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LEGEND: b = Buried, d = Died, Occ = Occupation, Mt Margaret = Mount Margaret, Reg = Registration.
RC = Roman Catholic, ANG = Anglican or Church of England, METH = Methodist/Wesleyan,
PRES = Presbyterian,
WA = Western Australia, NSW = New South Wales, VIC = Victoria, QLD = Queensland, SA = South Australia. TAS = Tasmania, NT = Northern Territory.

Note: The person registering the death is only listed if it was someone other than the police or an undertaker.

DAVEY Ernest William 35yrs, d 19 Nov 1915, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Engine Driver, Cause: Carcinoma of stomach, Father: Josiah DAVEY (Miner), Mother: Elizabeth HUGO, Born Victoria, In VIC 19yrs, In WA 16yrs, Married to Maude ROWE in Kalgoorlie WA at 28yrs, Children: Kathleen Ellen 6yrs, Elizabeth Mary 4yrs, Lillian Rowe 2yrs, 1 male deceased. Death registered by P ROWE (Brother-in-Law), Reg 38/1915 Mt Margaret, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Robert DAVEY

DAVEY Robert William — 31yrs, d 8 Nov 1946, at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Cause: Death due to multiple injuries resulting from a fall of earth on 1450 stope at level 30, Sons of Gwalia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Samuel Stevens DAVEY (Butcher), Mother: Ethel Christina BECKE, Born: Carnarvon WA, Married to Elsie May FLETCHER in Boulder WA at age 29yrs, 1 child, Roberta, Reg 20/1946 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –

DAVIDSON Claude — 70yrs, b 13 Apr 1973, Born: Warburton WA, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIDSON Edward Henry 40yrs, d 19 Feb 1913, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Fitter, Cause: Arteriosclerosis, Father: Edward DAVIDSON (Contractor), Mother: Elizabeth MCQUEEN, Born VIC, In VIC 24yrs, In WA 16yrs, Married to Carrie WHITTLE in Kalgoorlie WA at age 30yrs, Children: Bertram Ashcroft 6yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 9/1913, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIDSON Elsie — 59yrs, b 5 Nov 1979, Born: Warburton Ranges WA, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIES Bernie 9mths, b 18 Nov 1962, Born: Warburton WA, Reg 35/1962 Mt Margaret, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Caroline 42yrs, d 7 Jul 1914, at Leonora Hospital, Married woman, Cause: Intestinal obstruction, shock, Father: Carl August LIST (Bootmaker), Mother: Mary Jane START, Born Chewton VIC, In VIC 28yrs, In WA 14yrs, Married to Ernest William DAVIES in VIC at age 25yrs, Children: Olive Ethel 16, Harry Gordon, 13, Ernest Harwood 12, Alfred Charles 10, Elsie Hamlyn 9, Alice Stella 7, Edna Caroline 6, Frank William 4, deceased 1 male and 1 female, Reg Mt Margaret 28/1914, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DAVIES Helen Eva — 83yrs, d 11 Dec 1935, at Leonora Hospital, Old Age Pensioner, Cause: Senile heart and blood pressure, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Father: John Parker BUTTFIELD (Magistrate), Mother: Anna Louisa CAREY, Born: Gumeracha SA, In SA 45yrs, In WA 38yrs, Married to Thomas Richard Walter DAVIES in Blinman SA at age 16yrs, Children: Anna Louisa 65yrs, Eva Alice 60yrs, Walter Buttfield 58yrs, Lillie Agnes Susie 55yrs, 2 males deceased, Reg 27/1935 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Merelyn Francis — 19yrs, b 15 Oct 1970, born NSW, from Tarmoola Station, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Thomas Harold 4 ½mths d 29 May 1912, at Gwalia, Cause: Acute Nephritis, Uraemia, Father: Ernest William DAVIES (Miner), Mother: Caroline LIST, Born Gwalia WA, Reg Mt Margaret 18/1912, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIES unnamed female — d 21 Jan 1901, Stillborn, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Father: David DAVIES (Miner), Mother: Sarah Ann EDWARDS, Registered by Father, Reg 6/1901 Mt Margaret, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIS Elizabeth Rachel — 24yrs, d 12 Jan 1915, at Leonora Hospital, Married woman, Cause: Pyosalpinx, Intestinal obstruction, Father: Michael MCGRATH (Miner), Mother Elizabeth Rachel TREW, Born NSW, In NSW 13yrs, In WA 11yrs, Married to Thomas James DAVIS in Gawlia WA at age 18yrs, Children: William Henry 5, Ruby May 2, Reg Mt Margaret 3/1915, PRES, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIS Margaret — 62yrs, d 20 May 1940, at residence Gwalia St, Gwalia, Pensioner, Cause: Chronic degeneration, general oedema, Born: Maffra VIC, In VIC 19yrs, In WA 43yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 13/1940, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIS Randolph Valentine — 22yrs, d 24 Oct 1903, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Labourer, Cause: Gastric ulcer, Peritonitis, Father David DAVIES (Upholsterer), Mother: Alice Maderia PIKE, Born Fitzroy VIC, 9yrs in VIC, 10yrs in WA, Single, Reg 43/1903 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DE MARIA Bortolo — 56yrs, b 4 Jan 1962, Father: Antonio DE MARIA, Mother: Giacomina, Born: Italy, Reg 1/1962, Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DE RUBEIS Ernesto 55yrs, d 6 Mar 1956, RC, Cause: Accidentally killed by a fall of earth in the Sons of Gwalia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Tussio Italy, Father: Luigi De RUBEIS (Farmer), Mother: Luisa CISSERONE, Married to Lussio L'Aquila in Italy in May 1933, Children: Luigi 17yrs, Francesco 3yrs, Reg 3/1956 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death —

Valma N DEAR

DEAR Valma Norma — 64yrs, d 5 Apr 1995, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DEAR Robert Norman — 61yrs, b 26 Aug 1996, born Perth WA, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DEARLOVE Alfred William 2 ½mths, d 23 Sep 1911, at Gwalia GM Lease, Gwalia, Cause: Marasmus and asthenia, Father: Richard Charles DEARLOVE (Miner), Mother: Augusta Pauline KEILOW, Buried Leonora Cemetery.              


DEARLOVE Arthur Frederick (Artie) — 66yrs, b 20 Aug 1947, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Silicosis & Broncho Pneumonia, Born 4 January 1881, Kooringa, South Australia, In SA 21yrs, In WA 45yrs, Father: Richard DEARLOVE, Mother: Jane Ann SANDERS, Married to Alexandra HUME in Gwalia WA at age 31yrs, Children: Ella Maude 35yrs, Jean Boyd 33yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 16/1947, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DEARLOVE Blanche 26yrs, d 21 Jul 1902, Cause: Phthisis, Father: Richard DEARLOVE (Schoolmaster), Mother: Jane Ann SANDERS, Born South Australia. (Blanche was a twin to Beatrice DEARLOVE), Single, In SA 23 years, In WA 3 years, Reg 47/1902 Mt Margaret, WES, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DEL ANGELO May 29yrs, d 9 Jun 1922, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Housekeeper, Cause: Tuberculosis, Born: Birmingham England, Married to Angelo DEL ANGELO (dec) in Kalgoorlie WA at age 20yrs, Children: Victor Emanuel 5yrs, Reg 10/1922 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DELL ACQUA Gioseppe — 58yrs, d 29 May 1931, at Gwalia, Occ: Miner, Cause: Miners Phthisis, Exhaustion, Father: Antonio DELL’ ACQUA (Blacksmith), Mother: Rachele DELFATTI, Born: Grosotto, Italy, Married to Catarina SALIGARI, Children: Isla 19yrs, Rachele 18yrs, Antonio 14yrs, Giuseppe 12yrs, deceased 2 males and 2 females, Reg 8/1931 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death:

DELLA MADDALINA Peter — 26yrs, d 11 Jul 1911, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Accidental, Fall of earth at the 1500ft level on the Sons of Gwalia GM on 11 Jul 1911, Verdict of the Coroner. Reg 27/1911 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.  Mine Death —   

DELLABONA Catherine Maria 9mths, d 21 Feb 1907, at Gwalia, Cause: Meningitis, Father: Liacomo DELLABONA (Miner), Mother: Giacomina RINALDI, Born Gwalia, WA, Reg 22/1907 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLABONA Giaconeo 32yrs, d 2 Jun 1919, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Giovanni DELLABONA (Labourer), Mother: Giovannia DELLABONA, Born: Cologna, Italy, In WA 4yrs, Reg 18/1919 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLACQUA Catherina 60yrs, d 8 Jul 1943, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Home Duties, Cause: Hypertension & Cerebral Haemorrhage, Born: Grosotto, Married: Guiseppe DELLACQUA in Grosotto, Italy aged 19yrs, Children: Isola 31yrs, Rothelo 30yrs, Antonio 28yrs, Jiovanni 26yrs, Deceased 1 male and 3 females, Reg Mt Margaret, 10/1943, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DELLA FRANCA Arturo 2yrs, d 25 Apr 1917, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Giuseppe DELLAFRANCA (Miner), Mother: Caterina MAZZA, Born Gwalia WA, Reg 9/1917 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLAOQUOI Antonia 1mth, d 17 Dec 1914, at Gwalia, Cause: Acute Nephritis, Father: Joe DELLAOQUOI (Miner), Mother: Kate GALIGANI, Born Gwalia WA, Reg 46/1914 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DENCH Ernest John Fyvie — 66yrs, d 9 Apr 1937, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Clerk, Cause: Chronic Prostatitis and Cystitis, heart failure, Father: Thomas DENCH (Clerk), Mother: Elizabeth Ann JAQUES, Born: Hindmarch SA, In SA 41yrs, In WA 25yrd, Married to Etta May WOOD (born 22 Jan 1875 Meningie, South Australia) in Port Adelaide SA at age 23yrs, died April 1906 in San Francisco, California, in the major earthquake. Her daughter was with her and she died in the earthquake, 2nd wife (possibly not married) Kathleen Smith 1878 - 1964, Children: 1st marr Etta Joyce Fyvie DENCHJoyce, 32yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 12/1937, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DERICH Stanley John 1 day, d 17 Jan 1926, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Premature birth, Convulsions, Father: Michael DERICH (Miner), Mother Lillian WHITE, Reg 1/1926 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DETEZ Alfred 62yrs, d 17 Nov 1940, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Storekeeper, Cause: Anaemia of the brain following a fat embolism resulting from a fractured femur, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Frank DETZ (Chef), Mother: Helen FROST, Born: Williamstown VIC, In VIC 27yrs, In WA 35yrs, Married to Mabel RUSSELL in Williamstown VIC at age 21yrs, Children: Mabel Rita 40yrs, Norman Russell 39yrs, Nellie Victoria 35yrs, William Croxton 33yrs, Leila Maud 21yrs, Reg 31/1940 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Northern Grazier and Miner Leonora 23 November 1940, page 7


Mr. Alfred Detez. of Mnrrin, whilst cranking a motor truck on Wednesday of last week, unfortunately left it in gear, and the vehicle passed over a leg, causing a fracture above the knee. First aid was rendered by Mr. Jarrett, permanent way ganger, and for a time the accident was not consideredf to be of a very serious nature but, as it subsequently proved, the shock was severe.
The.sufferer was immediately conveyed to the Leonora District Hospital, but the unfortunate man gradually sank and breathed his last at the institution on Sunday, evening. The deceased, who was aged 62 years. leaves behind a devoted wife, three daughters and two sons. The late Mr. Detez came to Murrin in 1906, had resided, in that district ever since, and was held in high regard by everyone with whom he came in contact. The 'funeral took place 'on Monay last, the remains being followed to the Leonora cemetery by relatives and a large number of friends. 

DICKASON Frederick Morton 85yrs, d 9 Aug 1941, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Old Age Pensioner, Cause: Broncho Pneumonia, Father: John Greenwood DICKASON, Mother: Henrietta MORTON, Born: Richmond VIC, Reg Mt Margaret 25/1941, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE   Gary ― 51yrs, b 26 Feb 2021, Born: Leonora WA, ANG,  Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Robert R 51yrs, b 26 Aug 2017, Born: Leonora WA, PRES, Buried Leonora cemetery.

DICKIE Stanley — 73yrs, b 17 Jun 2006, born Narrogin WA, Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Valerie — 64yrs, b 7 Nov 2008, born Leonora WA, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Lorna — 43yrs, b  24 Mar 2007, born Leonora WA , Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKSON Thomas — 45yrs, d 6 Sep 1906, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Prospector, Cause: Heart disease, Born Lancashire, England, Reg 53/1906 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DILLON William Valentine 23yrs, d 17 May 1903, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Wine and Spirit Merchant, Cause: Perforated appendix, Father: Michael DILLON (Farmer), Mother: Ellen FRAHER, Born Victoria, 15yrs in Victoria, 8yrs in WA, Reg 22/1903 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DIVITINI Felise Lorenzo — 49yrs, d 23 Oct 1947, at Desdemona Station near Malcolm, Occ: Woodcutter, Cause: Suicide, Asphyxia by hanging himself from an electric light cord in camp, Father: Petro DIVITINI (Farmer), Mother: Tiasa DE-CAMPO, Born: Tirano, Italy, In WA 21yrs, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 22/1947,
RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DJIMBRA — 60yrs, d 8 Apr 1956, at Leonora Hospital, from Cosmo Newbery, Cause: Broncho Pneumonia, Senility, Born: In bush north of Laverton, Reg 4/1956 Mt Margaret, Aboriginal Section, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DOBANOVICH Cris — 37yrs, d 16 Dec 1934, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Carbuncle on neck, Cellulitis, Septic Absorption, Father Ivan DOBANOVICH (Farmer), Mother: Gordana, Born: Seoce Montenegro, In WA 7yrs, Reg 33/1934 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

William Richard DOBLE

DOBLE William Richard — 75yrs, d 21 Jan 1951, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Uraemia, Born: Devonshire, England, In SA 29yrs, In WA 41yrs, Married to Laura Edith HOAD in Perth WA on 23 Dec 1915, Children: Edith Elizabeth 33yrs, Lora Ellen 32yrs, William Jack 29yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 5/1951, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Kalgoorlie Miner 24 November 1942, page 2

DODD Norman Walter Gilmore — 44yrs, d 23 Nov 1942, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Mess Room, Occ: Timekeeper, Cause: Suicide, gunshot wound by a 22-calibre rifle to the head, self-inflicted, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Jabez Edward DODD, Mother: Florence Wilson JOHNSTON, Born: Coolgardie WA, Married to Dorothy I FERRES in Perth WA at age 23yrs, Children: Norma 20yrs, Robert J 18yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 24/1942, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Norman W G DODD - War Grave

Norman W G DODD - Photo Gail Dodd

DOHERTY Patrick — 35yrs, d 20 Oct 1937, at Bannockburn GM, Mt Clifford, 36 miles NW of Leonora, Occ: Miner, Cause, being struck by a piece of stone which fell from the wall of the north drive, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Belfast, Ireland, Reg Mt Margaret 24/1937 RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.
Mine Death –

DONALDSON Clem Richard — 63yrs, b 16 Jul 2016, Born: Coolgardie WA, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DONALDSON Anne Jeanette — 22yrs, b 1 Aug 1992, Born Leonora WA, Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DONINI Augustino 21yrs, d 11 Nov 1915, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ: Shoveler, Cause: Fall of earth, Born Italy, In WA 9mths, Reg 37/1915 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –

DONOVAN Denis — 79yrs, d 27 Jan 1935, at Malcolm, Cause: Suicide by taking Prussic acid whilst under a severe depression whilst suffering from cancer of the stomach, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Ireland, In WA 50yrs, Single, Reg 1/1935 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Bertrand J DORIZZI

DORIZZI Bertrand James 56yrs, d 2 Nov 1946, at Wilsons Patch, Occ: Station Hand, Cause: Heart failure from enlarged heart, Coronary Thrombosis, Verdict of the Coroner after Post-mortem, Father: Thomas Joseph DORIZZI, Mother: Alice Maud FINN, Born: Trentham VIC, In VIC 11yrs, In WA 45yrs, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 19/1946, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DORIZZI William Thomas 14yrs, d 26 Dec 1923, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Station hand, Cause: Gunshot wound to upper arm, gangrene, Father: William Ambrose DORIZZI (Engine Driver), Born: Lawlers WA, In WA 14yrs, Single, Reg 1/1924 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DORNAN James Frederick — 67yrs, d 23 Apr 1960, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Coronary Occlusion, Father: James DORNAN, Mother: Emily LINTOT, Born: Geraldton WA, Married to Dorothy Stella May KISSACK in Geraldton WA on 26 Jul 1916 (Divorced), Children: Frederick Charles 42yrs, Gladys Mary 39yrs, Christopher James 36yrs, Reg 4/1960 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DORPH-PETERSEN Alfred H — 82yrs, d 4 Nov 1994, Born: Perth WA, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

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