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Linden Cemetery (formerly Griffithston)

Reserve 4683
S 29° 17.32, E 122° 25.28

The first burial was in 1899 when the cemetery was gazetted and it was not until 1911 that the second occurred.
In 1915 the local residents wrote to the Dept of Works to ask

“ we are enquiring of you as the best possible way to secure a small grant to erect a fence around the Linden burial ground in which there are three bodied buried.  It is, at the moment, unprotected from wild dogs, of which there are many in this part of the country, and also of travellers who may pass over in their conveyances without knowing it."

11  Known burials
No headstones.

ALBIN Fidal A - d 9 Jul 1923 age 60yrs, Occ: Miner, In Change house of Devon Gold Mine, Linden, Cause: Apparent heart failure, Born: Switzerland, Reg Mt Margaret 12/1923, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

COULSON John - d 26 Aug 1923, 59yrs,  at the Linden Hotel, Occ: Prospector, Cause: Dropsy, no inquest necessary, Single, Born: Karlshamn, Sweden, Over 20yrs in WA, Reg North Coolgardie 5/1923, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

HAGSTROM August - d on or about 31 May 1915, about 50yrs, near Bindoh GM lease, 8 miles from Linden, Occ: Prospector, Cause: Suicide, Gunshot wound self-inflicted, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Supposed Norway, Reg North Coolgardie 11/1915, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

Kalgoorlie Miner 3 June 1915, page 4

HAGSTROM - Kalgoorlie Miner 3 June 1915, page 4

HAYES John - d 21 Nov 1917, 61yrs, 5 miles south east of Linden, Occ: Miner, Born: Ballarat VIC, In WA 21yrs, Children: Mary, Eileen, Edward, John, Reg Mt Margaret 34/1917, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.
Laverton and Beria Mercury 1 December 1917, page 1 - A miner and prospector named John Hayes, who was fairly well known on parts of the northern fields died suddenly at Linden last week. About two years ago deceased was prospecting in the Erlistoun district. He came from Stawell, Victoria. 

MOSS Frederick – d 17 Jul 1916, 41 yrs, at the Danube GM Lease, Linden, Occ: Prospector, Cause: Suicide, by an explosion of an explosive substance, Born: Hanover, Germany, In WA about 16 yrs, Single, Reg North Coolgardie 11/1916, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

Kalgoorlie Miner 20 July 1916, page 6

Kalgoorlie Miner 20 July 1916, page 6

PARRY Sydney 'Sid' (Last Burial) - d 22 Feb 1926, at Linden, 59yrs, Occ: Prospector/Teamster, Father: George Jarvis PARRY, Mother: Catherine HEALY, Cause: Heart Failure, Born Maitland, NSW, In NSW 39yrs, In WA 20yrs, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 2/1926, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

SCHMIDT Peter (First Burial) - d 22 Mar 1899, 45yrs, at the Lady Ethel Lease, Linden, Occ: Miner, Cause: Supposed heart disease, Reg North Coolgardie 22/1899, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

WALLISH Martin - d 8 Jan 1911, 42yrs, at Linden, Occ: Miner, Cause: Found dead in the bush, died of exposure and thirst, Verdict of the Coroner, Registered by David BAILIE (Friend), Born: Victoria, In VIC 27yrs, In WA 15yrs, Single, Reg North Coolgardie death cert 4/1911, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

Kalgoorlie Western Argus 17 January 1911, page 35

TRAGEDY OF THE BUSH - LINDEN PROSPECTOR FOUND DEAD -  Yundamindera, Jan. 10th - Constable McNamara, with a tracker, has just returned from Linden with the news that a search party under Constable Lynch had "found the body of Martin Wallace, or Wallach (sic), in the bush. The deceased wandered from his camp at 8 a.m. on Saturday, 7th inst. About noon his camp mate became anxious, and started to search for him.
Fortunately Constable Lynch was in Linden and took charge. The constable had to abandon the search for the night but resumed it next day, and continued till the body was found, at noon on the 9th inst. The deceased was fully clothed, and had apparently died comparatively peacefully, with his hat over his face evidently on Saturday evening. He was buried the same evening. The deceased was a prospector, and held a share in the Blue Danube lease. He had been a resident of the district for a few years  and has a brother in the civil service in Perth.

WILLIAMS Joseph - d 20 Nov 1913, 49yrs, Reg North Coolgardie 1/1914, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.

WOODS Robert - d 29 Jul 1923, 63yrs, at Linden, Occ: Prospector/Shearer, Died of natural causes, In WA over 20yrs, Child: William WOODS, Reg North Coolgardie 1/1923, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.
West Australian  1 September 1923, page 10 -  The police are endeavouring, to trace relatives of Robert Woods (63) / prospector, and shearer, who died from natural causes at Linden, an old gold mining camp, on July 29th It is reported that a son of deceased lives in the metropolitan area.

WALTERS George - d 16 Oct 1924, 51 yrs, at the Linden Hotel, Occ: Labourer, 51yrs, Natural Causes, Born: Newcastle NSW, In NSW 30yrs, In WA 21yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 26/1924, Buried in the Linden Cemetery.


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