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Coolgardie Cemetery MOY - RYD

MOYLE Amelia Hester Mary[Annie] 10/06/1904 8 yrs WES B95 East Montana
MOYLE Walter Alfred 15/09/1896 12 mths WES A75 Male child
MUDGEDEEN   24/02/1916 35 yrs AFG A 25 Body brought in from Malcolm for burial.
MUDGEDEEN Goolam Mahomed 20/03/1906 8 mths Afgahn A25  
MUDIE Colin 20/03/1903 16 yrs ANG F52 Accidently shot by brother
MUIR Morris 13/10/1910 42 yrs PRES B77 Occ miner
MULLER Harvey 23/12/1895 3 days ANG A99 Male child
MULLINS Gertrude M 18/03/1903 6 mths R/C D38  
MUNDIN George 12/08/1910 27 yrs ANG D3.10 Occ Groom
MUNRO James Ward 27/12/1898 33 yrs PRES A117 Married MAN, died of blood poisoning
MUNRO John 02/08/1911 50 yrs PRES B90 Occ Carter
MUNRO William McGregor 02/08/1913 57 yrs PRES A117 Occ engine driver
MUNSIE Henry 13/10/1914 53 yrs METH C135 Occ prospecor
MURPHY Charles 6/10/1907 24 yrs GEN A65 Inquest held. Died of gun shot wound self inflicted whilst under the influence of liquor
MURPHY Isacc 07/05/1897 54 yrs PRES A141 Died of dysentry
MURPHY Peter 09/04/1895 35 yrs R/C A14  
MURPHY Jane(sister of Mercy) 16/04/1959 74 yrs R/C SECT  
MURPHY Patrick 20/10/1900 45 yrs R/C D5 Killed by a blasting Accident at Calooli
MURPHY Edward 24/01/1896 58 yrs R/C A24  
MURPHY Patrick 21/12/1899 34 yrs R/C A99  
MURRAY Robert Graham Scotland 9/06/1898 5 weeks ANG D83  
MURRAY Albert E  24/11/1900 9 mths GEN A 4  
MURRAY Joseph Kenneth 19/05/1965 55 yrs R/C I  116  
MURRAY James Francis 9/04/1953 83 yrs R/C H54  
MURRAY Austin 01/11/1897 29 yrs R/C A66  
MURRAY Ellen Annie 10/03/1898 35 yrs WES A135  
MUSGROVE Hubert Musgrove 22/01/1898 39 yrs ANG D23  
MYER Gwendolyn Elizabeth 25/11/1986 79 yrs ANG A3  81 Buried with husband. Reg No 3156. Late of the Coolgardie Nursing Home. From Calgary Canada.
MYER Harold 30/08/1984 74 yrs ANG A3.81 Was a retired mining engineer. From Calgary Canada
MYER Francis William 16/10/1912 46 yrs WES C99 Occ railway employee
MYILISS Phoebe 23/01/1898 3    days JEW B 34  
MYLIS MANsargh 22/03/1911 72 yrs R/C E56 Occ labourer
NANCARROW Olive Muriel 13/05/1903 ANG F29 From Burbanks, 4 months, Father: James Mother Ellen IVES
NANKERVIS William 15/11/1909 WES C83 Occ miner
NASH Ethel 24/01/1898 WES A127 Nee HAMILTON
NASH Sydney Robert Stirling 12/2/1911 ANG E2.18 Occ marine engineer
NAUMANN Adolf Andra 16/05/1896 ANG B23  
NEALE John Bernard 18/12/1906 WES C39 Occ mining engineer
NEILSEN John 18/04/1905 WES C15  
NEILSON Alexander 5/05/1896 ANG B45  
NELSON Ole Wm 15/04/1903 ANG F54 Occ engine driver
NELSON Lenna Catherine 25/06/1896 ANG B 78  
NELSON P 29/10/1895 GEN A1.33  
NELSON Unnamed Male child 20/10 1905 GEN A2.68  
NELSON John 14/10/1898 ANG D90  
NETTLE Minnie 4/12/1947 METH D30  
NETTLE Albert Nicholas 18/02/1950 METH D 30 Buried with wife
NETTLE Gertrude 12/12/1903 WES C9 Died of Meningitis
NEVILLE Richard 18/07/1895 GEN A1.27  
NEVILLE Jessie 16/04/1900 PRES A96 Married woman
NEVIN Patrick 5/08/1955 R/C H2  
NEWBURY John 30/06/1896 ANG B87  
NEWMAN Dorothy J 09/10/1942 ANG D4.75 Home duties. Died from haemorrhage and shock.
NEWMAN William 13/01/1896 ANG A106  
NEWMAN George Edward 13/03/1934 ANG F4.35  
NEWMAN Alfred 31/07/1896 R/C A36  
NEWPORT Emily Maud 08/04/1914 ANG E3.2 Married woman
NEWTON George        
NEWSTEAD Charles 21/08/1910 ANG E2.4 Occ miner
NICHOLAN William 21/07/1909 WES C62 Occ miner
NICHOLAN Alfred W 13/06/1896 PRES A10  
NICHOLLS Harry Coates 18/03/1906 ANG B2.42 From Mt Eva Coolgardie
NICHOLLS Percy 27/04/1895 WES A28 Male child
NICHOLLS Edward Hugh 12/11/1920 ANG F3.63  
NICHOLS George Alfred 24/11/1962 ANG B3.49  
NICHOLS Sarah 12/09/1947 ANG D4.86 Buried with Husband
NICHOLS Robert [Albert?] 13/06/1912 ANG F2.14 Occ miner
NICHOLS James Alfred 15/01/1942 ANG D4.86  
NICHOLSON Angus 27/06/1910 PRES B84 Occ miner
NICOLL George Reid 21/05/1901 PRES A92  
NOAKES Charles Goldsmith 24/05/1937 ANG F5.89A  
NOBBS Unnamed 05/08/1899 GEN A2.41  
NOBLE Samuel 06/05/1895 GEN A1.26  
NOBLE James 28/08/1913 PRES C32 Occ prospector
NOBLE John 11/05/1908 WES C71  
NOBLE William Robert 11/05/1908 WES C71  
NOLAN Matthew 12/12/1894 R/C A7  
NOONAN Unnamed 2/07/1908 GEN A69  
NOONAN Unnamed 4/11/1904 GEN A2.59 Father's name Michael.Occhotel keeper. Female child. Walker U/T
NOONAN Bridget 2/02/1912 R/C E51 Married woman, buried with husband Cornelius
NOONAN Cornelius 30/03/1910 R/C E51 Occ miner
NOONAN Unnamed 4/04/1907 GEN A26  
NOONGAR Simon 13/02/1981 METH D7 Aboriginal man. Late of Forrest st Coolgardie.
NORAH (aboriginal) 29/12/1909 GEN A1.4  
NORMAN John 12/06/1895 WES A45  
NORRIE George Troop 15/09/1906 ANG B2.22 Accountant
NORTHALLSON George L F 07/07/1899 WES B26 From Burbanks
NOVAK John William 3/08/1991 R/c H  45 Occ boiler maker. Late of 46 Woodward St Coolgardie.
NUCKEY William 7/07/1913 METH C138 Occ miner
NUTTALL Thomas 17/06/1901 ANG F3 Lived at Calooli
OAKLEY Charles Mathew J 20/07/1939 ANG F5.78  
OATEN Mary  09/05/1898 R/C A94 Married woman. Died of inflamation of the bowel
OATENS John 17/03/1897 R/C A56  
OATS Elizabeth Ann 24/01/1898 WES A129  
OBRIEN Agnes 17/02/1934 R/C F42 Buried with husband
OBRIEN Elizabeth 10/03/1906 R/C D77 Married woman
OBRIEN Edward 5/08/1919 R/C E42 Occ stonemason
OBRIEN Unamed male 19/03/1906 R/C D84  
OCONNELL Michael 18/02/1910 R/C E72 Occ wheel wright
OCONNELL Patrick 29/04/1896 R/C C30  
OCONNOR John Patrick 13/08/1899 R/C B20 Died of pneumonia
OCONNOR John 22/02/1912 R/C E46 Occ publican
OCONNOR Elizabeth 1/09/1932 R/C E46 Widow. Died of heart failure. Buried with husband.
OCONNOR George 08/02/1898 R/C C80  
OCONNOR Charles John 28/02/1897 R/C A51  
OCONNOR Thomas H 16/01/1900 R/C B13  
OCONNOR Sarah 19/12/1900 R/C B37  
ODONAGHUE Richard Harold 3/02/1911 R/C E62  
ODONNELL John 1/12/1950 R/C H66  
ODONNELL Madline 13/01/1942 R/C F3 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling
ODONNELL Patricia Joan 13/01/1942 R/C F3 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling
ODONNELL Joseph 22/02/1942 R/C F2 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling. Children buried in F.3 No 2815/2806
OHARA P 18/11/1895 R/C C18  
OKADO Harry 05/04/1895 GEN A1.20 Japanese
OKEEFE Sarah 7/12/1908 R/C E88 Occ laundress
OKEEFE Thomas 13/02/1896 R/C A27  
OLEARY Laurence 09/02/1897 R/C A48 Died of pneumonia
OLEARY Bridget Mary 13/08/1913 R/C E5 Married woman
OLIVER Doreen Alice 11/09/2007   Tree 4 also Francis OLIVER
OLIVER Richard 11/02/1897 WES A80 Died of enteric fever.
OLIVER Francis Thomas 08/07/1993 Not Noted Tree 4 Late of 8 Taylor St Coolgardie
OLIVER Elsie 22/02/1896 ANG A104  
OLSEN Gustave Henrick 09/01/1950 ANG C3.32 Accident in a motor truck
OMEARA Muriel 27/09/1904 R/C D1 Married woman
OMOTU (Female) 30/06/1896 GEN A2.23 Japanese
ONEILL Edward 21/08/1899 R/C A108  
ORD William Carlyle 14/04/1907 WES C53  
OREGAN John 11/07/1897 R/C A75 Died of bronchitis, cardiac syncope
OREILLY Richard 24/05/1901 R/C D21  
ORME Robert Knox 8/07/1897 ANG C66 Died of enteric fever
ORR James Edward 31/01/1901 ANG E79 32 yrs
OSATA Batiste 29/04/1902 R/C A 120 Typhoid fever
OSBISTON Francis Frederick 24/04/1902 ANG F 40 Mine manager, age 59
OSBORNE Thomas Edgar 05/04/1905 WES C11 Occ miner
OSBORNE Thomas Henry 15/04/1913 ANG E 3.55 Occ truck examiner
OSHANNASY Joseph 26/08/1919 R/C F43 Occ fitter
OSHANNESSY Michael F 27/11/1916 R/C F83 Occ prospector
OSHEA Alma Iris Stella 13/04/1902 R/C D20  
OSMAN Gani 4/03/1915 AFG A23 Died at Malcolm
OSTUMA Female 12/10/1900 GEN A4 Female Japanese
OSULLIVAN Matthew 15/12/1896 R/C C73 Died as a result of railway accident
OSWALD James Hudson 15/05/1943 ANG D4  36 Occ brick layer. Died of chronic myocarditis
OTKEN Matemoto 28/11/1896 GEN A1 Female Japanese
OTOOLE Patrick 01/09/1897 R/C A76 Died on the Railway line near Coolgardie, Injury to Spine and Kidney;s.
OTOOLE Thomas Adrian 18/12/1897 R/C C51  
OULIVEY Valitine 11/05/1899 R/C A102  
OWEN Clara Ann 15/01/1910 WES C85 Widow
OWLD James 17/10/1896 WES A70  
PACKARD Frederick Robinson 29/08/1898 GEN A 7  
PADDY Unknown 08/11/1902 GEN A2.48 Aboriginal
PADRATT Joseph 27/03/1909 ANG D23 Occ miner
PAGES Nellie 15/03/1897 R/C C60 Married woman
PAISLEY James 03/10/1904 PRES B34 From Bonnievale. Died through an explosion self caused there is not sufficient evidence to show the state of the deceased state of mind.
PALMER Frederick 17/03/1896 ANG B40  
PALTRIDGE George 06/11/1903 WES C30 Occ amalgamator
PARERAS Alegandro 22/08/1905 R/C D75 Born in  South America .OccRestuant Keeper
PARK William 29/04/1901 PRES A90 Died of typhoid fever. Was from Burbanks
PARK Frederick 23/05/1913 ANG E3.3 Occ storekeeper
PARKER Charles T 28/04/1903 WES B93 Buried with sister
PARKER Sarah 01/05/1909 WES C80 Widow
PARKER Ernest William 11/01/1908 ANG C2.32  
PARKER Lilian 27/01/1902 WES B93  
PARKINSON John 20/05/1903 WES B105 From Bonnievale
PARKINSON Elizabeth 30/03/1908 WES B105 Widow
PARKS William James 30/03/1960 METH D20  
PARKS John Jack 23/01/1948 PRES A90 Buried with brother
PARLOR Benjamin henry 14/03/1911 ANG E2.30 Storeman
PAROW Julius Louis 22/11/1916 ANG F3.18 not in death register
PARRY William 04/02/1900 GEN A1.72  
PARSONS Richard 28/06/1899 WES B68  
PASSFIELD Henry 08/04/1897 WES A81 Married man
PATERSON Unnamed 11/05/1899 GEN A2.42  
PATIENCE Michael John 30/03/1953 R/C H57  
PATSTONE Female child 28/06/1897 ANG C24 Died of syncope, in Sylvester St, Coolgardie WA.  Female child
PATTERSON John 28/03/1895 ANG A12  
PATTERSON John  04/11/1943 ANG D4.31 Died from asthma and pneumonia
PATTRICK Albert L 22/06/1897 WES A97  
PAUL Rebecca 8/08/1907 R/C E116 Married woman
PAUL William 13/01/1908 PRES B63 Occ miner
PAULINELLI Joseph 11/02/1902 R/C D22  
PAULL Stephan 02/01/1902 WES B87  
PAULSON George J 19/04/1905 WES C19  
PAVICH Herbert 19/03/1896 R/C A26  
PAXTON Joshua 03/09/1900 WES B56  
PAYNE Cecil Percy Wyndham 12/08/1895 ANG A62 Male child
PEACH Walter 24/02/1897 WES A72 Single male. Died from enteric fever
PEARCE Mary Jane 30/10/1914 METH C128 Married woman
PEARCE Koreani Vyane 14/04/1969 GEN Unknown Snake bite. Buried in General Section
PEARCE Joseph 22/06/1897 WES A104  
PEARCE John 02/09/1898 WES B18  
PEARSE Joseph  17/11/1908 R/C E89 Occ miner
PEARSON George Barwick 23/11/1898 WES B4 Committed suicide by shooting himself.OccBarber.
PEARSON Frank 07/03/1896 WES A6  
PEARSON Jonas 31/08/1908 ANG D2.4  
PEARSONS Alma 26/08/1902 PRES A98  
PEAT Allan 08/10/1935 ANG D18 Buried with father Isaac and Henrietta
PEAT Henrietta 02/04/1937 ANG D18  
PEATE Isaac 14/11/1897 ANG D18 Accidently killed Burbanks Mine
PEDRETTI Lynal Telford 14/08/1990 R/C H   46 Retired miner. Late of 67 Shaw st Coolgardie
PEIN Adolf 29/06/1896 ANG B22  
PEINE / PEENE (see story below John 12/08/1898 ANG D24  
John Joseph Peene was born on 20th February, 1848,  at St. George in the East, London, England.   He was the second child of John, a Mariner, and Susannah Booty.    I feel sad that John's wife Elizabeth  (died 1924) probably never knew what happened to him.  In the 1911 English Census Elizabeth, 61, and Mary Anne, her sister, 55, wife of John’s brother George,  were still living together and recorded as “wives” but had moved to 173 Campbell Road, Bow East, a two room dwelling. They were  working in Limehouse  as match box fillers in a match maker factory.  Elizabeth signed the census form as Elizabeth “Penn”.      Mary Ann would not have known that her husband George (brother of John) was in Australia and had married another lady.  Info from Pam Burgess.          
PEIS John 27/02/1897 ANG C45 Died of dysentry and enteric fever. Single male
        A2.3 Italian. Married man
PELLEW Sarah Ann 20/07/1900 WES B50 Interred with daughter Sarah
PELLEW Sarah 18/07/1900 WES B50  
PENBERTHY James Henry 10/07/1896 WES A67 Died from pneumonia.Occauctioneer
PENDER L C 6/03/1895 ANG A35  
PENGLASE John 20/12/1954 METH D26  
PENGLASE Nellie May 27/02/1961 ANG C3.36  
PENGLASE Cyril 8/05/1953 ANG B3.84  
PENGLASE Joseph Teague 31/08/1909 WES C92  
PENNA Eva 22/03/1916 PRES C20 Married woman
PENNY Isabel 29/07/1904 C/C A9  
PERKINS Ernest Henry 03/05/1906 ANG B2.28  
PERKINS Unnamed 30/08/1899 GEN A2.42  
PERLSTEIN Leah 13/11/1903 JEW A 16 1 week, Father: Casper Mother: Laura MOYLE
PERRY Kay Lynette 18/03/1947 ANG D4.96 Also buried with Robert John
PERRY Unnamed 25/05/1962 ANG D4.96  
PERRY Robert John 26/09/1958 ANG D4.96 Was brought from Kalgoorlie for internment, with Kay Lynette
PETERSEN Frances Johanna 24/02/1909 R/C E136 Occ domestic duties
PETERSEN John 24/08/1977 ANG B3.58 Occ retired miner. Lived in Masonic Caretakers house Lindsay St Coolgardie
PETERSON Martin 13/12/1938 ANG F5.79 Died of thirst.
PETRO George 13/12/1896 ANG C42  
PHELPS Horace Samuel 03/01/1987 ANG B3  60 Buried with wife No 3123. Late of the Metropole Hotel Boulder. A Service Pensioner
PHELPS Nellie Eleanor 25/09/1978 ANG B3.60 From 41 Sylvester St Coolgardie
PHELPS William 15/11/1905 WES C28  
PHILLIPS John 04/09/1914 Gen A.23 Bell ringer
PHILLIPS Unnamed 01/02/1901 WES B52 Interred with brother
PHILLIPS Mary 17/07/1898 R/C A77 Married woman
PHILLIPS Thomas Lhysick 17/07/1942 ANG D4.82 Occ prospector. Died of coronory thrombosis
PHILLIPS Alice Irene 10/08/1897 ANG C65  
PHILLIPS William Roy 11/03/1897 PRES A57  
PHILLIPS John 21/12/1900 WES B52  
PHILLIPS Johana Louisa 23/01/1898 R/C A70  
PHILP John 14/01/1898 ANG D8 Committed suicide self inflicted head wound
PHILPOT John S 27/03/1896 ANG B34  
PHOEBE John 07/01/1896 WES A37  
PICKERING John 3/09/1918 ANG B91 Miner
PICKERING John 3/06/1898 ANG D91  
PICKUP Abraham 17/06/1917 ANG F3.11 Occ miner
PIDCOCK Fredrich Standish 07/05/1911 ANG E2.20  
PINDER James 17/04/1915 ANG E3.66 Occ dairyman
PIPPIN James 02/06/1922 WES B9  
PIPPIN Rebecca Jane 14/05/1927 WES B9 Buried with husband
PIPPIN Dorothy Ann 01/02/1899 WES B9 Interred with brother
PIPPIN John Thomas 01/01/1899 WES B9  
PITCHFORD Frederick 07/05/1897 WES A100 Died of General Paralysis
PITT James 04/03/1898 PRES A121  
PLANT Ann 20/12/1897 WES A119 Married woman
PLANT Samuel 27/11/1905 WES A119 Occ miner
PLATELL Ellen 11/04/1914 ANG E3.44 widow
PLEWS Nicholas John 15/02/1935 ANG F5.84A Accidental mining death
PLUMFIELD Edward 24/09/1896 PRES A21  
PLUMMER Edna Payne 13/05/1906 ANG B2.27  
PLUSH Unnamed Female child 24/02/1905 GEN A2.63  
POLLERD Mark 03/01/1901 WES B74  
POLLOCK Oswald 15/02/1897 ANG C29 Died of enteric fever
POMFREY William 09/11/1914 ANG E3.108 Occ labourer
POOLE Frederick James 11/05/1895 ANG A19  
POPE Mary 4/05/1902 R/C D35 Married woman
PORTER William Jas 7/02/1913 METH C103 Occ miner
PORTER Charles 6/04/1900 ANG E47 Prospector
POTTER William Henry 21/05/1895 ANG A25  
POWELL Herbert 4/02/1895 ANG A72  
POWELL Elizabeth Ann 17/11/1897 ANG C20  
POWELL Arthur Francis 15/11/1898 ANG D65  
POWER Alfred 22/08/1941 R/C F  5 Occ labourer
POWER John Francis 26/02/1942 R/C F24  
POWYS Henry 3/04/1895 ANG A31 Doctor
PRADA Emelia D 03/11/1899 PRES A74  
PRATT Jonathan Edwin 24/09/1936 ANG F5.88A From Higginsville. Occ miner. Died as a result of a mining accident.
PRESTON Irene 8/03/1906 R/C A116  
PRESTON Coral 8/03/1903 R/C A116  
PRICE William Walter 15/08/1912 WES C102 Occ engine driver
PRICE William John 5/10/1905 ANG B2.11 Occ miner
PRICE William 26/06/1900 PRES A85  
PRICE Harry Edwin 19/07/1899 GEN A2.40  
PRIDMORE Winnifred Mary 12/12/1909 R/C E36 Inquest held. Finding, she died of natural Causes.
PRINZLOFF Max 13/10/1896 ANG B63  
PRIOR Benjamin Austin 21/10/1989 not noted Tree 1 Ashes Place under Tree 1 on the 29/10/1989. prospector And Store Keeper from Bayley st Coolgardie.
PROPERJOHN Ellen 10/08/1909 ANG D3.16 Married woman
PROTHERO William Phelps 01/12/1905 WES C26  
PRUDENCE Alice Katie 29/09/1954 ANG B3.79 Also Charles PRUDENCE
PRUDENCE Charles 07/10/1960 ANG B3.79 Came from Southern Cross. Interred in wifes grave No Ref 2973
PRUEN Edward Junner 3/01/1898 ANG D10 Pneumonia and exhaustion
PRYOR Wiliam P 17/06/1896 WES A9  
PUGH Thomas John 19/03/1953 ANG C3.19  
PUGH Fredrick J 02/01/1897 PRES A22 Abcess on the Liver
PULHAM Noah 10/05/1896 ANG B30  
PURCHASE Florence Elizabeth 22/12/1995 ANG B3.44 Buried with daughter and husband Reg No 2973 & 3032
PURCHASE Elizabeth Ann 03/01/1961 ANG B3.44 Came from Kunnunopping also Father  Charles
PURCHASE Ivy Elizabeth 10/04/1972 ANG B3.70 From Regional Hospital Coolgardie
PURCHASE Charles Edward 15/06/1965 ANG B3.44 Interred with Daughter Elizabeth
PURDY Joseph 10/02/1925 ANG F3.49  
PURDY Albert James 14/11/1955 ANG B3.76 Also Hilda PURDY
PURDY Samel Shortcliffe 15/01/1954 ANG B3.83  
PURDY Joseph 18/06/1951 ANG C3.27  
PURDY Elizabeth Gertrude 10/02/1952 ANG F3.49 Buried with sister and niece
PURDY Rupert Vernon 23/06/1971 R/C I112 From 3 King street Coolgardie
PURDY Catherine 01/10/1918 ANG F3.49 From Burbanks. Widow
PURDY Thomas Francis 25/05/1962 ANG B3.83 Interred in brothers Grave No 2968
PURDY Hilda May 12/05/1959 ANG B3.76 Interred with husband Albert
PURDY Maggie 28/03/1921 ANG F3.55  
PURKISS Albert Henry 25/03/1895 ANG A48 Prospector
PURSGLOVE Bridget Mary 9/08/1907 R/C E118  
QUARTERMAINE Henrietta 03/05/1897 R/C A59 Died of enteric fever. Single female
QUEEN Mary 03/11/1905 ANG B2.3  
QUICK Eva. 19/04/1899 GEN A 10 Salvation army. Single woman. Died of typhoid fever
QUIGLEY John 11/06/1896 R/C A  34  
QUIN Unnamed 12/04/1898 PRES A115  
QUINE Unnamed 30/08/1897 WES A87 Male child
QUINE Christina Jane 23/07/1909 ANG C2.3 Married woman from Bonnievale, also mary and Allan QUINE
QUINE Mary Watson 04/04/1907 ANG C2.3  
QUINE Allen Mcllan 05/12/1908 ANG C2.13  
QUINLAN (Unknown 25/07/1900 R/C A74 Buried with sister
QUINLAN William 10/02/1898 R/C A74 Gastro enteritis & exhaustion.
QUINLAN Agnes 28/06/1901 R/C D23 Nurse from Mungarrie
QUINLIVAN Robert Edward 23/04/2004 R/C H   42  
QUINN Edmond 03/01/1897 R/C C68 Died of dysentry
QUINN Kate 12/05/1912 R/C E19 Occ laundress
QUIRK Sarah Mena 12/01/1960 ANG B3.46  
RAESTICK James 19/06/1896 ANG B89  
RAFTA Lindsay 24/04/1901 GEN A2.49  
RAHIM Abdul 27/06/1918 AFG   Died and registered in Kalgoorlie body brought to Coolgardie for Burial.
RAMSAY James 01/03/1895 GEN A1.19  
RAMSAY Thomas 27/04/1898 PRES A112 Died of fever
RAMSDEN Phillip 10/11/1953 ANG B3.80  
RAMSEY Robert Matthew 13/11/1897 ANG C57  
RANDELL Charles Edward 19/07/1908 WES C73  
RANDOLPH Herbert 2/02/1895 ANG A87  
RANKIN Angus Vincent 9/11/1909 R/C E68 Occ hotel keeper
RASCHKY Thomas 07/10/1900 PRES A108 Accidently killed by a fall in the Grand bar? Hotel
RASMUSSEN  Carl Rudolph Humbolt 12/07/1914 GEN A 24 Occ miner
RAY Herbert 11/08/1896 ANG B59  
RAYMOND Frank 02/09/1909 WES C94  
READ Lydia 24/09/1913 METH C134 Married woman
READ James Orchard 2/11/1916 METH C134 Not in death register
READ Robert Taylor 20/05/1898 WES B3  
REARE William George 13/01/1940 ANG F5.77  
REDDEN Eagenton 2/04/1896 ANG B39  
REDFEARN James 10/10/1896 ANG B33  
REDFERN William 17/12/1904 ANG A2.23  
REDPATH Ethel Alice Twiner 09/01/1904 ANG A2.4 From Hamstead Plains Homestead
REED Emma 23/05/1922 ANG E3.62 also William
REED William 20/06/1939 ANG F3.62 heart failure
REED Unnamed male 22/06/1907 GEN A26  
REED Searle Rupert 23/05/1900 ANG E45 Photograph supplied by Gregory REED
REES Morgan 11/06/1898 WES B13 Died of dysentry & pneumonia
REES Henry 15/12/1932 ANG F4.30  
REGAN Mary 12/04/1901 R/C D15 From Burbanks
REID Alice Frances 16/07/1953 PRES C44 Buried with husband
REID William Arculus 05/06/1900 PRES A100 Died of heart failure
REID John 27/01/1938 PRES C44 Died of heart failure.Occprospector
REID James Francis 8/10/1920 R/C F47 Occ miner
REID Thomas 13/10/1913 R/C E4  
REID Fredrick John 19/06/1914 R/C E4  
REID un named Female 25/04/1912 PRES B117  
REID William George 31/07/1900 WES B60  
REIDEL Melita 30/09/1895 GEN A.130 Female child 
REILLY Patrick 25/08/1952 R/C H56  
REILLY John 2/10/1908 R/C E95 Occ railway ganger
REINEHR Naomi 14/12/1903 WES C2 Died of pneumonia
RENFREY Wiliam Nash 28/04/1897 WES A83 Died of enteric fever
RENNICK Unnamed male 11/02/1897 GEN A2.37 Buried with McCormacks child Father William George
RENNICK John Ramsey 29/01/1942 PRES C49  
RESSINGER Martha 16/04/1933 PRES C8 Married woman ,Died of pneumonia, Buried with husband.
RESSINGER Martin 26/12/1930 PRES C8 Occ engine driver. Died from heart failure
REYER Ernest Carl 1/01/1901 R/C A109  
REYNOLDS Albert James 10/11/1995 ANG D4  34 Born 12/01/1918 in Morgan st Coolgardie. Ashes interred with Father. Reg No 2828. Late of the East Victoria Park nursing Home Victoria Park.
REYNOLDS Imilia 10/11/1900 R/C A114 From Bonnievale, also Sarah Jane REYNOLDS
REYNOLDS Sarah Jane 24/04/1916 R/C A114 Married woman
REYNOLDS Arthur 30/12/1942 ANG D4.34 Occ lineman. Died of broncho pneumonmia
REYNOLDS Thomas Henry 30/11/1910 ANG D3.23 Railway Clerk
REYNOLDS Ernest Reynolds 17.07.1910 R/C A114  
REYNOLDS Kathleen 13/06/1911 R/C A114  
REYNOLDS Unnamed male 27/11/1905 R/C A114  
RICHARDS Florence May 09/07/1914 C/C A5 Married woman
RICHARDS Margaret 27/11/1900 ANG E  68 Single woman. Died of typhoid fever
RICHARDS Evelyn Berna 18/06/1913 C/C A5  
RICHARDS John Thomas 26/08/1905 WES C20  
RICHARDSON Ellen. 03/12/1896 GEN A2 12 Married woman
RICHARDSON Grace 9/07/1940 R/C F8  
RICHARDSON Clarance Victor 07/10/1898 R/C C69  
RICHARDSON Charles Edward 06/12/1898 ANG D 47  
RICHMOND Dorris 20/09/1911 R/C D63  
RICHMOND Jean Elizabeth 14/02/1906 R/C D D46/ 64 as shown in register  
RICHMOND William Charles 17/08/1906 R/C D  64  
RIDDELL William 17/10/1911 PRES B92  Occ miner
RIDDLE Percy 30/4/1897 ANG C  21 Enteric fever
RIDGWAY William Leslie 24/01/1898 ANG D  29  
RILEY Charles Graham 24/01/1805 ANG B2  14 Occ hotel manager
RING Arthur Ernest 29/09/1906 ANG E20 From Bonnievale
RING Hurtle 28/10/1901 ANG E  20 Interred with brother
RING Thomas J 03/08/1900 ANG  E   20  
ROACHOCK Patrick 18/18.1896 R/C C  81  
ROBBINS Mary Elizabeth 26/09/1936 R/C F63 School girl from the Coolgardie convent. Died of Heart Failure.
ROBERTS Amy 16/10/1898 ANG D68 Died of dysentry
ROBERTS William 8/01/1899 ANG D68 Interred with sister
ROBERTS Robert  William 29/12/1907 ANG C2.33 Occ barman
ROBERTS George 16/11/1913 R/C E16 Occ dry blower
ROBERTS John Henry 29/01/1911 WES C105 Occ labourer
ROBERTS Hugh 24/07/1906 R/C D81 Occ miner
ROBERTS James Alfred 6/05/1896 ANG B19  
ROBERTS Arthur 22/04/1908 R/C E133  
ROBERTS Francis William 25/01/1908 ANG D68  
ROBERTSON John Robert Edmonds  4/05/1895 ANG A20 Age 27yrs
ROBERTSON Norman Gladston 3/11/1909 ANG D3.28 Inquest Held. Accidently fell from a balcony at the Club Building.Occsteward.
ROBERTSON John 30/01/1902 PRES A114 Interred with brother
ROBERTSON George 28/02/1899 PRES A114 Killed by Explosion at a mine ? Gothwoody?
ROBERTSON Vera Jean 17/10/1898 PRES A44  
ROBIN Arthur Charles 6/05/1950 ANG C3.30 Occ Worked for the Water Supply Department.
ROBINS George 10/11/1917 ANG F3.45 Occ prospector
ROBINS Jaberz Albert 2/12/1942 METH C109 Occ Prospector. Died of hyperpesia hemiplegia.
ROBINS Mary 24/09/1936 R/C F63 14yrs
ROBINS Unnamed 14/05/1905 WES C25  
ROBINSON Hugh 5/02/1895 ANG A 89  
ROBINSON Robert 5/06/1906 ANG B2  21 Occ mining speculator
ROBINSON John A 25/11/1900 R/C D2  
ROBSON Mary Theresa 28/12/2000 R/C H 19 Late of Kalgoorlie
ROBSON George Newton 24/05/1994 R/C H  18 Occ retired supervisor. Late of 78 Lindsay St Coolgardie.
RODDA Maisie 29//10/1910 ANG E 2 10  
RODDA Florence 26/10/1900 WES B54  
RODDAS Unnamed 14/10/1898 GEN A1 68  
RODGERS Frederick William 10/04/1901 WES B32 Married man from Burbanks, interred with father
ROGERS James Montague 06/09/1895 PRES A1  
ROGERS Frederick W 20/07/1899 WES B32 From Burbanks
ROGERS Edward James 27/05/1909 WES C77 Inquest held. He was struck on the head by the starting lever of the Air compressor . At the Burbanks Main Load.
ROGERS Mary 04/05/1909 WES C86 Married woman
ROGERS Thomas 28/07/1916 R/C F74 Occ prospector.Inquest held. . Burnt to death in his camp.
ROGERS Sarah Jane 18/03/1912 WES C95  
ROGERS Joseph 24/05/1907 WES C18  
ROGERS Alfred Herbert 7/06/1909 ANG D2.28  
ROGERS Alma Mary Jane 11/10/1903 ANG F59  
ROGERS Elena May 16/09/1905 WES C18  
ROGERS Winifred Mary 19/08/1906 ANG F59  
ROGERS Alice G 2/01/1900 R/C A104  
ROGERS Eric C 29/12/1900 WES B10  
ROHDE Unnamed 29/06/1899 GEN A1.61 Interred with brother
ROHDE Unnamed 15/12/1897 GEN A1.61  
ROLSTON William Francis 26/04/1896 R/C C28  
RONALD Robert James 03/12/1909 PRES B89 Inquest into Accident held.Finding killed in a cart accident.
ROONEY Catherine Sr Evangelista 9/10/1920 R/C Convent Sect  
ROSS Catherine 4/11/1946 ANG D4.84  
ROSS Alexander Lancelot 27/07/1953 ANG D4.84 Buried with wife
ROSS Charles 5/11/1907 ANG C2.27 Dry Blower at the 3 mile Coolgardie
ROSS Unnamed Female 2/03/1909 GEN no number Grave no not given
ROSS Unnamed male 24/05/1908 GEN A77  
ROSS Adam Begg 23/04/1901 PRES A106  
ROSSATTI Giocomo 29/11/1948 R/C H117  
ROSSER Henry 28/05/1909 WES C82  
ROTHON Talbot 15/01/1898 ANG D28 Accidently drowned.Inquest held.
ROTHON Albert Edward 11/12/1900 ANG D28 From Burbanks, age 5, also Talbot and William ROTHON
ROTHON William Thomas 1898 ANG D28 9mths
ROUNDHEAD Frank 31/08/1959 METH D22  
ROWE Edward John 15/07/1911 ANG E2.26 Occ tailer
ROWE Charles Thomas 23/12/1897 WES A121  
ROWE Phillip P J 11/05/1896 R/C C32  
ROWE W J 24/02/1902 WES B89  
RUMBOLD Brian Douglas 02/06/1982 METH G 34 Truck Driver. Died of a heart attack. Late of the Safari Village Coolgardie.
RUNDLE Unnamed 27/04/1955 C/C register notes no plan  
RUNGE Charles 04/11/1908 WES C66 Occ miner
RUPE Alexander Daly 17/07/2007 not noted Tree 135  
RUPE Alexander 15/11/1954 PRES C55 From Widgemooltha
RUSSELL Frederick 09/04/1898 GEN A1.63  
RUSSELL Alice 11/07/1896 R/C A37  
RUST Ulricht 8/10/1896 ANG B69  
RYAN Thomas 9/11/1907 R/C E120 Occ farmer. Exhumed 27.9.1920 By Bowra & Odea, taken to Karrakatta Cemetery.
RYAN Maurice 06/09/1898 R/C C44 Accidently Killed near Lady Lock Mine
RYAN Unnamed 10/12/1897 GEN A1.7 Father's Name John
RYAN un nmaned male 8/10/1917 R/C F36 John William Ryan u/t [his father]. Mother wittness for burial.
RYAN Annie 27/07/1903 R/C D44 Married woman
RYAN John Thomas 7/11/1912 R/C E11 Occ miner. Inquest held. Drowned whilst having a bath at the Burbanks Hotel.
RYAN James H 09/04/1901 R/C D11 Single man
RYAN Frank 21/04/1896 R/C A33  
RYAN Ruby V 23/07/1899 R/C B19  
RYAN Unnamed male 8/11/1909 R/C E100  
RYAN un named male 12/01/1916 R/C F76  
RYAN Unnamed Female 20/03/1914 R/C E8  
RYAN Cyril Patrick 29/11/1914 R/C F97  
RYAN Joseph 2/01/1911 R/C E42  
RYAN Luke S 11/08/1901 R/C D19  
RYAN John Patrick 26/03/1899 R/C A96  
RYDER Edward 20/09/1893     30yrs, Suicide


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