONFERTI, Born Verso del Uglio, Italy, In WA 8yrs, Reg 19/1919 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZANGA Bortolo59yrs, d 26 Mar 1944, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Pensioner, Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: George ZANGA (Farmer), Born: Albino,  Italy, Married to Lucia BILOTTI in Albino Italy at age 20yrs, Children: Ines 38yrs, Luigi 35yrs, Rina 28yrs, Gisconia 27yrs, Georgina 25yrs, Natali 25yrs, Francesco 24yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 3/1944, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZANI Vito65yrs, d 25 May 1946, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Giovanni ZANNI, Mother: Maria TOJNATTI, Born: Incodine, Brenia, Italy, In WA 31yrs, Married to Maria TOJNATTI in Incodine Italy at age 27yrs, Children: Giovanni Ejybio 36yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 10/1946, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZANNI Ettore — 25yrs, d 1 Jun 1951, at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ: Miner, Cause: Was struck by a runaway timber trolley and crushed, dying instantly, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Francesco ZANNI, Mother: Rosa ZANNI, Born: Oneta, Bergamo, Italy Reg Mt Margaret 24/1951, Born: Italy, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –


ZANOTTI Andrea "Andy'33yrs, d 10 Nov 1930, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ: Miner Cause: Fractured skull from falling down mine shaft at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Verdict of Coroner, Father: Giovanni Maria ZANOTTI (Deceased), Mother Giovanna RECCALDINI, Born Cinbergo Italy, In WA 5yrs, Married in Cimbergo Italy at age 24yrs, Reg 23/1930 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.Mine Death –

ZANOTTI Joseph Samuel — 3mths, d 1 Jun 1907, Cause: Chronic Endocarditis, Exhaustion, Father: Leo ZANOTTI (Miner), Mother: Teresa ROGGERINI, Reg Mt Margaret 44/1907, Born: Gwalia WA, RC Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ZANOTTI Louis (Luigi) — 29yrs, d 10 Aug 1914, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Laceration of thigh, Amputation of leg, shock, accident occurred 5 Aug 1914 at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Reg Mt Margaret 33/1914, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –

ZELBY native woman — 70yrs, d 20 Jan 1955, at her hut at Banjawarn Station, Cause of death unknown, Reg 3/1955 Mt Margaret, Aboriginal Section, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


ZORZUT Jozef — 80yrs, b 27 Aug 1975, Born: Yugoslavia, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. H/S



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