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Yuin Reef Mine Cemetery: 27°56'379"S 116°09'06.8"E


Yuin Cemetery

Yuin Cemetery also known as Yuin Station Cemetery situated in the Mid-West region of Western Australia. Yuin Station, the Yuin Reef Townsite and Royal Standard Mine have historic and social significance for their role in the development of the Shire. The cemetery is now disused and the graves are unmarked

BATTY/ BATHY Edward 57yrs, d 3 Apr 1913, Occ: Horse Driver, Cause: Accidentally crushed by the wheel of a dray at the Royal Standard GM, Yuin, Father: Richard John BATHY, Mother: Mary CRITCHLEY, Born: Yorkshire England, In WA 6yrs, Married to Elizabeth CLYNE in Brisbane QLD, Child: Patrick 8yrs, Reg 2/1913 Yalgoo, Buried in the Yuin Reef Mine Cemetery. Mine Death –                                                                                                                                     



Daily News Perth 10 April 1913, page 3

DOUGLAS Frank 40yrs, d 2 Apr 1923, at the Royal Standard Mine, Yuin Reef, Occ: Engineer, Cause: Accidentally being thrown from a skip at the Royal Standard Mine, Yuin, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: 29 May 1883 at Norton Summit SA, Father: Robert DOUGLAS (Orchardist), Mother: Mary NUGENT, Married to Annie Laurie COLE on 7 Sep 1910 at Peak Hill WA, Children: Robert Lancelot born 1910, Annie Laurie born 1914, Erica Norma born 1917, Dorothy May born 1918, Maxime Marjorie born 1919, Frank Nugent born 1921, Reg 2/1923 Yalgoo, Buried in the Yuin Reef Cemetery. Mine Death –

Workers at Royal Standard GM, Yuin, Frank Douglas standing far right – Photo

Frank Douglas – Photo

FRY Charles abt 31yrs, d 15 Aug 1916, at Yuin Reef, Yalgoo Dist, Occ: Labourer, Cause: Suicide, Self-inflicted gunshot wound, Born: supposedly New Zealand, Reg 2/1916 Yalgoo, Buried in the Yuin Reef Cemetery.

Geraldton Express 23 August 1916, page 3

GIUSEPPE Alba AKA Joseph ALBA (Registered as GUISEPPE) d 25 Dec 1905, at Yuin Reef, Occ: Miner, Cause: Drowned, Reg 1/1906 Yalgoo, Buried in the Yuin Reef Cemetery.

The pool at Yuin Station - Western Mail 11 August 1932, page 4

Geraldton Express 17 January 1906, page 3


In our last issue it was recorded that an Italian, named Joseph Alba, had been drowned in a pool at Yuin. From the particulars given it would seem as though the affair had been a pure accident, and it may be that it was, but some of the Italians at Yuin hold a different opinion. They are under the impression that the man was murdered, and his body thrown into the water. So strong are their suspicions that a party of them came down from Yuin last week with the object of acquainting the authorities and did so on their arrival. The Italians tell a very circumstantial story, which, if correct, would give rise to some suspicion of foul play, but it would not be wise to publish the alleged particulars at this stage. They complain bitterly that no inquest was held. A representative of this paper saw Inspector Drewery, of Geraldton, this morning, and the Inspector stated there was no ground whatever to suspect foul play.
The facts were, he said, as follows: Alba Guiseppe — the real name of the drowned man — went to bathe in a pool with 18 other men, none of whom were Italians. While bathing he suddenly got beyond his depth and sank. One of the eyewitnesses immediately dived in after him, but it was only after the second dive that the body was secured. Alba was brought to the dry land, and every effort made to resuscitate him, but in vain. In trying to restore animation, some bruises were inflicted on the body, and these bruises turned black a few hours after death.
The matter was reported to Mr. R. J. Carlyon, the proprietor of the Royal Standard mine, at which Alba was employed, and he got a statement signed by the 18 eyewitnesses detailing how the accident occurred, rode into Yalgoo, and laid it before Mr. John Hearn, J.P. Mr. Hearn, after perusing the document, concluded that there was no necessity for an inquest, and issued an order for the burial of the body. Mr. Carlyon also reported the affair to Police-constable Jensen, of Yalgoo, who proceeded to Yuin, viewed the body, and made investigations on the spot, which convinced him that the death was as stated, due to accident.
Before bury-ing the body, however, Mr. Carlyon saw all the Italians, and, except for Peter Pianta and Polineti Stafani (the men who journeyed to Geraldton), they were all satisfied that the version of the eyewitnesses was a true one. Those two Italians had been paid off and discharged from the mine the same day. They then went to Yalgoo but did not go to the police station. Police-constable Jensen, however, interviewed them, with the object of seeing whether they could throw any fresh light on the affair, but they could not. They then came on to Geraldton, where they saw the Inspector and made a complaint, but beyond a statement as to the bruises on Alba's body, they could give no information of any value. All the papers in connection with the event have been sent to headquarters, where it will be decided whether further inquiry is essential.

NEWING Cecil Stockbridge abt 35yrs, d 16 Dec 1905, at Yuin, Occ: Miner, Cause: Heart Failure, Father: John Yates NEWING, Mother: Eliza STOCKBRIDGE, Born: 1877, Nottingham England, In WA 5yrs, Single, Reg 2970/1905, Buried in the Yuin Reef Cemetery.

PANUYYA Pietro (AKA PANIZZA Peter) 28yrs, d 9 Apr 1916, at Yuin Reef, Occ: Miner, Cause: Accidentally burned to death in his camp, fire caused by a candle, death registered by Bob PANUYYA (Brother), Born c 1888, In WA 11yrs, Reg 1/1916 Yalgoo, Buried in the Yuin Reef Cemetery.

Landscape at Yuin – Shire of Yalgoo

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