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Leonora Cemetery Continued

WILLIAMS-Elizabeth-05/09/1938-Mt Margaret 24/1938-57-Leonora-Vic-Ang

WILLIAMS William Edmond, d 28 Dec 1904, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 35 yrs,  Cause:- Alcoholism, Father:- David Rees WILLIAMS (Miner) Mother Johanna RYAN, born Hamilton NSW, in NSW 28 yrs in WA 8yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

WILLIAMS-Frances Clementine-04/11/1910--4mths

WILLIAM G-1.JPG (20249 bytes)

WILLIAMS-Gibbon - 03/10/1936-Mt Margaret 23/1936-69-Leonora-Ballarat-Ang,


WILLIAMS John Joseph, d 17 Jun 1902, Hotel Proprietor, Age 45, Cause:- Fatty Degeneration of the heart, Asthma, Father John WILLIAMS (Farmer) Mother:- Mary Ann GAPE, Born Creswick, VICTORIA, 10 yrs in WA, Married to Sarah EDWARDS at age 21yrs in Victoria, Children:- Alice 24 yrs, Annie 2 2yrs, Charles 19yrs, Olive 17yrs. buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

WILLIAMS J-1.JPG (23981 bytes)

WILLIAMS-Julia-10/07/1917-Mt Margaret 15/1917-40-Leonora-Adelaide-Ang,


WILLIAMS N-1.JPG (18951 bytes)

WILLIAMS-Norman Andrew-09/05/1953-Mt Margaret 7/1953-51-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-RC

WILLIAMS-Tommy-24/04/1980--74-Kalgoorlie-Mulga Queen-Native

WILLIAMS-Thomas A-02/07/1928-Mt Margaret 10/1928-59-Leonora-SA-Ang


WILLIAMSON John, d 23 Feb 1907, Public Hospital, Leonora, Occ:- Labourer, 23 yrs, Cause:- Bullet Wound (Suicide), Father:- James WILLIAMSON (Farmer) Mother:- Mary BEARD, born SA, In SA 19yrs, In WA 4 yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery-Mt Margaret 19/1907-23-Leonora-SA-Pres

WILSON M-1.JPG (25506 bytes)

WILSON  MaudeElizabeth-03/02/1915--72-Leonora-Burra Burra-Meth, H/S –Mt Marg death cert 5/16


WILSON John W age 75 bur 11 Nov 1942 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 22/42

WILTON-Keith E-21/05/1930-Mt Margaret 9/1930-5mths-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-Ang


WINDOW-Clara-17/04/1914-Mt Margaret 15/1914-60-Leonora-England-Ang

WINDSOR F-1.JPG (39489 bytes)

WINDSOR-Frederick-26/03/1915-Mt Margaret 12/1915-53-Leonora-Edinburgh-Pres,






WOLGULGOODOO-Bimgie-05/09/1970--77-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

WOODING-William L-13/12/1949-Mt Margaret 21/1949-59-Leonora-Bendigo-Ang

WORGUBBA-Jimmy-26/02/1965--72-Leonora Res-Carnegie Stn-Native


WOWE-Charlie-08/03/1977--82-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

WUNNENBERG R-1.JPG (24956 bytes)

WUNNENBURG-Richard John N-24/04/1929-Mt Margaret 6/1929-51-Leonora-Stockpost-Meth,

WANNERBERG - H G - 21/11/1942 - 70 - Leonora - SA - Ang

YATES G-1.JPG (24374 bytes)

YATES Gregory Albert Allan d. May 1998

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