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ABBOTTS (Yoothapina Station) Reserve 6980 and 22406

Abbotts Cemetery

AZIZ Abdul — 43yrs, d 29 Apr 1900, at Abbotts GM employed by the Yagahong Co, Bitten by a camel on 20th April which broke his leg, He died on the 29th April from shock after and operation to amputate his leg, Occ: Camel driver, Born: Afghanistan, Reg 1386/1900, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

Murchison Advocate (WA : 1898 - 1912), Saturday 21 April 1900, page 3

BISHOP Richard — 54yrs, d 26 Jan 1896, at Abbotts. Occ: Labourer on contract at the Government Well, Reg 1014/1896, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

BURGESS Henry William — 44, d 23 Dec 1896, at Abbotts General Co, Abbotts, age  Occ: Blacksmith, Father: Henry BURGESS, Mother: Louisa JOYCE, Born: Perth WA on 6 Apr 1951, eg 1002/1896, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

CAMPBELL John Archibald Hugh 11mths, d 4 Jun 1903, Father: Donald Archibald Hugh CAMPBELL (Miner) Mother: Rosetta Alice OBRIEN, Born: Tuckanarra WA, Reg 1580/1903, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

COX Richard — 25yrs, d 4 Oct 1902, Occ: Miner Cause: burned to death when sleeping in a bough shed at the rear of Herman's Hotel, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

Evening Star  - 6 October 1902, page 3

CRAWFORD Andrew ‘Andy’ Rankin — 26yrs, d 5-6 Aug 1902, Occ: Teamster, Cause: Thrown from his horse, Verdict of the Coroner, born Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Reg 1803/1902, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette 12 August 1902, page 2

GARLAND Ethel — 16mths, d 11 May 1899, at Gum Creek, Garden Gully, Abbotts. Born Perth WA, Father: Arthur WHEATCROFT, Mother: Rose Mary GARLAND, Reg Perth 1340/1899, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery. NOTE: Parents were unmarried so child was registered as GARLAND

Murchison Advocate 27 MAY 1899

FRASER James — 40yrs, d 11 Jan 1900, at Abbotts, Occ: Teamster, Cause: Kicked by a horse, Father: John FRASER (Farmer), Reg 1330/1900, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

ROBERTS Thomas Henry —47yrs, d. 1 Jul 1901, at Abbots GM, Meekatharra, Cause: Shock caused by being accidentally burnt in his camp, born Kingston SA, In WA 9yrs, Married to Hannah BLUNDY at age 27yrs at Bordertown SA, Father: Charles Roberts, Mother: Ellen SHANDLEY, no children, Reg 1500/1901, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

Murchison Advocate 6 July 1901, page 3

A Fearful Burning Tragedy.

An appalling accident happened to a man named Thos Roberts on Sunday night. It seems that Mr Coulter, manager of the H.R. Williams' mine, was roused by an alarm of fire, hurriedly dressing, he hastened to where he saw a camp on fire, with something blazing away to the right. On his arrival he was horrified to find Roberts in a mass of flame, in a delirious state. Mr Coulter immediately started to divest Roberts of his clothes, and Mr Merrifield went for blankets. Plenty of. aid was available, and the injured man was conveyed to his brother's bouse, and attended to by Messrs Rowan, ex-orderlies from the Perth hospital, who did all  that was possible to alleviate his sufferings. One glance, to a practiced eye, showed that nothing would avail, as the extremities were nearly roasted, and extensive burns spread over the lower regions.

Not being able to dispatch a telegraphic message, Messrs R. Boyton and G. Williams were sent to Nannine for a doctor, and to get the telegraph office opened at that end. Mr Sainsbury, the local postmaster, not being available at tin's end Mr Boyton broke down at Gam Creek, but Mr Williams reached Nannine about six o'clock, only to find that the unfortunate man had succumbed to his injuries. A magisterial inquiry was held by Mr E. J. Mason, J.P., and a jury of three, and, after hearing the evidence, returned a, verdict of death through exhaustion, following on the shock through having been burnt in his tent, but that there was no evidence to show how the fire originated. The deceased was well known and respected as a steady unassuming man, and the greatest sympathy is expressed for his brother under the exceptionally painful circumstances.  The interment took place yesterday, and both mines closed to allow members of the A.W.A., of which deceased was an old member, to follow and over 100 men of all crafts and callings followed the cortege to the cemetery, where his last mortal remains were laid to rest. Beautiful weaths of white everlastings were sent by the ladies of the town.

SMITH Joseph —  1 hr, d 23 Mar 1906, at Mene Property, Abbotts, Father: Alfred SMITH (Mine Manager), Mother: Elizabeth Rebecca BALLARD, Reg 20/1906 Murchison, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

WHITTAKER William Henry — 36yrs, d 8 Mar 1902, New Murchison King GM, Abbotts, Cause: Killed by a fall of earth, Father: John Whittaker (Miner), Mother: Lucy FOWLER, Born: Albion Park NSW, Reg 1613/1902, Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

WILTON Unnamed male — d 17 Nov 1896, Cause: Stillborn, at Abbotts, Father: Thomas Fishpool WILTON (Boarding House Keeper), Mother: Catherine MCCAGH. They were the descendants of Mary MARKLOVE nee FISHPOOL and John WILTON who arrived in the colony on 13 Jan 1883 aboard the Travancore, Reg Buried in the Abbotts Cemetery.

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